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AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a test for human responsibility and the world is a test for human choices. The importance of wethering and not worshiping God is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the importance of parents in achieving Islam's rights and the need to show excellence in one's parents' behavior. The concept of " acknowledge" and " acknowledge" meaning to neighbors is also discussed, and the importance of treating everyone with excellence and not calling them by their name is emphasized. The segment also touches on the concept of "arrogance" and how it is not something that is born out of a culture or personal history.
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Allah subhanho wa Taala did not create us aimlessly

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nor did he make this world in this life meaningless. Rather, this life is a test, one which we will answer for on the Day of Judgment. Allah subhanaw taala tells us

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while was Neoma isn't

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that the measurement the weighing of deeds on that day will be truth?

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Feminine sacoolas Mao was in HuFa, Willa eco human mafia, so whoever scales are heavy, they are the ones who are successful woman have fat male as you know. And as for those who their skills are lights, they are the ones who will lose themselves for the injustice that they have done.

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Be McCann will be out in the morning for the injustice as they did towards our versus towards our science.

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This world is a test

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of responsibilities and rights that has to be rendered.

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And on the Day of Judgment, what we have lacked in giving in terms of the rights to those who possess it, what we have caused from injustice,

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of withholding rights from those who owe it from us, we will have to repay it.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said letter to the to

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the Toninho cook Illa Allah haoma Liana he said you will repay the debts

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on the Day of Judgment. The rights that are dude are going to be paid on the Day of Judgment. He's had to share even the sheep. The one that has no horns will take its right from the one that is formed. Meaning if you see if you see two sheep, one of them has horns and the other one does not. And the horned one harms the other one uses its horns to hit it to injury to harm it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said on the day of judgment that sheep will take us rights.

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So Allah reminds us of the rights that we owe each other and one another, that we strive to fulfill these rights before they are taken from us on the Day of Judgment. Before the skills are lightened due our skills are lightened due to the injustices we have caused in this world.

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And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those whose skills are heavy and not those who skills have been lightened

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I had just want to mention I did have dental surgery this week. So the reason why some of my words are slurring. I'm trying my best inshallah to improve they said I'll get used to it over time. So just say asking trouble to bear with me and if possible to make to I'm sure I'd love for for this to heal beaten then back to stock market.

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In one verse in Surah Nisa, Allah subhanaw taala mentions for us in one verse 10 categories for whom we have responsibilities towards for whom have rights over us, and we must fulfill the rights and this verse is known as I attend Coco colossal, the verse of 10 rights that are owed the 10 possessors of rights and we owe them rights. Allah subhanaw taala says,

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Why would Allah what two should equal will be he or she will be wildly they need Santa will be then quarterback will your time I will my second while Jad is in Portobello will Jad in journal or saw heavy will Jen be weapons Sabine woman Melaka Amen Oh come in Hola. Hola. Your head woman can walk down and for Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says Worship Allah and associate nothing with him

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and do good excellence to your parents, and to the relatives and the orphans and the needy, and the near neighbor, and the neighbor farther away, and the companion at your side and the traveler and to those whom your right hand possesses indeed Allah does not love those who are self deluding and boastful. Allah mentions in this verse 10 categories

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who we owe rights towards that we strive to fulfill the rights the first mentioned, why are Buddha Allah to seek will be he shall worship Allah and associate nothing in the worship with Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says on the Day of Judgment, it will be

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said, you will call the Rajani man. Now.

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In order we haven't talked at the beginning and now, a man will be asked from the people of hellfire. If you were given all of the world, every dollar, every piece of gold, every possible utility of this world if it were given to you, if you had all of the dunya would you ransom it to free yourself from the hellfire? And the person will say, Yes, of course, I will give up everything to free myself from the hellfire.

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And then you will be told, but Allah asked you for even less than this. He asked you to worship Him alone, and to associate nothing in the worship with him.

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And Did Allah commanded you with what was far easier than this? We were only created to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And it is the abandoning of the worship of Allah which brings about every evil. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, to Isaiah to the now, what's up to him? That ruined or wretched is the worshipper of the dinar and the worshipper of the gram.

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Those who worship money,

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anything we worship other than Allah subhanaw taala will bring you to a state of wretchedness and ruin and depression, not just the dollar, not just wealth, anything we worship other than Allah subhanaw taala because nothing else is worthy of our worship, in our purest dedication, other than our Creator, subhana wa taala, the one who brought us from nothingness into existence, the one who will bring us to death, and then resurrect us. And Allah says, In this verse, where I would allow what to speak will be here. Don't associate anything in the worship of Allah. And this is what we call a neck era.

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VCF and name, this is an incorporated everything.

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Unrestricted negation, meaning Allah is saying every type of thing that can be associated with ALLAH turns out is haram, whether we're talking about major shift or minor shift, whether we're talking about the open shift, or the hidden ship, like showing off in front of people, all of this, Allah subhanaw taala commands us to abandon. Then he says, We've been weary they need Santa, and to have access to excellence to our parents. Allah throughout the four n will mention the rights of the parents directly after mentioning his rights of Hannah Hautala of being worshipped alone.

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And he links these ideas together. He says, under scrutiny, what do you why did they What did why did they co Ed animasi underscored God Why do you think, be grateful to me and to be grateful to your parents? So Allah links together the gratitude we should have with Allah, alongside the gratitude we should have for our parents, to the point that even our best friends, the Allahu ansaid, whoever is grateful to Allah and not grateful to their parents, that is not accepted from them. Because Allah is telling you to be grateful to Allah and to be grateful to the parents. Now, why does Allah mentioned the parents consistently in the Quran after mentioning himself?

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Number one, it is a reminder of the overwhelming importance of the rights of the parents. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, read the law fielded worldwide it was socket Allah visa to the Whitemud that the pleasure of Allah is found in the pleasure of one's parents. And the anger of Allah is found in the anger of one's parents.

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And it's also number two, it is a reminder for us that just as we can never completely fulfill,

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just as we can never completely fulfill the rights that are due to Allah subhanaw taala. We can never completely fulfilled the rights that are due to our parents.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hey, you just he was one word at him.

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That no son, no child can compensate their parents, except in the case that he finds his parents are enslaved. So he buys their freedom and he frees them. He says this is the only scenario where a child can fulfill the rights of the parents completely. Other than that the child is always lacking in fulfilling the rights of the parents.

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Your parents have done so much for you, you don't even know what they've done for you. Likewise, Allah has done so much for us. We don't even know what he has done for us.

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And so Allah links these ideas to you

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Other for us understand the importance of being good for our parents. And here Allah says, within Wiley, they near Santa show in San excellence going above and beyond for our parents, showing beauty for them.

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Why is this the case? Some scholars, they say, it's because the rights of the parents are impossible to uphold completely. So the best way to get closer to upholding the rights of the parents is to try to go above and beyond, to try to be excellent in your conduct, to try to be beautiful in the way that you treat them and deal with them.

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And notice, Allah does not say I forbid you from abusing your parents. He could have said Do not harm your parents, but he does not say this. He says show Excellent. Show your parents. So if someone says, I have my parents, I don't curse them. I don't abuse them. I don't hit them. I don't do anything to them. I don't harm them. Have I fulfilled this commandment? We say no, because the commandment is to do sand to them. To not just

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not harm them, but to do good acts of good to them.

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And then he says will be then codon and to the relatives, to show excellence as well to our relatives. And here are the scholars say even this commandment

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is a branch out of the commandment of being good to our parents. Why?

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Because your relatives are only your relatives because of your parents, all of your relatives on your mother's side on your father's side, they are only your relatives because of your mother, mother and father. And everyone who is related to you is included in the statement by Allah subhanaw taala

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in the southern island in the skin sadhaka while the Rahaman in a tan, he said the charity that is given to a Miskin to a needy person that is a charity, but the charity that is given to a relative that is twice it is charity. So the club will see that it is charity and it is keeping good family relations,

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even in Zeca

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now we hold the opinion that the cat cannot be given to an old soul and then for a while. So it cannot be given to your parents, your grandparents, etc. And it cannot be given to your children, your grandchildren. So the old school and the firewall you cannot give the cat two but other relatives who are in need actually have the priority for yours account

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that you give them above others. If they're in need and they're worthy of the cat. If they are your relatives, you give them priority because Allah says will be the quarterback. Right? So to be good to our relatives. And then he says, Well, your time and the orphans.

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And of course throughout the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala instructs us in regard to the rights of the orphan,

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the Emelia team, that what Allah tells our Prophet salallahu alayhi salam commends him and through commanding him has commanded us

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that do not turn away the orphan. Do not be harsh to the orphan.

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Allah subhanaw taala has a right and that you can live with Deen further and he can daddy don't earlier team have you seen the one who rejects the religion. This is the one who turns away the orphan. So when he characterizes the enemies of the prophet who rejected Islam and the revelation, the first characteristic he mentions about them, they drive away the orphans.

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A man came to our prophets Allah wherever he was in them. And he complained that his heart his heart was hardened. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to head will end in a callback?

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What's under the cap? hydratech Do you want that your heart will become soft, and that your needs will become met. The needs you have in this world will become met.

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It'll family a team, the Prophet says show mercy to the orphan and give him from your food.

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And Allah will make your hearts soft, and you will allow you to fulfill all of your needs.

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And we know the hadith of our Prophet sallallahu where are they he was hitting him when he said that I am the one who cares for the orphan will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment like this and he held his fingers together.

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The next category of the Prophet Allah subhanaw taala says while in the skin and the needy, this is the one who does not have enough.

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Now if Miskin and filthy, are mentioned together 50 It is the one

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Who is in a more intense situation than the Miskin Filipina is the one who has nothing. miskeen is the one who has some things, but he doesn't have enough.

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But when they are mentioned independently either in the skin or *ing you, then the meaning of both is accepted. So this is referring to both the Miskin and the familia.

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And we know our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said man canopy I want to he can Allah hope that whoever is in the aid of his brother Allah will be in their aid.

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And then he says Al Jazeera Cordova, the near neighbor will Jad is Donald and the foreign neighbor. What does this mean? One meaning of this, the neighbor who is your relative, this is the near neighbor, he is your neighbor, and also he is related to you. So he is the near neighbor.

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And the foreign neighbor is the one who is your neighbor, but he's not a relative. This is one explanation. Another explanation. The near Nelleke route relative the near neighbor, sorry, is the one whose house is close to yours. And the far neighbor is the one who lives near you, but his house is a little bit further away. Meaning when they use the word neighbor, they don't mean necessarily your next door neighbor.

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The near neighbor is your next door neighbor, but the person who lives in your neighborhood, even if it's a large area, that's considered still your neighbor but your further away neighbor. So either it can be related to nessa family relations, or it can be related to McCann to the physical space. And in both cases, we are instructed to have excellent conduct towards them. We know that hadith when the people came to the Prophet sallallahu to send them and they sent a messenger of Allah this woman passed away. And she used to pray a lot and fast a lot and give charity a lot.

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But she used to harm her neighbors with her tongue. She used to say obscene things to them, yell at them, curse at them, whatever it might be.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a half and now she is in the hellfire.

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And this is the importance of the neighbor.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says was saw had been jammed, and the companion that is by your side. What does this mean? The Scholars say the primary meaning here refers to one spouse, the wife or the husband,

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and we know the Prophet sallallahu where are they you send them said,

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clay you will compile familiarity, the best of you are the best to their families.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when the Anika Anika aka your family or your spouse has a right over you,

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but saw had been done the companion by your side the scholars also say can refer to any companion in life.

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Your colleague at work,

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someone who travels with you, you're on a plane, someone is sitting next to you. That is a soccer ball jam. The person sitting next to you on the plane or on the bus they say Hey, can you look can you look after my bag and I'm gonna go to the washroom? Can you say I don't I don't have any rights to this person doesn't have any rights over me. He's a stranger. No, he's a slimy gentleman. He is your companion as your side. He has the right over you.

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And this extends to if you're in school, studying your classmates or a slug had been done. If your work and you have a colleague that is a sizable jump.

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And the scholars have tipsy had mentioned this.

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Then he says weapon is studied and the traveler. This is someone who has no relation to you know house, therefore they're traveling, they still have a raid over you. Because this is somebody in a vulnerable state. He doesn't know anybody. He's in a foreign country. Therefore Allah instructs you to treat this person with sin.

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And the final point, one Melaka, a nanoco. Your right hand possessions meaning the slaves that they would own and the Prophet sallallahu already was send them in his dying breath. He said a Salah of Salah Melaka to him and he said I instruct you with regards to your prayer your saw that and your right hand possessions, to treat them kindly to treat them well to fulfill all of the rights. And the scholars say an extension of this is anyone you have control over even the animal. If you have a pet. If you have an animal that you have control over, you have to treat them with the sun. We know that hadith of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who mentioned the woman who trapped a cat in

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a room did not give her any food or water and did not let it free to find its own food or water. And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam tells us she's in the hellfire.

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So anytime we have power over any creature, human or not, we are instructed to act with accent We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us of those who fulfill all of these rights but we don't call the head or somebody welcome

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Smilla handle now Sato salam ala Rasulillah who he also could be here woman who Allah. Allah subhanaw taala concludes the area we have been mentioning by saying, in Allah Allah your head woman, Candomble darlin for hoorah, Allah does not love those who are self deluding and boastful, more than is an action, that person is struggling. They're looking down at other people, they're turning their nose up. The action of arrogance is that and facade is the speech of arrogance. The person says, I'm better than this person, I am more worthy than that person. And so this is all about arrogance. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us arrogance is suppressing the truth and looking down

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upon the people. Now one thing that we do often is when we talk about arrogance, we think arrogance is the other guy. Arrogance does not mean it's some other person. Arrogance is the rich people. Arrogance is the politicians arrogance is somebody who's not me. We tend to personify it to someone who's not us.

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Allah subhanaw taala then turns to the next two verses to describe some of the characteristics of arrogance. And he says Hola, Deneb Haroon, where maroon and NAS will book those who are stingy and they tell other people as well to be stingy.

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So they don't give money to those who are in need. And they go around telling other people don't give this person here money. He doesn't actually need it.

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Work to Munna at home Hola. Hola. And they conceal what Allah has given them from His bounty. So someone is saying let's give towards a good cause. He says I don't have any money. I don't even know how I'm gonna you know be able to live to the end of this month and he Masha Allah Allah has given him a lot. But he talks like this he conceals that Allah has given him money.

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And notice Allah says wait to Munna Tao whom Allah, they're concealing what Allah has given them, to remind all of us that every dollar we have, Allah gave it to us. And it's only because of Allah subhanaw taala that we have it. And then Allah subhanaw taala mentions the next type of person will Latina brunette and why they're hungry and nurse. So the first kind of arrogant person you mentioned, is the one who is stingy and tells other people to be stingy. The second type of person is the one who gives under the new one and they give their money, the NASS but why are they giving the money to show off to the people? Well, you know, nebula what happened? They don't truly believe

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in Allah and in the last day.

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And so this is the kind of money where the person gives the money to Allah, we see it so often today, people will have cameras on themselves and they go and they give money to a poor person, and they record the whole thing and they put it online.

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Look how good of a person I am. This is not the NSS is not for showing off.

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Right. And this is a type of humiliating the poor person. Because that poor person has a right over you. So even if you give him the money, but then you humiliate him, you're not fulfilling the rights of the person. So Allah mentions this kind of arrogance that they give, but they give to show off towards the people.

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And so this is a reminder for all of us to think about the traits of arrogance that might be in us, that withhold us from truly fulfilling the rights to those who deserve the rights we ask Allah Subhana Allah to purify purify us from arrogance, and to make us of those who fulfill the rights in good