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Question from the sister.

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What is the hour between females? What is the hour between males? are men permitted to wear tight fitting fit fitted clothing. As for the first one what is the hour between females is a big dispute amongst scholars of this or about this topic.

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A big dispute Some said that everything is our except the hands and the face

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or the place that you beautify yourself which is the adornments like they said, a lady in front of a Muslim lady she's allowed to uncover her hair, she's allowed to show the her arms, she's allowed to show her feet, her Shin but not beyond that, but not beyond that. Another thing they say some scholars that the auto for lady in front of the lady is between the navel and the knees just like a man a man's outer is which is between the navel and the navel and the knees. So almost cannot Allah knows best.

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As long as the ladies in front of a lady shouldn't have to show everything except the private parts. And the product part is Willow Allen is between the navel and the knee for a lady in front of a Muslim lady.

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As for the man

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it's the naval between a naval and the knees, a man is allowed to show other than that position or the part between the naval and the knees. So in other words, if you want to walk around without a shirt, a man you could walk around a furniture as long as below the navel, he's not showing

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that is allowed, whether you walk in front of a lady or man but at the same time you get to play a wise and you don't go in front of a crowd of woman and try to show your 17 inch biceps and you know and your shoulders, shoulder pads and so forth.

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So you got to play a wise and smart but that is a situation that

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a man's aura is between the navel and the knees. The Navy itself, the Navy itself is not the hour and understand that it's between the two parts.