Ramadan 2021- Qur’anic Expression #08

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Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai

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Slow, slow, slow, slow Marlo. One earlier suffers rain. So welcome everyone. I was telling you something before we started, we have we have this thumbnail problem actually, we don't have anybody working on our thumbnails. So you have a YouTube makes our thumbnail it make the most like I have like that, like ridiculous thumbnails on YouTube.

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Because it's all auto generated. So one of the videos I have had an epic thumbnail, can you please demonstrate that thumbnail? Oh, yeah, he looks like, like, My hands were like this. And I was like,

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like, my, my roof left my body apparently. And that thumbnail like, Oh, it was like so dead like that. It's on the app. So like, millions of people see it. So now I'm gonna meet up with an admin on our main page so he can

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increase your UI.

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Anyway, so we're I decided to squeeze these kids on a couch that makes it feel like an uncomfortable road trip. While we do these examples from Dr. sacralized book. And now somebody was putting her head on her shoulder just to just to make him uncomfortable. This is exactly what happens in road trip. Does it that yes, it is. Just like,

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yeah, it's right here in a Thai car. Yeah. So okay, so we're gonna do this example from Dr. Simon. Nice book. Easy. Yep. You have to share your screen. I haven't yet. Um, so yeah, I'll share my screen.

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Let me talk about a little bit first. Okay. So I'm out of the screen sharing mood yet. So I'll tell you when to share it when the time comes. So here's the thing. We've been studying Arabic for a little bit. And the one of the first things I taught you was the Islam the faith and the right, and the Islam and the fear. And for those of you who don't know Arabic, let's now go to the screen. And I will show you

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you can you madam, Can you remind us of the definition of an SM for everybody, all the people who don't know Arabic and like Man, I wish I knew that Arabic like the girl right here and so is a person, person, please idea.

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More or special.

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Adverb, and more now that's pretty important. Impressive. Maryam like you've been studying Arabic.

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Humble also, okay.

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Press the world, the past, present or future tense. Yep. Past, present, or future tense, meaning a word stuck in time. And one of the many dimensions of time past, present or future. That's so and so is pretty close to announce. This is not an Arabic class, I promise. And offended is pretty close or pretty close to a verb. Okay? I'm gonna get rid of adjective, adverb, and more for a moment. Because kids that learn English, learn that noun is a person, place thing or idea. Right? So we'll stick to a more basic definition. Now,

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I want you to imagine which one of these is

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Like, it's, it's a word that doesn't denote any action. And which one of these words is moving? and changing?

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Oh, I think of like the Think of a place like Bastion.

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Right? That's a that's a

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lesson, right? Or let's think of an idea like education. Right? Let's look, there'll be some examples. We'll take you as an example much of the education Yeah. And let's take something in the past, present and future like, ran

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or eating, you're eating? So if I was to think about something that's temporary,

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short term, and it involves movement, some kind of movement, some kind of action, which one would it be? Would it be the ISM or would it be the fear?

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Yes, the fear is associated with action, movement, and short term.

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You're not constantly eating I nobody would disagree. But, you know, nobody's constantly running. Yeah, right. But though the word machine doesn't have a past, present or future, it's just a stationary word. Education is just an idea. So there is a in linguistics, there's a stillness.

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And a

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permanence. And it's because it's, it doesn't have past present future, but kind of like it's timeless. Okay. So there's a stillness and permanence. In ism. And there is a an action or movement or short term notice in the fear the verb, yeah, right. Now, this is an idea to describe how Allah uses

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the ISM and fear

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All right. So first I'll tell you a look and see what sells in different places.

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He brings the life the living

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out of the dead. Yeah, yeah. And he brings

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the dead out of the living, he controls life, he can bring the living out of the dead and he can bring the dead out of the living so it can take something living in no longer make it living. And he can say take something out and make it alive. Right.

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So this is the IRS basically talks about that now notice the word brings in English, let's notice this word brings brings here brings here this is a something happening in the present. Yeah. So this would be a one and this one where this would be a fairly right and affair it is associated with one What do we say action action. So this is a favorite brings associated with action movement. Right? And temporary right now, instead in SoCal anom. He said, He is the

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Oh, God.

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Yeah. So a bringer is actually not Past, present or future. It's an ism. And what did we say about an ism is a perfect place thing. No, no, what isn't? Like, you know how failure is associated?

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Yep, the stillness. We said stillness. Yeah. And permanence. Right? Yeah. Look at what Allah did in this higher

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value could have given you courage you feel you've learned it. This is a fear. It's a present tense. Okay? Your crucial hire mineral, mate, this is not just for you.

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Yeah, that's a freebie. He brings out the living from the dead.

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Well, more

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and more often, we'll talk in a light not Islamophobia. This is a noun, this is an ism.

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Right? It's so subtle in this is what Allah is doing. Let me tell you what I was doing in the surah. I mean, let me go back and not show you the text now. And talk to you a little bit so you guys can focus.

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So Allah is changing things all the time in the universe. Allah changing the position of the moon, Allah is rotating the earth. Allah is growing the tree, right? Allah is doing all kinds of things, right? Now think of it in two categories. There are things that Allah is doing that have nothing to do with the living.

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Like I was making the windmill. Yeah, right? The wind is a living thing. Right? Allah is making the rain come the rains on a living thing. At the same time, Allah is also affecting the living, right? The Living are like he's making my heartbeat or he's making my lungs expand and collapse or he's he's giving moisture to my eyes, right? So, he is affecting the living and he's also affecting the dead constantly right.

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Now, which one has movement like in itself, which one of those things the living or the dead is still and which one of them moves around and the dead is still the dead is still and the living moves around? And so let's write that

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the dead

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the dead is like still and more permanent. Right. And the living is what is moves is moving and acting. Right yeah. Now, what have you say we ism

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is like still in permanent and the fear is like what?

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moving around.

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Right action. Look at what Allah did. When he talked about the living, he used the theorem.

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Because the theory is associated with a verb is associated with movement, and something temporary like life.

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And when he talked about death, may it he used an ism, just like the death dead are still the is the style of the word used to talk about it is also still because it's an ism. So in essence that is associated with permanence was used with a word that's coming that's associated with permanent. So it's really beautiful. How even like, should Allah use or Allah use a noun or a verb in some cases to highlight something, Allah will use a noun here and a verb here and the noun is associated with stillness in this case, and the verb is associated with movement in this case, because life is associated with movement and death is associated with stillness. We see the connection

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Yeah, so that's how this amazing like choice of word movement, when Dr. samridhi talked about how every word is, you know, so perfectly chosen down to the should I use a noun or a verb, Allah will use this perfect choice in certain cases, to just highlight, you know, this lesson and again, something that we don't even think about. But you have to really stop and pause and contemplate what just happened here. And you'd appreciate the the precision of Allah's word. So that's a small example of what I wanted to start with. Incidentally, a student of mine x asked about this example, yesterday, and I said, You know, I wrote something for him. And I said, okay, but now we got to go

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to Dr. seminaries book. And so I opened the book, and it's the first example he did in his chapter. So, you know, my student might think he's special because I'm doing this for him, but it's actually the book is special and

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special so that when you're still special, but a lot of you

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guys, remember do your best and I'll do the rest. I did not know this. We're gonna move move. What do you get to sit next to the window?