The Perfect Day 9

Wisam Sharieff


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So, now we get into what you would consider the core. So you've done all this prep work, you wrote a DUA, you have a list of obstacles, you know, the main focus. So if you fall prey to watching YouTube videos for long stretch, you're not gonna be like, Hey, I'm so surprised, like, No, we identified that that was the thing that we're working on. And then we have a list of things that bring us joy. Now we are going to do, what are the things that you would like in your perfect date? Now, I understand that this may still be something far off if you don't have a dua if you don't have a goal and experience that you're working towards, but what is the feel of your perfect day? What's the

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taste? What's the kind of foods that you would eat on an A day that you would want to have to happen have to happen over and over again? What kind of fashion would be there? What kind of energy and when I say fashion, it's not just the clothes. It's the what presents Would you carry? And when I say what's the field to the day