The Perfect Day 8

Wisam Sharieff


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So those were just a an example of things that I know that I have a list of things that bring me joy in a time in my day where things are wrong, or I am going through some difficulty and facing an anxiety that's hurting me that is going to affect my day, right? That's why we go to our addictions or we get we distract ourselves. You don't like the word addiction. We got to get used to it though, the things that we medicate ourselves with the things that we love ourselves with all of those things that we use to passive to load the mind because that darkness, the difficulty, the pain, we can get through it. I now have a list when some anxiety hits that I can go to do an activity work to

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one to three minutes, breathe, meditate, use an app, move my phone away, maybe pray to record but I'm not trying to push that on you right now. So now let's look at it