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Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate from within you a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah much welcome to everyone coming in for sunnah supplements. So today's portion is going to be focused on sunnah supplements, getting beyond affirmations. And I want to do our quick check in for the 12. Sunnah prayers and how your affirmations are you connecting with them? Are you saying them with conviction, but, and if you are, then you're in that next phase of the perfect day. And that's something I wanted to talk to you all about. And see if you've got that concept yet, in the perfect day. A lot of us may not. And I hope that this works out for you. For you all as a key video like

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this is not just something you caught in Pat and passing. But this becomes your first step and understanding what the perfect day is. The Perfect Day is an exercise that is a part of chronic transformation. It's a part I introduced it back then. But the idea is in threefold,

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we want to all have the perfect day. And that consists of a lot of things. But a perfect day is full of happiness, contentment, and the perfect day also allows you to seize the moment and if your day goes awry helps you to steer it back. So you have maximum happiness, maximum fulfillment, maximum personal power that you're exerting, you're steering yourself out of any negative moods. And that perfect day is one single drop in the bucket to the life that you want to have in 1224 and 36 months. Sounds fantastic. How do you start doing that? So I wanted to talk about it today. Let's see if I can walk you through. And we can get to, we're gonna have our next shot. I'm going to be

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setting up here for nourishment in a second. So let's start with the first step. Write down the schedule to your perfect day. Some people like to do this as the very last option. I'm giving it to you as the first and then we'll discuss from there. I want you to write an optimal schedule. Do research. When do when did the Prophet peace be upon him encourage us to wake up? When did when do CEOs? And when when do Navy SEALs Wake up? What's the best time what's the optimal time with your work schedule with your life schedule. But then hit a target and say I would like to Brian Tracy has a great concept on this. I would like to wake up two hours before your first appointment. So say, I

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would like to wake up two hours before I have to get to work or school, or however it is. So start building that schedule. So you'll have an explanation. Pardon me, you'll have not only an explanation, but a target. In that target. You'll say, I'll give you an example. My optimal day would start at 430. I have plenty of reasons why research articles. But I'd love to start my day at 430 with certain activities. Now, do I get up at 430? Not since I have made written my schedule? Did I get up consistently at 430. But my brain has a place to say I want to get there. It's a target. So let's talk about that for a moment. Step number one, I am going to I am going to look at least

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lopsided Hello. Step number one I'm going to look for a my perfect schedule. What time am I going to wake up? What are the activities, routines and rituals that I'll do in the morning, I'll read Quran I'll do this breathing exercise, I'll make lunch and breakfast for my kids for my spouse when you're able to identify that and that may take a while this step one is why people wait till the end, as this optimal schedule may take two weeks, maybe 10 to 14 days to construct a bug I don't know about this and this.

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But once you have made that you can then change it as many times as you want. But it's exciting to start at a spot and say this is what my perfect day would look like. Step number two

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is to start filling the schedule of the day. The morning, the mid morning, the pre lunch, the lunch, the post, lunch, the prayer however you break down the times in your day.

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And by taking those components and then saying what are activities that would make me happy in a

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Day. So step number two, in your perfect day construction, what are 10 livadas That you love 10 forms of worship that you want to do, what are 10 things that make you happy to do that are that are on your list. I personally love to work out with my resistance bands, I love to work out on the pull up bar, I love to work, maybe stretch and do some yoga, I love to do some kickboxing or jujitsu practice, some grappling practice, those are things that cause me happiness, I have those all under categories. So things throughout my day that I can do that are physical, that make me happy acts of worship, what are the types of foods that I'd like to see, in my perfect day? What are the type of

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thoughts that I want to have, in my perfect day, you get it now, not only do I have this ideal schedule in step number one, which you may never get to, immediately, that's a whole nother stage. But now I have all these activities. For example, giving yourself cutting your nails in a very thorough loving way, giving yourself like a manicure pedicure, or respecting your cuticles.

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All of these can be placed on a list of things that are beneficial, that would lift up your day. Now, I'm going to do some of these activities with you. But I want to leave this out there right now, constructing the perfect day isn't just the perfect schedule isn't the list of activities under physical food, thoughts under people that you want to contact, here's another great thing every day have what I call the circle of five. And that's within these activities, five people that you want to contact today, five people that you want to call five family members that you want to stay in contact with this month five, five

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things that you didn't have five phone calls, you didn't want to make that you go ahead and write those down, you get them done. It's that circle of five, and it allows you to stay in contact. And you'll be surprised after you make that list of five people you want to get in contact with today, boom. But if you do this exercise regularly, who are five people you want to stay in contact with in the month, five people that you want to talk to weekly who are five people that you want to say something positive to this is where you get to schedule, the interactions that you have with people. And you'll never say oh, it's been so many it's been so long. I haven't talked to such and such

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person. So five people that you want to contact today, five family members, you want to stay in contact this week, five people, extended friends or acquaintances, you want to at least touch base with them once a month. This is that a great thing to have, as you build what we're going to call the perfect day worksheet. And in that simply, you're going to try to take your ideal schedule, and then you're going to pin it up. And as your life goes day by day, you're going to say you don't want, I eventually want to wake up at 430 That's me, that doesn't have to be you. I want to wake up two hours before my first appointment. Hey, man, those late night meals and maybe just hanging out

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with people when you go out to speak. I don't think that's really going to be in line and all of a sudden, yes, your perfect day begins to steer you towards and you got it steer you towards the life that you really want. And that's full of sunnah full of rituals full of routines that you have designed. Number two, let's be real between now and the perfect day between now and you hitting that perfect day. It's gonna be a lot of ups and downs, man, there's going to be kids wife, kids, wife, kids, like I can say that a few times. You're gonna be problems. You got girl problems, Guy problems, my hijab does not I'm not pretty enough problems. You're gonna have problems up the wazoo.

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How are you going to stay in that? Oh my god, I'm designing my life and taking step by step responsibility over designing each day up till Janna. How are you going to stay in that mindset without activities, bins, cookie jars that are strewn throughout your week? And those cookie jars or throughout your day? Hey, man, it's 1030 Someone said something back to me. Someone cut me off. You know what, boom, I'm gonna put my hand in the Ibadah jar. Seven Surah Fatiha. I'm not in the mood to do worship man. Everything's about God. God, God, maybe you're in that mood. So then you put your hand in the you know what, I'm just gonna go do some pull ups. That makes me happy. God who wants to

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work out I'm just, I'm chasing your soul here. You know what? I'm just gonna go do a deep clean of my mouth. I'm not gonna I

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I'd love to share one of my perfect day activities is a Waterpik. I have it on my list. Hey, if you're in a crummy mood, and you just want to grumble and be mopey, and give off bad vibes, get your tush in the bathroom, and water, pick your mouth, you know, you feel great after it, you know you like it, you feel more confident when you speak. So there's a little bit of self coaching and a lot of putting yourself into into giving, putting yourself on on blast, like let's be real. So you're gonna have a crummy morning, but then you're gonna have a bunch of jars and a lot of different sweets to get you out of that. It's four o'clock, I feel crazy down. And now I'm going to start

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getting at my spouse, maybe get a little snappy with my kids. Just be like, Yeah, whatever. And be like, You know what, if I look on my perfect schedule at four o'clock, I'm supposed to be running a mile or supposed to be curing, you know, going to a soup kitchen, whatever your perfect ideal situation is, bro, how you're going to get there if you're in a crummy room at four o'clock. So maybe at three I start saying, you know that that's coming in? Let's invest in a good mood, maybe a light snack. And I don't want to say that food is going to change your your mentality all the time. But do you see how we're gonna have ups and downs through the day? And those ups and downs

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throughout our day can be tackled at any point? Because it could be emotional emotions from food as the bad bad mood because someone yelled at you, you didn't do something? What if you actually like messed up in your day? And you You haven't put the right discipline and you were inadequate is something like you need things that pick you up that aren't music? Aren't Drugs aren't Instagram ha isn't it funny YouTube I'm sorry YouTubers, we're smack in the hand but you're not seeking something externally but you're able to say I created this or even come back to this video and let me say look, if you're having a crummy four o'clock Come on, that's what the perfect day is about. And it's

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not always about being positive and being in a good mood. But being in state

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whatever is happening, I'm happy I'm content I'm having the perfect day and that's it friends I want to be able to land my plane here in our private island in our private the island of our mind please take to building the perfect day through an ideal schedule which you'll you won't hit for months or years.

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Bins just make lists perfect day thoughts perfect day food perfect day activities and like those activities be works acts of worship physical I you know I love to work out but there's no work in my out. I love to play out I guess that's what I should really be saying. I love to play out because it's all a game to me everything that's working out. So when I say my list I'll show you my perfect day list is literally 1414 of the 20 things are all work workouts like tank from a poll do this do that but it makes me happy. So we're going to find that we're going to direct that this is well over those that 10 minute mark. So I'm going to stop here bark low Fico. May there be Baraka bounty, this

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is bringing us one step closer to bringing suna supplements in being able to connect with our core and create that perfect day. So when you get to grant you get to your chronic transformation 12 months, you'll start saying hey look, I see it. I see the transformation. So please get on sooner supplements for 20 days, 21 days, get on those sooner. 12 requests a day going on checking out and focusing on creating the perfect day and the perfect day is all around mastering your emotion. Mad Love to you all mad love to Calgary. I loved this shirt and I just wanted to say it's fun but it also has a lot to do with our concept and perception of food. I hope that you can embody that and

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let this be the closest that you get to fast food was salam ala dilla