Nouman Ali Khan – Jannah Is Only the Beginning

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a woman named Jannat who is a permanent stay in New Zealand. She describes how people go to good hosts and eat their food, and how they use the word noozle to describe their experience. The video also describes a woman named Jana who is a drink drink and appetizer, and describes the various ways people can drink.
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I'm Melina Armano. I'm a little slowly Hardy fellow home, Jana told

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those who are going who believed and did good deeds then they're going to have Jannat where they have permanent refuge. permanent protection. Okay? New Zealand permanent refuge permanent stay. New zone be MacConnell Yamato, let me translate one New Zealand means it won't be a word. It will be a description. When you go to somebody's house, and they're a good host, because you go to somebody's house. They're a bad host, right? You go to somebody's house, you're like, hey, ya haven't seen three hours later, they haven't even given you a glass of water.

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And they're eating.

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So how's work?

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And you're looking at their food? Like, it was a long day as a didn't even have lunch today? Oh, yeah. That's terrible.

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But if you go to a good host, they sit you down. They get you some water. They get you some I don't know, walnuts, some chips or some snack appetizer while the dinner is being prepared. You can smell the dinner but to get you going to give you a little bit in the beginning. Right. And that beginning appetizer is called noozle.

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Okay, that's called No, I love that.

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it's very Despicable Me. Oh.

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So Newson by the way, comes like, like new Zoo, right? And Revelation is also called in Xilin Tenzin, right. What does that have to do with that back in the day the person used to write on a horse or a camel, when they came to their house, the moment they come down from their ride, you give them water, or you give them a date. So as soon as they come down, right, so even nowadays, by the way, a house in Arabic is called a Manziel. In modern Arabic Manziel. But it's not meant it literally means the place to go down into, but it's because you're coming off of a mountain or a horse that it was called a menzi. Like that, okay, a place of descent because you could be living on

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the third floor. Why is that a Munzee? That's a modifier. That's not a Manziel but it's, it's from the old usage of coming off the horse. So anyway, so the point is Jana

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and getting to be inside Jana, Allah says I they will have Jana as nozel

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Jana is the appetizer

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that's not the main course. That's not the main core the main course is something else.

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Wait Hold on. What's the highest level of Jana folks?

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Okay sootel gaff in the Latina Amanu ominous Valley

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that's LA home Jana to go see Newsela

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he says believers will have fear dose as knows one.

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dose is the appetizer.

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What is the main course

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this is Allah's way of saying even the things that he has described are just the beginning.

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They're just the because that's not you don't have you cannot have a description of Jannah in language that is used in Earth.

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The only descriptions of Jannah we can have are words that we can understand while living on the earth. So he'll say trees and waterfalls and meet and beautiful spouses and beautiful homes. You're like oh yeah, I know homes. Yeah. Pillows agathon Pillows yeah pillow because you know that because you're but there's stuff in Jana that is not meat and it's not vegetable and it's not fruit it is something else and if he gave you the word for it

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because we've never experienced it we don't have a word for it. So all He Allah will say is by the way, everything you can imagine. nosers

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that's not you with me, okay.

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But then in this life in this life, what experience of Knossos do we have? No Zola is mostly food or drinks.

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Oh opening the appetite is mostly food or drink, drink, drink. The restaurant offers you news on first they give you the glass of water

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Okay, the waiter will come give you some water, the host will give you something to drink. Right. nosal is usually more more about what drinks we're gonna get to serotonin sign and Janice description will be filled with drink string string string string string strings

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which corresponds beautifully with what

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goes You just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section

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