Yasir Qadhi – The Red Line of Tolerance

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of the Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wa sallam, the final seal of all prophets and prophecy, is discussed. The Abrahamic religion aims to remove boundaries between Islam and other faith traditions, and the message is not taught to be peaceful co union, but to believe in the Risala of the Pro confident sallah wa sallam. The importance of acceptance of Islam and not denying one's faith is emphasized, along with the need for research to determine the ultimate message of Islam. The upcoming " Diagnosing the One Reservoir" initiative aims to empower people to live peacefully and not heresy.
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Brothers and sisters,

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since I have moved to this community Al Hamdulillah, three and a half years ago, inshallah you have seen from me that I try my best to increase tolerance amongst our mainstream understandings of Islam. And it has always been my philosophy that I want us to appreciate the diversity of the OMA. But of course, this raises the very awkward question, to what extent do we tolerate and today's quarter and also our next quarter are going to be about very sensitive topics, topics that

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are very difficult to talk about, but unfortunately, there's a lot of misunderstanding in the broader public. And there's a lot of propaganda, perhaps even agenda driven items going on, that it is essential we discuss in a very blunt manner. So today, and also our next quarter on Tuesday, I'm going to be talking about one specific red line that we cannot accept going beyond

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because there must be red lines. Tolerance is within mainstream tolerance is when we have similar understandings we appreciate for example, the idea of Juby we respect the Sahaba and even beyond those if they don't respect the Sahaba then

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we will agree to disagree leave the refer to Allah we don't like what they're doing but within the murder of following the Kadima. But where do we draw the red line that this is an understanding or belief that we can no longer tolerate today, and my next quarter will be about one very significant red line. And that is the importance of the status and the MACOM of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There are a number of ideas theologies, understandings that are challenging the status and the finality of the prophethood of a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So today, I will discuss one of them. And Inshallah, next Tuesday, we will discuss the other of them. Because

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what I find, especially last few weeks that I'm traveling also America, it is clear to me that there seems to be a concerted effort to bring about a new understanding or to mainstream a very marginal interpretation. People on Twitter on Facebook, there are online people associated with politicians with media and they are raising a type of awareness amongst our youth. And it is our job as the elders and the pupil of knowledge into Allah to educate our youth. And I understand this as a very difficult topic, a sensitive topic, I ask Allah for protection, I ask Allah for human and loss. We're going in directions that do have repercussions, I understand this, but hair, one thing needs

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to be set. A clear and fundamental principle of Eman without which we do not have Iman, is that our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a prophet for all of mankind. And anybody who understands who he is, listens to his message, clearly is conveyed his Risala and rejects him, has essentially rejected ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. There is no eemaan without eemaan in our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and a corollary of this, which I'll discuss next Tuesday. He is the final seal of all prophets and prophecy comes to an end with him. So the MACOM of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cannot be challenged from within the faith. If you challenge that

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status, if you challenge believing in Him, if you challenge his finality, then it's not a matter of we agree to disagree. It's not a matter of Okay, hello, so I don't agree but it's a matter of luck home Dino Cambodia, Dean.

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It's a matter of we have to part ways as being of different faith traditions. Now, before I move on, I must make a very important disclaimer, because one of the reasons why this topic is so sensitive is that other people, non Muslims, and sometimes people have this understandings they say, Oh, look what's happening over there. Persecution Lucas happening over there, people are being killed. Look what's happening over there mobs gathering and killing people. Your talk here in Dallas, your mainstream fatwa within our tradition is going to incite violence. So I say unequivocally unconditionally.

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We are not advocating violence. We are not advocating mob injustice. We are not asking anyone to do anything physically. But we are demarcating what it means to be a Muslim, we are setting the boundaries theoretically. And we are saying, if you are outside of this boundary, then we will not consider you within the boundaries of Islam. Now I understand some radical people go crazy and they do violent things. So I say they are wrong. We are not advocating violence, we're not advocating any type of mob injustice. And I clearly and unconditionally say I have nothing to do with anything that is violence. But that doesn't mean that we are silent about Kufa. That doesn't mean we stay quiet

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when clear red lines are crossed. Because we must define what it means to be a Muslim. And by the way, every noun has a definition. Every concept has a definition. That's the reality of definitions. If there was no definition, then the noun becomes meaningless, right? Think about it. If there is no definition, then the word becomes meaningless. So by definition, every definition has to have a definition. When you have a definition, you have boundaries. So what is the definition of Islam? Again, much can be said for today's call. Tomorrow, we are talking specifically about the notion of the status of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and today I will talk about one idea

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that unfortunately, last few weeks and even a year or two, it is now becoming mainstream and global. And I have seen many of our youth themselves, getting involved not understanding what is happening. And that is the claim today's call Tierra is the claim that belief in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is optional, to be a good person, and to enter Jannah and to have Allah salvation. You don't have to believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to enter Jannah if you do, it's good. If you don't, well, it's fine as well.

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To make such a claim,

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to claim that that he sila of our NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is nephila, right. It's a supererogatory it is something that is if you have it is good. If you don't, then no big deal. This is a complete contradiction to the very basis of our kalima La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah Now you're gonna say, Sure, who in their right minds is saying, we don't have to believe in the Prophet system. I say, sometimes you don't have to use these wordings it is the content. Sometimes it's not what you say, but how you say it. And in the recent few years, we have the rise of this global phenomenon called the Abrahamic religion.

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A deonna, the Ibrahimi Al Bayt al Ibrahimi, the Abrahamic house. And this concept and initiative is being backed by

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let's just say some very powerful political entities. And they are having conventions around the world, inviting scholars from around the world. And if you read the language that is here, written in these Abrahamic conventions, it is intentionally vague and misleading.

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And recently, there is now a structure opened up I cannot mention the country's name, but

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in a mainstream Muslim country, where the same place will be a church, a synagogue, and a masjid.

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And the goal is to unite all three and to say we are all Abrahamic religion.

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And so if you choose to reject the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, no problem. And if we choose to accept him, no problem. Now, unfortunately, this type of thought is now becoming common amongst many pseudo academic pseudo intellectuals, pseudo modern thinkers, and we see debates online, on Facebook, on Twitter on YouTube, this has now taking the internet by storm, and it's a multi pronged effort. You have pseudo academics, you have government entities, you have the scholars that are let's just say known to be following the regimes and they are collectively pushing this agenda that every single person is on a different path, and all paths lead to Allah subhanho wa taala. The

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technical term for this is perennialism. perennialism means all paths lead to God. Now, to be clear,

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If not, in and of itself, against a communal space, if there's a chapel in the church, somebody I'm in chapel in the airport, sometimes you have to pray, there was a doer that's meant to be a communal space. But for there to be a purpose built structure that is intended on Friday for the hotbar. And on Saturday for this and on Sunday for that. And the goal is to unify, that is not the same as a common place of worship where whoever is passing by can pray, you understand this point here, right? So so we understand. And when this is a part of a greater agenda, that we are having an Abrahamic brotherhood, of fraternity of Abraham, the Abrahamic initiative, and the goal is very clear, to

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remove the boundaries between Islam and between other faith traditions, in the name of tolerance, in the name of modern living, they wish to destroy fundamental aspects of our deen. And

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we as Muslims have to uncategories Lee state that this idea and notion has no basis in the religion of Islam, it is in fact destructive of Islam. And I say this bluntly, it is Cofer and um, you hardly hear me use this word. I use Cofer with very rare terminology. Because I understand it's misuse and abuse. Just because you have misuse, it doesn't mean there's no such thing as Cofer, and to say that a person who rejects the Prophet Muhammad SAW some knowingly, having been presented the religion of Islam, to reject that he salah and the new boo of our Prophet SAW Salem, and then say yes, no problem. Allah shall be happy with you in the afterlife.

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This is a destruction of Islam, and it has nothing to do with Islam. Now, immediately the critic stands up. Oh, you're calling for civil unrest. You're calling for disobedience. You're calling for people to not live together and we say subhanallah this is your propaganda. This is your evil tactic. You want to use a halal goal, but you want to get there through a haram means the halal goal, live in peace. We all want to live in peace. But you don't have to use a haram tactic, a coup for tactic to get to the halal goal. You see if you read this Abrahamic agenda doctrine, the doctrine is very craftily written by people who know all too well what they are saying and what they

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are not saying. And they have flowery language. So if you read it, without knowing what the agenda is, you might say, Oh, beautiful, oh, great. Oh Ma, sha Allah. But if you understand who the people are, what they intend, if you understand what they're saying, and more importantly, what they're not saying, you see, this is an agenda driven propaganda.

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Who doesn't want to live in peace brothers and sisters, we all do. But living in peace in this world, is not the same as saying the people have gender in the next world. The two are completely disconnected. And if some radical groups cannot disconnect, we teach those radical groups the truth, we don't change the truth. Because a few small percentage of radical crazy people don't understand we teach them the truth. Just because we say that a faith tradition is wrong and incorrect. Does it mean that in this dunya we treat them violently we treat them no. All we need to do brothers and sisters look at 14th centuries of Islam. Never once has there been a religious Civil War. Never once

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have the Coptics and the Muslims in Egypt gone to war, because of Coptic and Muslim Never once have even before the creation of Israel, the Jews living in Iraq, the Jews living in Bogota, the Jews living in Yemen, never once was there a civil war between them and the Muslims. So don't preach us peace. When we have shown the world the meaning of peaceful coexistence. We don't need to be taught the meaning of peaceful coexistence in light of our 14th centuries. But our idea is very clear. We must believe in the Risala of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be attaining salvation in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala the evidences for this by the way are so many that one small

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lecture will not suffice some verses so that you know, for example, Allah says in surah verse 15, listen to this. Kalia Yohannes. Say all mankind, not all Arabs, not all people of Jazeera, not old people of the Middle East, a Yohannes in near rasool Allah He lay Come join me.

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I am the Rasul of Allah to all

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All of you. I mean this is as explicit as you can get. Yeah, you have NAS, I am the Rasul Allah to all of you from the one who has a Lolita Homolka somehow it was all the La ilaha illa who you meet for Army no Billa he were a Sunni he believe in Allah and His Rasul. Believe in Allah and His Rasul. If you want to be guided Lila Contacta don't again, you cannot get more explicit than this move on. storytel Fatah verse 13. Woman lamb you mean Billa he was truly he for in artisanal Cafe Dena Saira, who or whoever doesn't believe in Allah and the Rasul His Rasul has Jahannam waiting for him. You have to believe in Allah and His Rasul Surah Saba verse 28. Women are a cell Naka Illa, fatale

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nurse, we have sent you Kapha for the totality of mankind. The Prophet says Sam is not just a prophet to the Arab, he is a prophet to the item. He is not just a prophet to the ends, he is a prophet to the jinn. He's not just a prophet for his timeframe. He is the prophet to the Day of Judgment. Anybody who comes and says belief in the Profit System is optional. This is a red line you have crossed it. You will say to them, Look come Dino Cambodia Dean, literally. This is that red line. We cannot tolerate it. In fact, it must be pointed out. It is so sad, tragic. Well Allah if it weren't ironic, you would laugh. They're calling this the Abrahamic accords. They're calling this

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the Abrahamic initiative. They're calling this the Abrahamic house. And what does Allah say about Ibrahim alayhis salam in the Quran?

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Tell me.

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Maracana, Ibrahim whoo yah hoo Dee Yan Well, Anna Salani Well, I can kind of honey fun Muslimah wala he you would laugh if it were actually, you know, not worthy of crying. You dare call this initiative Abrahamic? And Allah says in the Quran in the context of both Yehuda nasaga saying we're following Ibrahim, and Allah says no, no, hold on. No, no, you don't have that right. Makana Ibrahim whoo yah hoo Dee and one or Sarani Yeah, and what I can kinda honey fun Muslimah brothers, sisters will lie. Think how explicit is the Quran? Don't claim Ibrahim had these other ideologies. He was away from all of this reclining decline, swaying himself to Allah subhanho wa Taala and purely upon

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Islam, to claim that one doesn't have to believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in order to be righteous in the eyes of Allah in order to attain salvation. Listen to me carefully goes against the Quran. The Sunnah, the unanimous consensus of the entirety of the Ummah, and common sense and rationale and logic, all four things, Quran sunnah, ag MA and common sense. There are no evidences left. As for the Quran, according to three four evidences and I can quote you hundreds more. As for the Sunnah, so many evidences of them the most explicit one Hadith in Sahih Muslim our prophets are seldom said, I swear by the one in whose hands is my life, not a single year who the

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owner Sarani shall hear about me, and then reject what I have come with accept that he shall be from the most humble Jehane. I mean, again, can you get more explicit than this? Not to single you who the owner slightly shall hear about me and then reject me as we shall come to the conditions of the conditions you hear? Yes, but somebody who knows the message and rejects it. We believe this person has consciously made a choice to reject Allah subhanho wa taala. As for Iijima unanimous consensus? I have done research on this actually, I have a published paper about this as well printed by Oxford University as a book I have a collection of articles about salvation. There's an article about me,

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from me that have gone into all the evidences and I quoted that unanimous consensus of multiple strands of Islam, the irony, dear Sunnis, we don't need to quote Sunni Jamar, there is each MA in all of the field of of Islam. The more Tesla does a this the internationally here is the all the Sunnis the the baldies, the remnants of the above. Every felucca says the same thing. If you knowingly reject Islam, you have no chance up there. You don't even need just a Joomla or within our Allah sunnah. You have each MA from the other groups as well. That's how much each mod there is that none of the earlier groups different over this point that somebody who has been exposed to Islam has

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presented the Prophet systems message to him knowing what it is he says, I don't want it that person has to

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cited his own fate in the ark era, there is HMR. And as for common sense and rationale, I mean, it is obvious. Here we believe that the Prophet system has been chosen by Allah to send a message to mankind. Imagine if he were to gather all of mankind, imagine if he could speak to them. And this critic says that he believes this, the message would be all mankind. My message to you all is that Allah has chosen me to deliver the message and the message is you don't need my message. What rationale is this? What logic is this? Why would Allah send the Messenger when he doesn't have to be followed? Why would Allah send the Rasul? When it's optional to listen to him? Think about how

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illogical and irrational that is, it doesn't even make sense logically. Sending a prophet to all of mankind means you must follow this prophet. So to believe that guidance is found in other than Islam, and to believe that a religion other than Islam shall relate to Jana is a contradiction to Islam. And it actually technically expels you from Islam. You cannot be a Muslim and have disbelief if you understand what the Quran says. If you're completely ignorant and you don't know we teach you, okay, no problem. But if you understand the Quran, you read the Quran, and you have this notion, then you have a religion other than the religion of Islam. There are verses in the Quran

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that are so explicit. One wonders how could you read this book and still believe this for example, so there are there Emraan listen to this woman yet to tell the layer on Islam, the deen and falen Yoko Bella men who were who have read him and of course, serine whoever chooses other than Islam as a dean, shall never have accepted from Allah, and he shall be of the losers on the Day of Judgment. Whoever wants a religion other than Islam, again, very explicit. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions explicitly in the Quran, the only way to attain salvation is by believing in the process and the only way to have Allah love you is by believing in the prophets of Salaam. We're into three

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rule hooter do only by obeying the Prophet system, shall you be rightly guided? Now before we conclude with some points, caveats, I have to mention one verse that is always used as an evidence by this modern understanding this new fangled interpretation so the bucket over 62 in the Latina Armano will Latina How do one nassarawa Sabe ina man, I'm gonna Billa who William will you want me to sign your hand furlough ended up being well, hold on, I didn't follow me. I said on whoever believes in the Latina Armano will let you know how do they your hood, one Nosara Dasara was sabe in the sabe in our group than English to call the man to Ian's was sabe in whoever believes in Allah

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and the Last Day and does good deed, they shall have the reward with their Lord, and they have nothing to worry about. And they're not going to be scared while at home. Yeah, has unknown. Now, this verse has been used by this modern group to say it's very clear. Allah says in the livina Amarula Deena How do I know Sorry, I was sobbing Allah mentions four groups, all of them are Ali kitab. And Allah says if they believe and they do good deeds, then they have nothing to worry about the response to this I have gone over no exaggeration around the hundreds of seers of all the fear of not just soon isms a these evolved these she are all of them. Not a single more festive, pre

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modern times. I haven't found not to single amorphous search in all of our history has ever understood this verse to indicate a plurality of religions. Why when, according to these guides, it's so clear. I'll tell you why. Because when the Koran's message is so clear, that they are who would under Nosara are misguided. They have wrong theology. When the entire Quran criticizes people of other faiths for their theologies. How can you take an ambiguous verse and use it to literally Trump hundreds of verses doesn't make any sense. So then, what does this verse mean? Go look up any book of Tafseer you will find one or two very simple interpretations that make complete sense. The

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first interpretation, Sandman and Pharisee, who is a Christian convert came to the process and said, y'all rasool Allah, you know my story. They were righteous Christians before you, they're waiting for you. They died before you came.

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They died before you came, they never met you. But if they met you, I feel they would have believed in you. What is their fate? So Allah revealed this verse. If you don't understand the context, everything becomes clear that you who at the time of Musa are good. Then Asara at the time.

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Some of Isa are good, and they're believers at the time or the process in them are good every generation. Yes, that is one interpretation. Another interpretation. Listen to the verse in the Latina Ahmed wala then how do we know sorrow saw the INA men, Amana Billa whoever has Eman in Allah in other words simply by being your who they are not sawed off. You don't have Iman and Allah, Allah is inviting them to real Iman. Allah is telling them you're so close just having a man and having a man means Eman and Allah and the messenger have Eman and you're going to be good. And our prophets Assam said, Any Ali Kitab who converts shall have a double reward. So the idea can be understood to

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be an incentive for the people of the amount to make their demand stronger. And for the people of Yehuda, nasaga and sabe want to embrace Iman, no scholar understood this to mean oh people of other faiths remain upon your faith you're upon good because that would defeat the message of the Quran. Also, by the way, Surah Baqarah verse 62, go read verses 60 before and 63 onwards. It's nothing but a criticism of the Kitab How can ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, criticize, criticize, criticize, mentioned this verse, criticize, criticize, criticize? And then you say this verse means everything is good? No, it is meant to incentivize conversion. It is meant to say Oh, honey Kitab you have a lot of

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things you need to account for, here's your way out, embrace Islam, and it shall all be forgiven. This is the correct meaning of this verse. Now, before we conclude a number of disclaimers. First disclaimer.

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This ruling has to do with the hereafter, the Ark era in this dunya everyone is free to choose from and shall have a human woman shuffle Jaquard This is no Quran. Whoever wants to believe believe whoever wants is going to reject Allah tells us law Iqra 15 Nobody forces people. Allah tells us less die let him be more cited. You are not in charge as a guardian over them in Nama and Ecole Birla, your job is to preach. So we say unequivocally, we live with people of all faiths in kindness and equity. We live in civil society without hatred without violence without evil. You are the ones conflating saying that this is the truth. We're saying that those who are not upon the truth, we're

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gonna physically fight them. We're not saying that. And as I said, we have 14 centuries of history to prove this. We don't need to be taught peaceful coexistence, peaceful coexistence we all agree with, we come together in this society, with people of all faiths and people of no faith, and we build better hospitals, we build bigger schools, we build better, you know, roads and infrastructure is no problem. We want a good dunya for ourselves and our children. But when it comes to spirituality, we must be firm, law calm Dinoco. Malia Dean, it's very simple. And if we just make this caveat, it's not about hatred, stop for Allah about violence. No, it's about the truth. And by

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the way, again, this needs to be said, we live in a capitalist economy, socialism, communism, every other ism is looked down upon. And if you want to be a part of this society and be respected, you must follow their capitalism understanding if you come out as a complete socialist, as a complete communist, you know, they're not going to respect you, you're not going to be mainstream because it goes against their ideology. Okay, well, we have a more important thing than how money is dealt with. And that is how Iman is dealt with. We have our way, you have to understand we have the right to preach our boundaries. And this is our boundary. So this is the first caveat that is nothing to

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do with peaceful living or not, we can live peacefully and still preach the truth. The second, we're talking in generalities, not specifics. So we say, believing in the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is essential to salvation. This is universal. Now, somebody comes and says, but so and so never heard about him, but so and so how to wrong understanding. We say we're not talking about exceptions. Don't make the exception the rule. Don't teach the exception and ignore the rule. Yes, there are exceptions. Yes. On the Day of Judgment, somebody might come and say, Yeah, Allah, I lived in Allah and we didn't hear the Prophet system. Okay. That's an exception. Yeah, Allah, the

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message we got was tainted. That wasn't the real message. That's an exception, y'all. I didn't understand the message. That's an exception. We leave exceptions to Allah on the day of judgment. And Allah is Rahman and Rahim and Allah is Hakim and Allah is Allah collusion. Khedira. That doesn't change the rule and the rule is, there is one path to Jannah that path is

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Islam, other paths don't lead to gender. Now, if your friend Tom Harry, you know dies on the other path, we don't speak Oh, Tom is in the fire of *. We don't say that. Because we don't know individuals. We do not pass verdicts on people. We pass verdicts on paths. The path to Jannah is through Islam. Any other faith is not leading to Jannah. And if it's not leading to gender, there's only one other places is gonna go, we have to preach this. This is the Quranic idea, the Quranic religion. But your friend who followed another faith dies in that faith, we remain silent. We don't know how he died. We don't know what happened. We don't know, his personal excuse. We don't pass

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verdicts on human beings. But we do pass verdicts on theologies, and Islam is correct. And to believe in three gods is wrong. And to believe in a pantheon of gods is wrong. And to believe God has a son is wrong. And to reject the Prophet system is wrong. There is no two opinions about this. So this is the second caveat, the last point.

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And this is, needs to be set as well.

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If this theological heresy was the only issue that is coming out of the Abrahamic Accords, it would have been bad enough. Because this theological heresy destroys Islam. But what makes it worse, is that this heresy is actually a part of a far larger agenda. This heresy is actually a part of a larger social political strategy that has multiple aims. And again, I don't want to get into too much detail, but I want you to do your research. I'll be generic here. But in sha Allah will label will levy Bobigny, Shadow TF Mo, of the main goals of this initiative, is the normalization of relations with the one remaining apartheid regime in the Middle East.

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They intentionally want to use this to marginalize the Palestinian cause, and to normalize relationship with the one remaining apartheid regime in that part of the world. And this is one tactic they're using. And another tactic is that they're using this to claim that mainstream Rula MA and scholars who are not going to be co opted by their agenda are actually promoters of terrorism. They're actually evil people. You know, in that time, maybe a mama had them to handle, the Khalifa became a mortality, he started doing a Mitzvah and exam and Inquisition, you must say the Quran is created. And whoever doesn't say so is going to be punished and torture. He created this doctrine,

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he wanted to sift the scholars who would be on his side, the scholars, he could purchase the scholars he can have in his pocket, versus the scholars who's going to stand for the truth. I say this bluntly, and may Allah protect me and all of you.

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This agenda, one of its goals is to separate those people have knowledge who can be purchased from those who cannot. And

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the reality is without getting too explicit, even people in North America, whom you might know, who refuse to sign on to this agenda, the tentacles of that entity have harmed them over here as we speak, in their personal lives, and this type of dastardly tactic, Wallah, he it is downright evil. Their fear and paranoia is not just of their local hula hoop, they have rounded up and chained and put up in jails and etc. Their fear and paranoia transcends the globe. And any organization, any scholar, even a scholar who doesn't visit that land, who has nothing to do with it, if they're not going to sign up, they're going to face a type of soft pressure, things are going to happen in their

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personal lives and things are going to happen that will affect them. They will it's not going to detail but things are going to happen that shows you you better get on board or else and this type of

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soft pressure and that's soft because only because we're in America had we been in other places. It would not be soft pressure will be rounding up and you're never seen again. If we don't stand up collectively and preach against it Subhanallah like the fitness of Imam Muhammad, if he mama didn't stand up and say enough is enough. You have no right to preach a innovated doctrine. This is not the doctrine of Islam. If Mr. McMahon had not done so scholars say the whole Ummah would be more typically not Sunni anymore. So

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Oh, this is now an agenda that is sweeping the globe. Part one is today and that is to say belief in the process of is not necessary. We're gonna pause here continue on Tuesday in sha Allah. The second part is belief in the prophets have said them being the final prophet is not necessary and we're going to talk about certain groups may Allah protect me all of you may Allah subhana wa Tada guide us all to the truth may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be those who defend the honor of the Prophet says regardless of the criticism of the critic May Allah subhanho wa Taala was to live and die as the owner of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and will continue shall on Tuesday said

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I'm already caught up with too late to catch up

00:35:42 --> 00:36:00

in and mostly me now almost Lima D one meaning Mina team will quantity now look on it the more slowly up now was for the important the one slob et now was sloppy or odd Do you want to follow Sherry You know because she

00:36:02 --> 00:36:17

wouldn't call she mean I want to follow she I think one downside BP now one downside being partying was all Amy now was all in

00:36:18 --> 00:36:25

one heavy Lena fold over gentlemen one half a lot the ones that get enough love it guess

00:36:27 --> 00:36:31

what the guilt or? I don't know hula hoop

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