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kind of put that under the spotlight a little bit. And I'll point out what I mean and Sheldon and I kind of conclude this story for you.

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In the beginning as we were given the context of this story, the story of Musa alayhis salam

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where he tells us subhanaw taala not to Alec and whenever he Musa Coronavirus helpfully call me know in the field I wanna I love it oh Jada she stopped April 25 and minimum indeed for island became powerful and he was able to overcome and enslave a group of people. murdering the men and keeping the women alive did he was someone who was very corrupt. The verses say when you eat Nimona Latina Stawberry fufill audibly when I died at home in my tone when a Giada HomeReady see no no Makina LA home Philo I want to come back to this at the end of the story, if you don't mind, point a few things on

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what happened after use of our league Instagram became a leader

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within the land of Egypt.

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If you go back and you look at the history

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in Arabic like shoes, or the Disco's were a group of people with a dynasty that ruled Egypt for a certain period of time. Well before I need

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the birth of Jesus Alehissalaam, a couple of 1000 years they were not people who are from the land of of missile

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of Egypt, most likely they were called the kings of Monaco Halo or the kings of horses and they had come from Arabia they were autumn would come and they had in the in the fight with the Ferghana with the pharaohs. And they were originally the original people of of the land and the overcame them and they began a dynasty of rule of rulership and they they were situated in a place called today it's Alibaba it's it doesn't really it's not a city anymore, but it's in the triangle of Delta Neil, if you can look go look it up. It was called the avarice the city and they ruled Egypt most of Egypt from that spot. And that's why when you go to the Quran, you'll find that when you suffer is

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addressed the people that you know the king you didn't address them as your own. You address them McAllen Malik used the word King because because it was a different dynasty in the Quran, if you're out there Ferrara in the rulers who came, you use that word like a kisser on Facebook. So that one was the name of the ruler of Egypt, who was from the land of Egypt and but the story of use of he uses the word Melek, all the time is limited to King because it was a different dynasty altogether. But when after use of it is that I'm died. Now most scholars

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estimate that between the depth of use of and and the birth of moose is roughly 150 years or so. Altogether, maybe 300 years from from the the birth of use up to the death of Musa with a difference of opinion that is almost uncanny reconcilable. They're not we're not sure. But regardless, there was an amount a certain period of time that elapsed between use of value sometimes life and the birth of Musa Ali's.

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A generation or so after use of how to use the pharaohs were able to fight back and over and take back the ruling of Egypt again from the Hyksos. Now, but it's a lot easier who had relocated, basically, from where they were living before, because parts of them some of them were living in the in the 90 bow around Mecca and Medina, and some of them were living, they were living in the Holy Land, the Holy Land, as I explained in a couple of weeks ago stretched from Jerusalem to Mecca. That whole area is the holy land. So they moved when he moved from Mecca Mesa, they moved from close to Jerusalem, and they all came in and they and they relocated to Egypt, where Yusuf Ali salaam had

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authority and they were respected and they had they had the rights and then and they had a good relation with the Hyksos the rulers they were allies to them. And then he was going they lose the war with their pharaohs and they leave. So now the angels are gone and the pharaohs are taking over and so it was stuck in the middle. They are known as allies of the Hyksos. So what are the pharaohs do to them?

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What Yeah, and what whatever an overcoming a ruling power will do to the allies of their enemies, basically, and the story of enslave of slavery and enslavement and persecution for healing the land of Egypt started with that with that piece of the story. So that's why that's why when Musa was being born into this very difficult political situation failed to say the least.

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Oh, Mozart is that um, as far as we know, her name is Johan or COVID, Ben Lowry.

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And we're unsure if there's someone else between Lowry and Jaco Valley Instagram or not, but she was married to her Emraan that's why Musa on Instagram. We've been around Milan in Oklahoma to New Delhi, even though it was hard to get to him. It is

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hemos Salatu was Salam o Jemaine.

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And oh Musa.

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She had children before.

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Mossad he said she had her sister, Miriam and her his brother Harun and Musa was the youngest of the three.

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Now, to go to another part of this story that is important that I own

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one of the leaders, they get the words, but I wouldn't just is referring to a leader of the land, because that's what they would call divine. And that was the name so we don't know exactly, there's a lot of difference of opinion, who found is historically so I'm not going to go and get into that for your own needs, for the peace of mind. But what happened was, he was a very different in the horizon was a very religious relator. He's extremely religious, not in a good way, though, and extremely superstitious as well.

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And he had when he mean around him, he had people who were future fortune tellers and future speakers, people people who claim to know things. And he saw a dream, he saw a dream once

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and he asked for interpretation of the dream. So they told him that your kingdom will fall and it will fall on the hand of one of the children of Bani Israel. They had enslaved all of Bani Israel, all of them somebody football if at a minimum, we

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were stuck in his home.

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So he got very scared, he was very superstitious, we got very scared and he asked to know when that was going to occur. So then when a GMO and told him that we don't know exactly when but we will able to be will be able to tell you when he is conceived.

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We'll be able to tell you when his mother is imperative impregnated with him.

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And then when Jim came at one day, at night, and one night and knocked on the door and told him, he was conceived tonight,

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and for Alan made a rule

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that all male children to be slaughtered. And for a club, our bill cohabit or copy lots of popular or what is it

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midwives the midwife would go and they would find pregnant ladies and they would cause them to lose their pregnancies. Or they would, you know, follow them along with their pregnancies only to take the child and murder them. Now, it takes a certain mentality to murder a Ghanian infant.

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It's not something that a normal human being can do. For her I wanted to give that ruling requires a certain way of thought it's a degree of brutality and savagery that most human beings can't really understand to begin with, but that's what he gave. That's how scared he was in terms of 90 of the story.

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And your highness, I said, I'm the Musa. She was obviously pregnant with most artists. And I mean, she hit it well, but the Kabita and she had a fabulous, she had a midwife, and she felt that the midwife was someone that she could trust. But the midwife in her mind was doing exactly what the agreement was that she was going once she gave birth, she was going to murder this child. But when she actually gave birth, this is her heart flipped, and she couldn't do it. And she told a mimosa that I was going to kill him. That was what I was. I was hired to do but there's something about this, I don't know what is I can't I can't do it. You need to hide him and I need to leave. So this

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five of this midwife actually fled the land like she left and she basically ran away and it wasn't an omen mortality. Because there was talk about her being pregnant.

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The round was sent her man with,

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with soldiers and they would go around and they would search homes and they would look for babies and infants. So she hit him for dinner. It's a notice where you you know you make a fire. She hit him in the dinner and the sister of one of the one of Musa sister because she wasn't she's not a full sister. She actually kindled the fire in the dinner, which is why when the soldiers came into the house, they didn't really find the moose out east and I because they didn't think to look in a to know where the fire is being kindled. And most of the time was on the side. And the narration is Is that Is that why he had some problems in speech or the incident me as a child he was, I was I

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came in pulled up pulled him out of the tunnel before he you know, basically was dehydrated and died.

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But she was running through a lot of trouble. And he said I've been trying to keep them alive and kept trying to keep them in the home. Which is where the story of Musa in the Quran begins Oh hyena in our own Mimosa and RBE

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Ilahi here, it depends on whether you need

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an ADA, sha Allah for example. I think they might already as well I cannot remember for the life of me.

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I don't know maybe not. They don't believe that. Women can receive revelation

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Their understanding within the thought is that they can receive revelation. Now they're not Rowsell they don't function as full blown messengers with with a with a creed and with the book but they can receive revelation which allows them to be prophets and a certain sense, but the majority of scholars don't don't see that piece. But regardless of the most is m received a certain degree of Revelation, how has you received it, whether it was just through a dream or through basic intuition, or it was actual Revelation? In terms of your view coming? It's unclear but the Quran uses the term Whoa, hyena, you know me Musa is the Quran uses the same term to talk to about how Allah subhanaw

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taala revealed the prophets. So the revelation to him Mimosa was our very meaning breastfeed him. You must make sure that you do this. So she did for you that gives the idea here and when you become scared

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for LT helium throw him in the in the river.

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Allah subhana wa Donna will extract from the depths of darkness light

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and from the sharpness of the knife life

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and extract Subhana wa Tada safety from the midst of a child being thrown down thrown thrown into a into a river.

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The story of OMA Musa alayhis salam is that of, of understanding the Grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala understanding that Allah subhanaw taala when he the way he works is beyond our ability sometimes to comprehend.

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When you get scared about over your child, you hold them tight.

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And you You cover their body with your own and you allow yourself to die keeping them alive. You don't throw a child when you get scared for the safety of the child throw them into a into a large river into the into needle. But the way that she received her that's why I had to be why because no one does this for you that 50 I don't want to get scared for him but lucky for them. What about the coffee and don't be afraid what at the end? Don't be sad. In rod do Hui Leakey we will he will return one day while John aluminium was selling and it will be something beyond what you're going to comprehend. So once she felt that they were caving in, and as soon as she was she was going to be

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exposed, she made a small coffee and doubled.

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When she put me aside, he said I'm in it. As you throw it into, she put him into the river. And she watched her infant child go down the Nile

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three or four week old baby alone in the midst of a river.

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So it will cost us talks to us about stories, right in talks about relationships. Anyone standing watching this happen outside of the context that I just spent 20 minutes explaining to you, let's say uma Musa is a horrible mother. She's a horrible person, she deserves to be put in jail. She if you were standing outside a little bit with no context at all, watching a mother take a three week old baby and throw them into a river, you would think this is the worst thing that could have ever happened. This person deserves to be prosecuted. But you don't know the full story.

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As we as we often do, as we often don't, we don't know the full stories, we look at people and we judge them. And we judge what's happening to them and what they're doing and how they're behaving. And we don't know the full story. We don't know what the background is. So we we pass judgment a lot. I'm not talking here about you know, parents in their children, keeping children talking in general. That's all the whole story. All sorts of costs. Are is people seeing a situation and then making judgments and finding out that they were wrong, finding out that that wasn't really what what they should have done. It's not the reality. It begins with a story of Musa alayhis salam where she

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threw her child into the Nile not because she hated her child and neglected him but because she loved him beyond maybe what most people can understand.

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As he goes down the Nile, she had been moved on as she was one being a slight as well. She was the wife of Iran and she was of great beauty.

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And if Iran couldn't help it, he chose her as a wife fell in love with her and she said I'm with someone who was a believer and she was a pious lady. And she did not agree or like what her husband did but she did not have a choice in the matter. She was on the Nile taking a

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leisure day and they would hear as she and her people when they would hear this The sound of of a baby.

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And by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala they would see the small coffin nail is pretty big. It's not the only a small river. It's a quite a quite quite a wide river.

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So he will send someone in and they would bring back this

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coffin issue is fine fine this baby could Alan's first

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reaction or reflex was to murder this child but staccato who around the client says it'd be the the family of around picked him up Lee Hakuna Allah whom I do run with has an order for him this child to be an enemy and a source of much sorrow for them

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if at all no a human that was you know the whom I kind of hopped in indeed for the own and those who stood by him were right fold great fold

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we'll call him rock Colorado I initially were like and then she said before he was able to kill him quarterback Dwayne Colorado I meaning something cool. Cool of our i

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Lee would like for me and for you, because I found lucky rally. If I leave, let him live his quarter to a lucky but not for me. I use not a quarter but I in for me. But she but they couldn't they couldn't have children. He couldn't have children. And she wanted a son. She wanted a child. So she pled she begged her around to keep them alive for her. For her sake. Not what do I say? And finally, maybe he'll have benefit us? Oh, that's definitely the who? Well, I don't know whom like I showed one or I can act like I gave birth to a child and people don't know about it.

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So he accepted, not knowing at all and not knowing that he was going to raise in his home, the source of his own demise.

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Understand this story. If that was happening here, your your schedule your child, throw him in denial.

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Throw him in the know.

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The person who wants to kill him, will pick them up, raise him in his own home. But don't you want to you're scared you're not you're scared for your dynasty? Yes, I'm scared for my dynasty you will raise you're the one who will destroy you in your home. I'm going to make you raise him and make you feed him. I'm gonna make I'm going to make you educate him. I'm going to make you look at his little face as he grew up as it goes up every single day of your life. So that when you fall, you see the eyes are the one who brings you down, you took care of him. Because you have no control over anything. Because you control nothing that are on you. You have nothing at all, you're gonna raise

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him in your house, you're going to think of some new agency he murders 70,000 children.

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But it's like it was there a large group at the time, close to half a million people if not more, he murdered Gandhi north of 60 70,000 infants

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that on his own is something that you just stop and you don't know what to do with that. So with that piece of information,

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you can try but the word of Allah subhanaw taala is going to occur whether whether you like it or not.

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But that's not the point of the story. The point of the story is what else about halfway through me most of

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this is one of the most powerful descriptions in the Quran. And then the facade, the consciousness of Mimosa became empty. Ferdie she was in such pain. She was she was in such sorrow and agony. That is as if her there was a hole in her chest as if there was an emptiness, this emptiness that she cannot fill with anything else but most valuable. It's empty. There's nothing there. It's like there was this hole inside of her in God that lead tube TV, she almost exposed it. She almost went and said that's my son, Lola, a robot on Columbia had We not strengthened her heart giving her some some stability and strategy just to hold on.

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Anita Kuhn, I mean, I mean to be a believer to be someone who has faith in Allah subhanho wa taala. And in the midst of her sorrow in her agony and her emptiness, Scarlett Llyod he could see he, she told her his sister, we'll see we'll see his follow along, follow along West, you throw them into the Nile. She almost fainted. So she told her sister just go just follow along and see what happens for bussola to be here on June so she stayed far away, just watching from afar. Whoa, Malaya Sharon, they didn't see her. And she saw his small coffin been picked up. And she saw the baby being taken to the lady of the house of the noble lady. And she came back and she told the story. And that hurt

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Omar Musa more. It's hard when you don't know the destiny of your child is much worse. If they give you a body or give you a then at least you can you can have some closure but you don't know what happened to your kid. You don't know what happened to them and you have to spend the rest of your life wondering if they're alive or they're dead. So it's almost impossible to do it's it causes a degree of of trauma that is almost unbearable it's unbearable to the human mind, which is why most artists and I'm good yeah, and she's you know, it was there but but now her child is alive and no one knows it's her child and she can't access her child so she's losing her mind. But she she held

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on for as long as possible. Well, how long is it he'll Murali? I'm in trouble.

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He had breast fed from his mother. That's why the first command to a mimosa or B

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Hey, breastfeed him. Let him get a taste of what the real milk actually is. So when he got a taste out of his time as an infant, he didn't like anything else was that was given to him. So every time he was given to a lady to breastfeed him, he would spit it out. He didn't want it he wanted what he tasted the first day. That's why we're hanging out you know me Musa an OBE just just breastfeed him. Don't worry. Don't worry, we will take care of the rest. So she did and now the huddle I'm gonna hydrate him at all the I'm gonna club it. Now his sister worked in the in the yard of Robins castle. She said she had heard that this child was dying because he would would not leech on tiny, tiny

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ladies was a woman and she said for Carla, tell her don't look on Allah Ali baiting yak Faloona Hola, como La Nacion allow me to I can give you I can refer you to a family that's very good at doing this. They the lady is amazing. She doesn't show any shift. She takes all the difficult cases, all the impossible cases, she takes care of those children. And they are good. They're good. They're good family, they will they will, you know, take care of this child. You can leave the child there for a while and they will raise them for you.

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Throughout the dinner who either.

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So you're turning back to his mother.

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Throw them in the Nile throne and his army will bring him to you.

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They will bring him to you and offer him to you and beg you to take care of him and pay you for it. Instead of instead of you taking care of him and trying to make a living. If you're always going to pay you to take care of for you that I was going to raise him in his home and pay you to take care of your own son. Follow the dinner who ILA here we set him back to his mother Keita. Tara I knew her so that she will find the will of her i because that's what

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she said to me. We're like, No, we're gonna send him back to you. Okay Takara you know, what? Doesn't for her sorrow to be removed. When he died llama and de la he helped him for it to know that their promise of Allah subhanaw taala is the truth. What I can tell him was most people don't. And most is that I'm raised the savior of Bani Israel he'd

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say savior, but he slayed the person who would save His people and save his nation. Now,

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that's the story. So beautiful story. But here's here's the piece I want to share with you. The beginning of that of the verses,

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the beginning of the verses say when we do and among other Latinas today who for fufill, Aldo, and we want to grant power and a bounty upon those who are persecuted across the land, speaking about but it just slightly were enslaved. When I die, that image and to make them leaders, when I know whom we will be seen and to make them be the inheritors of the earth. When no Makina law home Phil ordinand Grantham strength and heart and a strong stance on Earth. Whenever you have your own Ohama and that we're doing with the home I mean, whom can we show that out and those who stood by them that wish they feared

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there's an audit by the name of a Danish Aisha Lahemaa Hola. You died in 2011.

00:23:06--> 00:23:15

He was the first Egyptian bought it to go and recite the Quran and Masjid lochsa. After that you learn how actually occurred. When he came back. They asked him What did you recite

00:23:16--> 00:23:18

there? So he said,

00:23:19--> 00:23:19

So he told

00:23:20--> 00:24:01

me do something weird. I'm gonna play something for you. These are one of my this is one of my favorite citations of all time. So he told me he asked people to be gathered, and he recited to them what he recited in Oxford. Now we don't have this is not that this deal of the citation of the messy Luxor. This is the zeal within Masjid Husayn in I think it's a you or me up I don't know, where he recited these verses and I want you to listen to it. If you have the Quran open in front of you. If you have access to it, go to area number five, in sutra till cosas. Right now you have a translation even better. And I want you to imagine this gentleman right with Allah Allah. This caught it sitting

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in front of the people of Jerusalem. He's sitting in front of the scene, who have who are under occupation, early occupation. And he and he this is how we start scissors citation. I started reciting policy mean, right, right. But that's not what he started with and see if you can see the beauty of how he began this

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She can go online and you can listen to who's you know what I heard a lot it was only the most beautiful

00:27:54--> 00:28:32

he sat in front of the people with nothing like this and he recited when he read and among other Latina Stawberry who will have you want to grant those who are persecuted strength on earth when I tried to imitate and make them leaders again when I died, I don't want anything to make them inheritors. Again, when I'm working alone, in Grantham strength yet again. That's how he began to versus the intelligence of a thought when you know how to recite the Quran in the right mind to use the verses that actually only affect people in a way that and it's very ironic to me that the ones persecuted in the land are now the persecutors, that the one who were once oppressed and Allah, they

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use these verses to get to promise them salvation are now the ones who are and that's when you you don't have a moral compass. You don't have this TOCOM and you don't have ethicality. And you don't understand what is correct it the moment you are given strength after weakness, you will do exactly what the persecutor did to you. If you don't have clarity of of who you are, and what is it that you stand for. The moment that you are granted strength after being weak, you will go out and do exactly what the strong did to you when you were weak, which is what we see today. And it's very ironic in my mind, that that we recite these verses are the people that for those things, being persecuted by

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the people who these verses were once addressed to as they were being persecuted in other parts of the world. And it's just something it's similar to the story of Musa alayhis salam and how Allah subhanaw taala moves the world. I hope that was a benefit to you. I'm sorry for taking too much time. So pakaloa behind the cannula Illa Illa, understood who they are. So Allahu wa Salam wa barakaatuh be number how many remain the sha Allah the photo, as usual the men will be in the main hall and the sisters are up front and the extension it's a potluck