The Perfect Day 1

Wisam Sharieff


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As Salam is upon you, around you and may Salam peace purposefulness emanate all within what you do today, every step you take every cell and every breath made emanate purposefulness. Today I'm going to talk it out. So these are going to be coming at you in parts, whether on YouTube and or on Instagram. We're going to be discussing the components of a perfect day. And I would like to start out by saying, What if your day isn't perfect? What if you just got into a horrible fight with your eldest son, and you had become completely irrational, and you feel like you feel horrible and you're at the highest level of anxiety, that's when you focus on and use the tools that we're going to have

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here. So I hope that you

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can come along with me at a time of difficulty, anxiety and a lot of discomfort. I want to describe and talk to you about the perfect day. So let's do that in parts. I'll see you as we progress.