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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Hill carry woebot robers. salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah.

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previous lessons we just finished with the mice of the Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam, and now I want to carry on from there.

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After the demise of the prophets, I lost them so you can imagine, you know, the state, the Sahaba of the Allah and when we're in, this was the greatest of creation, sallAllahu sallam, this was the beloved, this was our beloved. But this was the beloved in the sense that they had seen the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam there was nothing more beloved to them than the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. So the progress of Muslim has passed away. He's not varied as yet. And then a few issues arise. Now one of the issues which arose was that the unsolved

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they gathered in a place called suceava, but inside it was a whole of the bernisa it now, actually the place where the survey for is actually still exists. For those who have been Varma, it's where you have the movenpick Hotel, the last one. In front of there is a road and on that road is a garden. It opens in the morning every day. That is the certificate. That's where the certifier used to be in the time of the Sahaba on the lifeline, and that is the place where they actually gathered, obviously, is one of the few places which still exists.

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So they gathered there to appoint a leader from amongst them.

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Now, you can imagine looking from the outside, what does it seem like this seems like that these people do they even care about the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Messenger of Allah has not been buried and they are concerned about choosing a leader, all they want is leadership. Now, this is an allegation which has been laid upon the Sahaba the answer, the one Allah is mine from the orientalist and some other Breton's. Now, I will deal with this, let me put a few assaults down to actually understand this. Look, sometimes you have a calamity. But you have to still carry on with life. And you have to do those things which are an obligation, although the calamity still looms

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over your head. This is exactly what the unser we're doing. Let me tell you why. Look, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has passed away. And there are already tribes who are thinking about attacking Medina. So there's two tribes, large tribes who live on the outskirts of Medina very far from Medina, called ups and Debian. Now ups and the br are now preparing an army to tank a meet Medina white, although they had embraced Islam,

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but newly embraced Islam, they didn't know much about Islam. So but they thought they, whoever takes Medina will be the leader of the Muslims. So now what they've decided that they are going to attack Medina.

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Besides that the prophets Allah Salaam had prepared an army which we will discuss later on, to go and fight the Romans, because the Messenger of Allah was concerned that the Romans will attack Medina. So he's prepared this army.

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On the other hand, you have the minority, and within the lifetime of the progress unless a large proportion of the people who profess to be Muslims in Medina were actually been affected.

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Then you also had the Jews of Medina who the Muslims had the treaty. Now, you got the professor last long passed away. There is a possibility that options are beyond will attack Medina, but the Muslim don't have a leader.

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If the Muslims don't have a leader, then there's a possibility that they will be attacked and they will be have no unity amongst them. The other possibility is also that the Romans will attack Medina and the Muslims will not have leadership.

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The other possibility is that why have the one after Cain decided, Okay, we're going to choose a leader from amongst this.

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Who would be able to stop them. If you're, you know, you have the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has passed away and you're concerned with the burial of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which is obviously understandable

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But on the other hand, why the manavi Keane took the opportunity and chose a leader from amongst them.

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And the other of possibility was which happened many times in the past in the life of the Prophet Allah Salaam, that the Jews of Medina, my break their treaty with the Muslims and thank the Muslim from within Medina. So you have all these, you know possibilities. So now you understand why the answer was so concerned that obviously they were mourning.

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But they also understood that there was an obligation for them now to choose a leader because of the possibility that they may be attacked. Do you understand?

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one principle? second principle

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often it's claimed that the answer didn't really care about Islam, they just wanted leadership and this is the biggest delete upon this. Now understand this. Look.

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to Medina and the anzar believed in the professor last alum, they gave beta to the Prophet salallahu Islam and they took Eman upon the hands of the Messenger of Allah Allah. So now What's happened? The Messenger of Allah has passed away. Who did they give based upon the hands of the Messenger of Allah? Who do they regard as the Nabi the Messenger of Allah? Did they regard Omar aboubaker as an OB? No. Did they bring abubaker Omar into Medina as a leader know they bought the message of Allah colossal? Now the message of Allah has passed away. Now any society in the world, any society in the world would naturally revert to the

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old traditions. The old way of electing a leader Why choose Abubakar? When Medina is who city? Medina is the city of the answer The answer or the majority?

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They have no obligation in choosing abubaker the alumna, naturally they will choose from wonderful amongst them. Look

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how long had it been that the answer? The migrants had come to Medina 10 years topic 10 years top end. Now tell me one society in the world will say okay, we had our leadership over to a migrants who have been here for no more than 10 years. Who are the minority? Who are the very people who actually we gave refuge nobody would.

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So you understand what now we actually the answer what coming from okay. Another point.

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The focal point of Islam at that time was Medina, Medina was the double Islam, the Dena where Medina was the place of Islam. Now, who is who is more accustomed to knowing, you know what, what Medina is about them, the customs of Medina, the traditional Medina the answer. So naturally you would expect that the answer would become the the would have the greatest rights of becoming the leaders. Also.

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The problem is Allah alayhi wa sallam lived in Makkah for Harlow who could tell me

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13 years, okay, 30 years he lived in Makkah. In his 30 years of Dawa only a handful of the

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Maharaja don't embrace Islam. So hey, the Warriors Allah, Allah went to the close areas thought

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they drove the Messenger of Allah, Allah Allah sent him out.

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They humiliated the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, the majority would come for Hajj. So the vast majority of the tribes of the mushrikeen would come for Hajj.

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How many of them embraced very few?

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who accepted the Dawa of the province of la sala was the answer. They came for Hajj they gave Bayer they came the next year the debate that gave refuge to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, why should the unsavoury give up?

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This status when they would want to get the Prophet salla salaam refuge when they were the ones who first embraced Islam. How long had it been now that the people of Makkah embrace Islam only three years? You understand only three years? So why should they give up Medina to a group of people who actually never made the state? It was the people of Medina who made the state.

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Okay, now that's the other thing.

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The other concern possible concern that the more hydrocodone had was that if one of them sorry, I'm sorry, had is that ever one of the

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unsavoury maharajji rule were given leadership, then it's a strong possibility that they would go back to

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the family was a marker, that's where they came from salah and Mugu was 100,000 times the reward of a normal Salah.

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Even if you remember at the Battle of her name,

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the Tsar said, looks like the message of Allah is going back to his own people. So obviously they thought, if they made a PFS, and furthermore, Haji rune, the leader then he would take the hollyford back to Makkah, and this was something which the really the more hajimeru, the utsav really did not want to happen. And this is why, that they one of the reasons that they had all these concerns were one reason there are other reasons, they had these concerns that if they make a person from the maharajji room, they lead is that all one of the any of these things is possible. The other thing, look,

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the people who assisted the Messenger of Allah, the most worthy unsolved

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in doing so they made many enemies. Many of the lead the people of Quraysh were killed at the hands of the unsought. Now it depended who became the next leader. So for instance, if a leader was chosen who really was not concerned about the answer, there is a possibility that the people of Quraysh would have an opportunity

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to take revenge from the people on top now this was a concern for them. Not only that, there was another concern that they had is that the many of the individual many of the Arab tribes now disliked the answer. Why did they dislike them? Sir? What if simple reason was that they

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assisted the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, and they fought, and they fought against other tribes. These are now over the years it accumulated all these enemies. Now, if they gave leadership over to the Maharaja rune, and that leader of the Maharaja rune did not actually was not so concerned about them, like the Messenger of Allah was concerned, then people could take revenge, you know, they could be quashed, they would be attacked. So if you now understand what was going through the mind of the Tsar, then it's a lot easier to understand what you know how the unsolvable thinking.

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But if you just look at one dimension, and you have this kind of sort of, you know, this bad perception of the audience not only wanted leadership, it wasn't leadership, it was all the things that they were taking into consideration that any one of these things could possibly happen. And this is why

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this is why

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they gathered in the suceava decide to choose a leader from amongst now is one possibility, what can say, okay, they did that, why did they not inform the Giroux who should employ module and that's a valid point.

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But maybe they didn't inform them or hide you don't because they felt due to all the above that they were the rightful age to the hallford. So they will no need for them to inform the Baja June. Also, maybe they felt that it will cause a greater fitna if they told them more hygiene. So just leave it let's get on with it. You know, we'll deal with it later on. And the third reason possibly is the fact that they felt that the Maharaja rune were busy with the burial of the Messenger of Allah Allah Allah they It was a lot they were all from the Quraysh you know, they were the family and then they were the Quraysh. Leave them to it. We'll deal with this. So these are the possibilities but maybe

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they should have inform the Mahajan. Now we're on the mohandro

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the muhajir rune with the body of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so they will the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Abubakar and Omar and the other mohajir rune

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and a group of people come to them and say to them,

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we need to speak to you. So Allah The allowances we busy, go away with dealing with the burial of the Messenger of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam.

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So the person says listen, you better listen to us. There's something going on in September Vanessa either and they can actually lead to a civil war.

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So Omar asked what so he told them so then Omar went to Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu and he told him look at them now Subhanallah when you're in the Haram, you can actually envisage this you know, you've got the masjid, the and then your house and you got the certificate, but the site is only valid for four

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I have six minutes walk, you can actually visit robucket and I'm gonna walk into for this escapable inside of the house or I shall have the alarm.

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And then on the way they meet abou Aveda to Majora

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and they form a movie from Georgia and then they go all together. So they reach the suceava buddies either. And when they reach the blue circle when it's either they see that the answer or discussing and these a man wrapped up. And on one of the allowances. I didn't recognize this man

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who asked Who is this man? They said they Southern Nevada, Southern Nevada rhodiola was one of the leaders of the answer. And because he was unwell he was wrapped up in a sheet. So now one of the unsolved stands up and he begins to give a talk. He says Firstly, and he's indirectly kind of speaking to the mohajirs possibility, you know, Abu Bakr and Omar and Alibaba said look, we are many

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you are few, we are many you are few

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and it is our right

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for us that need is chosen from amongst others. And in all honesty, you can understand that from all the above reason that you know the way they were thinking that they have the right that the leader is the next leader is from amongst them.

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And then he goes on to say he says that you do not have the right to take this right from amongst us, okay. Then he starts speaking to the unsung. Now he now he starts speaking and that is it. ansara you have many virtues, which no one else has that doubt the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said if it was not for the hedger, I wouldn't be mad from the answer.

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He said the message then he goes, the Messenger of Allah gave Dawa and Mugu, but very few people embraced. And then the Messenger of Allah came to Medina, and you we observed protected the deep, you did jihad, and all the others bowed down to the deed because of you because of your efforts.

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Then the Messenger of Allah passed away, and he was happy with you. And you were the coolness of his eyes. And nobody else besides you deserve the help that he is given this talk. Okay. So Omar on the lovely city, they don't want to do more. Omar says, I wanted to respond. He said, I had prepared something, which I thought would be a really good response, said I was just about to start a book and said, calm down on, let me speak.

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And then I will talk about the alarm who began to speak and I will talk about the alarm. And it really beautifully puts a, he says to the unsolved he says I'm sorry, whatever that you have said, Actually, you are more than that.

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You know what you said your virtues the reality you are more than that. And then he reminded them that the message of Allah said that if the entirety of humanity walked down one path and the answer walk down another path, I would walk down the path of the answer.

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So you mentioned all these virtues regarding them. But he says then you address Assad was the leader.

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He says Assad, you were there. When the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that leadership would only stay in Polish.

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And you the answer will be the ministers and the advice so he directly speaks to started about or the alarm

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and then Abubakar on the alarm, who says that the people will accept no body regarding this matter regarding the leadership's besides the people of Quraysh, because they are the best lineage. See, the Quraysh not only regarded the best lineage, they were regarded from the progress and last, but not only that, they were regarded also as the custodians of the copper.

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So because of all these virtues, they had virtue before and now with the advent of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam you know that those virtues went out the roof. So nobody would accept anybody besides the

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the Quraysh

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and then Abubakar on the olara who he will he consoled the Assad he said, Look ansara Let me tell you something, that we will do nothing without consulting you. You know so you know, he puts to it puts their mind at ease. Don't you think that we will not consult you? You will be with us like you will in the time of the Prophet salaallah aneurysm that is a hobby read the article

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say, Okay, I have a suggestion

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One leader from us one leader from you.

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And abubaker the alarm who said you know that the people would not accept that two leaders now robot in the moon zero the alarm to say something really interesting. He says that the reason he later on he mentions that the reason I said this was because we had many, many battles with the people of Quraysh when they were in the membership, and my concern was that if leadership was only one amongst them, then they may have an opportunity to take revenge and this is why I said one leader from you, one leader from us.

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And then when this is kind of the

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thought of kind of calm down, and then Amara de Lama said I got my opportunity and I said to him, I said, let me ask you one question.

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Is there any one amongst you who's mentioned in the Quran besides Abubakar SRP?

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Is your coulis Oh, he

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said no. So is there anybody amongst you who had the honor of being with a messenger of Allah Allah Allah and he was sitting in the bar in the cave they said no. So then who Which one of you

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wants to supersede

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Abubakar Sadiq of the Allah known as the Calif and another variation on Morocco photography Allah said. He said let me also remind you who did the message of Allah choose for the Salah? Who did you choose? The rest of your La Jolla Abubakar? Allah? inshallah we'll discuss this in more detail later on. He chose Abu Bakar speaker of the alarm, then, what about Guardiola and who does because he didn't want the Hollywood really himself. I will walk out on the alarm who grabs the hands of Allah and he grabs the hands of Abu Zubaydah.

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And he says give a babe lift them up like this and he says give birth to one of these two are the mean of this Omar Yamanaka.

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Omar says, you know everything I wanted to say because he had prepared in his mind what he wanted to say. Everything I wanted to say. Abubakar said all that but in a far more articulate way. He said I learned everything he said until he reached this point when he said choose Abu Bakar choose Omar or choose Aveda as

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and then he says, By Allah, it will be easier for my head to be removed from my body than to be a leader and which Abu Bakar is believed to be a worker on the Allah who is beneath me. And then amaravati Allah and who gave Bayer to Abubakar de la. Then one of the unsalted a beta blocker the alarm and then all of the answers gave Bayer to Abubakar Sadiq roseola.

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So basically, this is the first beta in the sub table but the PSA either this was the way that the dispute was watched

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that the Tsar gave beta to Abu Bakr Siddiq. Now look at marginalism harmala. Look Look at all the reasons I pointed out why the answer possibly believe that they were they should have leadership Yes. And all of them are valid. But look at how amazing one law he absorbed were in one gathering in one gathering they gave up leadership.

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This is a credit terms are the answer for the majority in number majority in number, but they gave up leadership.

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And this is why you know when Allah subhanaw taala he praises the answer. He says will Latina de Beauvoir, Dara will imana notably him and for those who before had homes and Eman you hit buena minha la him while he doing a fee so do to him ha Jemima Oh,

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he said that they love those who have migrated towards that. And they do not find in their hearts anything any malice any hateful what they have been given the mountains where you will see Runa Allah and forced him of salsa

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Hello canopy masasa and they give preference to them over themselves even even if they are in difficulty themselves. Look at look at the virtue so what's the first virtue or last $1 speaks about the fact that a man then Allah smart Allah say that they love those who have come to them, and they don't find any malice in their heart. And then Allah subhanaw taala says that they give preference to them over themselves. Oh,

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And then Allah is powered Allah right at the end of the verse, Allah then Allah subhanaw taala says right at the end of the word, but hola como moflo hoon

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these other

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successful ones? So these were the unsolved so you can see how this verse fits into the suceava but it's either that when it was a time a time came they actually gave them preference over themselves. Why? Because their lives are a testimony to this verse. We might God Allah subhanaw taala elevate the status of the Sahaba at one a large main the unsought and the muhajir own And may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability to follow the way volatile Avi commsec barrhaven salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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Zakouma la heydon for watching, and please do not forget to watch the next episode at insha Allah when you're GWAS they will be plenty more history series coming very soon Baraka Luffy comm salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah