Sulaiman Moola – A Believer Is A Mirror To His Brother

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "monarchs" in Islam, with the speaker emphasizing the importance of not blaming one for another and avoiding blending one's behavior. They also touch on the use of mirror and witness to show one's face and the importance of reforming oneself and finding one's own path through faith. The conversation also touches on housing and criminal summons involving a pious man named Abdul Malik and a golden time to start a new job. The speakers stress the need for protecting one's property and reputation and encourage protecting one's money and reputation.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa rahmatullah machete are generally more shady in what are the Illa Allah volume in? Are salatu salam alaikum Allah Allah, Allah rockne

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of lumen Taka dama. Woman of sorrow early he was hubie Hill Will my amin yarrabilba Miranda Anna

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morana watsonville Bhatia to Sony Hi, I'm Elena. Rob br Joseph Prabhupada winner of Casa de man who fana Gina waterfed hayleigh una vaca winner, Ella Hamilton ohana, Allah, Allah, Allah is that he will Jabara

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le aku Baba sobre hooba dama Bianca Dinah huya del mckeeva melaku wa turbina who were buying abney usofa public mood when a janitor Mousavi tabooed Hamilton, you know, Sufi botany when a gentle Habiba? Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wasallam Abu tilahun Caboose Subhana Allah Subhana can tell how you lay your mood. I'm about to call Allahu Baraka tada

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Hamid also Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Johan Latina Amano quotevalet como Surya, Maka makuti ballerina Min publikum la la,

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la la la vim honorable scholars, respected brothers, elders and sisters, every human by our very nature.

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We are passionate and desirous that every dream and wish of ours can be fulfilled. And it can see fruition and culmination. We have a dream we have a hope we have a plan. We have a thought and we hope we wish we plan we aspire. But the reality on the ground is otherwise you really don't remember Oh, Mona, who? Allahu Allah Radha yaku. Mr. O'Malley will add water to Allah He of Brewmaster further. The poet's says every man wishes this can happen. I can secure a job my daughter can get married I can move into a new home. I can upgrade the corporate ladder I can do so many things. Allahu Allah, Allah. But Allah has decided that only what he intends would ultimately happen. Masha

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to a lambda lambda con collector Larry Bird unlimited alimta fulfilled.

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Well, muzzin Firmin whom could be one woman whom has a non dominant ohada

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lambda in the Arabic poet says, oh my lord,

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whatever you decree will happen, even if I don't will it and wherever you don't decree will not occur, even if I wish it you have created the creation, and precisely by your divine knowledge, you regulate the matters that happened in the earth.

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However, Allah makes mentioned in the Quran, one explanation why Allah does not fulfill every desire of ours in the world. When Allah Who is calling it bad, he lobato Phil, Allah says, If I were to give wello if I were to expand, open up, unleash my treasures, and give the servants as they request somebody asked him for help I just give him how he wants wealth just give him Well, he wants power, just give him power. He wants me Empire I just give him an empire whatever. What you mentioned in enlarging the na casa You know, there is nothing but that I hold the trenches of it. And in the in the hustler is gonna man or woman. My treasures are inexhaustible. So they are never depleted. But I

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want to say is if I were to give every human whatever he or she wishes, let below fill out, they will transgress, they will revolt, they will rebel, and they will disavow you on the earth. So to avoid that disobedience, or of my complete knowledge, I give them in measure and proportion. The scholars of the seed under this ayah have raised one point of discussion. How is it that in this verse Allah says that if he were to grant every human his desire, the outcome of that would have been chaos, mayhem, anarchy and turbulence on Earth, but Jenna promises to be the pinnacle of bliss, the height of ecstasy, the height of happiness, and every man and every soul in every human would be

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given what they request and desire and beyond. Whereas in general, there will be no corruption, there will be no mayhem there will be no chaos.

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So there is an apparent dichotomy. There is an apparent inconsistency. Allah says if I were to give it to you, there would be chaos on the earth. But then general promises

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seems to be the place where each man would be given whatever he wants, and there'll be no chaos in general. And what is the answer to this? What is the explanation and Subhanallah, the scholars of the desert whom Allah Juana theologia. They answer it so amazingly and aptly and succinctly, they say, the cause of the chaos is not the abundance of provision. But the cause of the chaos is the jealousy in men.

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The jealousy in us, so in general, we will be given everything. But when azana Murphy's will do him in religion, prior to entering into Genesis, I will flush out all form of malice, tried antagonism, discord, and bickering for each other. So a person will go into gentlemen lawmakers amongst them, and he would see his brother on a higher level, he will envy him, but he won't be jealous of him, he will not connive against him, he will not plot against him, he will not have any nasty agenda against him. And that's the focus of my talk. What better way to welcome the month of Ramadan, tend to flush out all the negativity or the negative energy in our heart, and creative, forgiving

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approach. They say in English, forgive the next man, he might not deserve your pardon, but you deserve the peace.

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He might not deserve the pattern, but you surely deserve the peace. Now let's reflect over a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, in which he shows, and he sketches before us in a very holistic way, the bond that two Muslims ought to have, regardless of country, ethnicity, location, continent, whatever it is. So remember, if allow me to give us everything that is not going to cause the problem, it's the jealousy within us. That is the problem. So in general, we will enjoy but there will be no jealousy, there will be no malice. And I often say that when jealousy has been taken out of the equation, then even strangers become brothers. And when jealousy grips our heart and

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permeates our heart, then sadly even brothers become strangers.

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So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, and said, analyze this and see how amazing this is. He said, an amino mirror told me, and this is one of the miracles and again, these are the words of the messengers, lolly will send them, he said a believe is a murderer to his brother.

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Now we look at the murderer, we comb our hair murmur on the wall, who's the fairest of us all. And we can say 1000 things. But look at the teachings of Islam. Islam gives us rich examples, from the most simplest of things. Allah gives an example in the Quran of a fly, and Allah speaks of a mosquito. And some people made a remark such a great magnanimous Allah. And he gives such trivial examples. What's the correlation? What's the tie between the two? And also Allah said in Allah, Allah is a very famous alum, Walton family,

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for a melody in my new moon and will have pumila be him melongena cafaro fire coup

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de la mesilla you build up Casio or Yahoo dB, he can see your woman you will be in alpha city. Allah is not shy, Allah is not ashamed to give the parable of a mosquito or something more insignificant. Those who have faith, they marvel at it and they say, My Lord, you've given me a rich example from a mosquito, while those who are deprived and build a raft of value and faith that you say what's so amazing about this What's so great about this year? Allah says the example is one some hearts are guided and other hearts are deviated. May Allah make us amongst those whose hearts are guided, and May Allah protect us from those who have deviated. So listen to this. What did the prophets Allah

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Islam say, as

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a believer is a mirror to a believer. Now the scholars of howdy Eve Jessa Humala,

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they unpack right, they elucidate. They expound

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in the moment Yuri Aha, who are you the Who? la de la une kainuu Ar Rahman nuptse. He commanded Kathy Rahman Abba Lj Sadie, where are you buddy Bethany legume Kino wrote to her

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for your animoca who can mean either j Hilda

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either necesita what you saw with bouquet either way when a bouquet is the first analogy, the first analogy, there are many organs of the body. We cannot spot unless we have the medium of a mirror. If I want to see

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scar on my face. If I want to see my name, if I want to go and extract my tooth, I want to sport certain organs of my body. I cannot possibly do this. Unless I don't have a mirror. When I look at the mirror, I go for a haircut one mirror in front, one at the back. Okay, right It looks good, looks cool. All in order. The province of olalia was said Sallam said you are a murderer to your brother just says I cannot see a lot of my own mistakes. Unless I have a murderer. Likewise a brother to his brother is a murderer, that by virtue of this mutual relationship, we you

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may know Elijah Hilter when you display ignorance your brother then educates you with a cure okay? Even when you becoming heedless, he politely cajoles you and reminds you why you're so we will get either. We will become oblivious. He nudges you from the back and says brother looky looky, excuse, the pun, and excuse the phrase, when a person goes to the washroom, and he relieves himself and he decades, he's never offended by the stench of his own feces. You never heard of a man who's in the bathroom and had to run out why, you know what, I was offended by my the stench of my own feces. But let the next gentleman release flatulence and we need some cross ventilation your brothers. You

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know, you have like I say you have some people are loud and proud and others are silent but violent.

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But you know what I'm saying. Some brothers are loud and proud and others are silent but violent. You are never offended by the stench of your own feces you could definitely get for half an hour.

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But that's human nature. When I do something wrong. It's never offensive. But let the next men release when and it's offensive and it's ugly, and it's inappropriate. So we learned the first thing from the analogy of a mirror From today onwards, never give a mirror. A casual glance, look at it with the deeper I the first thing. The second thing the scholars deduce from the analogy of a mirror.

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In a mirror sadita to FEMA to actus hoomin Hey attic hacker, min Eureka cinetic escuchar la Eureka de

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la ha a mirror is honest, a murder is candid. a murderer says it as it is.

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If you have a beautiful features striking appearance, the mirror is going to reveal that beautiful features. And maybe if you're bald and no offense I'm just giving an example because today people can be sensitive. So I'm not saying that's a demerit or you know what I mean just qualifying myself. So if you have a beautiful appearance, you have light eyes, you have lovely features, you have impressive physique, you have biceps, you have your six pack you're looking cool, you're looking good, you're looking well toned, you're looking well muscled up the mirror is going to reflect the beauty but at the same time, it's going to divulge the fact that this bonus on the head, this

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pigmentation on the cheeks This is a scar on the forelock. The mirror is not going to compromise one because of the other likewise they believe that to his believer is Eureka has an attic where your screw Carly ha when you display good is going to salute you is going to come my brother you amazing my brother you brilliant you phenomenal really you you just do good. But coupled with that in a modest way, he's going to also tell you that listen, as much as you've you've excelled here, as much as you've achieved here. I'm afraid you have fallen short here. That's the second spirit May Allah bless us with those qualities say I mean brothers. The third thing you re comma here mean donita

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wheeling out the fifth in

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a murder never exaggerates or magnifies. If there is a scar on one cheek, the murderer is not going to reflect it on the other cheek, a murderer will narrow it to the location to the size. That's the analogy. And that's the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that a brother to his brother will address the issues, but he will localize it to its contacts, he will not take it beyond. Now our nature is such that when we praise people, we elevate them, and when we have an issue with them or a contentious issue of bone to pick with them, we drop them below the earth. We lack the level of balance and moderation whereas the mirror is accurate and candid. It doesn't exaggerate nor magnify,

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the fourth thing of a mirage in the oil Murata saw meter tune to rica Murphy bed danika Byzantine hacker who can mean you are limca whether whether you're

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a murderer is silent, it is a scream. It doesn't shout, it doesn't yell. You stand in front and then you realize okay my hair needs to be I need to attire. Okay, I need to do this.

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Subhan Allah, that's the spirit of a believer, when he advises someone is gentle, is polite, is discreet is diplomatic. He has he has a mannerism in which he does Imam Shafi said doesn't Madani be nice hi Kevin for the agenda,

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Gemma for in the news happiness. You know one minute Toby fella is Dima. Listen, brother, if you find a fault with me, take me one side and talk to me gently. I will listen to you from the morning to the night. But don't advise me in public because I'm not convinced on the veracity of your motive. I don't know. Do you want to rectify me or chastise me? I don't know if you want to rehabilitate me or expose me. In English. They say criticism must be gentle like the rain, that it can nourish the roots and not a heavy downpour that it destroys the roots. Criticism must be like gentle rain. We need rain for growth to enhance it. But that very same rain if it comes it's raining

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buckets, it's coming in volumes. I'm afraid it destroys the crops. So criticism is essential. But it's got to be objective. It's got to be euphemistic. It's got to be diplomatic. So we see a mirror in the mirror on the saw meter. It doesn't speak to the camera fee but the kneecap is something silent and discreet and it says everything your clothes has been soiled here. They there is there is some mark here there is a blemish on your upper garment. This has been left you know hasn't been ironed. Well whatever it is the murder would reveal it would silence we move on is that Daniel marotti zealot surah took Hakka who called me up Dan who Kata macera Allahu Akbar. When you walk

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away from a murderer, the murderer becomes silent about your identity to the next person.

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You never heard the mercy of good you came at the guy before the other guy was big man. This guy was obese man. This guy was a beast. Thanks for coming. It's so nice to have you yo anyway live it but that guy was crazy. So behind Allah, the murder doesn't whisper anything. The murderer doesn't whisper anything. That's the spirit of a believer. When you walk away, catch a mercy rock he conceals whatever you have, you know, confided with him manaka la la Cana palanka. The Arabic proverb is whoever carries the tales of others to you Don't be so foolish and naive is taking your tails to others. Don't think Oh, you know what? He fills my ears. He updates me gives me a breath.

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No, no, he drops in your ears. And then he takes from you and passes on him and Shafi complains in one poll, that that's no friend who you have a relationship with. And then things go ugly. I mean, I've set in hundreds of cases in marriage cases, where tragically I had to see marriages being dissolved and many with the grace of Allah we've reconciled, but Imam Shafi says that's the sad reality of relationship in a union that at the time where you have to dive out you have to dissolve for whatever reasons why you

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Takada ma who

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run cannibal MC pada, Salah moonalice dunya, either lamea confy house for de cansado Casa de la de mon sefa, that you have a healthy relation for 10 years for 15 years. And then tragically, it has to be dissolved. And at the point of dissolving you like no, there were no good and we only had bad moments and it was rocky from day one and it was turbulent from the inception. And you kind of water every good that had happened. No, that's not a spirit of a believer. When you address him, he takes it in and when you move away get a massive rock that's it. He conceals it. May Allah bless us with these qualities. And then in the mirror Ottoman army as bad as Xena

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Xena Ellerbee have a mirror is one of the most critical objects to conclude, compliment and culminate your beauty the bride and the groom. before they actually meet they both leave with a mirror. Probably nowadays they have a mirror in their pocket as well. It's the last bit you cannot adorn and beautifying yourself until you don't have a murderer. In the same way a believer cannot be beautified and adorned and decorated unless he doesn't have a believer to help him in the system. The order must say there are four things through which you can reform yourself. One is muscle habit. One is more hard. One is Maha Sabha and one is one of the belayer masaba is where you adopt the

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company of the pious and by virtue of proximity to those individuals, it transmits nobility. You look at them, you sit with them, you assimilate with them, Mohammed bin awasi I was the same age of the age. Someone said going to either going to either want to fly back to Florida, Nevada to Allah Mohammed puttanesca to fly back to Serbia.

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that whenever I would feel a spiritual, you know lameness or lethargy, or sluggishness, then there was this man, I would sit up to him and come close to him. And then he would give off this spiritual transmission, which would then stimulate me for weeks on end. So that is one more Sahaba. Then the second is Muhammad. If you study the lives of the pious, they used to pay up to people pay up Maha they make brother would listen, brother, I'm going to be a brother to you, you're going to be a brother to me. So we're going to say it as it is, and you're not going to take offense, I'm not going to take offense. So I'm going to tell you listen, you know what, yesterday, the way you spoke

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to that young boy, no, you were rude. You were all you were abrupt, you are uncultured. And whatever you're going to see in me, you're going to tell me, so I'm not going to get offended, you're not going to get offended. But that's the only way we're going to go forward. Because unfortunately, our inner souls have died a death. So when we do wrong, we don't get distress signals, armor if Nakata was walking and he nudged a person, and it's a move of backup. And then he walked by. And then Homer said, No, man, I'm going, I think you were abusing your authority. You shouldn't have done that. Now, these were people in our other law who had been hired and

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these people were, you know, what, their their souls was strong and sensitive. So whenever they did anything wrong, it would it would it would make them restless and uneasy, and then time moved on an armor located the man and he said, Brother, aren't you so? And so? He said, Yes. I heard you're going for heart. Correct. Come with me home for the keys. And he took out the bag. He said to me at the time, in which there were 600 theorems. He said, you can take this What's that? When we have the hijack use it in your head, while Amanda will have forgotten lot's of luck takahama. Well, and I just want to tell you, I gave you this because if you recall, last year, I nudged you and I hit you

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from the back. And he's like, Omar, I don't even recall. And Omar says I haven't slept a peaceful night for one year.

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I haven't slept a peaceful night for one year, it's been bothering me. So we pay up we pay up to better ourselves, there is a way in which we do it. And the last thing time is so up here and running out. And the last thing that I must say in this regard

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in Alameda de la palabra Illa Allah, Allah subhanaw taala in Baton, Hakka a new army to Allah who before he went on up Bethany Subhana Allah, a murderer can only reflect the external, a murderer cannot microscopically look into your internal likewise the believer will deal with his brother on the external and he will not probe or pry into his internal intentions. The prophets a lot ism said You're a murderer. He didn't say you're an X ray.

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He didn't say you're an X ray to your brother when you open it up. No, no, this guy you know what, even when he greets? I'm telling you there's something sinister you I smell a dead rat. There's something obnoxious here there's something nasty that this guy's got an agenda he's got something up his sleeve? No, no, no. The profitsystem said be a murderer Don't be an X ray. Don't be judgmental. Don't be don't mail lawmaker summons those people. Let me share with you this one incident and then we're going to bring it to a close up. So our housing and Solomonic Abdel Malik soleimani Abdul Malik was the ruler of the time of the house. He was a pious person, he comes to meet him. And then

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about hasim Rahman Abdul Malik asobo has in the camera. Do you have any assets? He said Lee Milan, I have two assets. Okay, what are your assets of the bobby Marco samalla? Well, as I'm a VAD, nurse, I rely on what Allah has given and I don't have passion for the assets of people. He said okay, in fact la hydratech make a request and I will fulfill it. So he said hey, Hart refer to her in a law I've presented my request to Allah for my money for my attorney, shocker to my my nanny Saba, what Allah gave me I'm happy with and what Allah has declined. I've exercise patience. What can my money because it can maneuver to this because it nobody else will eat my food. I wouldn't eat anybody

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else's food. So then he said to him, okay.

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Maharaja, manaphy, you're a man of God, you're a man of piety. How do I navigate? What's the way out of my life and my crisis? Is that very easy, simple. Will you see him in a llama? Okay. So give me the formula. He said, Whoever you've offended, go up to the man and apologize to him. And whoever's worldview of usurp going to return it.

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So so they might even Abdel Malik said, but who has the guts to do that? Who has the courage to do this? So he gave a profound answer. He said, Allah your agenda for now. The one who truly fears * and really once paradise, he will make no bones about it. For him. It's easy to stand up, eat the humble pie, go up to the brother and apologize and clean his heart out because he wants to meet his Allah with a clean out. A man wants to get married to a girl he cross continents. A person wants a job, he'll travel from one place to another, a person want to go for what and what do you do? If you really want paradise, this is the day and this is the challenge. And this is the moment. Remember

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the devil has no problems with our good intentions as long as it's for tomorrow.

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They use oil change afterwards the devil but when you say now that's the time it's going to be an issue. So he says okay, okay, okay pray for me pray for me. So so they might even have the Abraham said, What am I in for Okay, he went to la cama de Lune. Meanwhile in burb for a

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new job, he said, I don't have an issue to pray for you, I'll pray for you now my brother, but the man you've heard, you've oppressed, you've accused, You've insulted, that man is cursing you behind the door, my prayer in your favor and the victim of your oppression is cursing you. My prayer cannot override his curse for backups when a man was the Booker who he cried and there was no end to his cry. I'm saying to you brothers, there are two types of people in the world. They say one is a thermostat and one is the thermometer. a thermometer will just give you the reading. It's hot or cold, but the thermostat will regulate the temperature. It's time we stop being thermometers and

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only given the reading and we become active and start regulating the environment. I asked each one of you brothers and sisters, this is a golden time to start Ramadan by flushing out that melas the prophet SAW some * the hand of Ennis he said in his tatata and to speak what do you see well as a fetal position, the epidemiol Muslim in a file. And as if you can monitor your heart morning and evening and see in your heart you don't hate you don't have rancor, you don't have antagonism for anyone. You've revived one of my great practices. If you've revived it, you love me. If you love me we walk together in Paradise, or sallallahu wasallam Allah and Amina Mohammed Radha

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Allah. Allah alameen Nabina Muhammad Ali he was Hobie huge Mayan calendar bu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Matty Bo Mati Abu Bakr radi Allahu taala Han

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Omar was taco fire and Osman Akbar who many of eltima to say that

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well, has anyone heard Say, say either shabby ninja Hamza to acido law he was a total Sunni rizwana Allahu taala Allah.

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Allah Finland only one in a Latina Saba una will even

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rubina's in LA Lila Deena Rama and Ravana in Nakuru for Rahim Allah article cabana taba in Omaha Tina Mena neuron Allahumma barik Luna officia Ramadan, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Mata Heroku bannermen in Africa melon amenorrhea was in the terminal case.

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Gina was Maria Tina,

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Tina, Mama, Allahu Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah Jana Bharatiya Islam in Tibet and Hasina lahoma Amina Fiona was in Medina. Marina Allah subhanho wa

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Taala tuna, man How you doing? Yeah,

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I mean overall Hollywood no sleep arriba De La Hoya como la in La Jolla movie La

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la la quinta Kuru Kuru la la de la de Maya con yesterday welcome. Well as the crow law he

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about one law

Friday Khutbah | May 19th, 2017 | Sh. Sulaiman Moola | A believer is a mirror to his brother | Islamic Institute of Toronto

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