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The speaker discusses the completion of Surah BaqGeneration and the end of the Facebook Live. They acknowledge that everyone has had a long time to live and encourage everyone to stay true to themselves. The speaker also mentions the completion of the Facebook Live and the end of the Facebook Live.

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If you're set let's wrap this one up. law you can leave for law top of the page friends this is what we do. Lie you can leave EU law who Neff son in law whose AHA top of the iron law you can live with Allahu nefs and in love whose AHA la ha Marchesa but why Allah you hammock dasa But Rob BANA Allah to Allah even

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one time for the road. La you can live with Allahu nevsun Illa was AHA Lucha Mk s but y la hammock dasa But

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Robin ow ALLAH Ta Mi La La Nina use one gamma hameau who Island Levina mume cubberly Nina Rob BANA Lala to him.

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Law God Allah Anna OB la Florin Whoa, Lana Warham

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Dima Allah Anna fellows lon now call me caffine II didn't

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Southern California The Great job everyone, you know what the next step is? It is the three by three workout post, right to retain. I'm going to Cather myself. It's an amazing opportunity to be here. Even if you're doing this as a recording, I know that it feels about the same. It's been a journey. It's been sometimes you couldn't sometimes you could. And now we've completed the right to retain system is what's left over. And that can't be contained in a video. That's what you're doing. You're finding me on Facebook, you're finding me in a place. We're doing this together. And for everyone who's been along for the entire journey recorded to those of you who have come to us live to our

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Facebookers I think we're all meeting together right now guys. We have we have completed 49 pages. And that completes all of Surah Baqarah I make a promise for you guys that you'll have the dirtiest Jers you'll have all of Surah Baqarah Surah Rahman Surah Mulk are things that you all have been asking for. We'll make sure to have that but no by November, this is going to be out to you guys. So know that the whole system will be out memorize the system is complete. And once you want well if you're watching this video, then you are on your way to continuing the journey with destination paradise. Let's see what kind of things we do on a daily basis. I'll see you all as we continue our

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journey was salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah and thank you for this opportunity and this privilege. I make dua for brother below his family, his children to come and make dua for all of you who came and joined us on Facebook make dua for my wife, make dua for my family. I make dua for my wife for my kids who are all getting to hear this a little bit later, but salaams upon them all, upon the completion of Surah Baqarah was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah I definitely love my kids and my spouse tremendously for helping me get this far. A tremendous sense of love for brother beloved, for all the dedication to come out here and to do all this stuff that he did for so long. It sounds like I

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did a lot guys. I didn't set up at all he trucked things upstairs, three flights down three flights in a studio that the ceiling was too low. He cut wood that he got splinters. I don't know what he did to his arm last time dumping he did. But we're thankful and so that sense of love should be able to share out to all of us was Salam aleykum Rahmatullah.

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All right, congratulation then.

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Now the editing is there, but I am going to make Ahmed take a little pause.

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barkcloth FICO everyone great job for everyone who joined us who is with us. Yes. Oh yes wait a minute

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the three clap to signify the end of the feed

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Yes, I'm Hamid is our guy Alhamdulillah awesome. People are catching on tour. He's in Saudi Arabia right now. So he's he's, he's definitely knows what's going on. Because you guys are around. I'm going to conclude here sadaqa jariya overload. So the kajaria overload. Absolutely friends and I'll share my little thing a few years ago in the Quran Weekly Surah Fatiha, I said, You all would be able to live forever. And then bunch of people get like freaked out on me online.

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I will continue to say So friends, there isn't a part of me now live forever that Surah Baqarah component lives forever friends. If I lived from the day to day anxieties of whether I'm good or I prayed further on time one day or made a mistake, I'd be I'd be paranoid and I'd never be able to reach this spot. But if you want to be able to live forever now the question is where will you live forever Jahannam will last for a long time and have been for a long, long, long, long, long time. You choose where you're going to live forever How can you do that? Find something greater than yourself. serve mankind forever give service to mankind and you yourself your soul will continue to

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live. I'm going to close out this Facebook Live how many minutes? I don't know how many minutes that was maybe two hours just cycle okay and everyone. I hope the vloggers enjoyed the entire process knew that we could start something impossible completed and now set the destination even further. What Salam wa ACHEMA de la Facebook. Thank you everyone. Have an awesome afternoon closing up