The Perfect Day 10

Wisam Sharieff


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And when I say what's the field to the day? You have to then design? Could it be the incense that you're, you're you're putting on your body, but what about the feeling you're carrying? Are you carrying today I'm going to carry a feeling of forgiveness. On my perfect day I would be full of compassion. So if there's a bit

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of you got to just make a schedule and say, These are the things I would love to happen. And then you're going to reshift them. I'm going to read you an example of my 2019 Perfect Day. I want to have a new mindset by breaking the habit of being me. It's a new book. I would like to read a jersey day, write a page a day, do some Fidra RX video work, I want to do air helmets a healing clinic. I want to communicate with different people daily do my personal Hibbs AQL work, the rise posting, read some books. I'm also doing a personal course with the Wim Hof breathing. That's a good day.