The Arrival – Hajj 2018 Vlog Day 1

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Do modern gel one Moronta need

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a Salam aleikum? Wa Rahmatullah everyone Peace be upon you around you and make peace emanate in all that you're doing. I am starting today my journey to Hutch. So it's like four o'clock wake up to get to the airport for departure to LAX. I'm going to catch up with you on that side. Little bit groggy now, but I'll talk to you guys soon.

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I never get jet bridge footage. Here we go.

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At this point in the trip, I'm about six or seven hours into the flight. And I'm trying to convey that the stale air and being in one sitting position really takes a toll on you you start to unravel in your mind you get a little tired. So as a result, you do your best to stay focused and get yourself prepared for the journey but don't try to keep composure for 14 hours. You got to let yourself go fall asleep and then just bring yourself back to state when you land

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as far as like the law that's 14 hours post flight we're just walking through business class and landed here starting with Where's Mohammed? So Mohammed on the other side we're about to meet up with our group let Hutch begin jet bridge in Medina

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double time

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it was okay air is really dry so I can't really voice comes out a lot but a lot of Muslim Muslim either and maybe not a lot of us certainly Milan to be you know Hamid among Muslim you are certainly Marla and every YouTuber.

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Madina Munawwara as airport is redone really nice if you look on the sides and now we go through immigration and meet the rest of our group members.

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All right, so I just made a video on in the on the immigration side and it was says saying it could take like up to two hours you could take a while to be here. And then a security guard came customed to or immigration officer came and said You come here. So this is after getting my phone back from they were really cool. They went through my pictures. They saw some of the vlog they were like you take good pictures because I was talking about Medina and stuff. But now we're out on the other side. They gave me my phone back it took like 10 minutes they were super nice. Then I said I will not take any pictures of other because no no, no, take pictures just show us. So I'm delighted made

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it through our first adventure got all of our bags, we're here with our group. So we you have to basically sift if you land in Madina Munawwara you have to sift through a big pile of bags. That's Mohammed money over there. A big pile of bags, and you'll find your so notice there's a whole bunch of carts right over here, right carts, carts, card card cards, can't use them. They're not for the hajis who can use them because there's 4 million people coming to the house party, they gotta be rules. So you got to be able to work a lot of people are starting to argue, just move on and find the cards that are allowed for you find the things you're allowed to do. So I'm going to keep my

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phone with me and we're on the other side out of immigration. Madina Munawwara next up my Zina buoy.

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All right, guys. How many hours is it? It's how many hours since we landed a

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few hours, three altogether? Maybe three hours altogether. It is Maghrib time here is wonderful to hear other than to hear I shut the one no Mohammad Rasool Allah in the city of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Our bus is going to be here momentarily. We're feeling a little bit of the travel. But here is our group. This is d3. d3 and I are headed to zum zum pull towers. I have never been there before. So I'll be I'll show you the hotel in a moment.

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Oh, we got on the bus. I will say a little tired. But these guys rocked it. My shout out to Baraka go Delta, Team Delta. We did wonderful. We're on the bus. We're headed into Madina Munawwara a closing point for tonight, Medina forever. Because when we get to hearing the Athan in Makkah, we hear the Adan and we see a shadow one number from others who lie you still believe in it.

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But I'll close this out closer to the hotel.

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So the lights are back on. When you hear the Athan in Madina, Munawwara you are testifying to some person who lived here. And as you know the prophets bodies don't decompose. The God doesn't allow it to happen. So all that is the physical and the physical body of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in the city. So when you enter the city and say Allah muslin, the Allah Muhammad, gotta consider the factories, a shadow animal. How

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muda Rasul Allah in Iran you're not believing in something abstract. You're believing in some one who lived here. Kind of think of it as being inside Wakanda Medina forever.

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So we came into the city lots of traffic but 100 a lot in here. Wanted to squeeze it in. We are here getting settled with our group 15 minutes, two ish hours, so I'm gonna go catch what we can. We're gonna check in to you guys soon. Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad, Allah muslim, Jana, anyone

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alomost masala Salim ala Nabina Wahhabi when Mohamed

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Salah Allahu alayhi wa sallam alogue masala Salim ala Nabina Muhammad, Allah ma salimos Alamanda been

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a lot of muslin he was certainly Mallanna been

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welcome to the City of the Prophet

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sallallahu Taala All right, I'm headed down to dinner gonna grab something to eat. And we're all headed into the masala

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mozzie nubbly not the masala nothing has to make sense, because we're here. And that's all we really needed to do. We're heading down a set out Juan de la for the evening. We will check in with you guys one more time.

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I said I'm on a conference. So it took a little while to get out of the hotel but showered and changed and eaten. Prayed some no autofill voluntary prayers in the hotel room. And now I left the hotel. And I'm headed here. So I figured you all would be with me. Have a few minutes left for today but it is 20 from 4:30am on Saturday, whatever day it is today. It's before 4:30am I think it's two days later, but you just get tired you stop caring. So I'm here. I'd like to come get Salawat together I don't want to get the phone too intrusive to anyone else. So I'll see if I can get you along with me to make salawat See you on the inside

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Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad here on the Haram floor, you can definitely tell I get the feeling of the communists. But when you are trying not to get run over by anybody a lot more slowly was salam ala Nabina. Muhammad, you get a second to stop here. And that's the green dome. And the point that I was making earlier. So when we say we testify that Muhammad is a prophet of Allah subhanaw taala. That's something you believe in maybe from a distance. But when you're here, you recognize the ants and the worms of the Earth do not allow the bodies to decompose of MBL profits bodies don't decompose. So what you believe in is

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And it's an amazing thing because you can't share that with the rest of world because they can't come here until they believe so it's kind of interesting, right? It's it's that what kind of concept

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are we utilizing the technologies within our

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our world? Are we using Salawat? Are we using the technology of dua stress relief of mindfulness, IndyCar and NASCAR while we're here at this place? So that's the question that I'm turning over to you all on day number one as Hutch starts, are we utilizing the technologies in this exclusive club? We love seeing what a Muslim is and what a non believer is, we love seeing non believers but we hate taking responsibility over any of the concepts or any of the technologies available to us in our belief system. Try to make the connect the dots, I'll see you on the inside.

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along slowly was Salim ala Nabina Muhammad

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Ali Muslim Allah and me you know, a lot Maslany was Muslim ala Nabina Muhammad, Allah muslim, he was salam ala Nabina.

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A lot Muslim he was sitting behind me

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from Dallas airport to Madina Munawwara with you guys many times one before on Instagram and many times in my vlogs but today, consider it a beginning. We're going to vlog together, we're going to grow together, we're going to ache together, we're going to smile together, but remember not to give up whatever hope that you have. I think this has been amazing for me. I'll see you all soon. Peace be upon us all. Day one comes to a close subscribe to stay along to the journey.