Reda Bedeir – Fiqh Of Salah, Latecomers To The Masjid

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a video of a man who joined a salon and made a mistake. The man had a record of his performance, but the record did not count the time he joined the salon. The speaker advises people to be patient and not do the mistake again.
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If somebody comes late

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if somebody comes late and the man spray, okay, what should they do? I heard the brother saying law

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and that reminds me of back home when I was young. You know, the Imam was praying and a brother came late and he wanted to give the Imam a hint that he's coming and he should wait for him.

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So guess what? His brother was very kind because all what he said he gave me a threatening Allahu Akbar I'm here Wait, don't go for a call. Okay, that was the message. The other brother Mashallah with very explicit. He said, Yeah, she had the resin in a llama Sabri

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like he called the shape by name. And he told him a lot is indeed with those who are patient, meaning Be patient don't go to Taco until I joined the salon shala.

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And this is authentic polytunnel Bukhari and the the Sahabi, the Sahaba His name is Abby Baqarah, not aboubaker Abby bhakra he came late. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam already went from Al Fatiha and a surah he went to record the Sahaba game and he was so keen not to mistake.

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The first one right. So what did he do? He was at the very back of the message and was already on record.

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So what he did is he joined the slot at the back of the machine.

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And he made record and he came crawling, you know to join the prophets of Salaam So the President could hear his footsteps.

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So after the finish the Salah, he said, Who did that?

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And imagine now like if you are a Booker, how would you feel like

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are there cameras and dismissal?

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So it said the Prophet of Allah,

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Allah Allah.

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So the prophets of Salaam said to him there they can la Harrison while at out May Allah Subhana Allah increase you because he was very keen

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to join the salon not to mess around. So I said May Allah increase you in your keenness not to mistake that, but don't do this again.

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Okay, so that was a mistake. But the Muslim didn't say, No, redo your Salah, or your car doesn't count. And this is Panama, the scholars of the scholars took that Hadith as an evidence that some people say one of the opinions that you have to be the Fatiha in Africa otherwise your slides invalid right. And they called the Hadith which authentic la salata, Lima, Lima Prado, Makita, meaning your your record does not count. If you don't read. In fact, the heart of this hadith

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shows us the professor didn't say the record didn't count go and redo it. No, he said.

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It means if you come and join the Roku, then you called the Weka because it's called Orca. And

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so if you catch the record, then you catch the record is that clear? But you have to catch the record, while the MMS to the record, you know, because some people Mashallah they come and the amount already is done with the Roku and he comes up and was like, you know,

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what do you do? Like, I just don't want to catch the train brother. I don't want to miss that record. No, you know, that should still be on record. And at least you go home first. Allahu Akbar. Did he move from farm to record then Allahu Akbar. And then at least you say Suppan or bill alim one time, then.

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Is that clear? Another mistake that people do is that when they come and the amount, let's say isn't record, you know what they do? They just come right away. And they go like this. Allahu Akbar, and they go into the know, first you should go into the salon first. So Allahu Akbar, that's the law. Then you move to the core, then Allahu Akbar, and then you go to Rocco, is that clear?

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Did I confuse you or make it clear? hamdulillah Okay, the second thing that I want to talk about, oh, let me just finish the holiday because it's a very beautiful holiday.

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To masala because that brother of course when he came and joined the record, he was rushing right. He said,

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to have some time soon, well as to how until the zone when you come to salon, don't be running.

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walking slowly for inadvertent equals Sakina because once you make will do and you intend to confer Salah you are in Salah, you're preparing yourself to stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala. Right? Would you ever go to meet your boss or like somebody who's a VIP in this dunya and he runs to the office, and then he goes, Hey,

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how are you? I'm just coming to meet you. You didn't do this with a human being and there is no way to compare a loss of panatela to one of his creation. So he says when you come to Salah tranquillity descends upon you, so you should be walking slowly, not running, because you're gonna stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. What?

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Whatever you catch,

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you catch, look, for example, you catch the moment the second, that's fine.

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Whatever you have missed, for achievement, you make it up. So for example, you joined the mothership in the second record, no problem. So you missed one after the one finishes, then you continue inshallah your third follow up question would be with my third Lockerbie my first or second question.

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Okay, if I come and the Imam is in any situation in the salon, if he's in the third worker, if he's in the shadow, all you need to do come and join him right away. You come and join him right away. Once you join him, whatever you catch, even if you didn't catch in the locker, he joined the gym and then after that you make up the whole lockers if you just came into the shop, if you come after them, okay.

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