Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah 9 of 10

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Welcome back friends, today's of hudge, we're in our ninth day. Today, I feel like I need to prep you, we're going to take a moment to reflect on us. If we were at hudge, there's a lot of downtime friend, a lot, and most western folks are looking for. So when does the lecture start? Excuse me. And so there's a moment where people are told lecture, where we're going to lecture you about be a good Muslim go to hudge does a lot of sit down time.

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And so when you sit down, what's the first thing we probably already in your hand, we reach for our idol, our guider, our electronic God, and it suits us it pacifies us, it gives us novel information makes us feel like a big boy and a big girl because we learn new things. It allows us to pass judgment, it protects us from all the bullies on the internet and allows us to be anonymous.

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A day of personal reflection on the toxins that flow around us. And this is where being able to accept

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not that I'm always perfect, but I'm in it. The toxins that flow around us, the social media that affects our happiness, and creates states of depression. The consistent WhatsApp notifications, as soon as you're about to depart from the reality, the fragmented reality that we're in right now, the fleeting world, the tick tock of the clock, irony of the name tick tock in null in Santa Fe, hoarser. I swear by time, indeed, man is at a loss. If, if anyone needed to prove that man was at the greatest loss, with time, tick tock would prove that to you.

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So a day of personal reflection, social media. And if our time wasn't so valuable, why would people be vying for 15 seconds of our time?

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Your attention

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is the most powerful thing you have. And where attention goes. Energy flows. Quoted many times I believe Tony Robbins said that one.

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But without losing the point, would you in the days of Hodge ground yourself, and think about even the people doing hudge need this physical $1,000 device, you to go through the procedures of HUD so the world reality is not going to help prove

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how not real it is.

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You have to re mind. Remember, you met Allah, Allah asked you if you were if he was your God, and we all said all you Bella, we said yeah, of course Allah, Who else could be God.

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So today, in the irony of the device, and the videos that are like leading you to Allah, the device, and the video is saying, post hudge

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a lot could happen in this moment. Not what's going to happen and wow, how much you did consume and binge can you take the day nine of Hodge? Oh Allah, my good deed is reflecting upon how much I am surrounded Neo in the Matrix, how deeply I'm plugged in. And I'm at this point Allah, I'm turning into a fish in water. Because many of us might not have any idea what I'm talking about. That's okay. The water is all around you.

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So day number nine. Oh Allah.

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Oh, creator.

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Oh Allah, I'm asking you

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to give me the opportunity

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to see through the Wi Fi

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to see through the signal that I can't even see, but to see beyond constantly being connected to my device and its World Wide Web makes it really difficult to connect with you.

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Not saying that I have a solution only wants you to be able to wake up.

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Day number nine. Let's continue. The days of Hutch was set on White Eagle Warahmatullah