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Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee titled Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

2017-06-03 – Night 9

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When the lemon surely and the fusina was say, Dr. Molina

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Mia De La Hoya por la Maddalena Amaya Lil hufa. Deanna shadow Allah in LA in LA wahoo la sharika y shadow, Mohammed Abdullah who rasuluh oc Kuma Yahya olan beta con la casa Mata Poon salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah gain to a lot of Allah mean

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the provider for all of us, the creator of all things, the sender of all prophets and the revealer of all truth,

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brothers and sisters hamdulillah they have been performing our clan, we have been performing our cm me are like separate I mean.

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Now let us look back to the Hadees about the pm and the cm or the cm and the PM.

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When you look at this, he bada bada Ramadan,

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Allah always begin with the man and the Prophet also emphasize about a man and the Quran Allah says Allah Xena Amano

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are you who believe quotevalet Kumasi and

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then Allah remind the believer that I am going to make Ramadan siyam in the daytime as an obligation to all of us

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that had Hadith of the Prophet Salaam Salaam. Also start with a man man Samarra, Madonna he man man camara, Madonna, he man, everything to do with cm and pm always the Prophet start with a man

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to show us the important to make sure that Do you have the right Eman before you

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do all this ritual. If you do all this ibadah ritual without a man then it is just some kind of exercise some kind of diet program.

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It must be guided by a man. Now let us try our best to look into

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the opposite of a man.

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The man the opposite of a man is Cofer.

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He might also have something to do with tau hate

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to leave and the opposite of tau hate is sharing.

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Today I would like to share with all the good sisters and a brother about the danger of

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committing an act of shearing that will destroy all our

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one a destroyed the man destroy all our bits. Your pass have no value. Your premium have no value, your sadaqa have no value, everything you do have no more value in the sight of Allah. When you commit sherek

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look at what Allah said about sharing plus,

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in Surah

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five, Allah remain as in Nauvoo, my beloved pocket Hara ma ma la Hill Jin wah wah wah wah ma de zali mina min unsolved.

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allottee mine is in sort of five is 72.

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And in any one of you who commit Sherry, any one of us who commit Sherry pocket harmala alagille Jana, Allah make it very clear that Jana is forbidden for you.

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When you come and share it, don't think of Jana anymore.

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There is no future for you.

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Well, my ohana when there's no agenda, then Allah is informing us that you will go to hell.

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When there's no agenda, you're going to go to him because in our era there's only two place two places Jana

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one Molly's zali mean I mean unsought. remember Allah is telling us those who commit Cherie, they have committed zoom.

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They have committed zone to themselves and those who commit zone will not get any help in

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The adjustment

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and then Allah continue in Surah six was at 810 ash Raku la habito. Anoma kanayama. De

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if they had joined in worship other with Allah, meaning if any one of us commits Shiri

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we have a lot of will Allah mean then Allah has it all that they used to do would have been no benefit to them. Everything the good deeds you have done will be erased and wipe up. Allah wipe up everything. Allah wouldn't value anymore.

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In this world people will value your good deeds, because you are good guy, you're good lady. You have been a very pious person to us, but to Allah I erased I what I wipe out all your goodness, that Allah said the habito and Homer kanayama

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in the Hadith the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said, Man lucky Allah you should be he Shay and dakhla narrow Muslim.

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Whoever makes a lot in a day of judgment committing Shiri

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with Allah will show to enter hellfire.

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We are going to die when they we do not want to die committing sherek in Hades kotze from Muslim to the prophets of Assam said Akina Shura, Anisha

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Mann amela, Armand ash Raka, Maja fee he returned to who was

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the profit again reminds us one of the saying of Allah, Allah, Allah mean Hadees lotze.

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I, Allah have no need of partners.

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I don't need any partners. Whoever does any good deed in which his or her intention

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is to associate partners with me. That means they are not doing purely for Allah, we have a hidden agenda.

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Allah said, I reject Him and His sharing.

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reject Him. If you do any good deeds to please somebody other than Allah in a do just one, don't expect Allah to give you any reward. He will command you to go to that person and let that person reward. This is what in the highest Percy Allah is reminding us about the danger of sharing.

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In the Quran, in the last ayah Surah coffee Allah also remind us,

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Allah said

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after Allah revealed this ayah to the prophets Allah Allah nama unabashedly Miss lukumi you ha la a nama Allahu Camila Hawaii

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woman Yara juliaca Arab be by young man amalan sada wala you Shrek be bad Akira be.

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O Muhammad tell the people that you are just a human like any other human being. Meaning you eat your dream you have family, you sleep, you fall sick and so on. You will die as all the other prophets also have passed away you will also paste death

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then Allah, Allah Allah mean remind Muhammad to tell us even he is just a human being like us. But he received revelation that is what made him and as

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he received the wash you

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and we don't receive

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and then whoever have the intention to meet Allah in the day of jasmine polyak mala Milan Sania Allah say you must engage yourself, be active in doing a righteous deed. While I you should be bothered to be while you are doing good deeds and a bad act of worship don't commit Cherie. Now this ayah is making it very clear that while you are worshiping Allah, you can still commit sherek How can we commit Sherry when we are worshipping Allah, we just worship Allah just now it rocket and tree rocket we did. And before that Isha farrakhan and after Isha Torah we are worshipping Allah.

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And we are committing Cherie brother and sister. No, but Allah said, do not commit Sherry, when you worship me. What do Allah means by Sheree? We are not worshipping idols, images. We are worshipping Allah. There's nothing in front of us except the mom and is playing no idols. No

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Picture no image. Clearly we worship Allah face the Qibla. But why did Allah say voila you should be by the terribie.

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Meaning Allah is telling when you are worshiping me even you're worshiping Allah, your fans, that Tabler, you follow all the American or the wealthy by insula, do not have a hidden agenda, that your intention This is should be near, your intention is not follow.

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Now, who knows our intention is for Allah Allah Who knows?

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Only Allah in you.

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Other than that, no one no, you can see I have a lot, a lot A lot you can say that.

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You can say that. But

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in the Day of Judgment, allow her deal with us individually, he knows he know your intention.

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So you can even commit Shiri while you are doing an act of ibadah when you are giving sadaqa you can even commit Sherry worldlings giving sadaqa Why? Because you are showing off

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not purely for Allah. This way the prophecy, a person who will be blessed by Allah in a day of judgment will be under the shade of Allah. Yeah, is the person who give what give what he gave from the right hand. The left hand knows not No, no.

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It's a very powerful reminder from Allah

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and what may cost us commit Sherry again.

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Another thing from raha Ahmed for the prophecy, man holla padre de la vaca Shahrukh

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whoever swear by anyone other than a last name has committed Cherie you want to swear With the name of Allah? Yes, you don't permit Sherry

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I ascribed the name of my father you commit sherek

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as the name of my mother You call me and

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I swear the name of the court you come in and under share it with the court

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you cannot swear other than With the name of Allah

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I swear With the name of Allah, that is not *ting while you use other words you come in

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from day one, when the group of Muslim brothers and sister walked in, in Ramadan to our center

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because they know that insha Allah whatever we have collected, we are going to contribute and give it to them.

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Now more than 80 plus 90 people have visited us

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man I always check one thing

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how to direct cut their name to interview them I let my wife and also other people to do but I only check one important thing. I will come with a scissors

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because so happen a lot of these children, the parent

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Yeah, put an azima

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tan meme in the amulet talismans, the Malaysian tongue chi monkeuy

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not bunkai Pankaj monkeuy

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the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said man Allah Cotta me mutton pocket Ashura

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whoever ties any amulet any string where there is around the waist, neck, or devries the children they always have black strings.

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Lately, most of them change no more string and hamdulillah they put some kind of ornaments in but before always have black,

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yellow around the neck. So my duty with other people is interviewing them recording there and going to contribute whatever money that we are going to give it to them. I will come with scissors.

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Okay and Bismillah Allahu Akbar puja hosaka bottle in a bottle of Canada. I will cut off so I will collect them.

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I said What is this? This children is so innocent. The children is so clean in the sight of Allah. They are so pure. Why do you commit Cherie?

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Yeah, because of these children. They do not commit sin. The children don't know what they are wearing actually.

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But these so called mother

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especially because the one who brought the children is the mother. Normally the one who come the children is the mother the Father. Just come

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by themselves.

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Friday is always like a bachelor.

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And some of them they lie to us. This is something we hate most. They lie their husband and wife does it. No, no, no, not husband and wife.

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And then after some interview, we found that there has been a way

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we don't like that.

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How can you and your husband while you sit your husband away?

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This is very bad. Because they want everyone want to have some.

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Some eggs. They want to have their shares so they try to lie. I said, Don't do that to us. They know when you lie to us, we put a mcnairy next time we cut off your name totally.

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Because we don't like people to lie. Why do you come all the way to lie to us?

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You come in that scene you better don't come you don't lie to us.

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So my duty is to free the children from sharing from wearing all these Emily's talisman.

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And look at what Allah said again about sharing Allahu Akbar, in namaha euro I use Raka B. We are furu, Medina de Cali miasha. In surah, Nisa, the surah for was us for the

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very Allah does not forgive a law make it clear, I will not forgive

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anyone that commits share it with me.

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Meaning whoever commits share it with Allah, Allah not forgive them, if they die with Sherry palace, you know where they are going to.

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But if you commit sherek Now before you die, you repent to Allah.

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You have been worshipping so many other things before you die, your repent to Allah Alhamdulillah but we do not know when we are going to die.

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So Allah said, but he ALLAH forgive whatever scene

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that you have committed, other than sherek to him ever he wishes.

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You remember the story of people who kill 99% Allah forgive.

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Remember a lady whose profession is a prostitute ALLAH forgive her because she did not commit Sherry

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Well, when you commit Sherry, even you are so good. You have been so kind but you commit Cherie and you die committing Sherry, Sherry, Allah will not forgive.

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So don't underestimate

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the danger of cherry cherry is not something that you can play with. And this is more meta is big.

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Isn't it serious matter.

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There is the only way to save your Eman is to free yourself from shirak

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so we hope all the brother and sister who have been with us praying worshiping Allah, if any one of you still have some talisman here and there I do not know the one your tie around your stomach only you know. Go home you're going Bismillah you cut it off.

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And anybody who has something hidden in their purse in their wallet that I also don't know. somebody gives you idea keep this with you. And you when you keep this thing with you when you travel you'll be protected you are protected by what

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you are protected by Allah are protected by the small string on the small thing that you keep inside your bag.

00:18:50--> 00:18:52

You want to wear enduring wear.

00:18:53--> 00:18:58

But you start to believe this ring. Give me some protection. This j

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is not just an ordinary J

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Yeah, then you better take out the jet you don't know what to do. You don't know what what to keep it at the throat you pass it to me. Yeah, I know what to do with the jet engine.

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Please don't forget the danger of shirak but then sister. Yeah, don't do any kind of sharing. Don't get involved with sharing it people come to you and sell you one kind of of muck also honestly, you know this is a cruisee No, this cup is full of ayato cracy. The whole idea to proceed is inside here.

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If you want you buy this is very cheap. And it's made of silver. You put some water you always drink the water from this. And maybe this map or this

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vessel, don't buy

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because you are believing in what they say

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If I had to cracy is for you to drink then you better drink other iron put all the Hawker and drink

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is for you to resign but now people are doing business is like people are selling all the normal water and they say some some water

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can you imagine people lying cheating

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all the way from Makkah

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we were here Mashallah. zum zum zum zum zum they Oh it is I'm done

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there is my thumbs up there's not from Makkah, only so happened the package come from Makkah.

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For those who have written back from the ombre Mian accept your ombre brothers and sisters, May Allah forgive all our sin, Meola strengthen in mind gives us extra patient and once again I like to remind myself and all the good presences that please please, sometime Allah expose this to me, maybe my is allergic with a soft You know, when people do not stand connected, I still see some time. The people when they stand up their shoulder is connected, the lake is not connected, they did not touch the lake. So please help yourself. If you are aware, you got to remind the one next to you. You got to help them sometimes shaitan play before but the Prophet said ramadan

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ramadan, the shaitaan is being chained. He is in prison Susheela che Athena prophesy shaitan is being chained lockup palace.

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How can they be shaitan know the real site and of course is not out. But we are representing the character of shaitan what the shaitan like us to do, we are pulling them there is what happened in the month of Ramadan. Like I have stayed to a lot of sisters and brother.

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We were colonized before we colonize before in this country. Yes, who colonisers?

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The bee

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now he is no more here. We have gained independence for 50 years.

00:22:20--> 00:22:23

But who is presenting the rule here?

00:22:24--> 00:22:29

Who is upholding the rules? Until today who are they?

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The be?

00:22:32--> 00:22:42

No. We we are representing them? Is that right? shaitan shaitan is in jail but who is represented representing traitor? Who

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unless he was with Sophie's to do in US me now Jean, not the one

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the one who disturb us

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disturb our heart.

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It can come from the gym and it can come from the member of the genes. Who are they? The ins human being like you and me. So we are not going to let shaitan controllers. We are going to make sure that Ramadan is a wall between me and Satan. Especially in the south don't take it lightly minakami de Waal carnita

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Allah said if you are among the people who are consistent with your knowledge, with all the things that you're learning, you're consistently act upon it. Male or female, at the end of the day, allow it forgive all our sin, and he will reward all of us with a great and huge reward. May Allah accept audit and reward all of us kindly for what we are trying to do. Insha Allah, Allah Allah Subhana Allah Houma wabi hum deca Chateau La Ilaha Illa and do we recite this together? Please, recite together so behind Naka la Houma.

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What we have in deca, a Chateau La ilaha illa Anta

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stenography, Rocha wa to boil a surah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Peter Fletcher.