Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #25 – Allah despises the arrogant

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Well I will

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feed me the hall fee. That was early

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on do more ala you came home in a mobile setting in

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Aruba in line him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Amir Rama de jure and hola como la isla 100 liters goofy humor Lita better huning Fatwallet. While I look on cash guru, Sadat, Allah will love him. Yes, we concluded on the note that the more a person fears Allah subhanho wa Taala the safer he is from the punishment and the chastisement of Allah. And the more a person claims or assumes that he is safe, he is protected. He's insulated, the more vulnerable he is. I mean, no MACRA ALLAH, do these people feel safe against the plan and the plot of Allah fillet Amano MCRA Allah Hillel poem will ha see rule. Surely that is the case of the losers. Hakimullah Omar Rahim

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Allah in biannual Quran writes while you're the Holo fee, money router, Robbie Kony he's Safi Vanessa, wala Mia half istilah Baja. And included in this warning is a person who enjoys a particular station of spirituality. For so many years he has not missed a prayer or for X amount of years he has recited so much Quran daily or he has observed so many optional fasts and he feels that this is with me, I will do it till the day I die. lamea half is tilava A Saliba. He doesn't feel that Allah can strike at any time for a younger a younger and men who fulfill me and hopeful don't dare think you are anchored. Don't dare think you are in control. fulfill me, the more you think I'm

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absolute, I'm in control. I can do what I want. It's my willpower exclusively. It's my intention independently, fulfill me hopeful you are increasing your vulnerability will feel healthy, I am new and the more you will feel Allah can deprive me Allah can seize. This can change my health can deteriorate. Certain, you know other conditions can become an impediment in my way, the more you fear, the safer you are Allahumma Latin Xiaomin now Salia Hama RP tena, we ask Allah not to seize the bounties and the privileges that he has conferred upon us. So verse 7172, respectively, Allah subhanaw taala throws out a challenge that if I were to extend the night and the day, unending, and

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as much as we need both the night and the day, we surely need it in moderation. Too much of a night becomes a challenge too long a day becomes a challenge. So first 73 What I just recited before you were Mila mighty Jarrah hola como Leila one na hora Lita Sanofi he will interpreter who? And it is the Mercy of Allah the sheer Mercy of Allah Jarell hola como Laila went nah ha. He has endowed you with the night and the day in academic language we live refer to this as left Nasha Murata. You know the night referring the comfort referring to the night and seeking wealth referring to the date so he has blessed you with the knight prom in Ramat Ijarah likoma Leila It is His mercy is blessed you

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with the knight one Mahara and the day let us go no fee so that you could relax yourself in it that's referring to the night will interpret a woman family and then you can search for his sustenance in it meaning the date. So that is precisely what we refer to as love national love meaning rolling national meaning unpacking Murata meaning sequence.

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Well accomplished guru and so that you could be grateful so that you could be grateful. I mean, I d de manera mukaan Bill Layli wanna hurry Wahba de la Oh comin fabric and Surah to room. Allah subhanho wa Taala says and it is among these bounties upon you. And in that Allah highlights Amin IoT and hello Pamela Coleman and physical as well as Lita schooner. Elena was your alibi in a coma with Dayton Rama amongst His Signs is that he has blessed you with a spouse through which you can get comfort

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for you hit Allah Allah, Allah gonial may learn il as word min min Anahita Allah li Vickery Fie, Maha lil MT anon. Look at the amazing estate law that Allah says it is my bounty upon you, I've blessed you with a spouse. So the inclination of a man to a woman and the inclination

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Have a female to a male principally is a bounty from Allah because Allah magnifies this as his bounty, of course that needs to be put into context through the sacred institution of marriage.

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And there's no there's no disparity between Wilayat the station of piety and between the desire of marriage because this is a NEMA and a bounty from Allah. And then Allah highlights many other bounties. Amin IR Te Mana McCombie Layli. When you're sleeping by night and your day, obey the law or command fatherland. Remember the Arabs used to sleep by day one known been a hot mechanic de la hora Butera who never met doesn't mention in the ASHA of Gela lane, so the Arabs used to sleep by day until today scientifically, it has been established that a midday siesta is very refreshing and rejuvenating. Well Padilla will come in fatale and going out in the day to search your sustenance

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the Lala and unknown real estate AHA okay that tolerable Mirage mineral as Burb LA Unified Command for in nama who Amin mini heat allah k for your guna Munna fee and they'll come out we're in nama Yoon, ha in homography, Hema, somebody is sleeping in moderation, let him sleep somebody is earning in moderation. Absolutely correct. Yes. Let it not be that you sleep more than moderation. Or you're over indulging this world at the cost of it becoming an infringement and an encroachment on your deed. So Allah has blessed you verse 73, Allah has blessed you with night and they so that you could sleep and refresh yourself how often just that powerful sleep and that

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power nap, you know what it does to you in the month of Ramadan. It's a long day, it's a hot day, and you just get that afternoon sleep, and the latter part of the day becomes so much more lighter and easier. Neither taraweeh prayer becomes easier. I've often said in my travels, whenever I travel abroad and on a lecture tour, if there's anything that can really boost me before a lecture, it is definitely a power nap. What that does in terms of energy and strength is just unique. What an element of Allah subhanaw taala, where the body naturally secretes its melatonin. Today, of course, you can have these capsules and tablets is jetlag and you know what, trying to bring that melatonin

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and you know, supplement it but naturally naturally, when a person sleeps and how the body naturally, you know, gives off and releases that melatonin is just unique. So this is the favor of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon us and look at the doors of the prophets Allah says this is what I marveled like you know when you come out of when you have a good sleep Wow, that was so refreshing. Oh, that's all my body needed. Alhamdulillah Hilarie bad Amma Amma tena, or like like if I were to ask you put the dua of the prophets Allah is on hold and you make a prayer, what prayer you're gonna say, you will be lost for words I'll be lost forward. All praise belongs to Allah who's revived me

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after my death, and ultimately to him is my resurrection. And then you probably need to use the washroom or the bathroom or the loo in the laboratory. And then you come out and you needed to you know, you had the urge to pass the water or the need to pass to or to release flatulence either or a combination of all and then you come out and you feel so light and so much better. Now what prayer you're going to make what prayer you're going to make Alhamdulillah in Lehi at the harbor and mill other La ilaha illa it can only be divine. All praise belongs to Allah who has flushed from my system, that which caused me discomfort that which caused me discomfort

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at Harbor and mill other war are funny, and he has relaxed me he has given me ease and comfort. And then of course you need to eat and then you need to eat and you sit down to eat and then there's you could go through life in its entirety. And at each stage and phase. Humans are humans are just an embodiment of dependence. That's it. Head to toe, we are just dependent creatures. We are just dependent creatures. This is how Allah subhanaw taala has designed us and what an audacity for us to become proud or an audacity if you cannot sleep try anything in the book you will able to May Allah make it easy for one and all. How can I be proud when I don't have the ability to fall off to sleep?

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You are constipated, you can try anything. This laxative, this tablet this? You know what have orange juice have prune have olive oil, it might stimulate it might assess, etc. But essentially as those that are in that condition, how challenging it could be. You don't have the ability on the reverse. You have loose runs, you have loose motion, you cannot retain it. This is the weakness of a human you've eaten, you want to burp and you're trying to get a burp and you're drinking something you have in some you know what the beverages are you having some soda drinks to try and stimulate a verb just for your food to settle and you have in difficulty or you need to sneeze and you cannot do

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that. And only Allah can allow you Alhamdulillah when I sleep

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I went when I sneeze and the person respond in your hammock hola yo de como Allah. The point I'm saying is the richness of the drama's of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Okay verse 74, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we all know unite the hem Felco Aina Shoraka al Levy, variable Aina Shoraka El levena contributors Ramon, Allah subhanho wa Taala will call out to them Kira, Toby Ha, Allah is reiterating the, you know, contamination of polytheism and shidduch were Yama and on that day, remember your code Allah will say to these people, and in a Shoraka a way our minds suppose that partners and allies and Associates and levena Kuntum does remove who you claimed and you

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alleged will be my other partners of Allah. So in my daddy Krypton zeal it is written The reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala addressed this again in the same chapter is to impress is to impress how repugnant sherek and polytheism is in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that verse 74, one is that gonna mean coolly on methane Shahida verse 75, one Czarna and we will present meaning we will produce from every nation a witness, NASA literally means to remove to extract your meaning to present and to produce. When is that gonna mean cooling on methane? Shahida and from every nation, we will present a witness who will be the Nibi for color now how to BronyCon and then we will say to these disbelievers and these policies, how to be Rihanna come give us your proof and your argument about sherek. So you ascribe partners with Allah, you claimed your alleged, you mobilized you advocated, you promoted? So now where's your proof to shield for call now her to

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BronyCon give us your proof and the age that the prophets will be standing that if you recall, Allah subhanaw taala one of the questions that they would be asked Mother adoptable mursaleen What answer did you give to the prophets for me at Allah he will Amba and everything would would would just be blocked off on them, they would lose any any sense of idea or concept if they will be just like kind of blinded to any answer or response, because of course, they know the response that they gave to profits is not a response that makes sense. They mock they scoff. They laugh They belied.

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In fact they threatened to even assassinate the prophets or call a lady in a Kaffir olyroos Salim lucre Jana come in Urbina. I will let her go do Nephi me Latina Oh ha Elohim boom la normally cannot body mean. So your Allah will gather the prophets in front of them. Allah will gather the prophets in front of them. Now Allah will tell them what is your proof for animal and they'll happily law they will realize with certainty that truth meaning Tawheed belongs to Allah, what Allah and Houma Can we have the road was our annual Maka and we have the road. And those things which they had worshipped and fabricated and alleged, would all just disappear from their minds because they know

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there's no basis. There's no basis to it, it will just disappear. It would be out when Sedna Musa alayhis salaam had cast his staff, then tell cough Oh my Yeah, fake good. It's solid, whatever they fabricated, while our youthfully HRSA Hello Hi. So Agia and a magician has no standing no grounds before a profit. So yeah, the MBR I used to hate easier but not only for Bill happy island but really for yet the Magoo for Illa. Who was our hip? Right for either who was the hip in Alba thriller ganas, the hookah? These are different verses illustrating the same point. The first one was in Surah Ambia. The second one was in Surah, Bani Israel. That bottle is just meant to falsehood

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is just meant to perish it's just meant to perish. It doesn't have any standing. Marla Harmon parar Marla Harmon parar would you to set me in focus of the analogy of shirk and kufr is like a tree that is not firmly anchored into the ground. Marla Harmon karate has no firmness would you to set is has been uprooted. It's just been uprooted is nothing firm about it. Whereas Imani is firm and established and anchored while the La Mancha new EF Tarun

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so it will be you know, it will just vanish and disappear. Now, in one of the previous verses we discussed Allah subhanaw taala reminded the kuffaar of Makkah that welcome alakina I'm in Korea in BottleRocket Marie shatta ha that how many a nations a tribes groups people we destroyed because

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As they were boastful on their livelihood they were boastful on their income. They were boastful on their economics, status, etc. Well, you're Allah subhanho wa taala. Now in verse 76, gives a practical display of someone who was boastful and arrogant and thought he was smart and calculated. And Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about his story. So pretty much we've been discussing the tale and the story of Musa alayhis salaam with Pharaoh. Now another twist to this story is Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam and Kowloon. Okay, let's see what Allah subhanho wa Taala says to us in verse 76. In Corona Gan, Amin comi, Musa Verily karoun was from the fraternity from the tribe from the family

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of Musa alayhis salam. So that's the first thing. He was a family member of Satan and Musa alayhis salaam. Dora mentor has recorded that he was actually the cousin of Musa and Harun Allah Hema min Allah He a Salah to with the Slim gurnam In Pomi Musa for Bella I lay him, but he rebelled against them a teacup Bara he was proud, boastful and haughty. And he had abused and exploited Benny is ill. In fact, in fact, Gela Lane says Ghana Qarun era lemma Nursey bit Dora Bader Musa waha rune that Tarun was the most knowledgeable person of the Torah after Musa and Harun, so this is no mean feat. This is no ordinary feat, having memorized a great chunk and a great portion of the Torah at a time

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when the memorization of divine Scriptures was not so common, like the memorization of the Quran is regarding this ummah and I G Lu homefield, so due to him, and ideal, the plural of Injeel there indeed meaning the Quran, the divine Scriptures will be preserved in their bosoms, and SubhanAllah 10s of hundreds of 1000s of Muslims across the globe, have enjoyed this honor and this privilege and it is only the Grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he has allowed, you know, us to memorize and we ask Allah to to preserve that Quran and to allow many more from our Ummah and our family members to memorize the Quran. So at that time, the memorization of the divine Scriptures was pretty much by

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the prophets, of course, they were the Gambia, and few other selected people. And amongst them was power rune, right?

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He was a cousin to Musa alayhis salatu salam. He was from the Bani Israel. He had memorized the Torah. However, he turned out to be a more fake like summary. It turned out to be like a monarchy with a hypocrite. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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in Verse 76, in a car owner can I mean call me Musa Fabella I learned him verily Tharun was from the nation of Musa alayhis salam, I gave you perspective to that. For Baba him he rebelled, meaning he was proud, boastful, and he exploited Bani Israel. What are they now? Who mean? Who knows? What are they now? hoomin algunos and we blessed him and gave him such treasures Kunzum the plural is canoes? What are they now who Meenal canoes the MA in the Malfatti ha Hoon letter new obey laws but it will go up. The keys to his treasures were weighty and colossal for a mighty group of people. So let's just look at some Arabic yen nah, let her know Oh, no, no.

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It was heavy. It would weigh down the keys and the scholars say there's no need to take this figurative. Literally the keys itself is if the keys were heavy, you can imagine imagine the treasures you can imagine the treasures What are to follow, Rosa. You know the if you look at the philologist and the grammarians argue, what is the group What does rosborough refer to? Some say it referred to a group of 10 people. So let's take it it's a group of 10 strong healthy halen healthy men and just the sheer weight of the keys to his treasures was heavy and weighty. Let her know Obi Wan Ursa, only the conga one it's a group of 10 people but you know they we they lame they slum

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you know they don't have strength. They don't have muscle they don't have energy No, no, no will cover to cover. Such was his treasures. So remember, Allah said to the people of Makkah, there were many people who came with a lot of wealth who had a lot of wealth and they were proud and they were arrogant. But when Allah struck, then that wealth could not avail them in any way. If Carla who GoMo remember the time verse 76, when his nation said to him, lotta fra in

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Hola Hola. Hola yo Hey bull ferry hain. Don't be boastful. Don't be arrogant. Allah despises those that are arrogant and boastful. Allah despises those that are haughty. The word very high yet fragile in the Arabic context and in the language of the Quran has come in a manner that is recommended and condemned, so couldn't be further on in LA he will be Ramat e Furby. dyadic a failure for a hoe to rejoice over the bounties of Allah and your karoun was said lotta fra in Allaha la you have bull ferry head Barun was told you have a lot of wealth, you have a lot of muscle. You've memorized the Torah if you're a person that's coming from a noble family. Don't be proud,

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because surely ALLAH despises the arrogant