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Mohammed Hijab
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Hill what a castle. How are you guys doing? That'd be many legendary figures that have really established themselves and left to mark in the contemporary Dow Field Of course, I'm Adidas is one of them and Zakir Naik is another, but we're gonna continue to see people like that being developed. Well, we're here in Norway with our good old friend Fahad Croatia. How are you? Brother? You okay? Tell us what is this place, man? Tell us is this a place where you're going to be creating the next generation of that inshallah brother, that's really the main aim of this center, this Masjid in Norway that we're establishing is to produce the art who will ensure

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take the level of Dawa to the next level. So in solidarity, we want to see not one but 1030 to 40 5060 that can make samedi does Mohammed regions in sound.

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So, the facility, the area we're in right now, this will be the library inshallah will fill these shelves with books that the kids and the youth will come and read and gain knowledge about. It's really beautiful, even if you just look at the red here is the presentation. Excellent presentation, you know, and you can imagine putting some you know, manuscripts and coins or something that really inspire those individuals or students in the classroom. It's a beautiful environment already. This is what your donations are doing, ladies and gentlemen, is it not? Yes. And let me show you the other facility as well. So this is one place which is going to be used as a classroom as you can

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see, beautifully well lit. Excellent presentation. Let's take a look.

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Let's go upstairs. Wow, this is an upstairs fantastic. And this is once again, this whole complex with the stairs and up and down and all of this is the donations of the people. Yes.

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All right, so show me what's going on here. So this is mashallah and we just newly built all of this place. Wow, this is newly built with the money to donations of the people. Yes, and hamdulillah is still under construction. But this will be the studio, the studio where we where we will install autonomy producing all of the Islamic videos, the lectures, the podcasts, all of that inshallah will be produced. Amazing, amazing and you got to a equipment all these equipments are purchased as well with the wishes of the people. So they're not only purchasing these things that pledge to investing in equipment for Muslim organization, what a fantastic thing. Show us a bit more. Yes.

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Just the meeting room, beautiful.

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Round Table here you have your meetings, you know, you have your brainstorming sessions. Yes. This room we're going into right now is the main offices office. This is where the research is happening. This is where we are producing knowledge. This is the main research I think it's appropriate now to introduce us to the shoe, mashallah they did a fantastic job. And I spent some hours many hours with them. intrigued and fascinated by as stimulated by the conversation. We'll start with Sheikh Mohammed here, who has been very modest trying to pretend this isn't work.

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Sally can Brother How you doing? Are you okay? Are you okay? Yeah. And you've been with for many years. So how do you feel the role is for you, ladies, I cannot describe the feelings. This is the work we're doing. hamdulillah is for Allah subhanaw taala. And I'm very, very blessed to be part of this. And I've been here from from the very beginning. You have and I remember you from many years ago and all the peace conferences and I'll tell you what, we're blessed to have you as well. And so who else we're blessed to have this man who has spent more than 10 years in Saudi Arabia and Egypt combined combining or collecting like a collector of postgraduate after postgraduate, you know, in

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Islamic Studies, spending years and years doing research Somali, Camilla, how're you doing? Okay?

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Tell us something about the research that you're doing. And you've got Shamil up here.

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How's it so hello I mean research is something which is so extremely important for us to develop intellectually as normal because if we just go with whatever is there sometimes it might not be enough we need to find solutions to problems because the pilot almost facing so many problems, so many new challenges so many things are happening out there that we need to find solutions for and that's a part of the constant wish they had isn't it? To begin with to find solution for the moment? You know, I've spoken shows design he wouldn't say this himself but he's done some both some some really interesting deep research Wallahi I'm saying this and I've been in the dark for many years

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myself is cutting edge and when it does come out, it will impact the entire western Muslims hemisphere in a way that honestly anything else would have. And just you can even argue the whole Western world and this is a knowledge production. So it's Subhan Allah you know, the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Rasul me because I'm you know, Adam elements that as we said already, one of the things

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things is that everything ceases is interrupted from the normal of the deeds of the child of animals of three things which is not a call from God has one of them. But one of the other ones is Elmo Neff Han FRB. That is a beneficial knowledge which people benefit from. So imagine there's two things in the of the three in the Hadith that you can actually take advantage of right now by just clicking a link some believable human knowledge production, cutting edge stuff with people that are not just qualified but other qualified on the matter.

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And this is not just measured in a data center. It's a Knowledge Hub. Allah, I say that it's time it really is high time. No messing around these opportunities cannot cannot be missed out on click the link below. It's an amazing opportunity. Do it now so that Monica

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