Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas – 03 Why not adopt him as our son!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dangerous situation where a woman becomes a source of evil and is punished by police and the police officers. The transcript warns that anyone caught caught in the act will face consequences, while the story of Islam includes the actions of different leaders, including the deduction of the people, the use of drugs, and the use of water. The group discusses the image of a basket and a water, the woman becoming a source of evil, and the possibility of being adopted.

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order to build a humanoid shape on your Ragini Bismillah AR Rahman you're walking further Takato Iran any Hakuna Allahumma who has an in fear Oh no. Man I want to know the Houma know how to E and Sadat, Allah will love him. We concluded the previous segment on a positive note that a positive thinker is one who finds an opportunity in every difficulty. I met your challenges focus on the promises of Allah subhanho wa Taala this moment will pass this moment will pass a subroutine the submittal hola through patience is at the time of affliction. Let's get back into the story first number eight. So Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam Mumme musters the courage mejor the earthly fluffy

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sundog Okay, forget the necessity fluffy sundog these are the questions that

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concern the mother of Musa will my son survive in this basket? Or will he breathe? How will he manage himself?

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This is accompanied minor not in the case of any outward guardian of course in the total care of Allah subhanho wa Taala couldn't medallic effect karate lwml Honolulu? Well, I can now have the word colletta Allah Allahu wa atonement that Allah wa ala the mother went through all these back and forth emotions confusions uncertainty, but reliance on Allah she was given the inspiration and she followed through while you still pay to photoelectrically Mina soon Duke who Naka assured of equally McCarran will do will finally be middle Assad. The truth be told that the home is no safe for this child because the intelligence of Pharaoh is all around. So why the child is with me probably I can

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hold on to my child and offer some comfort, but the intelligence of Pharaoh can apprehend and also we need to know my sister and my brother. We offer kind love care and protection to our children. But sometimes something a freak accident can happen in front of our eyes, and they could be rescued when we are not present. And Allah teaches us that you know what it is he who protects the Houma. Aktiva toman benei they were in California for doing a home in amarilla induce 13 Chapter 13 and Surah Terada, Allah says there are angels that alternate and they protect they protect humans by the will of Allah and Kaaba Rahmatullah. This poll is mentioned the Motley Fool Quran that if it was not

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for the intervention of these melodica, the Janata would have made our lives a misery on Earth, but the mullah eco ward them off and protect us. And then the question is, well, then how is it that people still sustained injury and they still get hurt? And the answer is given in that either Lahoma Activa to mean benei de him I mean, healthier for Duna who mean umbrella Yeah, for Dona Hubei umbrella, that these Mala Iike protect us by the will of Allah and when the will of Allah comes for them to move aside because death has to prevail, or destiny will will will, you know, reign supreme, that that's exactly what happens and the angels stepped back and then you know what the cutter and

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Kazaa takes its cause and then whatever is meant to happen happens so many times you will see a child doing something which is hazardous and so dangerous and you're like you know what? Holding your breath and using Yala I just hope I just hope and he just gets there safely and you're worried that he mustn't touch live current or the knife mustn't you know what Prick him or there's a slab there or he must be careful and Subhanallah is the brushing across the road and a car is coming. And only Allah protects only Allah protects.

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will fire let alone will Myskina Hama Amara, Allah Omar Abdullah had Jamil fins on duoclean were Alpert hoof in Neely. And yes, this loving, caring mother, mustering that courage and strength puts the baby in the basket and the basket in the River Nile. Let's go to verse eight and then we tie it up with the story as checkable Hassan Ali nadwi opens and sketches this image amazing indeed my brother, amazing indeed my sister, this is divine. This is divine. This is not any, any any book that you read in off the shelf. This is the words of the almighty. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says Takato alone feed on our own that linear Cornella whom I don't when we're Hasanah the people of

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federal pick up this basket Lee Hakuna la mia Islamia on the bed or llamas?

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Roura law my argument is not luck, real luck. They pick up Musa and the outcome of this is that Musa becomes an adversary to them in the years ahead, because obviously they did not follow the message of Musa alayhis salam. So they didn't pick up moves us so that he becomes the enemy, but that's the outcome of it. That's the outcome of it. Nobody got married to be abused, but that's what happens to many people. I got married only to be abused. Lee do little mouthy webinar, little Robbie, the Arabic poet said Lee do little mouthy webinar a little hobby, give birth only to die and build only to demolish meaning the outcome of birth is one day death, and the outcome of building is one day

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So they pick him up and the outcome of this is at one point Leah Cornella. Whom I do when we're first now, Lee Hakuna whom I do one that's a dinner Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam becomes a source of

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you know, Musa al Islam becomes an adversary and has been a source of grief. Why? Because they disobeyed said now Musa alayhis salam wa salam in Tirana wahama And verily Pharaoh and Hama and verse eight verse eight out of the 88 verses, Pharaoh Hamam the Warriors the armies can Wahhabi in they were sinners while hurting man yeah it Bill ha whoo hoo hoo Harper own harpy and more for the linguist, those that appreciate the difference. And we'd like to appreciate the distinction between the two so hard to own how to eat or those who commit the wrong knowingly understand conscious, cognizant, and more there is a person who errs, who slips up who's unintentional inadvertent. Allah

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says Verily Pharaoh and Hamas the Warriors they armies can know how to eat, they were sinners. And many have also taken it in a different context. Karl is here that they have picked up say dinner Musa, and they arrived because they didn't realize they actually picking up someone who's going to overthrow the empire. But they couldn't do anything different because this is the system of Allah in place. And Allah Masha Rama Northman he makes an amazing deduction. He says Pharaoh and Harmon and their armies, they were sinners, and they earned and you know, what was the biggest mistake they thought they could change the decree of Allah? How foolish How naive, how silly how we could silly

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person you think you can change the plan of Allah, you cannot change the plan of Allah. Yes, you have only made things more complicated for yourself because of the tyranny and killing so many children and live in so many mums restless that were the type of butchers and dictators and tyrants and autocrats that had inhabited the earth. And yes, there have been people throughout history that are just blood thirsty that are just blood thirsty. Their thirst is never quenched. The Earth has has drank so much blood of humans, but yet they continue to butcher and to kill and to massacre. But of course, there is the day of Maliki Yomi Dean the day of justice, so Mullah Nunzia imam in

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coalition 18 au whom assured to Allah Rama and everything Yeah. And so the Meriam we learn, then we will remove from every group, the one who rebelled against Allah the most. And this ayah tells us that because of tougher and this believe a person would be subjected to eternity in hell. But then within the occupants of Hell, they will be grading because some of them were tyrants and oppressors and they will have to pay for those crimes, then they will be retribution for that.

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So Allah says they picked up say, there are Musa alayhis salam. And the outcome of this was Lama octubre. In the long run, ultimately Musa was going to become a foe and an adversity to them. These people were send us they were transgressive. And on a different note, they arrived in what they did, but they couldn't do otherwise. Because the plan of Allah will prevail. That's our ultimate, you simply cannot change the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala and again, a message to me and to you, my brother and my sister. Often we get threatened and intimidated when we see some other flower that is now blossoming. And we see this somebody else on the block and you know what, he's getting

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prominence and he's getting acceptance. And we feel that hey, you know what, my position has been threatened or it's been compromised people are raving about someone else. Lesson and tell him aka demo and tell my honor and dignity comes from Allah describes in humiliation, Allah can bring it upon any person. So by you trying to curtail the growth of any person, you only bring in misery upon yourself. Because if Allah has decided to advance someone, regardless of the measures you Institute, you will not able to curtail his growth. Well, let's listen to

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What Allah Muhammad Hassan Ali nadwi Wow, wow. You know, like I mentioned this was where my passion for Arabic and I can't claim much but when I read this and I still have vivid memories What's this 1990 1990 In my first year studying and I used to sit and memorize the text of passes i It was so riveting so intriguing and that was always the message I advocated to the students for your past three for your own. The title the heading in the palace of your own kind of your own hula hoop pursued on Kathira Hala chateau in Neil. So Pharaoh had many palaces on the riverbank on the riverbank. What can I get an attorney in custody in Isla Vista in weightiness of Allah chateau in

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Niall and he would relax, unwind and just you know what? Enjoy the ambience, look at the water. We've traveled to Egypt Alhamdulillah we went for a cruise on the river Nile as well. And of course you relive all the stories and detail and the context that we've we've read about this place. So Farah would sit and relax. What can a human chalice and Allah shatter in need yet Vanessa who were euro iliamna Hurry Yejide tact originally. And so one particular day he's just relaxing himself peeping out looking at the water and join the view just having a light moment with him is his queen and with him is his spouse and his consort Arcia Of course she becomes a great woman in Islam are

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the Allahu anha and she is with him as well. And they just sit in and enjoying the moment.

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Water Elon Neely Yejide webinar Huma yet and as Zohan if the water Abbas ruhuna Allah soon to open the lab will be M word to nearly can nama took a blue La Ilaha illa Allah look at these words, man these words of Allah Abu Hassan is just amazing. And so they sit in and so they're relaxing. And they viewing something having a light moment, your hand over your spouse her hand over you, you just you know in casual clothing, probably the sun is close to tapping on the western horizon. And just the day relaxing, taking it easy, nothing hectic. And suddenly is the worker Abba solo Houma Allah soon Duke in the lobby, I'm worried to Neely can nama talk below La ilaha illallah their gaze

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simultaneously falls on the basket, which is been

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you know that the waves are rocking it the waves are rocking it almost like the waves and nudging it. And the waves are kissing it and it's playing on and it's, it's it's moving, it's floating, and it's moving back and forward. And the site, code asiyah The Queen's eyes and Co Op Pharaohs I held Turanga say Ed valleycats, soon dope. And she says My darling, Your Excellency, my spouse, my husband? Did you see what I seen? Have you observed what I observed? And in a Santoprene kneel in nama here for Shabbaton Socrata three, kneel. And he says no love. I don't think that's a basket. Look closely. I just think it's a piece of wood or something else. You know what? That has just

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fallen into the river? And it's just floating along? I don't really think it's a basket. What kind of person dork for Karla nurse Nam? And people also were in three. This looks strange. Often this happens. If you're into Safari, you Your eyes are seeing you're not sure. Then the wind blows? Is that? Is that a game? Is that a predator? Is that an animal? Is that a shrub? Is the wind blowing? Is that a tail that's moving? Or is that just some shrubs that are moving? You don't know those that got the deep eye and you know what they can see. They'll pick it up immediately. But this is now at a good distance. You know? So there's a bit of confusion, uncertainty, but the water continues you

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know what to flow and the waves moving by and gradually this object for now makes its way coming closer to the riverbank. What emerald Maliko hadham What are in a kaha the sun Duke and he orders the decree is king is the ruler it says bring that basket or that item or that object or whatever it is that's floating just bring it along. We would like to have a look at it. Whether herbal Furthermore, Rogers soon do La Ilaha illa Allah so they wait to receive it they wait to receive it.

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Yes, they wait to receive it and as it comes closer and closer and it touches the shore, they go and embrace the basket to Rogers son dope and they take it out of the water or food they have some dope and the basket is opened up

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for either a fee here hold on Jimmy you don't yet but test him. Suddenly lo and behold, it is a beautiful, innocent, sweet, handsome, adorable child that smiling and adorable child. Yeah who I don't want to leave a doula in surah Taha or the mother of Musa put him in the basket put the basket in the River Nile, Pharaoh, his enemy will receive him. Now what does Allah say?

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I will call you to alayka Mahabharata mini Alka Interlaken Mahabharata mini Musa, we had put beauty on your face that's it. When he to SNA Allah Rainey, a Willie Tula ba Allah chef buddy, you're in my care. What the Hydra nurse? People were startled. Colonia Who were your Rahu everybody embraces the style, what a year of your own or how your own is perplexed and confused. Taliban heard them in a huddle hola Emily Israeli when I boot delille Malik Aeneas Baja, many even made a remark probably. This is the very child that has threatened the empire of Pharaoh which resulted in the execution of so many may be Pharaoh needs to apprehend him and execute him. What I told Malika to and the Queen

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seen him what the fella who fatally Bihar, and she was just taken aback by the beauty. She was just taken aback. A child is innocent, an innocent child is adorable. This is a child, innocent, beautiful, and this is the Nebby and that also from the owner last Ambia Allah him was salam. How can I possibly begin to describe how beautiful how luminous the face of Satan or Musa alayhis salam was as a baby? What I told Malika to and the Queen seen him and she was taken aback for the Moto Isla Sadri how workability she embraced the child she embraced the child. Some say they did not have children some historical narrations, and some say they did not have male offspring. There's the two

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views that I read was Sofia, Allahu

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wa kala timber to fiddle around according to Iranian li wala kala tapa todo la ilaha illallah I don't know if you're appreciating the beauty my brother. I don't know if you're appreciating it, my sister. You know, it's just mind boggling how amazing and every time I translate or endeavor to commentate on the Quran to beauty is just so unique. So verse number nine, as the baby comes out, and there's this old discussion and some make the remarks maybe this is the child let's be heading and execute him and the wife of Pharaoh RCR or the Allah and of course subsequently she becomes a believer. She says poorer terrain Ely well a poorer terrain Lee Wellock a source of comfort for my

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eyes a new ladder Cthulhu don't dare kill him lotta portaloo as I am foreigner, perhaps he will benefit us He will benefit us and through to her words she said he will benefit us and in the years yes through that very Musa she became a believer she became a real believer. In fact, even above what the Allahu Allah Muhammad said that if a Pharaoh had said and as mentioned in 10, we will adhan, a Pharaoh had also said, as NCRB Allahu anha had said that maybe he'll benefit us federal would have also benefited at the hands of Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam, when I can know who abolish shutter and let the cutterbar hula Who are they? But he did not utter that because of his wretched

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nature because of his wretched nature. Okay, let's up to know then we will Adan opens up the discussion here. Why did the wife of Pharaoh address Pharaoh in a plural context? It would be locked up to who don't kill him, but she said latter Cthulhu who Lita Remi Lita Remi Harper but who beloved little January that Lehman she addressed him with a plural way out of respect and to convince him so sometimes you use a plural context for a single person out of respect and what did she say I saw a and for an app maybe he'll benefit us I want to tap into who will adopt or we can even adopt him as a child well whom law yes rune so you kill in 10s of hundreds of 1000s and you're a male child is

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coming into your palace and this debate holding hugging and praising loving, don't they I love him etc. maybe who knows we can even adopt him womb la yesh rune and they know not meaning they don't not what is the outcome of the embracing of this child? What's the takeaway message in Allah ballyhoo Emery? Hola Hola, lieben Isla Emery. Allah subhanho wa Taala has absolute power over what ever he decrees whatever

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He has ordained for Lima you read nobody but nobody can stop Allah subhanahu wa ala from achieving whatever he has decreed. That's wait and see as the full as as the tail unfolds. May Allah subhanahu wa taala. Grant us that conviction and that your theme that whatever he has decreed will shoot will will surely and certainly take place. I mean your bill Alameen