The Fiqh Of Intimacy Part 8 – Actual Play

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of privacy and sexuality in Islam. They explain that privacy is crucial for couples, as it is necessary for sexual activities. They also discuss the rules of thumb for selecting a sexual position and the importance of reciting the Prophet's words.
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Yes, this is part eight of the series titled The fix of intimacy. And we are almost reaching the closure of the series. And it's just a matter of one or two more programs. And we'll be wrapping up, I intend to compile this on the CD and make it available for the audience. Alternatively, for people who are unable to get the copy of the CD, they can download all the podcasts. From the website, you go to WWE dot radio Islam dot zero, J, you go under my name, and then you will see a category called series, whatever series I've done are compiled under that category. And one of the categories is the fear of intimacy. So all seven parts have already been uploaded. Now before we start today's

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discussion, let's just remind our listeners that in the previous discussion, we covered many areas pertaining to foreplay, and I covered the most common questions that people ask and the most common questions people have. Many times people are shy to ask these questions. And many times people prefer to remain in doubt, or they prefer remaining and haraam instead of inquiring and finding out the shadow a perspective of what they are doing. So it's extremely important that we educate ourselves in this regard. It's also a part of our teen education is important. So if you've missed it, you can take a listen to that part. It's on the website. It's it's gone into 12 minutes, and it

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has covered almost all the angles that we have today in our four plays. Now, today's discussion is pertaining to actual play. And we are saying to the couples that now that you are ready physically, and that you are ready emotionally and that you are ready, mentally, you are ready to go into the actual act. And when it comes to actual play, there are certain things that we need to keep in mind. The first thing is privacy. It is extremely important for both partners to conceal the act of intimacy number one, and number two, there should be total privacy, it should not be done in open. Even in your own home, it's extremely important that you make sure that the doors are locked, the

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doors are closed, so that nobody gets an opportunity to come in suddenly, if you've got children, then it's even more important to close the doors.

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Also, as far as privacy is concerned, it's important that no sounds are heard, especially if you're living with parents or other siblings in the same home. It's important to conceal the act. Islam does not encourage the public display of affection. So number one, privacy. Number two, the wife should be in her clean cycle. We mentioned this last time, that it is haram to engage in sexual intercourse when the wife is in her menses or if she is in her postnatal bleeding, etc, etc. Number three, avoid facing the Qibla. It is disrespectful to face the Kaaba whilst engaging in such intimate activities.

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Moving on, then we are saying to the people that cover up the Quran and Hadith literature around if you have any forms of Islamic literature, it's always best to put it away. Yes, you can have relations in the same room where the Quran is, but the Quran should be covered and put away. Islam is practical. I mean, not every person has the luxury of having the study room on its own people are living in the bedroom, or two bedroom home or three bedroom home. And not everybody has a separate study room on its own. And therefore the Quran would be found in one of the rooms, if possible, you moving out of the room. If not, then at least the minimum that you can do is to cover the Quran or

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any other Islamic literature that is found there. The next point is place a separate sheet specifically for intercourse. Now what we are saying to the couples that people come in and out of your room, it's not good to see marks, it's good to see stains on the sheet or the bed sheet or whatever it may be. So that is why it's important that you cut out maybe 234 meters. I don't know how many meters you want, that you kept a separate sheet placed under you when you are engaging in this so it's cleaner, it's more hygienic. So try to get a separate sheet just for that sake. And the next point is recite the duar before engaging in the activity itself and the drys. Bismillah Allahu

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murgia Nibbana Shu bon or generally we shoot on a female's optina I commence In the name of Allah. Allah protect us from the devil and keep him away from the child that you will grant us. This is the authentic narration of Buhari if a person recites this to her and Allah grants

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My child, then shaytaan will not have an influence on that child. If you cannot read the twine in, in Arabic, it's fine. You can read it in English also make the toy in your heart and say, Well, I'm engaging in this protect me from the devil and whatever you are going to give us from this relationship and from this encounter. Now moving on further with regards to sexual positions. When it comes to selecting a suitable position for sex, Islam grants the couple general permission, they may choose whichever position they mutually agree upon. As long as as long as it's not rear entry. The rule of thumb when it comes to position is that everything is perverted. As long as it is not

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anal sex and it is not rear entry. For the Prophet of Allah has categorically cursed the men who indulge in such acts. Malarone moneta imperata houfy dubara

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occurs is that person who enters his wife from the rear entry and allows Mercy is taken away from the person's life. Allah subhanaw taala zaroff depends on the person. So, the rule of thumb is that besides the rear entry everything else is permitted. But it's best left to the couple they need to mutually agree upon what they are comfortable with. There's also a beautiful narration in which the Lord Allah know and comes to the profit of a line he says HELOC to a profitable arm destroyed. I'm doomed. Paloma lakia Omar so the Prophet of Allah asked what's what's wrong? Why are you doing Why are you destroyed? And he replied how to rationally and Layla

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is a little bit of a law. I changed my settle last night. What he was implying is that a profitable law I had relations last night, but I entered my wife from the back to the front.

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We're not talking about anal sex here on top is no prophet of Allah I entered my wife from the back but in the front. And at that time a prophet of Allah kept silent of the Prophet of Allah and received revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala stating, Nisa accom helpfully converted to a how to overcome inertia term that your women folk are your tillage. They are your tillage, you may enter your farm in whichever way you like. So from this verse, we get an indication that it is permissible to engage in any position except for the rear entry. That's important to keep in mind and that's where we leave it for today.