Murtaza Khan – Introduction to Hajj – Tafsir Surah Al-Hajj

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of daily activities and consciousness is emphasized in setting a strong person. The surah Al reassure provides guidance on the journey of Islam, including the beginning of a Christian journey and the importance of consciousness and personal experiences. The transcript provides examples of various signs indicating dissatisfaction, including disinterest in specific sex, body language, and manner of dissatisfaction. The return of Islam to Earth is also discussed, with references to the use of animals and the importance of reflecting on parables.
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Find that really must speak about availing opportunities, of certain times and places and locations.

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As human regimen is works Allah if Allah RF, whereby begins to describe or speak about certain seasons or certain moments, whether it be the the month of Ramadan, the day of Yom will Jumeirah. And likewise, what concerns us is the days of huncho, the days of the hijab and this lemma dimension that whenever an action becomes compulsory upon an individual becomes relevant to the person, they need to then focus upon that action, and to learn about that action that concerns him at that moment in time. So, for example, this daily rituals of a solid prayer the person should be know about the foundation of prayer, the importance of prayer, what breaks of prayer, the pillars of the prayer,

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the necessity of the prayer, etc, all the person should be abreast regarding that. Likewise, a person for example, involving teacher in business transactions need to know that we should deal with on a daily basis, the fear of the word, the fear of getting married, and likewise here we find the fear of Hajj or the rights regulation that concern us regarding Hajj. So we find that today's journey and hopefully next week is we're just going to look at the Tafseer a rough rendition of Surah Al Hajj, which is the 22nd chapter of the Quran 78 verses primarily a Moroccan surah Allah begin to debate about whether the surah is a full Merkin Surah or some verses Medina or the surah is

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mainly a Medina and Surah and some verses are makin or it is more crowded as if they are shoot in Saudi stuff See, a modern day of zero not too long ago written speaks about Minnesota which is a pilot that has various ayat which are Merkin and Medina and also the mentioned that the surah is that which was set down whilst the prophet Elijah was kind of a sufferer in a state of traveling okay and how they run or stationary will be laid, some is to send during the night some is sent during the daytime, some a yacht a yacht of monsoon Omen, so, that we find out which abrogate other commandments establish commandments. So this sort of becomes unique in its context of the different

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types of IRAs that exists there in amongst the ayat which are Medina which shows the medina in surah you call to Luna the unknown of Boolean mu for them to go and strive and struggle so Allah mentioned that is driving and struggling are primarily Medina yet.

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So that's a symbol these are some verses inside this surah Medina and like when you find the inside this surah as even as mentioned the inside is Surah it contains two such there's any place inside the Quran with a sedge that is classified as a Moroccan Surah or if it begins with the FIP up Yeah, you had nurse all mankind is a Moroccan verse, or if he speaks about in general and Astra speaks about the hereafter speaks about belief, and birth, when you show resurrection, these are all symbols of being versus being Moroccan or it contains such words as kalimat Kandla, that occurrence or the Quran, numerous D are all similar. This is a a makansutra, so to sagittis, which is unique

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about the surah SOTL hajat 22nd Chapter, it contains two senators, such detainees even our best mentions. Now, some of the enema begin to discuss about one of the soldiers inside this surah the first one which occurs in some verse 17 or 18 or so inside the surah the relevant a unanimous regarding it, but the final, the second subject comes to the end of the surah some of the relevant they begin to differ, whether this is actually person should perform the senator but here we find the narration of Ibn Abbas are up the ladder and Houma stating that this surah is unique because it contains fi such detail it contains to search this and as a side point we find in total there how

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many searches inside the Quran

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how many

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15 to 15 places such as Santa Quran, if we take this one away, it becomes 14 But we agreed that and had just two senators, then it becomes 15 points a sentence or the Quran, like all defined speaking about Omaha Bob that he led them in a career in a in a in an in a certain location, a sham, he led them in prayer. And he read so to hedge and he performed to such a so this is all evidence that real amount of diversity they bring to highlight the surah is unique it contains to suggest a place inside the Surah So also, as we mentioned that those swords that begin are words that entail you had Nast showed that it's a a Merkin Surah all mankind. And the strange thing about this surah is

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there's only two suitors inside the Quran that begin with Yeah, you had Ness the first

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is an homage and the second is Surah Nisa.

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But before we get to it, I find al Hajj even the title Hajj, this congregation or this gathering together that we find there's only one other Surah inside the Quran that entails that same similar meaning of a gathering of mankind is a hash of the 59th Chapter The Quran Surah Al Hajj is a gathering of this dunya al Hashem will be the gathering inside an accurate 59th Surah of the Quran. Also in Surah Al Hajj that we find when we mentioned begin with yet you have noticed the only other source that begins with yet uns is Surah Surah to Nyssa. The fourth chapter of the Quran, for some of the relevant diversity begin to discuss that sort of Nisa comes in the first half of the Quran,

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and the first quarter surah hajj comes in the second half of the Quran, in the 17th Jews halfway in the same team duessel * begins and it finishes the Jews Jews often it goes into the 18th Jews whereby we find so to me noon, then begins and prior to Surah Al Hajj is Surah Al Anbiya. So as if preceding the surah speak about the journey, all the MBR and everything about the NBA is brought together and is one journey of a hijab and after it begins to speak about any the believers

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the most clearest Surah that also begins to speak about a lot of Hajj is inside sort of Bukhara if a new messiah speaking about rules and regulations regarding al Hajj I mentioned inside sort of Bukhara also sort of Ibrahim not more so ackermans for Ibrahim but more I part of spirituality Surah Ibrahim the 14th chapter Quran lady named after the Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salam so that's the fight even inside the Quran when to study those soldiers which are named after of the prophets they all unique in the in the journey as mentioned inside the sores, also reimagined sorted which is going to speak about primarily about hedge and sort of Salford also speaks about the journey of Ibrahim and

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it's not once again not so much about the fear of Hajj, but more about the spirituality about the sacrifice that he needs to offer. So Hajj, this journey of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah speaks about inside the Quran, whether it be inside Surah Al Imran, well Allah Allah nasopharyngeal Beatty Minister Ba La sebelah when he lay Allah Nursey Angel bait of the Quran hudgell Bait upon mankind it's incumbent to make that journey to the house of Allah's Prime Minister Ba La sebelah whoever has the means to do so. So here's the aroma for QA begin to discuss about what is what is an Easter pa what is the ability to get dimension of being able to perform al Hajj another place inside the Quran

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Allah explicitly mentions how to add in finesse he will * Touka regional and other co leader million yeah Tina McCauley for genomic from Surah Al * 22nd Chapter verse 27. Allah's Prophet specifically mentioned at the Infancy Bill * tells Ibrahim alayhi salam didn't fitness give the coal to people of coming to respond to the call of the performance journey of Hajj, so Hajj, this journey to the house of Allah Subhana Allah has always been there that it's always been referred to house Baitul as Allah discard the bait to update the old house the Sacred House, or in Surah Ali Miranda describes it as babka. So we find that Burtka is one of the old names on market and the

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continued use of of halfback turns to was known as today as maca as well as the discussing baited haram. Allah oxen will be had and Ballard this the city, this land is all referring to the precincts of haram. Al murky, so this journey, as always existed whether it be the beginning of that journey of Ibrahim Ali suddenly find even more than that people begin to compile about the journey of Hajj. Whether you read the works of 1000 roads to Makkah, that you find over 10 centuries, is a compilation of different individuals who came and performed the journey of Hajj, a modern works, you read the work of Muhammad Asad, the road to Morocco speaks about a Jewish man who converted to

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Islam, but his journey is a very powerful book. He's an autobiography you can say speak about his journey of coming in and performing Hajj. Likewise, we look at certain parts of Malcolm X's autobiography with Alex Haley, in a Chapter speak about his journey of performing hide whereby, you know, he sees the whitest of the white, the bluest of the blue, etc, all his he sees that if America saw this, then racism will be taken away because obviously he himself became a racist in his own format, believing that the black people are supreme raised equally as much as the white people, but it's only when he performed the Hajj is able to see that all these different nations and tribes and

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people all gathered together, worshiping the One Lord Allah subhanahu wa Tada. So this leads us to Felina to Hajj, the virtue of Hajj or the virtue of the hijab.

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The day even the day of the virtue of Hajj that we find from the eighth for the 13th of April hedger to

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Hajj takes place from the 18th to the 13th. And you find that the ninth, which is the Day of Arafah, and that is a day of celebration. Because even you find a verse inside the Quran from sort of the fifth chapter, verse number three and Yom Kippur multilocular, Medina, combattimento, and equanimity. What are the two local Muslim Medina this day I've completed my favorites upon you and I've chosen Islam as you need your way of life. So a Jewish man said to terminal hubbub that if we knew when, if this verse was given to us, we would take this as a day of celebration.

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And it is a day of celebration. Because this verse was sent down and the Day of Arafah. On the ninth day of the ledger, this verse was sent down as a side point after this verse was sent down. No other verses regarding injunctions, rules or regulations was sent down upon the Prophet Elijah that summons Imam so ut in his work on concrete, aluminum Quran mentions the proper assembly for 81 days of this verse was sent down. So once this verse came down, no following verses came down about halal and haram. For off this verse was sent down there now Islam is complete, that we find that some of the companions Omaha pub that they wept, knowing that after this verse, things are going to

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diminish, that this Muslim Ummah is going to go downhill, it's not going to rise once again, it's going to begin to plummet, because when something which is complete, it begins to to come down after its completion. So we find Hajj, remind us means in the intention, but Hajj specifically means first will be to lay subhanaw taala with the Neo to go to the house of Allah subhanaw taala to perform be adapted for either to carry out this obligatory action, as we find in Islam, Booneville Islam, Allah Hamsun Islam is based upon five basic pillars, the establishing of the prayer, the giving of Zucker, the first thing in the in the month of Ramadan, and the performance of of hygiene prior to that the

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shahada attained the testimony of faith and some will never begin to discuss that in some narrations, it mentions Ramadan at the end, and sometimes it mentions Hodge at the end of discussion begins to take place every Roger will humbly inside his work or Joanne Miller or lumen Hickam begins discuss any wise Hodge mentioned just before second last way that some of the ratio mentioned any at the end it just shows the the uniqueness accuracy of how fuqaha remember they look at certain things with a with a closer lens to begin to try to dissect how certain words and are placed but in certain narration, what do they mean? Is it the motor scene? Is it just a general statement is the person

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giving preference to something over over something else. Also, we find that famous hadith of Gibreel Ali salaam, when he came to the Prophet, or a sort of somewhere as a person, the euro or the earth will suffer no signs of traveling visible upon this individual who came and sat down close to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam with his knees against his knees and placed his his hands on on the on the on the bottom of his of your feet close to his knees or upon his thighs and asked him these questions. First question is a man Islam. What is an Islam? So the Prophet is somebody who is responsible saying Islam and Tasha Allah Allah and Allah, Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Alliston is to

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testify that none has the right to be worship except for Allah subhanaw taala testify that, indeed I'm at the mercy of Allah to establish a prayer to give this occur to foster men for Ramadan, what would you beat and to perform any the Hajj, the pilgrimage, a major pilgrimage to the house of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah sadaqa. So this person said, You spoken the truth. So in the Hadith Minister, I give Netanyahu, so we will, we will start. He asked the question, and then he says him, so have you spoken the truth? So why are you asking the question if you already know the answer is and if you read through the end of the Hadith, then it gives the conclusion because the Prophet ism says to a

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terminal coupled for the best two millennia, and I sat there for a short while, and then the professor asked me a temporary money setting. Do you know who the questioner was? And almost says, Allah, what a pseudo Adam. I don't know who this question was. called. I didn't know Jubilee. Turkoman a limo calm didn't come in they this was deliberate Elisa who came to teach you did that's why this this hadith is known as the hadith of Gibreel. So if a person just dissect this hadith understand this hadith, what is his Hadith mentions? What is Al Islam? What is an email? What is a lesson and speaks about a sign some minus signs are some of the major signs of coming towards the

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end of the day judgment that in a nutshell is a person's belief person dissects that hadith understands the Hadith a person will know what they what they what they believe in he is, so we find that the performance of hajj that insight numerous Hadith finds this encouragement of rushing the Angelou al Hajj in a haste to perform uni the Hajj because you don't know what any obstacle come in the path of the individual

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As the narration speaks about that if a person has the means so haolam, as you mentioned, spoke, at least a part means the health and the wealth. And they speak about amphoteric the ability to travel, this is a clear path etc. And there's no other responsibilities, a person fulfills this criteria, and they don't perform the hajj. So the Prophet recently mentioned his harsh words, I don't care if that person matter Yeah, who didn't own us, Ronnie and I don't care that person died as a Judeo Christian. And he's a severe words, that of a person fulfills all obligations, meaning that the person has the ability and doesn't perform the hajj. But this is severe warning from the profits of

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the lowest seller. And as you want the performance of the hajat person has to have an Islam This is somebody if you read the book that I mentioned that you need 1000 volts to MCDA somebody speaks about some non Muslims who pretended to be muslims you know, in the in the late 18th century, etc. Because they won't remember MCOs a closed precinct environment. They just heard about it they're willing to go actually go in and visual so you find this person said Richard Burton, he pretended to be Muslim. And he writes two volumes about his pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. So he wants to go and experience it himself to see what is it like to perform any Hajj, etc. What's so special about it?

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So he's his hedge that he performed, is invalidated is no there's no reward for it. There's no reward for for non Muslim who prays so far. So to feel that what is it too far? So what does it perform hedge, it could be some height, it could be a form of guidance for that for that for that person. But there's no reward because in Islam, you find a criteria for action to be accepted amongst a person has to be a Muslim. Likewise, right you need an active person who has the intellect person who's insane or is lost in mind cannot differentiate suffering from any severe mind issues or dementia etc. A fine for a rough yarn, and then the pen has been lifted from that from the

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individual. They're not obliged to carry out obligatory any actions. Also find out below, the person has come reached the age of puberty if a child performs Hajj, or performance good deeds before the age of puberty, that does not fulfill the formula. It doesn't fulfill the obligations of a person went with their parents when they're young and it took them for Hajj. They've done Hajj, but it's not the Hajj. There'll be some reward for them, but it's not the obligatory Hajj they have not fulfilled it because they were not at the age of puberty. Likewise, finally, I mentioned how Korea person is free is not a slave. At least suppose you mentioned an admin fifth cleric and for women

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that we find the module madam, the woman used to have a man or woman today modern day some aroma allow that if a woman elderly woman goes with a group of women that is something which is which can be any carried out is a discussion that exists there. So this great struggle. Have you heard that we find that the professor mentioned that the reward will Hjelm abroad. lazyload Giselle Illa Jana, that the unacceptable Hajj there's nothing less reward for that person except for Paradise. That the person who fulfills Hajj and if they, if they passed away was performing hydrogel be shrouded inside inside the Haram they wearing there'll be resurrected in the state of making that Tobia is a form of

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shahada form of martyrdom for that person. And the reward that we find for a woman. Her Jihad her struggle is a performance of hajj because as we know that it's something difficult. Even with modern day climate and modern day world and transport etc is still difficult is finding a hadith that a suffered cater to men and other object traveling is a small portion, a fragment of punishment that traveling is hard is difficult for person to travel from one down to another last one

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size whatever you are Josie and his work has added Murphy had the height in a bed. Probably one of the best books of Syrah a bit of time on Josie, one of the most profound students of Seattle started with Tamia Rahmatullah Ali. He wrote this book on Sierra, on his journey to hutch, no books with him. No books. While this becomes the most profound, and the best books of Syrah is written by Ibrahim Al Jazeera and he's added man, he had the hiring a bad speaking about taking the provisions regarding any that the life and the journey of the best of the servants the Prophet Muhammad, Salah was based upon the verse in the Quran, which is overdue for a nefarious Zadie Toccoa with Takuya Al

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Bab, take your Zed. Take your provisional when you go to Hajj is allowed to interact and have business transactions etc. It's not forbidden but as overdue for Inna hydrazide COVID the best said the best provision that could take is your consciousness does it even when these actions have hijacked we do Allah manage that certain hedge layer now the Allahu Allahu Allah Allah Dima Guha will akin Jana otaku Amin come, the sacrifice that you do the spilling of the blood, the sacrifice of the animals, etc. That doesn't go to Allah. It's the top what the consciousness does. So how do you become the ultimate level of consciousness in front of Allah subhanaw taala and it brings all of

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these pillars of

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Islam are brought together. When a person is performing this Hajj journey towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and the main pillar of Hajj is refining the Hadith haldwani Manasseh Manasseh could take for me, the rights and the pillars, end of Hajj Yeoman Arafa, the Day of Arafah is had you heard of Hajj is another meaning is ultimate describe this hadith and other Hadith that when the Prophet lay some emphasizes something, it means as if that is the key most important element of the action. So when he said and had you out of that, that is what the key thing that person should be focusing on a dev on the Day of Arafah. Like what we mentioned other elements, that this is the best thing the person

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who person should focus any upon that, because appropriately, somebody is emphasizing that you need that actually, when in the Hadith, that there's so many people that on that day, there are laws printed, alleviates them or frees them from the punishment of the Hellfire on the Day of Arafah and Allah stranded a bow says to His angels that why are these servants in the disheveled dusty statewide to come in even though those printers are nose by Allah saying look up my service was bought to drag them a while they come here and telling the angels that all these individuals who are here I forgiven them all for them coming here. So it's such a prime opportunity of the Tawheed the

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oneness, the unification of Allah subhanho The birth of Allah is part of the bead in a pristine devotion and commitment to Allah subhanaw taala. And then we find that three types of hydrogen deliver describe a tomato, Iran as a fraud, which obviously doesn't concern at this moment in time because we're not actually performing Hajj, we find those who perform Hajj and most people are going for how just leaving or actually they've some of them, majority them have left already to that journey to Allah subhanaw taala. So the days or the months of hajj, three months of hajj that we find is Chawan the garter and the ledger. These are the three months of hajj. As for the four

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months, the sacred months. There are lots of dimensions are so to toe but that we find that in the 12 months, are we the last printer under the 12 months with the lowest price the other minha forum for amongst us 12 months four of them are the sacred months, which are Chawan to Canada and the hedge also, Canada to hedger al Muharram and Rajab, these are the four sacred mumps and they said the mumps of Hajj or the Carta and don't hedger and the month of initial world. So these are specifically the eighth to the 13th of the hijab is the days of Hajj as for the 10 days of the hedger that we find that the virtue of these 10 days that there is no other days which are more

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virtuous than these 10 days, not even remember I said not even Ramadan is more virtuous, the only reason why Ramadan is more virtuous than the first 10 days of the hija is because Ramadan contains Laila to powder which is hired Roman Alfie Shahar if Ramadan did not contain them to other than these 10 days will hija will be more important and more value, well then even Ramadan. So that shows us the magnitude of these these 10 days, the first 10 days of good hedge or not these these days Excel all other days of personal excel in actions. The only Annette even a person who lose even a personal performance jihad, in Hadith in Bukhari, the action is minimalized, unless they return back

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with nothing. So these are the value of doing actions during these days. Also, inside that div, see what sort of Fajr while forgery while I yell in Azure, it because here is a list of city mentions that will yell in a harsher that these 10 nights or these 10 days is referring to the 10 days of Ville hija, which are about to begin or the day after tomorrow, we'll begin and those of us who are not performing the hajj that we need to be if we have the means to be offering the sacrifice. So the person who's offered the sacrifice that becomes our if you can say our mini hideout going into a state of ROM we don't go into complete Haram as them but we go into minister of Iran, that a person

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has the means to sacrifice an animal, the head of each household should sacrifice an animal of a person got their own job or their own wealth. They ought to sacrifice an animal whether it be a lamb, a sheep, or a cow or a camel, and somebody's gonna go to the unit to do a Cameron is better because that was a son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam because he only performed one Hajj in his life. And so you know, they begin to discuss that why did the Prophet i sub perform only one Hajj because he was only obligated in the ninth year of the Islamic calendar? The Surah how'd you reveal prior to that, and we find that ninth year and the prophets have died in the in the 10th year. So

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that's why he after the if you read the SU

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to Alfred, what the Quraysh would prevent him from coming performing the pilgrimage to come the following year. Then the Prophet Reza became the following year and he performed Hajj and he only performed one Hajj. So the Sunnah is to perform one Hajj person is able to do so there is no harm in doing that. But you know, the reason why I mentioned at the age is because some people tried to justify the need to go and perform Hajj at the end of my life.

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The reason why some people perform it at the end of their life, especially the poor people is because they don't have the means they don't have the wealth, they may have literally saved up all their life. To get to go and perform hygiene we were probably following that same path. Now the way that the cost of Hajj is getting at the moment to 8000 to 9000 10,000 pound that give a couple of years is going to be 20 Maybe maybe beyond that. So it's gonna be a person's life savings. So a personal goal and the prime of their life and they've got the money they should get they should go. They should just go and perform. Perform the hygiene even finding the performance of hijo any banal

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ombre will ombre between one long run what another ombre this forward is blessings. As I mentioned the increases in the risk and the sustenance in a person shouldn't worry that because when you become the guest of Allah's profit or loss under will take care of the of the individual. So we find a profit so we only performed in the hedge only once inside his life those of us not performing the hedge as we mentioned to offer the sacrifice. So the person makes intention to offer the sacrifice we said the profit so he offered the sacrifice of camels and some narration mentioned 100 cameras and 63 He sacrificed with his own hands and the rest of them were done by a living avatar liberal

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the altar and who the person is and sacrifice any six three cameras with his with his own hands blessing hands. So the sacrifice that we offer that we choose to select when we choose the animal it should have no defects etc. It should be a good animal, any A prime and animal etc are never discussed the various ages for the animal animal they should be at that moment in time we made that decision then we have gone inside our own state of Iran that we cannot pluck any any hair removing your hair, shave her head cut her hair, remove any hair etc cut her nails we've gone into that state of of our own Iran is personal allowed to do that when the first 10 days of HRT begin from the

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evidence from Surah Al Coulter is the shortest route inside of Cora in plain agriculture for Selena bigger one heart and perform the salah one her what not have not had means the neck. This is Kenya in the in the Arabic language for Sadiq performed the prayer one heart means to to sacrifice to offer the sacrifice or nap which is known as amo tertiary. The days of sacrifice. The days of sacrifice begin from the day of Eid. That's why the sacrifice will be called qurbani or in Arabic is called Adria is to be offered after the Eid Salah is not offered before is offered after each salad and sacrifices after that each slot likewise to eat from the meat of the odd here. So person doesn't

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eat anything during the day and eats from that meat with a number nine is the opposite. Because you've been fasting, you should leave your home eating something you shouldn't leave the home fasting because now for Ramadan is over in the days of Hajj, you should fast, refrain from eating something and to eat it from the flesh of the meat that you've you've sacrificed and Allah mentioned 1/3 to the family 1/3 for your soul, relatives 1/3 to be given to the poor people, etc. And on that day of alpha, the ninth day of Arafah the standing of RF as we mentioned that the best the other person can can make the profit as I've said that myself will profits before we proceed in May the

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same supplication is that of God that we make in the morning that we should say at least 100 times in the morning evening, lower luxury Telugu, the whole COVID on hamdu. Oahu are luckily shooting per day is the best dhikr to make on the Day of Arafah and likewise to the Hamid and daleel and test B and glorification of Allah subhanaw taala to such a degree that some of the folks have mentioned that if towards the end of the day that people got together in the masjid and began to make his dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah, some of them if you can use those words, a mildly have turned a blind eye to that, even though that was not the practice of the Prophet Elijah, Elijah to Salaam. But he

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said that because the magnitude of this day of arrival that people get together at the end of towards the end of us etc make their own supplication. They've turned a blind eye to that but the sadhana is a person should be making in secrecy, meaning privately between themselves and Allah subhanaw taala and as for this to be wrought, it's not necessarily during from the eighth to the 13th is from the beginning of the Hijjah there's another Sona which is which is abandoned so when who begins person should be walking around in the marketplace wherever the gang making to

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beadmaking Hamid praising Allah subhanaw taala in a loud voice, doesn't have to be in unison doesn't have to be together in a loud voice. For women, they don't have to raise their voices in making the tech being raw they can make it home etc, that we find they don't need to come out on the streets and make up beard which has been prescribed for the men you need to do.

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So these are some of the points about the importance of Hajj. And so for those of us who weren't able to perform it this year, or maybe not even had the intention that we should have the intention from now that we should have an intention that the next year that I want to go and perform the hajj or make a positive intention that I need to any build up the means the wealth etc make the avenue to go and perform this discovery that is obligation just like we know we have to pray, we know we have to force it should be no less of a of a feeling inside the heart. The only difference is that we just have to do it once in a year. That's where the Shah had the symbols of Allah subhanaw they're

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unique. That's why it's one Hadith I mentioned that the person asked even asked the Prophet at a source of this question could do

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every single year he kept persisting and pushing the prophet as of every year every year every year. The Prophet Isom any didn't give him any attention. And he said if I said yes, then what would happen? How do you become a fund every single year imagine half the having to perform how every single year we something sharp, suddenly difficult. That's what we need to study what is known as MacArthur, the Sharia, the intent of the stomach law, the uniqueness of the stomach glow of why certain rituals and practices are there that we just make it hard for our own self you know, I've got to go hard every year or every other year you know, I know people been going hard for 2530 years

00:31:44 --> 00:31:45

they have to go every single year

00:31:46 --> 00:32:23

and whether you should be paying for someone else to go giving them the opportunity for them to go and perform perform Hajj you know so this continues with well so think in my head was a complete waste of property to go another year ago another year ago now the year no one's heard you'll ever be complete and proper and it providing you fulfill the the rituals and rites as for any the the internal spirituality there's always going to be there's always going to be weakness in any any human being inside any their life. And as my person prays that the RV Brahim, as you mentioned, I've been at a couple Mina in the context Samuel Animoto Berlina indica and totowa Rahim Allah trying to

00:32:23 --> 00:33:12

accept it from us and pardon and look over the mistakes that we make. So Sudha and Hajj, as we began with this, this unique Surah that carries these different points of revelation inside the 78 verses. What are the main mode? What are the main topics or the main themes of the surah and there's only primary just one basic main theme of Alhaji is just read is the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala it runs through the whole of the surah. In reality, there's an embargo ship and the nullification of associating any partners with Allah subhanaw taala V. sha Allah, giving due reverence and respect to the symbols of Allah subhanaw taala is what occurs inside the surah and hello to the doula to be in

00:33:12 --> 00:33:53

a state of submissiveness and degradation in front of Allah subhanaw taala is what is the surah teaches us and likewise speaks about how Allah said it Allah speaks about the various stations of Journey to Allah subhanaw taala whether it be in the beginning of Surah speaks about the creation of the human being, and then obviously, the journey of Hajj that we find and the journey of a resurrection is was the surah generally it touches upon also the Surah it mentions many Ansel many parables are many any depictive unit imagery that the Quran mentioned as we find them somebody collected that the imagery inside the Quran was not as Masha headful Quran, the imagery inside the

00:33:53 --> 00:34:36

inside the Quran because the Quran, it speaks a language to help us to relate to certain things, you know, the Quran doesn't always speak about things which are, which are far away. So in the beginning of what I'm going to speak right in the beginning, will to be able to share behind, you've been given similar things that we look at the Quran, the names of things that we've been given in this world in South Africa, a names of things that we can relate to, that we can understand for what purpose Allah doesn't speak about an object or an ornament, which is which it is hidden, but the name of it brocades so first, any silk garments, wine, honey, water, rivers, clothing, etc, that I

00:34:36 --> 00:34:59

find are all things that we can all relate to. Obviously, we don't know the reality of them because in the Hadith, if I'd had it could see that to the Abadi manner, as well are ordered on Sunday at Walla Katara Cullowhee Basha I prepared my sermons what No, I have seen what no one that can can understand the perception of it. And no air is heard of it. No one can comprehend it. But we get these glimpses for every Abbas mentioned. Well to be

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

Not too shabby when that names are given to you in this world for you to relate to them but as for the entity that is only known by Allah subhanaw taala so the Quran doesn't it doesn't speak things far away is a form so you find the Quran is is a form of enticement for the person to to strive for these things that Allah's Mandela mentioned that's what he sort of mentioned so many parables are mentioned or at this depiction is mentioned inside this inside the surah. As a side image Josie is collected and I'm thankful Quran, approximate and possibly 80 or 90 any odd parables are mentioned so the con right in the beginning of Quran it begins with parables about speaking about the

00:35:38 --> 00:36:22

hypocrites, and about the bad example of the rat, the thunderstorm, etc, the rain that's coming and the behavior and even the verse first verse inside the Quran is actually addressing mankind, which I forgot to mention just like the surah begins where you are nurse and certainly sir because we get uns the first commandment inside the Quran in surah Al Baqarah verse 20 or so if memory serves me correctly stage Yeah, your nurse or mudra Docomo lady halacha Kumala determin publikum La La comme de taco. So that's the first commandment not to, to believers, or not to non Muslims. The first commandment is yet uns is generic all mankind. So just like this beginning of certain Nisa Yunus

00:36:22 --> 00:36:23

failure, Lord

00:36:24 --> 00:36:31

halacha Combi nevsun Wahida wahala caminhadas o Jaha obasa min humare, Jalan cathedra, when he said,

00:36:32 --> 00:37:14

addressing mankind that we created you from one male and one female, and from they were both them in Houma, and from them spread the rest of the creation. And likewise, the suitor had Yeah, goodness, fair, your Lord fair that day in Zaneta. Sir, it che on a whim. So as if it's a warning to the whole of mankind. So not just a warning to to Muslims and warning to the whole of mankind, the coming, the end of Doomsday, the Day of Judgment, Day of Resurrection, which the previous scriptures of Al Kitab is documented inside their books as well. That the hereafter is there inside the Bible is there inside the Torah. And that's why inside the surah, in it speaks, addresses the people of Al Kitab

00:37:14 --> 00:37:56

addresses to Jews, and the Christians will serve the room, while modules and the religion that existed before the Jews and the Christians will produce who believed inside the Illa have the God of evil and the God of goodness is in the belief that the Medusa that they had, and then it negates all of their belief to establish only the belief regarding the belief in Allah subhanho wa taala, so yolmer Tirana, that Heroku Lumo that in the first parable that Allah is trying to describe, whereby the pregnant woman will drop her load. So this is how the surah begins by giving this depiction that a pregnant woman will drop her load. When the day of judgment when it comes also fine, whatever,

00:37:56 --> 00:38:37

I'll add the Hamilton you sign it that they find the F will be Hamilton, it'll be silent, it'd be barren, it will be empty for the alumni test that word but when the rain comes down, it begins to move and shake the earth and it brings out his produce. So here Allah mentioned water on Earth. Tara, you visualize, you visualize the earth because these are things that we can relate you can see a barren empty land, and you can see that vegetation begins to grow. That's look inside the Quran. Allah is proud of how Allah Allah mentioned certain things if Allah Yun Verona Eden eBuddy kafer holy kotdwar In the summer kafer roofie while LG barely kafer no see, but when the advocator sooty

00:38:37 --> 00:39:00

hat, further care in dama, Anta with a care look at a hip Abu Quran is using things that the Quraysh people can read even today, it was addressing us, they look at these things around you to recognize Allah subhanho wa Taala Wamena Nursey Miyata good Allah Allah has another parable in Saudi Surah there are some people who worship Allah subhanaw taala on the edge

00:39:02 --> 00:39:39

wherever they bring the edge of a mountain cliff, which is the literal meaning and if we're going to talk about what is the deeper meaning that they worship, Allah is perfect when things are in their favor. And when things are not in their favor, then they don't worship Allah is proud I look at Allah speaking about the nature of the human being that's us. When times are good, we will happy with Allah subhanaw taala when there's obstacles, there's hardships, there's difficulties, then we're different character. You know, forget non Muslim Muslim say, Why? Why is Allah making me go through this? Why this hardship? What is difficulty? What's happening in my life here? Because Allah

00:39:39 --> 00:39:59

Subhana Allah wants to test us. That's the beginning of Surah Anca boo the 29th Chapter of Quran and if there may be a Hasib a nurse who anutric Who and your Kulu Amanda wahome la you afternoon Walcot Fernanda dinamico blame for the JA lemon Allahu La Dino Sadako Alejandra Munna Kathy been. So do you think that Allah Subhana Allah is going to leave

00:40:00 --> 00:40:06

Do you alone and not test you? So image isn't like we just read that this is what image is X, Y and Zed.

00:40:08 --> 00:40:14

That's not what the image is. Image is that when you're tested that your image and now it shines

00:40:15 --> 00:40:23

that you're able to now apply that image inside you'll adesso Allah subhanaw taala wants to see. And just like with everything else that Allah is pantalla alternate

00:40:25 --> 00:40:56

miroir key to Salah, aka to Salah the times of prayer, the times of performing hajj immediate moves from season to season, from weather to weather, difficulty to difficulties all day to see that are my servants, are they going to respond to the code or they're going to respond to the code of higher Asana early in the morning? In the summer days further is three o'clock in the morning to find beginning time around 245 Are we going to sacrifice our beds and get up? Are we going to sacrifice asleep to stay awake, willing to solitude, Asia, these are these are all challenges.

00:40:57 --> 00:41:21

Because I can guarantee you that if Salah was everyday 730 In the morning, everybody will be praying every single Muslim, whether they have bad Western good Muslim, when they're getting up in the morning, they'll pray 730 in the morning and go to their job or whatever to go to school, whatever they have to go into. But the timings are changing. That's how we don't people come and ask this question. I've got work the following day. Can I just pray Maghrib and Isha?

00:41:22 --> 00:42:00

Okay maybe once in a year that person may be even the Hadith where people use it as an evidence that the prophet Elijah meant that he combined the prayers and there was no rain there was no need. Many there enema go to review this hadith is monsoon is abrogated is one view because salah is in the Salah to Canada, many Nikita Alba Makuta prayer has been prescribed for believers set times. The other view is that this is when a dire need exists, that person has no choice. You know you're a doctor by profession, you have to go into operation for seven, eight hours, etc. Then you've got no choice to combine your present moment in time, or is it a threat or is a danger? It doesn't mean

00:42:00 --> 00:42:02

that I've got work in the morning.

00:42:03 --> 00:42:05

Or some people say to me, Oh, I'm going to miss my bus.

00:42:08 --> 00:42:15

It's truly laughable. These don't mean I don't have you don't mess up these people have come and asked this question. I will miss my bus. So can I combine my prayer?

00:42:17 --> 00:42:55

This shout out Iman a shoulder level of a level of Eman or what we think of Allah Subhana Allah you know, we handle we live in an environment whereby we're surrounded by so we massage so much of an an Islamic environment a person can stop and offer their prayers, but it shows a lack second laziness towards the symbols of Allah subhanaw taala and I'm Tara and Allah and Allah Yes, you do manifest what you want, or don't you see that everything in the heavens and earth it frustrates to Allah subhanaw taala another parable inside is Surah Danny Kazmir Nicholas a movie or a beam that these two groups of people they debate regarding Allah subhanho wa Taala another path more clear parable

00:42:55 --> 00:43:04

inside Surah OMA Ustick belay for Ghana Maha Ramana sama for Dr. 14 I'll definitely be read femur canon say

00:43:05 --> 00:43:47

you find that the person who commits Sheikh with Allah's printer Anna vaca anima Cara Mina sama is as the person is falling from the heavens falling from the sky, and a bird snatches that person or the wind blows him away to a faraway places so everybody modules you mentioned that is parallel means that shared layer you carry Buka Illa share doesn't bring you close to Allah. it drifts you further and further away from Allah subhanaw taala and this is one of my strongest parables of warning us to stay away from ship with Allah's panda another parable or another strong verses of the Quran is also to noted in Noma, you Shrek belay for cut haram Allah Allah agenda are met well known

00:43:47 --> 00:44:22

or murdered by the minimum and saw that Allah gives you severe warning in normally you should build a web of command ship with a loss from the other for God haram Allahu alayhi Jannah Allah has made it haram for the person to ever go into paradise. So we shouldn't take something trivial or light you know when especially Muslims, unfortunately they commit shit with Allah subhanho wa Taala for them also we find after them you see roofing or whatever go when travel in the earth, but when see the remnants go and see the signs the symbols of the nations that existed before that were destroyed. And likewise at the end of the surah Allah mentioned your Your nurse will deliver

00:44:22 --> 00:44:59

methadone Foster merula Who the surah ends and the final page speaks about once again yet uns O mankind, we're going to be throwing down a parable upon you first, my ruler who pay close attention to this parable is parable is what the parable of the tube of the fly that the flies take something from you, you cannot be able to remove it from the fly. Lot of valuable one mark lube, the one that is seeking and one that is sought, they are both weak. So you seek something that whoever you're seeking it from, they cannot benefit you. They cannot benefit themselves. They cannot benefit you and you the seeker

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

You cannot benefit anything

00:45:02 --> 00:45:40

malerkotla Kadri they don't give the Jew estimation that belongs to Allah subhanaw taala and aside point you know these lubob Inside the Quran the fly Baroda a naman a natural and field, I will tell uncoupled only spiders only all these animals have mentioned in the Quran Al Baqarah going study those parables constantly those passages how Allah is probably describing why is Allah subhanaw taala, disused using animals? So the modern day writers like Aesop fables, etc. And Brothers Grimm, etc, they write in why do i Why do human beings give parables via the use of animals?

00:45:41 --> 00:45:47

And one reason could be is because when you give a parable why and human to human, a human is offended.

00:45:48 --> 00:45:55

But when you give the when you show excuse my language, but you show that the animal is done, it doesn't become so offensive.

00:45:56 --> 00:46:33

So that's why the person is in tune with looking at parables. And as you can I'm 30 occurs inside the Quran that Allah gives all these parables inside inside the Quran, that we should reflect upon these parables, whether it be right from the beginning of SoTL Bacara, Allah Kuhn, the whole Surah salted Bacara even though the word Bukhara if I'm not mistaken, is only mentioned once inside or maybe three times inside the actions Surah itself is mentioned. So this is also a side point of study of of the Quran that why is Allah's kind of using certain words or certain language inside the Quran to help us to bond with Allah subhanho wa Taala so we find that Allah is prone to other it

00:46:33 --> 00:47:17

begins inside the surah dementia unit. So Takotsubo come in zealot a Sati che or Alvin O mankind. And as we mentioned this a unique beginning of the Surah An Nisa and Surah Al hajj are the only two suitors inside the Quran that begin with this hip hop. In the affair you load fate, Allah subhanaw taala speaking about the importance duckula of Taqwa Allah, what is conscious of Allah and Allah is to stick to the aware, stick to the commandments, and to stay away from them nowhere he stay away from the prohibitions. So by default, anybody who does that becomes a motorcade. So every time here you mentioned that Kulu Motoki for who are willing Allah, every person who has toquilla Fear for

00:47:17 --> 00:47:58

loss Mandela is classified as a Friend of Allah subhanaw taala carrying out the obligatory actions and avoiding the prohibitions in zilliqa Sati che on our live indeed, the coming of the shaking of the hour. So Hey, lemme begin to discuss that is it a physical shaking the earthquake as we know Xena Soto Zilla soon to Xinzheng it has zealot in outdoors in Zelda, the whole surah is called the earthquake the shaking that will that will take place to the end of time will it be the physical shaking that will take take place the physical earthquake and again to discuss whether earthquake will be after resurrection or before resurrection. So intricate discussion takes place and works at

00:47:58 --> 00:48:38

the facility emotionally to goes to the view highlights that there is no shaking of the earth. It's just the whole atmosphere. The whole atmosphere that will be one of Rob one of hope, when affair so it's giving that depiction that the whole environment be that we there'll be that fear in the heart of the of the individual that's why we find Zilla it carries the meaning of hard rock something which moves it Taarab or the movement or the movement of plates of the earth which causes earthquakes uni upon for many times that the Quran Allah speaks about any as we mentioned it as zealot in outdoes Zanda the earthquake that will take place towards the end of time or other place

00:48:38 --> 00:49:16

adequate under speaks about Yanni the earthquake that will take place and this is how the dunya couple of young payments as Imam Tabari speaks about southeast of seed, this will be on the day judgment of before the day judgment be upon the earth as one amongst the minus signs. Minus on the Day of Judgment is weak. Deathrattle De LaSalle excessive earthquakes on the earth is amongst the minus signs prelude to the major signs of the Day of Judgment. So when excessive earthquakes begin to take place, we can see how earthquakes are building up in various locations in across the globe, whether it be the Far East, whether it be Turkey, whether it be Pakistan that we find, we find all

00:49:16 --> 00:49:30

these tsunamis earthquakes are taking place all gradually increasing. If we go towards the west towards America, etc. They find tornadoes there. Earthquakes that take place there. It's all there. So we'll build up only slight build up towards excessive

00:49:31 --> 00:49:54

Zazzle is science any author of the day judgment. So we find that even you can see he begins to narrate various narrations speaking about money the last day speaking about the importance of the last day or about being worried about the last day and you find a new Mr. raishin that we find that on the last day will happen that Allah Allah will say to take out from any every

00:49:55 --> 00:49:59

This is a me it. What is our own Ilana? That

00:50:00 --> 00:50:43

From every 1000 sent 999 to the Hellfire on one to paradise. So obviously the Companions got worried, you know from from every 1000 Holy one person is going to go to paradise. And so the Prophet Elisa gave that reassure at that the 999 is going to be from the people of Judah and George, that the majority of dead people will be going to the hellfire and some narration and mentioned that this OMA will be nice. Jana will be half the people have a first robe a quarter in the first so yeah. Third, then a quarter, then we half of the people of Ghana are most of the people of Ghana will be we will be dishonor the home of the Prophet, at least seven Hadith and it also mentioned

00:50:44 --> 00:51:21

there'll be recognized like a white strand like a white hair, a white patch on a Black Bull on a black box or the opposite in your white strand on a blackboard. Whichever way you take the wording of the Hadith understanding meaning it will stand out will be recognized as the OMA of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that we will recognize as his OMA so we're going to be the last or we're going to be the greatest OMA, that's another narration of the Prophet ism he looked and he saw a vast OMA and he thought that was his nation. He said no, that's the Omar Musa alayhis salam. Then when you look to the towards the right or the other direction he saw He saw his nation. What a great nation

00:51:21 --> 00:51:35

or a nation be encompassing all the previous nations that existed before. But as we mentioned, the hadith is speaking about the majority of people that were going towards any entering into the hellfire. So we find that what will the state of people be

00:51:36 --> 00:52:16

in on the day and the day of judgment? That that you see the people that judgment in the compassion Allah Yama, Yama who fatten or rotten orkla You'll be coming to the judgment. Stand in front Allah is proud to Allah in a state of *, and circumcised barefooted individuals. come about that now come to the start, we will get began with you. We're going to return you back in that state. So I'm not sure I should ask the question that you know won't people be will be people a shame you're worried what state they're in. And the profit as I mentioned in the number, I Shadman DELIC, their face is far more severe than a person is going to be thinking about the person that's next and what

00:52:16 --> 00:52:57

their state and what how they're dressed or whether they're not dressed, they won't be worried about that. So this is how the sooner it begins. But speaking about the Day of Judgment is where we find the main theme inside the Quran is speaking about the Day of Judgment, for what intent to arouse fear and preparation for the last day. That's the for why that's the benefits. Why the Quran repeats itself speaking about the last day is to create that fear of Allah subhanaw taala and create the awareness of obeying Allah subhanaw taala. And going towards the good things Allah's pantallas vention yo Mata Ragna that Hello Kulu Muda. On that day, you're going to see that the woman that

00:52:57 --> 00:53:14

Hello tense our truck, that the pregnant woman is going to for the pray for that a woman who is breastfeeding is going to forget what she is feeding. So head, it doesn't say more, the more that means a woman who breastfeeds

00:53:15 --> 00:53:29

the Quranic language is unique, it says more they are tune with a term or both at the end meaning in that state of feeding her baby, or feeding a child, that there is no way that any woman

00:53:30 --> 00:53:35

while the baby is suckling, that she will pull it away and throw it away.

00:53:36 --> 00:54:08

There is no way and a human nature or motherly nature that she would do that. But look how accurate the Quran is not saying a woman who breastfeeds is saying that in that physical state more they are tune, she is physically feeding the child, she is going to remove the child with cancer that Hello, she's going to talk abandoned and leave it pay no attention to it when they find that day comes, what are the Kulu that the humbling habla and every pregnant woman will drop her load.

00:54:10 --> 00:54:53

And once again, whether it be physically and is going to be provably medically as well that if certain things happen to a woman towards the end of pregnancy, in a whether it be a car accident, whether it be bad news, or some form of calamity, it can upset her and it can cause her to lose her child. So looking at a depiction of the Quran centuries ago, given this depiction, whether we take it literally in that sense, or whether we take it just as an image that what will happen on that day. What are Anessa Saqqara, you're going to see people in a state of of drunk drunkenness and under Clara Ouattara NASA cetera both coders say meaning Ouattara NASA Sakara YMMV Sakara while our

00:54:53 --> 00:54:55

kin are there, but Leisha de they're not going to be drunk.

00:54:56 --> 00:54:59

Yeah, running helter skelter lost their minds.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:14

It's not because of drunkenness that they lost their minds that happens to people when they get drunk is the is the punishment on that day that coming of your Matsuyama that will make people lose their mind that you'd like to think that water as you can sort of carry

00:55:16 --> 00:55:41

your Mucuna Natsu Telfer Roshan Baba fouth people are going to be like moths scattered down towards the light running in all directions is going to happen when ultium when when it when it happens on that day so that's how the soul is beginning of giving this this imagery to us to prepare a mind but unfortunately we find there's going to be people want me to nurse him in New Jersey do feel liability element or your color shape on the married.

00:55:42 --> 00:55:59

Look how strange is that last point that goes I mentioned when when a nursing menu judge you fill out a behavior and these people are going to come and dispute regarding allotment without any knowledge. So one of the clearest meanings of these verses because the verse begins we're speaking about the de judgment there's going to be people going to come and do what they don't believe that their judgment

00:56:01 --> 00:56:15

even though the source to speak about what Tara you'll see this you see that etc. That's when you find that this this belief in this atheistic belief that we find or these people the rejection of inherent that we find they say we we only believe in that which we see.

00:56:16 --> 00:56:27

So we can see something we believe in it. So that's why some of them they took Mercury not a Mercury moves in the slightest don't use science specialists. They placed it inside a grave.

00:56:28 --> 00:56:35

And they dug up the grave and it didn't move there's no punishment of the grave. There's no punch of great ways punishment, the grave.

00:56:36 --> 00:57:00

There's a one of the scientists or one of these philosophies, these three these thinkers that you know they, they boast about Karl Marx and all these other people that we find these great Vinny philosophers and thinkers. So the university you know, he's trying to say look, you see this table, when you see a table, you know, that person must have made this table. When you see this chair, you know, somebody was adult this chair, when you see this microphone, you know that somebody must have built this microphone? Can you see God?

00:57:02 --> 00:57:03

So, you know, there's no God.

00:57:04 --> 00:57:16

So the young students said, to employ this, you know, early 50s 60s, etc, we don't have this modern day technology said to me, you know, you know, you know, teacher Professor, can we see your brain?

00:57:18 --> 00:57:21

Can we see your brain today said no, then then you don't have a brain.

00:57:23 --> 00:57:57

You know, so even a small child can dumbfound these intellectual progressive, the Quran is unique, you know, people have gone all the way to the moon and still still can't believe in Allah subhanaw taala What more do you want to see your life? You know, they spent billions and they still don't recognize the Creator. And all these signs, and Allah has praised him sunreef TNF alpha ki Wolfie and fusi him had yet to belong. And now we're going to show them as signs until they, they know this is a truth thing, the atmosphere is enough. Seeing the atmosphere for last month is enough to show that there is a Holic there is a there is a Creator. So we're going to nurse him when you judge to

00:57:57 --> 00:58:23

do fillet by the element or attribute called the shaytaan Marine. So they begin to follow every any every shape on shape on marine hydrogen, a TA any person who's calling to falsehood or whatever, maybe they begin to follow the person. So that's fine importance of knowledge of knowing what we believe in. That's why it's very sad that as Muslims we don't know what our email and what I believe is that as most of you said that some of us most have become superstitious

00:58:24 --> 00:59:05

that we become superstitious in it don't you know, black cat is coming my way is bad luck. If you don't fall on the floor, you know, who you know broke the mirror seven years bad luck. The Muslims who have this become superstitious you know, there's not there's not Muslim creed and unbelief, that will this own elements of Sheikh belief Subhanallah and and people are calling towards this as well calling people to have David corrupt beliefs or calling towards weakening the ability just reset if you read the Quran, you find it nothing but full of belief regarding Allah Subhana Allah quotevalet A No mentor, well, lo for unknown you didn't know where you're at in other bits. It's been written

00:59:05 --> 00:59:41

down whoever follows shaytaan or follows a misguided individual then that individual, the end of the individual you dilute or Yachty in other beside that individual that person they follow will misguide them and lead them to either be salary and salary is one of the names of Jana which you mentioned inside they need the Quran. Inshallah we'll we'll stop the inshallah and next we try to complete the rest of the series of Surah Al Hajj, inshallah continued next week inshallah Baraka Luffy Kuma Kula Cody had was thoughtfully welcome. Origin means to me InfraStop Pharaoh in Moldova for Rahim

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