Tawfique Chowdhury – Twins of Faith Show – Day 7 – Zakat and Charity

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The hosts of The twins of faith show a segment on sads, which refers to a group of people who either don't or carelessly give charity. The speakers emphasize the importance of having a strong stance on one's stance in Islam, including not being afraid to give charity. They also discuss a man who gave a gift of a valley of sheep to a deceased Islamist and later sold it to a orphan. The speakers stress the importance of giving in charity, citing a study, and talk about the difficulty of staying in a house for 500 years outside of men and the people.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to another episode of The twins of faith show the show all about gaining knowledge and acting upon it. I'm your host Dean. And as always, we have Chef tawfik tillery. How are you doing chef from de la? de la. Now our viewers, our topic for today is sadaqa charity, giving charity and giving charity to everyone now Shay, what is giving charity sadaqa in Islam. So the call comes with the word sick, which means truthfulness. Right? And it was derived from the word set, because charity actually is a sign of set a sign of truthfulness, truthfulness, to what truthfulness to many things truthfulness of your love for your brother,

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truthfulness of the presence of a man in your heart, truthfulness of the love for the hereafter rather than the love for this dunya. So because you attesting to the truthfulness of all of these things, saw the car was called sadhaka. Because ultimately, it's a it's a testimony of truthfulness towards these things that you possess in your heart. Right. So now we've given the explanation of what they Celica. But what is what's the difference between sada charity and Zika? What is the difference there between the two? Well, you know, sometimes are unused and simultaneously uses them users sometimes when Allah says

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that he means the sort of, or the greatest, or the average is charity, which is the obligatory charity, which is a cut. And in fact, it was used for that purpose originally. Thereafter, when there's a cut was made clear of how much the cut is due. Then thereafter, after anything on beyond that was called sadhaka. And that which was the obligatory amount was specifically called the cat. So is giving charity in general obligation or just Zakat, the part of the cat well, initially before the cat was made obligatory in its current form, to give charity in general was obligatory, and Allah said that in the Quran, initially, right after Salah was made obligatory, then a portion of

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wealth from our income and our wealth was made obligatory to give to those people in need. When Allah says in the Quran, Murphy and worldly him have come along this room, and in their wealth is an amount well known for those who asked and those who are

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those people who are close to you. So, so this was revealed in Makkah, this was before the cat was made in its present form the 2.5% and the X amount of sheep in X amount of sheep, etc. All of these things will make clear that only happened in Medina but before that general saga was made obligatory upon upon believers as a testimony of their love and the affection for their brothers and the testimony of their their love for the hereafter. Okay, that's amazing as always a very comprehensive explanation. Now, can you give us an example of how the pious predecessors were concerned about the cat and how they prioritized it? Well, you know, the pious predecessors, they understood the real

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importance of zakat. They understood how important Zakat really was. And they remember that that the prophet SAW alone was the most charitable of all, in fact, and authentic hadith Rasulullah Selim had been abuzz with the alarm who said Karna Rasulullah seldom mean a god naswa con Agra de Maya Kofi Ramadan Hina yokocho jabril for you there is an authentic hadith in Bukhari where even the best of the Allahu said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was the most charitable of people and he was even more charitable than the legal masala he was more charitable than a wind that comes with it numerous blessings rain and and and beautiful weather etc. And he was even more charitable in Ramadan. So not

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only was he the most charitable of people in Ramadan, he was even more charitable than that. And to give you an example, how charitable the Profit System was, the prophets of Salaam used to say that I don't wish that Allah gives me a mountain or herd of gold in the morning, except that by nightfall, I've given everything out in the cause of Allah. And other authentic hadith the prophet SAW Selim, right after he finished a short prayer Normally he would make Vicar and make dua to Allah azza wa jal, but then he rushed back home and then the prophets of cinema came back right after that. So the companions of the others who love what happened, he said, as I was praying, I remembered that I had

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a gold coin in my house, and I didn't want

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Time to pass it said that I had given it away in charity and the prophets of Salaam You know, he was so charitable that he used to tell billon and beloved was a was was not a very wealthy man. He used to tell bill I said bill, unfair Karnataka in the last year kilala. He used to say below, give and don't be afraid that the one who possesses the throne will ever, ever withhold from you, meaning Allah will give you Allah will not keep you in poverty. Allah hasn't always looked after us. So why are we so afraid of giving in charity? another third, Khadija man came to the Prophet Solomon, he was a messenger from another tribe, and the prophets of Salaam gave him Dawa, he accepted Islam. And

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they gave him a gift and the gift was an amazing gift. I mean, if you think about it, it blows your mind the way he gave him, a valley of sheep of Valley sheep. Wow. You can imagine how much sheep there was. Hundreds and hundreds of sheep. Yeah, hundreds of sheep as a gift, as a gift, any look at the generosity of this poor prophet of God, that He would give some handler without even thinking any not being worried, you know? And this is why this man went back to his people and said, comas, limo, limo, all my people except Islam except Islam for him now Mohammed and your theater Rajan like Shakur, verily, Mohammed gives the giving of a man who does not feel poverty.

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And that is to have a word like that as well. There was a man with the name of a Buddha, or the Allahu anhu, who gave his whole origin in the cause of Islam. One of the orphans wanted to what needed a property and he had, there was a particular date palm tree, that the the offer needed. And the man who had the date palm tree just wouldn't sell it to the orphan. And the orphan came to the profitsystem started crying and saying, I need that date palm tree, the man just wouldn't sell it. So the province of offered him a lot of money to sell, it still wouldn't sell it. So I bought that had the best date palms in all of Medina, he went to the solar system. And he heard about this

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situation, he went to the to the guy and said, Oh, so and so would you want 1000 date palm trees that has the most beautiful dates in all of Medina, for that one date pump that one day pump. And the man agreed, he was like, what, who's crazy enough to do this. And so at that point, the man gave, gave his date pump and gave his whole date pump to the cause of Lhasa budget. And so the provinces, smiled and smiled, and he said, Come in, how many beautiful day palm trees are there for Buddha in general. You know, as this is a spirit of sadaqa This is a spirit of soda that you give any don't care, you give and you don't care because you know, a level of coffee. You see my brothers

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and sisters in Islam and to Afridi, we live at a time when we're all wealthy with all due respect, we are either affluent or rich, or we have means hamdulillah beyond what our needs are. Our needs are x but humble. Allah has given us why you know what I'm saying. So all of us has, you know, more wealth than, than perhaps what we absolutely basically need right? So in all truth we become from the rich, or we become not from at least we're not the poor, that had the thorough solar system is very clear that the the poor will enter Jannah before the rich four by 500 years. How so? Because I mean, look at the difficulty has given them, they don't have much money, they don't have much

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wealth. So unless pantalla in His justice will allow the poor to enter Jenna, before the rich by 500 years. Now this is a predicament for you and me with all due respect, because for 500 years, we'll be outside of gentlemen, can you imagine that? I mean, this life is of what 30 4050 years of this life, and we live in a in a house, and then we want to go to another bigger house or better house. We can't take it that our house is rundown. How are we going to stay 500 years outside of gentlemen smelling the beautiful gender, hearing the people and the screams of laughter and joy and gender and must be prevented from gender. How can we do that the prophecies have said that the rich will wait

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outside of gentlemen for 500 years before the poor except except for the one that gives him

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