3 Great Deeds That Will Benefit You Even After Your Death

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AI: Summary © The importance of working on charity projects after death is discussed, including creating a wall of doom to protect from evil influence and earning rewards and deeds from those who work on them. The speaker emphasizes saving money and staying on the side of the project to avoid losing rewards and deeds. The importance of learning about Islam, social media, and three things for sharing good news and benefit is emphasized. It is encouraged to work on these projects and not be stingy on oneself.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Lee or Saudi Marine,

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my brothers and sisters in Islam as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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when Allah subhanahu wa taala described death and remote in the Quran, he said for our sobre como su Eva to remote, that the calamity of death

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afflict you.

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And so Allah azza wa jal described death as a calamity. Nothing has been specifically described as a calamity other than death for sobre como su Eva to note, and it is obvious for why death is a calamity for those of your family that are around you. Because the family after your death, they grieve their said

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and they the end they they mourn the loss of their loved one. So it is known how death is a calamity for your relatives and your family and your friends, because they said, But how is death a calamity for the person who died? How is death a calamity for the one who died Allah azza wa jal he said for a solid comb mostly but to remount the calamity of death has struck you Oh dying person. How is death a calamity for the one who died. You see, Yanni this is very simple. In the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam in an authentic hadith he said, If I met up know Adam and Papa I'm alone. When the Son of Adam dies, all his deeds come to an end. This is why death is a calamity for the dead person.

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Because all his deeds an opportunity to earn her SONET have ended.

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All of it has ended. Now the eyes you cannot use them to look at the sky and read the Quran.

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You cannot use your E to listen to what is pleasing to Allah. Listen to the Quran you cannot do that anymore. You cannot use your tongue the dying person cannot use his tongue the dead person cannot use his tongue to Say Subhan Allah once Subhan Allah would have given you a mountain of Hassan it. The dead person cannot use his hands to open up Quran. The dead person cannot use his feet to walk to adversarial and to work to that which is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala that's it either. Mehtab no Adam in Papa Amato, when the son of Adam dies, all his good deeds come to an end. That's it, you cannot learn the pre you can no longer files you cannot give sadaqa you cannot do any of the

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good that you used to do when you are alive. Therefore death is a calamity because the book of good deeds closes finished. That's it, Allahu Akbar. Then there is hope in this hadith and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it means salah, except three things. If you were to work on three things right now, and you correct them right now. Then after your death, they remain channels and rivers of Hassan air that continue to flow into your grave, Allahu Akbar. Even what I want to discuss with you from this hadith are three huge great investment projects that you and I are supposed to be working on right now. So that when we die, which is certain everyone will die could

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laughs in the cartoon mode when we die.

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These three things will continue to be a source of good deeds and Hassan ad that continue to flow in our graves as we leave there, waiting for the day of judgment. Allahu Akbar, and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the first thing that will benefit you and will be a source of good deeds for you after your death. He said, so the cartoon geria Allahu Akbar, a continuous charity, an ongoing charity. What this means is that right now, as you are alive, you're supposed to work on charity deeds. You're supposed to work on charity projects that you establish now in your life before your death. And then everyone who benefits from your charity project, you will earn her Senate and after

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you die, so long as people are still benefiting from your charity work. You continue to earn her Senate Allahu Akbar. This is what is meant by sada pattern geria solder kajaria A continuous charity it refers to I'll work as an Imam and now I know we are Hema Allah mentioned Well, what is an endowment? So, the first project that you're supposed to be working on right now is

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ask yourself the question, what is your charity project? Some people the purchase

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masala if Quran and they put them in, massage it around your country wherever you live where every country you visit, go and buy a Quran and put it in a masjid everyone that reads from this Quran, you will earn her Senate and when you die whoever is reading from this Quran, you will continue to earn Hassan ad as you're in your grave Allahu Akbar.

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Some people build, massage it, build the masjid everyone who prays in this masjid, and everyone who does vicar of Allah in this masjid and every door in this masjid, every solid in this masjid, every good that is done in this Masjid every hope but Juma that is done in this Masjid. Every walk that is made in this masjid, you earn Hassan and as you are alive, and even after your death, it continues to flow in your grief. So each and every single one of us must work on a charity project, what I suggest is, think of something, it could be a school, a masjid, a well,

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it could be an orphanage, it could be anything. And save every single week, save your pneumophila if you want to build a masjid, that will cost 30,050 60,000 American bowls, let's say whatever it is, every single week, save put some money on the side. And this money that you're putting is for your soda geria for your work for your endowment project for your charity project, put an amount on the site every week. So that once you've got the total amount to build a masjid, or the total amount to build a school, or the total amount to build a well, whatever it is, then you go and you pay it with the intention that this is a solid for Allah.

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And in hope that so long as people are benefiting from it, you continue to earn your house Senate. And when you die, people continue to benefit from it. You continue to earn her Senate a river of asset that flows in your grave after your death, Allahu Akbar it and that's the first thing sadaqa jariya work on this, my brothers and sisters work on it. There are three keys doesn't matter, continue to save, put it on the side, and then pay it and go and get for yourself a project. Now well hamdulillah there is plenty of opportunity around the world. That's the first thing. The second thing that you should be working on right now. That will be a source of Hassan Ette after your

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death, and there is Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says, a wall of doom saw a little near the ruler, a righteous child that continues to make dua for you. A righteous child that makes dua for you. After your death, you continue to earn reward and Hassan it as you leave it in your grief, Allahu Akbar. And so this is actually very beautiful. What this means is that interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is teaching us that the righteous child we have in this life. And he mentioned righteous, because the dua of a righteous person is closer to being accepted than other than a righteous and a child, the best best person,

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and the most beneficial from any person on earth after your death is a righteous child.

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And this includes your direct children, whether they are boys or girls. And it also includes your children's children, so your grandchildren, and so on, and their children, and it continues to go down Allahu Allah, and how many generation you see one righteous child that you bring up in his life, and his children and his children and his children, it goes down, centuries, perhaps you're dead in your grave. And you continue to have and your children continue to have to continue to have children seven, eight generations later, if there is still a righteous child among them, that is making dua for his parents that would include you and it becomes a source of hazard for you in your

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grave and benefit Allah.

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And it also includes the dua of others, but the dua of others is not as effective and beneficial for the dead person, then his righteous child. So the second thing you're supposed to be working on, is raising righteous children that would remember you after your death in there,

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and that you teach your righteous children, for them to teach their children to continue to make dua for you. After your death. Allahu Akbar. That's the second project. And this is a huge project for Allah He my brothers and sisters in Islam, those who have children

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Make sure you're bringing them

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in an Islamic manner, in a righteous manner. Teach them a diet that they can make for you. As you're alive and after your death, teach them to make a diet or build fairly well usually the orbera Burnham who may come out of bed in Saphira. Teach them this to make sure you're building righteous children, upright children, honest children, children that are raised upon Islamic morals and manners and character. This is a project. You do this in hope that if these righteous children outlive you, and they live way after your death every time they make dua for you. This is a source of Hasselblad flowing into your grief and Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam he says that a person

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might be raised levels and he is raised levels in the Paradise.

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So this person would say to Allah, why am I being ascended levels in the Paradise he doesn't know? So Allah azza wa jal would say to this person be still fairly well Adicolor.

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Because this righteous child, the left in this life is making dua for you. He's asking Allah to forgive you. And as a result, the parents are going up levels in the Paradise and they have no idea where it came from. And the answer was that it came from the righteous child's diet, Allahu Akbar, in then your second project that you should be working on right now is children. spend on your children, teach them on Quran, teach them the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Don't neglect your children. The father and the mother. Both of you are responsible to bringing righteous children and to teaching your children al Islam both of you are responsible. This is not just the

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mother's work or the father's work. This is both of you. Interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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Kulu, Qumran. All of you are shepherds. All of you have a leadership responsibility or could look on masala notoriety, and all of you will be held accountable on the day of judgment for those who you are in for those who you are in authority over. And then in the sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says what rasool Allah and Phoebe D were schooled on Allah Yeti, and the Father is responsible. He's a leader in the House and he will be questioned about those in the house, about his wife and children. And then in the resolve Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, while model Atolla Yeah, tune fee, Beatty Alia wa Missoula tonnara, Yeti and the woman, she is in leadership and authority in her husband's house

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and over the children, and she will be questioned about her responsibility for the hadith is very clear that the father and the mother are both responsible to making sure that their children are nurtured and raised upon Islamic character, and Islamic values and morals and manners. It's the responsibility of both. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the second biggest investment project is supposed to be working on. And that is raising your children upon Islam, so that when they're righteous, and you die, and they make dua for you, it benefits you after your death Laquan. And the third and final matter, that would benefit the believer after his death, and would become a

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source of her SONET and a river of Hassanal that continues to flow into your grave after your death. When Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, our Illman interfor will be beneficial knowledge that people benefit from. So that means the third biggest project you're supposed to be working right now on is to leave behind your beneficial knowledge. He mentioned some Allahu alayhi wa sallam beneficial knowledge. Because knowledge is of two types, there is non beneficial knowledge and beneficial knowledge. If you leave behind non beneficial knowledge that will damage you after your death. That perhaps would be a source of since after your death, if you left harmful knowledge

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behind. If you left knowledge of innovation, and your spirit innovation and your spirit lie against the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we need to be careful. So you need to be working on spreading beneficial knowledge in this life. So that when you die,

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whoever benefits from anything you spread that he's beneficial and implements it in his life.

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earn great has entered for this and it becomes a source of good deeds for you in your grave Allahu Akbar. And Allah, I don't know how people understand this part of the Hadith. Some people assume that this part of the Hadith, leaving behind beneficial knowledge is only for scholars. This is only for the people of knowledge for the preachers of Islam for enrollment. And as general people, what kind of beneficial knowledge can we leave behind, don't have this understand this is wrong, this is absolutely wrong understanding. Each and every single Muslim has some knowledge that is beneficial. Whatever it is, doesn't have to be a lot of knowledge could be anything, anything, go and look for a

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Muslim, and teach him salt and Fatiha, a Muslim that does not know how to read salted Fatiha, teach him salt and Fatiha teach her salt and fat.

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So that means when this person learns a little fatter, every single time he recites it,

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in his or her Salette.

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During your life, and after your death, you earn Hassan Earth

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and if they teach it to others, then they earn her Senate and you earn her Senate as well. Because you're the one that taught so little Fatiha to that person.

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And that becomes a source of hustle net for you in your grave after your death. Do not be stingy on the knowledge you have. So many people are stingy with what they have of knowledge. You know, and this is any a Western mentality. The western people are those who are greedy when it comes to knowledge, you know, they'll sell their course for $200 to come and listen to to something else of experience and wisdom. So they call it right, selling books or whatever it is. But as Muslims, we are generous when it comes to Islamic knowledge generous. Share it with the world share it, there is nothing small. There is nothing no Oh ALLAH look, you know what, this is a very minor teaching of

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Islam, who's going to listen to me? And why am I going to preach it? Don't have this attitude. Share it with young children at the masjid. Go to your worship and see someone there sit with him and teach him something that you know of the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And I want to share with you here a very beautiful story that I've heard before. About an old man that lived in the Arab land in Saudi Arabia and old men.

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And he wants attended a masjid old men living next to the masjid. He always praised his five daily prayers at this masjid.

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And one time the Imam was sharing a hadith with the congregation after the prayer and he shared with them. A Hadith Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Kelly Mitanni Haviv attorney Alan Lee said there are two phrases that are very light on the tongue appeal attorney Filmmuseum they are very heavy on the skill heavy and has entered on the skill. Have you been attending elopement and two phrases that are most beloved to the Most Merciful Allah solution? What are these two phrases that Allah loves and they are heavy in the scale and light on the tongue? Subhan Allah Hua Hamdi Subhan Allah and

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this is what the Imam shared with the congregation. This old man, it was the very first time he ever heard this hadith in his life. So he went to the Imam excited and happy and he said to him, Allahu Akbar, share, please repeat this hadith for me. I want to memorize it before I leave the Masjid. Phil Imam began to repeat this hadith Kaleem attorney of youth attorney Allah listen and he repeated this hadith 5678 10 times until this old man memorize the Hadith. Then this old man, he would not see anyone except that he will say to him come, I just want one minute from your time. I want to teach you something. Did you know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there are two

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words two phrases that are light on the tongue heavy on the scale beloved to Allah azza wa jal Subhanallah Subhanallah he lovely. And he will go from one person to another in the masjid, in the shopping malls in the supermarket, at school, wherever he is in the taxi, in the bus anywhere he went. He will see two people give me one minute of your time I want to share with you a beautiful Hadith and he will tell them this hadith. He spread knowledge. Look at this. He just had one Hadith that I'm sure all of us know.

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Allahu Akbar. And then at the end of his life when he was dying,

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they took him to the hospital, even on his hospital bed. The nurse would come he would say to her nurse give me one minute. I want to tell you have a hadith and he would see the Hadith. And the doctor would come and he would tell him the Hadith and if

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These people did not understand Arabic he would get a translator to translate the Hadith for these people. And he died. Allahu Akbar. Imagine what kind of beneficial knowledge this person left and how much has an earth he is earning in his grave right now, for every single person who he taught this hadith and they continue to see Subhan Allah and obey humbly in their life. Now, every single person who says Subhan Allah who are behind the Subhan, Allah who love him, that did not did not know about this hadith. And this old man had taught them or reminded them, they earn her Senate and he earns her Senate. What a powerful, what a powerful concept. Do not be stingy with knowledge you

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have any piece of information you have, share it, spread it, with your family, with your friends. And make sure your family first because how can it be that your family are the closest to and you don't share anything with them? Share with your family, because they're your number one responsibility. And then share with the world share with people.

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Make a post, share it on your social media use social media for that. This is what social media should be used for among the Muslim community.

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Not stupid things that people have, unfortunately, used social media for a little clip of you dancing. Are you making some kind of strange voice and having a voice over off some disbeliever that he's saying something whatever it is, voice,

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voice overs? What for? What is this? How is this going to benefit you on the day of judgment

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of Allah I tell you people are sick and they are lost on social media. We ask Allah social, to give them the ability to make a Toba and to use their social media for that which will benefit them and benefit others. When Allah when you spread beneficial knowledge, you are benefiting yourself first before others. Because you are creating for yourself a source of Hassan net when you die.

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You're investing for yourself, so that when you die, anyone who benefits from the from from the beneficial knowledge that you spread anyone who benefits from it and applies it. You earn a Senate as you're alive and after your death.

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Make a create an account on social media and dedicate this account only for this project. Only to post beneficial knowledge nothing else. Or to share or re upload whatever it is.

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Do good. Do good for yourself. You're benefiting yourself before others think of this. This is a project you're supposed to be working on for yourself. You're the one who will earn the revenue and the profits from it in this life and after your death. So don't be stingy on yourself. The one who has knowledge and doesn't share it. He is being stingy upon himself before he stingy upon the people. Whilst Kumar social to put back in our work, we asked him Subhanahu wa Taala to accept from us all. And this is the end of the lesson. This is what I wanted to share with you work on these three things my brothers and sisters, charity project

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righteous children, your children are the most important project for you right now in this life. And we sit charity project your children and beneficial knowledge work on these three things. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to work on these three things. And we ask him subhanho wa Taala that that except from us our efforts, and we asked him SubhanaHu wa that to forgive our sins and our shortcomings in the holier veliko Powderly or SallAllahu wasallam or Baraka Allah Nabina Muhammad him while he was a big marine