A Woman Who Corrected the Caliph Umar (RA) #40 For Her

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Multiple hubbub. One day, he noticed that the people they started to increase the dowry during their times, it started to become very, very unreasonable in terms of the amount that they were demanding from the men. So he got up on the phone, and he said, Do not make the dowries very expensive, okay.

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And he said, Oh people,

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why do you increase the dowry? So much of your woman?

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And the dowry of the prophets? I'll send them women, and also all of the combat companions, they used to be no more than 400, dead humps. Okay, there would be no more than 400 silver coins, in other words, or less than that 400 or less.

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And he said, if there was something good in having a very, very extravagant dowry, then the Sahaba. And of course, he's in the time of the Sahaba. But some of them have passed away already, then the Sahaba and then the prophets Allah Salaam, they would have done it before all of you, okay? They would, you wouldn't have been the first one to do it. Rather, they would have done it. Then he warned them. And he's that mutable, meaning at this time, right, is the leader of the believers at this time. And he said, I don't want to hear of anyone giving Gary more than 400. He's warning everybody that I don't want to hear of anyone giving more than 400 in doubt. Now, he got off. And

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then there was this very intelligent woman. She was there and she stopped a little help up. Now he's a leader of the believers. Imagine someone doing that now to the leader of a

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right, so she stopped the leader of the believers. And she said, Oh, ameerul momineen. I hear that you've told people not to give a very large amount to women as their diaries more so than 400. Nothing more than 400. He said, Yes. That's what I've said.

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So he said, haven't you heard what Allah Subhana Allah revealed in the Quran?

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She spoke back to a medieval kebab in this way, and he's muted more meaning at that time is the second Caliph, and he's the one who the prophets are seldom said, Dr. Davila, the human body, she's a daring woman. So she went and spoke to her mother in this way. And she said, haven't you heard what Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran and said, What did he say? He couldn't remember this verse. So

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she said, didn't you hear that Allah subhana wa tada said, If you give it in thought to one of them, then don't take that pinbar back. Are you taking it back in a sinful and in a wrong manner? Right? So ermelo hubub said, Oh, Allah, forgive me.

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Oh, Allah, forgive me, who knew nasci of common among everyone in the world is more knowledgeable than Omar, he said that, at that moment as a way of teaching himself a lesson that he made a mistake or a little hubbub. And he turned back from that mistake immediately. Then he went back on the member and he said, I told you not to go over 400 in your in your mouths.

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Now whoever wishes to give, let them give whatever they want. Okay? So it's this authentic by the tradition, even Catholic considered it authentic and is tipsy. So it's permissible to give whatever you want, but it's best not to go Hi.