Starting To Understand Our Bad Habits – Vlog 9 – 40 Days To Umrah

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As a como Rahmatullah Peace be upon you, around you, and may begin to emanate within your thoughts within yourselves, within your moment to moment awareness and within your gut within what you eat daily, may there be Salam around you and make it come out from within you. As salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu branches, we're now on day nine, yesterday kind of opened up that idea of changing some of our habits, we're not looking at good or bad, we're not looking at addicted or not addicted, because then everyone's going to everyone's gonna have their two cents. No, I'm not a doctor, no, I don't have bad habits, we're going to look at things that you want to take control

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over, we're going to look at not only identifying a habit, identifying something that you want to take control over. So are you addicted to Netflix? Are you addicted to X, Y, or Z? Maybe not, but why not pull it under control, and then have it as a tool, meaning everything that you do as a quote unquote, bad habit, it's gonna make you feel good. So before we jump ahead, what I'd like to do in day nine, pre O'Meara prep, what are we doing? We're gonna try to identify for three days, if you can write down a daily journal. So activity number one, I'll have you doing it during O'Meara anyway. Can you make a daily journal where you write down the things you're doing? And if you can't

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get that far, at the end of the day, can you write down some activities, some things that bothered you? Like, everyone's got a different bad habit, but I want us to start identifying and getting past once we write down what we're doing for two or three days, and I'll do that with you. I want to get past whether it's hookah or whether it's, I don't want to name a habit, because then you're going to categorize and you're a you have just judged someone who, who, who has a different problem than you. And B, you're going to try to solve the problem. And yesterday said, if you make mistake, feel guilty about it, and then you do not,

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you're not set yourself up to form the habits of success, then guess what, you're gonna say I stuck for a lot of stuff for a while, I'm never going to do it again, you're gonna feel guilty, you're gonna set yourself up have the same trigger that leads to the habit batter good, the same triggered leads to the same habit, we're going to need to set up some new anchors. So now, maybe we're not going to identify and get rid of your bad habit, maybe we're going to figure out why it is that we're doing it. And what void there is that needs to be fulfilled. Now, I have lectured you for a whole three minutes now. So I'm going to try now I'm going to try to get off this tip here. Write a

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journal, tell me this is what you do. And when you start seeing things in your day that you're not so happy about. It could be snacking, oh, I used to be a late night snack or I just like, I like to crush crunch something in the evening. Someone's gonna say something about my band. I'd like you to take it into consideration. It could be snacking, it could be gaming, it could be pornography pot. It could be anything that you deem to be an ill, it's filling some void. Now why I need to put my Quick disclaimer, if you are find yourself compelled, compulsively attracted towards the thing. If you are ie addicted to a narcotic, to some type of abusive

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activity as in cutting, or something else that you know, that you need to seek help for, then go ahead and do this. I'm not talking about self loathing on Facebook. Right now I'm talking about the things that you know, have a chemical pull on your body. So if you're, if you're gaming 10 hours a day, that's got a chemical, there's a feedback loop in your head, if you're watching things on the internet, friends, if you're smoking pot, and you're still saying, oh, you know, it doesn't affect me, it's like this look, but I'm a little beyond. I am not in your zone right now. You got to get in your own zone and talk to yourself. So that's my disclaimer, definitely counseling and help for

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addiction and other types of

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other habits that have taken over you have to be responsible for but now I've spent this much time I hope on day nine, we start making our journal, finding out what activities are not our favorite. And then after three days, we'll take those activities and then let's start to find out what's the trigger that make me eat at night. Well, having snacks next to my bed made me eat at night. What triggers me to listen to some music or watch something that I don't later on want to watch backbiting checking Facebook, it could be anything that you want to take control over pre O'Meara. And, you know before we get too excited, there's a long day ahead Gemma Kareem hope you enjoy sort

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of got half. Let's get a little bit together.

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there, but that's what we're talking about today. We will be learning he may not show you on your Raji

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is we learn here. Money Rahim. Al Hamdulillah. He led the

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other day in kita. While I'm young John Lowe Who are you want to

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call up Madeline? Robertson? She D them Mila doon Who are you over shield on remote meaning are you bashing? Me Nina lady nyama Luna Swanee hottie nulla womb, no womb, Joan on her son. I read with you so that we could recite these ideas in Madina Munawwara. And while we make the walk together, if you can come out to Omaha, it's great, but I really feel like we're on to something bigger. Now. If you come to Omaha this year, next year with me without me, I think that's besides the point. I think in the last nine days, we figured something out better. Let's identify those habits that we can take control of let's set up the habits of success. Speaking of habit of success, speaking of habits of

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success, like to close out today with Surah Mulk. We were on aisle eight, nine.

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Somewhere around there. It was a long Friday for me, I really enjoyed it headed out to New Jersey tomorrow HHR de event for the brothers and sisters in Syria, making an effort to make a move now before it gets really cold and it's already cold. They're moving people who are intense into something a little bit warmer. I really need you to do an act of loving kindness for them right now. Think about them in your heart and say, Oh Allah in 10 good for them. That's that's a story for tomorrow. If we could start to pick up and conclude today, not just looking at the negative but focusing on the positives that you're putting this new ritual every night to or Mulk kind of

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lullabies you to sleep or what do we learn? He made a shaytani Raji with a posture of dignity suck the year into your mouth.

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Or Lou Birla on the

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zero fat cat seven our cool man azana Allahu means she in two feet what learning Kirby

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walk all Lulu who can spa Oh, now you know Monken fee fi hub is re flower Tila fool visa vie him. First of all, God really else have this very

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till the end of the Surah 30 verses we're on our ninth day on our way down. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our recitation and just remember that even the people who will suffer a punishment in the Hellfire will it admit to things we'll call you local Nana smart. Oh now who had we just listened or just thought? think better of yourself? Give more value to yourself. And it will make a lot more sense to you. Because habits are something you have control over. Let's just put to a mug and it's recitation to bed tonight. And tomorrow, let's wake to better activities. And May there be peace upon you this evening around you and may it surround you as you sleep. May your sleep lead to

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a period of healing for you or Saramonic mark to catch up with you all tomorrow.