Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-047I Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 105-109

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has caused division and chaos, leading to chaos and regret. The church's history has centered around the church's history of belief in the beast and how it can lead to confusion. The speaker discusses the importance of deeds and how one's face will be visible on the Day of Judgment, as well as reciting scripture for a woman named Galati. The importance of justice and avoiding regret is also discussed.
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Allah subhanaw taala says well add to Kuno calla Dnata for Rocco worked Allah foo while at Hakuna and do not be Kalinina like those who differ Rocco they became divided was delightful and they differed. When did they become divided? And when did they differ mimbar the merger a homotopy net after the clear proofs had come to them what hula eCola whom either win or lame and those will have a great punishment. So, on the one hand the last pantherella tells us what we should be right well the comin come on mutton, that you should be those who call others to what is good. And here Allah subhanaw taala tells us what we should not be any we should not be those who become divided and who

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differ after knowledge comes to them. Now two things are mentioned over here do not be those who became divided and who differed, the follicle is from foul cough the Farooq is division and his telephone is from kala amfa If the love is to differ from one another, now division is that the foot look is that we are no longer together. This is division, that there's hatred, there's animosity, people are no longer together. If the love is difference, this is when people think differently, they may still be together, but the differ in their opinions in their ideas. Okay, in their ways, even but they could still be together. Now, technically, if the laugh comes before the federal,

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right, first, there's 50 Law, people have differing opinions. And then eventually what happens people cling to their opinions and eventually there is division there is the federal right. So technically, if the left comes before the federal because the federal division is the result of differences. But here we see that the federal cause mentioned first Do not be those who for Rocco work, della Fu, why to highlight the fact that difference is the laugh leads to the Farooq and the for loop is a terrible outcome. So it's as if the terrible outcome has been mentioned first, okay? has to make us realize that if you keep deferring with one another, you're going to end up divided,

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do you really want to become divided? Because that is the outcome of if they laugh. Now, of course, if the laugh is of different kinds, right? One is if they laugh in fifth, okay, like the example that I mentioned to you earlier, or if they laugh in worldly matters, you eat with chopsticks, I eat with my hand, okay? These kinds of differences are acceptable, because we cannot expect all human beings to be the same to think the same to be the same. That's not possible. Okay. So some kind of if the lab will be there, but there is another type of empty lab which is problematic and that if the love is in our caller ID in foundational beliefs in foundational principles, okay, where for

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example, it is well known within the Muslim ummah, that Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam is the last prophet, the last messenger This is a foundational principle, but if someone differs from that foundational principle and they say that no there is another prophet after him now what's going to happen this if the love is going to lead to the fork, it is going to lead to division. So the st love that is problematic is the one which is in our call it in also in foundational principles, okay, of belief of Arpita. And that means that when a person differs from the majority, then they're no longer on the dean. And it is now what they're doing is something else, like what the Jews and

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the Christians did, right. So do not be like those who became divided and the different after clear signs that come to them. Okay. This kind of if the laugh is also very problematic that a person continues to differ after clear evidence has have come to them. Okay. Now we learn that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that my people will experience with the bunny is slightly ill experienced as closely as one sandal resembles another if they had among them, one who openly committed Zina any if there was someone among the Bani Israel who openly committed Zina with his mother, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said among my people, there will be one who does that

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stuff it Allah any This is how much Muslims will follow the Jews and the Christians. The Prophet sallallahu arias and further said the Bani Israel divided into 72 sects into 72 different groups and my people will divide into 73 all of which, but one will go to *.

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Hold On being asked which one it is who will not go to *, the prophets of Allah who earlier Selim said it is the one on which I and My Companions are. And what is that way? That ways that you remain firm on the foundational principles you don't differ from them, you don't go away from them, you don't leave them. So do not be like those who became divided and they deferred, after clear proofs came to them, what will equal a homer or Darwin or Aleem and it is those for whom is a great punishment, and are that one or lean or lean? This is Nikita and it's a huge punishment. What will equal a home either urban or lame? Then Allah's Panthera says yo mama to bl two? Would you one with

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us? What do Buju Yama on the day when Toby Yaga would you when some faces will turn white or joyful? And he was called Yoma mentioned remember that day and this day will come it is the day of judgment when to build blue would you with us what do we do some faces will turn white and some faces will turn black. Now would you is the plural of wedge, and what is the face of a person? Now when the face turns white or turns black? This is not referring to the color of the skin. Because already in the world people's skin color is very right. There are some people whose skin is very white and some people whose skin is very dark. And it's not the color of a person's skin that determines their

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final outcome. Right? We know about how Bilal Radi Allahu Anhu dark skinned, we learn about how Osama Radi Allahu Anhu the hibel Rasul dark skinned, right, but they are the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Radi Allahu Allah and whom Allah is pleased with them. So it's not the color of the skin, because of which a person will be successful or loser on the Day of Judgment? No, what this is referring to is the joy or the fear, okay? In Arabic, it is said it'd be a village who it'd be a BA from bile, blood in his face became white, not that it literally became white, but that it became expressive of joy, it became cheerful. And you see that, that when a

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person is happy, right, you see, nor on their face, they can have the darkest skin, but when they're happy when they have Iman, you see nor on their face, in contrast, there could be a person of the whitest skin even but when they're upset when they're sad, then you see gloom on their face. So it'd be of low module means that His face became white meaning expressive of joy, very cheerful, very joyful, very happy. Any the happiness is visible on the face, in contrast is what the word hope is what the from seen well done sued means black or dark. So His face became black meaning His face became expressive of grief or sorrow or displeasure or fear or shame. So Yamata via the wudu home

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What does what do would you the day of judgment to such when some faces will turn white any there will be no on the faces? Okay, would you Wilma, even moose Fira, Bahia cotton was stabbed Shiraz some faces that they will be bright laughing rejoicing, why rejoicing a good news? So Yamata Bilbo would you? In contrast? What does one do? Would you there will be other faces that will turn distressed black as Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah darba where would you when Yama is in LA ha Guevara and other faces that they will have upon them dust that hukou help Katara blackness will cover them doesn't mean that literally they will be black skinned people. No. These are people whose

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faces will be covered with gloom with upset with regret, with shame with fear. So Allah's peremptory says hola eco Homolka photo tool fedora. Those are the disbelievers the wicked ones. Now look at this, there is only two options given over here. All right, that some faces will turn white and other faces will turn dark. There is no third possibility. Either a person's face will become radiant on the Day of Judgment filled with news or their face will turn dark covered in darkness and embarrassment. Allah subhanaw taala says for a Molina's word that would you whom so as for those whose faces turned distressed and black, they will be asked aka Fortum BARDA Imani Khan, did you

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disbelieve after your Eman? Now this question is of Toby of reproach. There'll be reprimanded that did you

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disbelieve after your belief. Now who are these people? These are the hypocrites because they believed, right? And then they disbelieved any they believed, outwardly and then they disbelieved internally, or here a consultant BARDA Imani calm this will be set to the apostates who literally believed and then literally left Islam. And we learned about their case earlier. Then it is also said that this is referring to those who believed, you know, before coming to the world. When the Aleste was taken, Allah's parents are asked all of the children of Adam, allow us to Bureau become, Am I not your Lord? And they all replied by law Show Hidden? Yes, we bear witness that You are our

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Lord. So they believed, but then when they came to the world, what did they do? They disbelieved. So did you disbelieve after your belief, but then when you look at the context of these verses, who is being mentioned in these verses that people have the book? So the aroma said that this is referring to the People of the Book, the kofod among them, who recognize the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam but still they disbelieved in him, aka faltan BARDA, Imani calm, and he what befits you is that you believe in the last messenger, but instead of believing in Him, you disbelieved and you cancelled your previous faith also like that occur? Fortum BARDA Imani calm for though colada Bhima

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quantum tak for rune. So taste the punishment because you used to disbelieve, have you think about it, test the punishment though. Oh, it's from Val while cough, though taste is technically for enjoyment. Right? When there's a really delicious dessert, something really delicious to eat. You take small bites, you taste the food, and then you you know, continue to take small bites because you want the flavor to last in your mouth. So taste is for telethon. Like sometimes we say to someone just taste the food. It's so delicious. Alright, so a person tastes and then when they taste the food they wish for more. So the purpose of tasting is to see if you like it. And if you like it,

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you want more of it. So for the color eyedropper, here, they will be told taste the punishment. So it's the opposite, because they will taste the punishment, and they will regret. So this means that with every sip, with every sip of the punishment with every taste, every moment of the punishment, there will be regret. Like imagine if you put something in your mouth in order to taste it. And you see, it's very horrible. What are you going to do? You're going to regret, you're going to spit it out, and you're not going to take any more but they will be told for though colorada keep tasting the punishment. So every moment in the punishment is going to make them feel regret and every moment

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and the punishment will be as if they are experiencing it for the first time for the caller either Oba Bhima quantum tech for rune because you used to disbelieve what a Medina BIA but would you move on? And as for those people whose faces will turn white and joyful for few Rahmatullah so they will be in the Mercy of Allah whom fee ha Holly don't they will abide there in eternally Allahu Akbar, they will be in the Mercy of Allah, Mercy of Allah here is referring to his Jana. So they will be in Allah's Jana, and they will remain there in eternally Allahu Akbar. Now there is a question, what are those deeds because of which a person's face will be filled with light on the Day of Judgment

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will be bright on the Day of Judgment. The first thing is, we'll do right, because we learned in Hadith about how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned you know how when a person makes will do properly, then they will come on the Day of Judgment like horses, and he compared their appearance to horses that are black or brown but with white shins and foreheads literal Magellan

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any because of their will do, the places of widow will be radiant on the day of judgment that is how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam will recognize them in another Hadees we learn it is frequent prostrations because of which a person's places of such the and places of will do will be shining on the Day of Judgment. Subhanallah another deed that will cause a person to be shining on the Day of Judgment filled with node is conveying the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because the prophets of Allah who earlier said him said that may Allah cause his face to shine, who who hears a Hadith from us and conveys it Subhan Allah, the Prophet sallallahu already said it made dua

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for such a person that may look on his face to shine, meaning on the Day of Judgment, the number four loving one another for the sake of Allah Subhan Allah there's a long

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Hadith in which we learn about this. So, these are deeds because of which a person's face will be radiant on the Day of Judgment tilaka Ayatollah Hina true ha alayka will help teleca that meaning Tilka if those verses, any would we have informed you have over here, these are Ayat of Allah verses of Allah which Ningaloo ha alayka. We recite them to you, meaning through Gibreel. Because Gibreel would recite them to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam as he was the connection, and through her alayka will help we recite them to you in truth, and they contain the truth and they are truly from Allah, they contain only the truth, one will love who you read, do loyal Malala mean and Allah

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wants no injustice to the world's because Allah subhanaw taala has made injustice unlawful on himself. So he does not commit injustice to his creation. Now sometimes, you know, we see that people refrain from committing injustice. Why because of weakness, right? They're unable to do.

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So Allah does not intend injustice for the world, not because he is unable to commit injustice, no. Rather, he does not commit one because of the perfection of his justice. He is perfectly just, and this is Allah subhanaw taala his greatness, Allahu Akbar, because he is colic. Right? He is the Creator. He is different from the creation. Sometimes we want to take revenge, and we want to go full out in taking revenge. But we're not able to, because we are cowardly. We are too afraid. We don't have the capacity. We don't have the means. So we're not able to do injustice even though we might want to. But Allah azza wa jal does not commit injustice. Why? Because of his perfect justice.

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He has made it a rule for himself in Neha ronto Luma and NFC, right that I have made loan haram on myself, and Wilma, Allah who you read the whole manual, I mean, Allah does not intend injustice for the world. I told you earlier, that when something is negated for Allah subhanaw taala, then there's a reason for that. And one of the benefits is, the opposite is true. So if Allah does not intend injustice for the world, then this means that he wants justice for the world's he is always just and by the world's Allah, Allah mean what is meant is the creation people. So he is always just with them. In fact, all of his commands are between his justice and His mercy. So he never treats people

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with injustice, rather he's always just well Allah He MEF is similar to my fill of what eat Allah He took Jarrell OMO to Allah belong whatever isn't the heavens and the earth and whatever that is on the earth also belongs to Allah and he all of them are His servants all of them are his property will eat Allah He took Jarrell OMO Unto Allah will all nighters be returned, meaning they return only to Allah and He will judge regarding them and he will compensate people with what they deserve all right let's listen to the recitation of these verses Why don't

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we add their own little coin yeah their own for you rewire Munna

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Hone, wala Tunku long can lead ina

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de magia

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yo this was zoodle

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Uju home

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He won't be

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on Allah who read

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in a law here Oh,

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are calligraphy calm Subhan Allah who will be handed a shadow

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Hola ilaha illa Anta Astell Furukawa to booty Lake wa Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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