Stoning The Satan & Goodbye – Hajj 2018 Vlog Day 10 & 11

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The HUD activities in Mina, Pakistan took place on the third day, with a visit to a camp and a recap of their experiences. They also went to a tunnel and completed a three-minute walk. The group discusses their plans to capture moments and make them into a habit, including a previous experience where they were whipped and added to a crowd. They express excitement for their upcoming plans to go to a coffee shop and a coffee shop.

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What a

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drill one rod tourney.

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Day 10 Welcome, man. Good morning I said I'm on Eagle, rock metal wall Peace be upon you around you and make peace emanate in all that's happening. Welcome to Day 10 Feed have them post, how do you feel post amazing

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people from my Hunt Group

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the third time today it is a dream dua like a life purpose that I wanted God to use me for. So I didn't share all of the times with you guys. But this is the third time someone in one of the shapes in the camps. They're back locked up and someone else had shoulder pain. And it was so funny because one chick said, I know a guy. And so he said, Man, you know, they were talking about me. So I came by humble, I got to see them. And it's that being a miracle and being somebody's paradise and bringing miracles through your body. So it was wonderful, the same shift that I got to see in MCCA. Just before we left, he said I don't know if I'll be able to do HUD and I said don't worry about

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that. He did all the Archon of HUD got through Arafah and now he's laying up in Mina. And he's like, I'm in the same spot again. So hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. It's a wrap healing is on its official. There was something about these two pictures that summed up how we all felt.

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Gemma rock number two, the second day of Jamrock. We woke up with a fresh, we finished the walk last night. I don't know where you guys are on the timeline. But we finished the walk last night and the waffle, the father and the sigh of Hodge. And now we're here second gen Murat.

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Let's take a deep breath. There's a little bit of intensity around me.

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And I want to be in The Now. So capture your now. This was the tunnel. It was about a 15 minute walk through to get to the buses for organizing 75 people to walk back and forth can get a little exhausting. So at this point, the exhaustion was settling in and this made everything better.

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Okay, let's get a recap of where we are. We stood in requested from our Lord spent the night under the open sky in this world. As a traveler walked around the house Abraham we celebrate the relationship we sacrifice for him to feed his crew ran between the two mountains in the dark nights in the open tent. Now we have the final stoning. A lot happened on these nights. It was about keeping spirits high and most the tunnel that connected us back to the real world.

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I do hope you enjoyed like and subscribe. And if you think this is the end come on. There's so much more to go. I figured I'd just stick this in somewhere in the middle.

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Now let's finish this out.

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And good morning Peace be upon you around you and me peace emanate in all that you're doing. Welcome everyone. Day loving last day in Mina. We will wake up this morning. It's about 345 and by five we'll have graded and departed, prayed and departed for

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Jamaat, that the third stoning, there's the tunnel we talked about yesterday.

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We'll do the stoning. We'll come back, pick up our bags from Mina here. And then we will head off to Makkah to the Mocha Rama to do our toe off which is saying goodbye to the Kaaba. And then we will have an agenda. So that's three things to get done today. Let's get it on.

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The cleanup began even before we left. Imagine having to pick up behind 2 million house. Yes. I tip my turban and a great thanks to the Saudi government and all of the HUDs ministry. It really was an amazing sight. A managerial feat to see them begin the process of picking up and preparing to put everything back where it goes.

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Trying to capture the moments as they come we did it. We finished our last gem rods we threw stones and all three of

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The spots where Abraham was whispered to. I'm not gonna give you a history lesson that the

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themed Baskin Robbins that we stopped at. This year. I'll handle out we all made a commitment and we didn't stop to eat there. We stopped. We made our dua, we moved on, friends, this is it. hajima Brewer Hamdulillah I feel amazing.

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I'm going to try to capture it in words. It was a freeing feeling throwing the stones will add them. Last time was an exceptional experience to when Satan whispers to me or addictions call upon me, I'll know that I've thrown stones where Abraham fought off Satan and his whispers and that was a big moment for me. I was able to the whole group group was able to do it together. We're done.

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I don't know how to express happiness at this point because piqued happiness so many times.

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So I'll say what will lead to be like Europa will be Islami Dena will be Mohammad Nabi SallAllahu it was

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gotta get going.

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A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Good morning guys. Last day in Makkah to the Mocha Rama

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last day in May now

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exhaustion is a little bit understated it's

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it's consecutive

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I don't have words right now.

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your future

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at high miles.

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We made it out of the Norfolk we have completed the rituals of Mina must deliver and Arafa we are headed for our final the walk, walking around the Kaaba is crazy loud, so I don't know what you can hear. But it there's a sense of celebration. There's a sense of our group leader. I mean, everyone making it Hey, I gotta ride one of these for the first time. Pretty sweet. That's not enough footage for Han not stop working. Look at these guys. hajima Brewer and working iceberg we're working on de la Baraka last design crowd design group, this

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guy just said Obama. So we're gonna work on that. All right

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these are all our group people.

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Seeing our salon for our final draw off, we're headed out now. I'm going to begin my final two off. Now if you're on the second floor, some of our wheelchair based hajis are going to be with me.

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Let's do it guys. A sense of love around us, within us and emanating to those who need us. A Salam wa Taala we just did it. I'm elated. We just finished the waffle with we're back here in the hotel lounge so that we can meet up with our group. But you guys deserve this with me. We did it. We finished how may you be amongst those forgiven in my prayers? And may you be amongst those who received the glad tidings to come here. And even better. May some of you come here with me. And may I be of your service, I can serve you and take care of you during the process of the pilgrimage. elated guys never been this happy before best hudge ever because I had everyone along on the way

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writing on my back sitting on my head and it felt the right way. Here's to the next step. Here's to continuing perseverance, dedication and discipline.

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Thank you everyone that's going to close out day 10. It's a little bit more spot splotchy, spotty, spotty, but we got it done and I'm really happy hope you enjoyed. The last shot was a little close in the face, but I was really really excited. And that's it. I'm gonna close out. I'll see you on the ride from Jeddah to Los Angeles back to Dallas.