Where Does The Story Of Musa Begin

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Where Does The Story Of Musa Begin? – Once Upon The Nile by Mohammed Mana

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Where does the story of Musa begin? The story of Musa begins with the story of many Ancelotti? Essentially, okay, and to understand where that begins, we have to go to the progeny of him and he said, I'm so but I him have his heart and your orb and then use of Salah. Now at the time of Yusuf Yusuf is in a position of power and authority. And so being a slave is in a pretty good position at that time where the story of use of ends is where we start talking about most early Sudan because the condition of Linnaeus law in Egypt completely changes. you fast forward a number of generations and now Benny is ill are enslaved and subjugated, and they're under the thumb of fit down, okay,

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just even in history, and even in the Koran we're talking about during the time of use of the kings, right and now at the time of Moosa, etc. is the Pharaoh. Yeah, so most likely, what happened? Well, you know, the idea of the condition of people and nations, you know, rising and falling, etc, that's nothing new, right? The story of human civilization, that happened very old times, and it still happens in our current times as well, which is really important because to properly understand what is happening today, we have to be able to look, look in the past, look into history, and take lessons from what happened in the past. What's the significance of Moosa being sent to people that

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were enslaved as opposed to like, for example, that would that is no. Right. And so the man is, yeah, they came in from a position where there's already authority, right? So I guess to understand all of that, we have to properly understand what changed.

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What happened there, sure. Why the change, and then we can understand the objective of Masada set up to basically liberate these people and take them out, from subjugation, to freedom. So these are some of the questions that we will answer, and many more in our upcoming course, the life of Musa