Last Page Of Surah Noor – Warm Up Recitation

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Yeah, I would just take the whole thing. I mean, I'm just gonna push it. You don't have to you don't have to zoom it out. I would just give it a good space in me no no Alladhina amanu Erbil, He was holy. He was either can uma

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and maybe Billa will appreciate just some recitation in me Nona Lavina man or Villa He was who He was either Ken OMA who I

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am meeting Jeremy

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marine Jeremy re lamea the Habu had yesterday you know it in Levine is vino Nika Hola, Iike levena. You may know Nabila, he was Hooli in Aladdin is that vino NACA? Hula? Iike Lavina. You may know Nabila, he was Hooli for either us that then oh golly. baldly shot me him fat the Lehman she them in whom was still a federal law Humann law in law how la Fudo Rahim.

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fat fat that Lehman's sheet that fat then niemand sheet down fat then naman sheet

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fat that Neiman Shi Damian whom was double Fetullah Humala in hola hola. Fudo Rahim la Lu dua razzoli Bay now come Gadbois Yoobao LeKan bar long. God Dr. la mala hula the nya Salah Luna roaming calmly wha

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failure Lavina yo Holly funa on me he

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fell near that he led in yo Callie funa on Funan am II

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to sleep at home fitness tune a you'll sleep Oh who am I that Boone Adeem Allah in alila Hema office Moussa you will

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God Lemuel ma Tamala g y OMA yo Raja Runa Ely ye Oh my your Gerona II for you will not be Oh whom be ma Mi Lu walawe Who will be equally shy ie gnarly him.

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I'm ready. Yeah.

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This is setup. I'm ready to go.