Mufti Menk – 99 Names of Allah – Ramadan Countdown with 67 Days to Go

Mufti Menk
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Salam Ali, from among the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala is awash with the eternal inheritance. This is because Allah will inherit everything completely. He is the maker in the first place, he is the owner. And unto him everything will not only return, but he will be the inheritor in national unity from artbar woman, Allah Wa La, Norah Jones, Joan, pointing towards that particular name and quality of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says, we indeed are the ones who will inherit the earth and whatever and whoever is in it, and everything will return to us. So if you notice, everything has an expiry date, besides Allah, Allah, it was there from before the beginning, and he shall be there

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after the end for us. Subhana Allah, and this is something we will not comprehend just yet. But we need to know we are witnessing people coming and going the most powerful from amongst us, what do they leave behind, they leave behind a lot, but they are gone, helplessly gone. totally helpless. People tell you as rich as he was as powerful as she was. And as much as they had, they could do nothing to save that life. Why? It's Allah showing you who is in charge, who is the creator, who is ulduar is the ultimate inheritor is Allah. And whatever you've left behind, you found it on Earth, anyway, who put it there? It was Allah in the first place. Today, we look at the value of the things

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that we have on Earth, all of those things are from the same earth. And Allah says, none of it qualifies to go into Jenna, to go into paradise. None of it qualifies, because it's all part of the creation of this world. They will be things with similar names in the Hereafter, but of a standard that is way beyond your your imagination and mind. Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah, when you have fruit in the Hereafter, that fruit might have a similar name to what you knew on Earth. But it's going to be very, very different, a standard far higher than your imagination and mind when we say the gold and the silver, and whatever else of the hereafter it is nowhere near the gold that we found on

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Earth, because this was temporary. And this is something that has no value. In reality, it's just the earth. If you look at gold and silver on Earth, it doesn't really have value besides the little value we might be considering temporarily. Think about it when people die, and everyone is dying. And you have gold and silver, and there's no one left on earth, what will happen to it? Nothing. That's it, it goes back to the earth. Subhan Allah. And Allah says, Do you know what everything that you found on Earth was from the earth. When you came onto the earth, you came with nothing. When you're leaving, you will leave with nothing, your soul departs it will even leave the body which is

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from the soil that Allah says we'll return to the soil. Then when we resurrect you there from Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Now you will realize Allah is Allah, if he is the eternal inheritor.

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Everything will return to Allah including you and I, he is the owner, and he is the deserving of all Subhana Allah the sovereign, these are some of the names and qualities of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I pray that Allah grant us the ability to understand that he is everything and we are nothing. with Allah we have we will be given value without Allah, we have no value Subhana Allah. So if a person inherits on Earth, their inheriting is very temporary and very measured. But when Allah inherits, he just gets back whatever was always his, and he allowed it to be in the temporary ownership of a human being. So when Allah inherits, he will inherit all of us to and everything we knew and

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everything we didn't know as well. It just goes back to Allah. He is the inheritance. This is why, when anything bad happens, we say in Manila, here in LA Hello, john. We indeed all belong to Allah and we're all going to return to Him. And when someone passes away, we say the same. Because it's not only about material possession that belongs to Allah, but its entire creation, the sky's the heavens, the earth.

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The planets the Milky Way what we know what we don't know what is in the oceans, what is on land what is that see what is in the deserts, under every rock and every grain and beneath the Earth's crust. And above the atmosphere, everything belongs to Allah will return to Allah. The billions of species that Allah has created will all return to Allah. He is the ultimate inheritor

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and worries, may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant us the ability to understand Apollo Coney

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Island Amina Mohammed

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