Qur’anic Supplication – Ep 3

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This is the third supplication in our series as found in Surat Al-A’raf.

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Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters. Welcome to a portal onyx supplications. Today we're going to be covering our next door. In your notes packet. It could be the third law. It's a door that we covered from Surah out off i o 126. Not a lengthy draw, but definitely something that spoke about patience. So I want you to keep this draw on close and easy proximity where you It's close in your memory, you're repeating it a few times. Let's start today for the first time using the word or Rob banner, or or banner. Have your notes out with you, please. It's a rubber band.

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f blow through it. f real, f real. So it's alpha blow through it. And then you're going to say is Raka Sora with the line on the bottom does air re and then gargle design? Real? f real or lob burner? f real? I Elena Elena slobber on slobber one. What was fana you saw that we blew through the fire before blow through it again. Say what? What? What what fana what what fana moose Lee mean, most pucker and blow most Lee mean? Or abana real Elena slobber wrong.

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What was gonna mostly mean? May Allah give us that opportunity to leave this world in a state of servitude to him and May Allah subhanho wa Taala make our last actions our best actions. I a 126 surah out off Allah Bana of real r la una slobber long what, what fana mostly mean? Does Zack la Hayden I'll see you in the next annex application.