Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 044C Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 47-51

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and implementation of Islam, including its various outcomes and the implementation of the Torah by Allah. It highlights the importance of not worshiping anyone but Allah and not letting anyone's phone run out of ink. The speakers also discuss the use of "ar Yank" in online media and the importance of confirming one's beliefs through revelation and words. The importance of showing one's weaknesses and weaknesses in order to be understood is emphasized.
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Now Madame, when she heard all of this description, and even though it's a very good description, very good qualities, amazing qualities, you know that any parent would want in their child.

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She is still amazed and surprised she is shocked. Which is why she doesn't ask okay when? What is she asked Carla throbbing. She says, Oh my Lord, and Iaconelli Willard, how can I have a child? Now the angel gave the good news to her but Maria Mustang is asking who? Allah because she knows that the angel delivered the message to her.

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The message is actually from WHO? Allah. So this is why she says from be oh my lord, meaning Oh Allah. And now how how would it be possible that you could really want to I will have a child? How can I have a child with a medium Sassani Bashar while no man has touched me?

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She's not objecting, she's not doubting. She's not questioning. She is simply wondering, that how will it be? This is not out of doubt. But this is out of wonder.

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That how can I have a child while no man has touched me em says SNI M says from the root letters meme seen seen must which is to touch and the word must in the Quran is used for sexual * as well. So well I'm here I'm Saxony, Basha. No man has touched me meaning I have not had any relation to the man Meaning I'm not married. I don't have a husband. And nor am I believe nor am I, a woman who is unchaste who would commit fornication how When a man says honey Bashar

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Kala, he said Catholic just like that, meaning you will remain a virgin. You will be a single woman. You will not commit anything haram just as you are. This is exactly how you will give birth to a Saturday. So this is just like the courier listener. He had a child without returning to young age. Human his wife had a child without his wife returning to young age no, nothing changed. The circumstances remained exactly as they were

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cathodic this is exactly how it will be. How How is it possible? What's the answer to that? Allahu your local Masha. Allah creates whatever He wants, Allah can make whatever he wants, however he wants, he doesn't have any restrictions, any limitations. For if there were any such restrictions, then that would not be God. It's Allah,

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Father, Al Cadiz, Kala, Coco Lee che l Haluk. The one who can do whatever he wants, so he can create whatever he wants, Allah who you look, Omega shirt.

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And this is a reality that Allah creates whatever He wills, whatever he wants,

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think about the different kinds of creation, that Allah subhanaw taala has created different kinds, so many different types, so many different characteristics. Each is unique. You know, think about the creatures that are up in the sky flying. Think about the creatures that live on mountains that live on the earth, that live inside the Earth, that live on the surface of the water by the water that lives inside the water that live under the seabed. I mean, there's creatures at every level. And each is unique. Each is different.

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If Allah can create one creation, that can live and breathe only in water, and he can create a creation that can live and breathe only in air. If you put that creation in the water, it will die. If you put the creation that's in the water in the air that will die. Then he can also create a person without a father.

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He can do whatever he wants.

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Allahu likoma shirt, he can create whatever that he pleases whatever you wants to.

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You know, if we do something one way, it's not possible for us to do it in another way. We are restricted we are limited in our capacity in our ability, but Allah subhanaw taala does not have those restrictions.

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So Allah Who Yamanaka Maya sharp, and he can create so many creatures, so many

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different types through a means and also without a means through a process and also without a process. All is possible for him. So Allah can create recycling center. without a father. It's not difficult at all.

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Oh yeah, look on my shirt either cover a moron when he decides for a matter when He decrees a matter called off from the rule letters caught off guard Yeah. And what is cola a decree a judgment a decision. So, when he decides it for intermediate cola who can fire cone then indeed he only says to it be Cohn and Viacom and it happens. It comes about it occurs, he only has to say happen and it happens come into existence and it will come into existence. Remember that there are two types of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is Kudla. His decree it's of two types. One is County and the other is shuttered. What is chattery?

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With regards to religion, okay. So for example, what a lot of Buka alerta will do in a year, and your Lord has decreed that you must not worship anyone but him. This is what Allah's decree that is shutter II that has to do with religion.

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Okay? And the shutter is called law. Remember that it's always something that Allah likes, meaning Allah commands what he likes. If Allah has commanded us to pray, it's because he wants us to do that he likes that, if Allah has commanded us to be good to our parents is because he likes that. Okay.

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One more thing to remember about Kadar, Cherie is that it may happen it may come into effect and it also may not come into effect. When Allah has commanded all people worship Allah, does everyone worship Allah? Does everyone worship him? No,

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it may happen. It may not happen but it is something that Allah loves Allah Kony. The second type of Kabbalah is that which has to do with the universe, meaning the physical things, okay? So for example, the coming of the rain, Allah commands that the rain should fall at a particular place, Allah commands that a person should be born Allah commands that a person should die. Okay, Allah commands that the certain calamity should come where a certain calamity be removed, that a tree grow or die. Okay that you lose your phone or you find it. This is what Pobla Kony.

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And remember two things about kala Kony. First of all, it's not necessary that if Allah has commanded something that he likes it,

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okay? So for example, if Allah has decreed for you that you lose your phone, call that Kony doesn't mean that Allah wants that Allah is happy with that. Allah is happy with your suffering. Know that if Allah has sent, you know, a calamity somewhere, doesn't mean that Allah is happy with that. It's not necessary, we don't know.

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Because people question How can God let this happen?

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Okay, there's wisdom behind it. There is a reason behind it so that you become more careful about your belongings, and you don't leave your phone here and there. Okay, so it teaches you a lesson there is some wisdom behind it. The second thing we must remember about Paula Kony is that it always happens. It always happens if Allah has decided that something should happen and this is Kony, then it will definitely happen if Allah has said that range had fathered a particular place and no one can stop it. If Allah has decided that someone should be born, that they will be born. If Allah has decided that someone should die, then they will definitely die. You know, recently somebody told me

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about this accident that happened, that a person his car, something happened to it on the highway, and he fell off or something and he came out of the car. He was perfectly fine and other people came and asked him that you need some help. He said, No, it's okay. And as he was walking, a car came and hit him and he died. So he was saved from the car accident but he died another car accident. Okay, so if Allah has decided that someone should die and they will definitely die. If Allah has decided that you lose your phone, no matter what you do to protect your phone, you will definitely lose it. Okay. So over here when Allah says either Koba Amman for India my Akula, who con fire cone, which

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kind of Kedah is discone are shuttering Kony. When Allah says Be and it happens that this is Kala County.

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So Allah, he decided that he resigned his son um, should be born. And that's it. He was born

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on the day of judgment when the judgment is to be established when resurrection has to happen Allah subhanaw taala will command is refused to blow the trumpet just once we learn in the Quran for innama he has zero to Wahida for either one young rune another place for either one

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The Sahara, one announcement and everybody up, everyone resurrected everyone brought to life.

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At another place, we learn woman, I'm Luna Illawarra, hidden column him Bill Basa just the glance of an eye, and within seconds the judgment will be established. So when Allah decides for something to happen, then it will definitely happen.

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And that is what is being referred to over here for inner Maya Kula who can fire coin

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more qualities of recycling center, where you're unlimited al Kitab, Al Hikmah, Maria Maria listener, she's wondering, she's amazed. And in that state of shock, she is told more qualities of a starling, Sara, where you are Lemuel kitab. And Allah will teach him the book which book the Scripture, the Scripture that was revealed before him and which one is that the Torah, there's a Bucha. So Allah will teach him that scripture, because return is Salam. When he came, he did not bring a new religion. He was an observer of the Torah, he was a follower of Mussolini. So just like the prophets before him who came after Musa al Islam all were to follow observe the Torah. Sir Issa,

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Assam also did that. But we know that there were several changes in the Torah, it had been corrupted, it had been misinterpreted it had been lost or whatever. So Allah subhanaw taala taught, or Isa Al Islam, the Toba the correct meaning the correct understanding the correct application were your only mobile kitab. Others have said that Al Kitab over here refers to keytab meaning writing the art of writing. Cerise artisan was one of those individuals who knew how to write while hekman and the wisdom what does this Hikmah refer to? It refers to the shittier the law, because the law is from who Allah subhanaw taala and whatever is from Allah, there has to be wisdom behind it. Allah

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tells us in the Quran, that we're under Allah Wa alaykum Kitab will hikma or a lemma command and control and the Prophet Salvatorian was told that Allah has revealed upon you the book and the wisdom. The wisdom refers to the law, the shadow era. So resign Islam was also taught the hikma what the Raja will injeel and the Torah and the NG the Torah, the book of Musa realism, the one that came before him and INJEEL the Gospel was the book that was given to who recently sinner.

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Now, is that already included in the word kitab. If you look at the verse Kitab has mentioned that Allah will teach him the book, and then the Torah and the Indian thought and the Indira mentioned again, they're mentioned separately by name to honor these books. Okay.

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Now, this one thing I want you to realize before moving on, is that who is giving all of these gifts to resellers? All of this knowledge in these talents, who's giving all of this to him? Allah subhanaw taala who will train him, Allah will train him.

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What do we think that the parents, they do everything for their child? Right? Yes, the parents play a very, very important role. But remember, that the parents are not the providers who is the real provider, Allah soprano. He is the real provider.

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Sometimes parents want that their child should learn something they really want their child to learn. But what happens? The child doesn't want to. He doesn't put his heart and mind into it. He resists it. He runs away from it. The parents have created an atmosphere given him every opportunity, but he's running away from it. On the other hand,

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there might be a child he wants to learn, but the parents don't allow him.

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Okay, but still he manages to learn and succeed. So ultimately, it's not the parents who is it? It is Allah subhanaw taala. He is the provider, he is the teacher, he is the trainer. So when we want our children to be successful, to be something, then who should we rely upon ourselves? We should rely upon Allah ask him It doesn't mean you do nothing will you do something yourself as well? But ultimately you leave it in his hands. What are sewn on Isla Bani Israel eel and he will be a messenger to the Bani Israel not to all of mankind but specifically the children of Israel and neither indeed I when he will come to them He will say to them that got the G to come be it

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miserables become when he will come to the Bani Israel he will say that in fact, I have come to you with a miracle from your Lord. I did he come with one miracle? No, he came with many miracles. So why is one miracle mentioned over here? It means a sign that will indicate to you my truthfulness. And that sign is not just one there are many. So I'm the other two

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can be at the middle of Beckham. What were the miracles that he brought? They're listed in this verse first of all, I need that indeed I look cooler come up local Hall and puff. I create for you I make for you may not clean from clay. The word clean is from fire noon and it's used for wet mud. Okay, wet mud from which you can make different things. You're talking about something like played or wet mud. Have you ever played with wet mud? Yeah. Okay, different kinds of snow. You guys have probably played with snow more than you've played with mud. Okay, because sand when you play with sand what happens? It just falls apart. Okay, snow, there's different kinds of snow. Can you make

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snow balled with every kind of snow? No, only with good backing snow, right? So plein refers to such clay such mud that is wet with which you can make different things because it comes together very nicely. So only US Lacuna Coil Menaquinone I make for you from clay, the Hey, lady, something like the shape of a bird. Girl Like hey, form shape figure. So hey, I'm from new gutters. Hi yah Hamza. And hey, you can see the skeleton stage of something, the basic structure of something. So when you're making a cake with playdough then what will you do first you will make a

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first you will make a ball, you will make the ball and then you will flatten it and then you will flatten it from the sides. Okay, but what's the basic structure the ball okay. So, hey,

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that is the ball here is the basic structure of something. So he said that I make for you something like the form of a bird. And once I make that form from clay, for unfulfilled fee, he NEFA her noon for her to blow. So I blow into it. And when I blow into it, fire cornuta Elon that it turns into a bird, be in the Love by the permission of Allah. Notice, be it Nila by the permission of Allah. Meaning I do not do this out of my own power, my own ability that I am some supernatural being No, I am a human being like you. I'm a prophet of Allah. I'm not God. If I'm making a bird like this, I'm doing this by the permission of Allah. Which kind of permission is this? Remember, there are two

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types of isn't of Allah. One is shutter II and the other is Kony shutter is when Allah has allowed in his religion for us to do something.

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So isa Hassan was allowed by Allah to make such a figure of a bird. Are we allowed to make sculptures and statues and drawings of living beings in such details? Are we allowed? No, we're not allowed.

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It's one of the major sins to draw such a figure I'm not talking about something that looks like a person's or like you're making a stickman or, you know, like, picture of a person with the face missing or some details some obvious details missing? No, I'm talking about a detailed figure. Are we allowed to do that? No, we're not allowed to do that. Why? Because there's something that only Allah does. Okay, in a hadith Bootsy, we learn which is in Makati, that Allah subhanaw taala says woman also learn women Zahava, young, local girl healthy, who is more unjust than the one who goes on trying to make creation like my creation.

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Like he wants to imitate my creation, who is more unjust in such a person? So it's a major sin. But regardless, he did it. Why did he do it? Because Allah allowed him.

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Don't take this as a general thing that drawings are haram. So the next time we want to make a drawing of a tree or a flower or something, you say, no, no, it's haram. No, it's not haram, it is permissible. Even pictures of living beings, some scholars have given some allowance over there. And that allowance is only such that image is incomplete, meaning there's something missing. Okay? So for example, there is a person, but there is no eyes, no mouse, no hair, nothing. You just have a circle, you know, with just scribbled on top, and then, you know, maybe you've put some color inside. That's not what a human being looks like normally. Okay? Likewise, if there's a cat, you

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make a circle, another circle on top and two triangles on top, and a squiggle on the side to show that okay, this would be a cat. But a cat doesn't look like that. Does it look like that? No, it doesn't. So some scholars have allowed such drawings that are incomplete, in which obvious details are missing. But when it's for a reason, like educational purpose or

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Something like that. You want to know the detail. There's a lot of stuff out there on the internet you can search. This is not the place to discuss that. So anyway, resign Islam was allowed. This is just like killing something that's not allowed. Okay, but Ibrahim Hassan was commanded to kill his own son, slaughter him. That didn't happen but he was commanded. Likewise we see that frustrating to anyone other than Allah is that allowed? No but Allah told the angels to prostrate to Adam Rene sunnah. So be in Allah I do this with the permission of Allah, Allah has allowed me to do this.

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The second type of Aramis is in County, that when I make a bird like this, I blow into it, it comes to life, not out of my own power, but by the permission of Allah. I challenge every single one of you make a bird from playdough and blow. Blow as much as you want blow for a year blow for two years will turn into a bird. You will get tired but that thing won't turn into a bird. Why? Because if Allah has not allowed it, it won't happen. So when your ESA Sam did that, it turned into a bird why? Because Allah allowed it be evening Allah will obey will achma Another miracle that I heal the blind obrigado from Bora Bora is to be clear to become free of something that is disliked. So this word is

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also used for getting a cure from a disease that a person was sick and then he becomes fine. So we're Obree all ACMA I cure, I heal the born blind. The word ACMA is from Kashmir. Mm hmm. And it is said that it's used for a person who was born blind he never saw anything. It is also that this word is used for someone who has very weak eyesight. So he's able to see during the day, but in the night he cannot see in the dark he cannot see. So someone who was born blind, who had such weak eyesight is our listener which is wipers and over and that person could see again, while abrasca He could also cure the abras of loss from Bell raw salt and abrasca Someone who is suffering from leprosy,

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which is a skin ailment. So the Abbas the leper, he would cure him to leprosy is a disease from which human beings have suffered extensively for the past 4000 years. I mean, in history, you learn about leprosy, and it still happens today. So it was a huge problem back then people were trying to look for a cure for this. And every sign is synonymous with the miracle, he would cure the leper, another miracle Whoa, he'll motor and I bring to life the dead ones or he higher, I give life to a motor thrill of my head, the one who is dead. So those who are dead, I can bring them to life, whether they have been dead for a few seconds or they have been dead for months or weeks or years. I

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can bring them to life all of this I do how be evening by the permission of Allah. Not that I have some superpower, but that Allah allows this to happen.

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Because if one human being can have such power, okay, that he can cure or he can bring the dead to life by himself if one person can do it and can other people do it too. Yes, they can. But human beings have they ever been successful in bringing the debt to life? No, never. And they never will be. Be isn't allowed by the permission of Allah what will never be one more interesting thing that I inform you from noon by hums, and I tell you be mad at Kelowna of what you all eat a color Hamza Kathlyn. If you've eaten something, I can tell what you've eaten.

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Somebody had a big breakfast, they came to SRL SNL and you saw this and I could tell them okay, you had this this and this woman that does Runa fie beauty calm. And whatever you store in your houses that the hereunder from that'll call or not del Hodel. But that that then is changed into a Dell. Okay. So that the hiragana it the Hora is to store to store for future. So whatever you store, feeble you take home in your houses, plural of baits for the next day or the day after or the next week? Do we do that? Do we store food and stuff in our houses? And are we embarrassed of some of the stuff that we store in our houses? If somebody were to come and see our basement or if somebody were

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to come and see our closet or our refrigerator or freezer? Would we be completely comfortable showing them everything? Or would we be a little bit shy?

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or dishonest this and I could tell what the people had stored in their houses even he could tell what they had eaten. Okay,

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And he could tell what they have stored. What does it mean? How can a person tell such things if he has knowledge of the Unseen? So this means that Allah subhanaw taala gave him such knowledge of the Unseen through what? through revelation? Through what hate. And this is something that's acceptable. Why? Because he was a prophet of Allah and the prophets of Allah, they receive revelation. Many times that happened with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam even,

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you know that the Prophet sallallahu Sana was sitting once by a wall, and a group of people went up in order to throw a huge boulder on him to kill him. But before they could do that, Gibreel came and told the prophet Sallallahu Sallam and he got up and he left and the people were surprised at how did he find out? Nobody told him

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and there are many other incidents which does does it mean that he had knowledge of the Unseen by himself? No, it's because Allah sent revelation to him. So like was restarted. So I was informed of this through Revelation. But why do you think such knowledge was given? Why not knowledge about you know how old the person is or you know, their profession? Or let's say their age or their family background? Why this what you eat it? Because it's something that is very

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private, something that's very hidden. So it was in a way to warn the Bani Israel the what can you hide from Allah,

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You can't hide, you better be careful in the field. Ellika Ayatollah comm indeed in that is a sign for you in contempt, meaning, if you should be believers, meaning if you're believers, and you will see the miracle, one will set the icon and someone will confirm the truthfulness limb Albania they have that which is before me, meaning I have come to confirm the truthfulness of that which was revealed before me meaning Minato ra of the Torah I have not come here to negate the Torah I have come here to confirm the truthfulness of the Torah while he or handler can one more mission that recited is and and came with was to make permissible for the people from the word Halal that I make

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permissible for you Barbra some of that which under the hood Remar alaykum which was made forbidden upon you. We have learned that many things were made forbidden on the Bani Israel, why? Because of their sins, many good things were made forbidden on them. Things that you are good for you Hello, but yeah, Allah subhanaw taala made it haram for them, they were not allowed to consume it. But a sinus and when he came, he came to create ease for them to relieve them of their burdens. He came to make some of those things permissible for them. But obviously if they believed in him, only then they would find that is what you need to come be at and have become and I have come to you with a

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sign from your Lord meaning with clear evidences with clear miracles, for duckula Who will only your own So fear Allah and obey me. And the fact is that a person can only obey the Messenger when he when he fears Allah and obedience to Allah obedience to the messenger are interlinked. The fear of Allah and abuse of the messenger are together. And then he said to them, in Allah, Allah be will become indeed Allah is my Lord and your Lord far boo so worship him, I'm not God, I am the servant of Allah. And I'm here to deliver the message to create ease for you, to tell you about the coming of the final messenger Farbe whoo hoo. So worship Him meaning worship Allah. And when you worship

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Allah then heard our Serato Mr. Team, that is the straight path. Look at these words. Are you sorry, listen, am did not tell people worship me. What did he tell people worship who? Allah and that is the straight path. He worshipped Allah himself and he called people to the worship of Allah as well. That means he was a servant of Allah. He was a messenger. And this is exactly what all the messengers did. They called people to who's worship, the worship of Allah, because He is the Creator. He is the provider, he is a sustainer. And he is the only one who deserves worship. So this was the message of free service.

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But what was the response that he got from the people? It wasn't pretty, it wasn't pretty at all. He was rejected. He was opposed. People attempted to kill him. The opposition group very, very intense, to the point that they attempted to murder him as well.

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And this is not something surprising because that's the attitude of the Bani Israel had towards all of the prophets who were sent to them. Anyone who told them what they did not want to hear. This is what they did. Because they didn't want to accept the truth because sometimes the truth is better. Recitation mall at

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