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This Jumuah was delivered at the Islamic Institute of Orange County, Anaheim, California.

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In a candelilla mother who was saying you know who was Sophia? Who was Sadie, why would we lie to Allah misura fujinami say at Dr. Marina Maja de la, la mobile Allah,

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Allah, Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah Allah Allahu la sharika Allah, wa shadow Allah Mohammed Abu Salah, who will help diva shiromani on beignet de Mayo de la hora, Sula, hakadosh omega la hora, Sula, hufa in the hula,

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whatever aloha she am about

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the most truthful of species the Word of God.

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And the best of guidance is the guidance of His Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

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Oh you who believe

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Be mindful of Allah and die not accepting the state of full submission to a law state of slim

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Yeah, you're living in a law hopper to party well at Hamilton Ella and to Muslim on

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all mankind Oh people. Be mindful of your Lord who created you from a single soul and from it he hated his mate. And from them both he created many men and women so be mindful of a law through whom you demand your mutual rights and be mindful of the of your kinship

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for allies watching over you. Yeah, you have to take care of the community. haka come in I've seen wahida wahala come in has to have a bathroom in her marriage and Kathy Romani, Sir, what's up Hola, hola, de Luna Viva La. In LA can Alec merkiva.

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My dear brothers and sisters,

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real quick just to.

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To To begin, I just want to say that

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it's it's important for us to understand the importance of this very today's topic. And one of the ways of realizing that is to see

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where this particular aspect of a slab falls in terms of its priority. How important is now we're talking the Quran, the prophet Abraham prayed to Allah, he asked God, when he left his son, Ishmael with his mother, Hagar, in the valley,

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a barren Valley which is which we come to know as metka, when he left them in the sight of the holy place that we call Mecca or the hell, he asked a lot to bless them, and bless their offspring.

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And one of their specific prayers and requests of Prophet Abraham was that he asked a loss of habitat to send this generation or this, this the people who are going to come out of smite to send them a messenger from amongst themselves of themselves. And then Prophet Ibrahim said, oh, God sent this prophet to them. So that that Prophet would one, teach them or convey to them your,

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your, your teachings or your verses, convey to them in your message. That's number one. Number two, I live in Nikita Heckman, then teach them the book and the Wisdom

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teach them right give them knowledge. And number three, we use a key him purify them, or Sanctify them make them better individuals better purify their souls, in their hearts and, and refine their manners and their character. So these were specific

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missions or tasks or objectives, if you will, the Prophet Ibrahim included in his prayer. Now Prophet Ibrahim ever had peace be upon him. His his

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answered by God and our prophets, peace and blessings upon him. Mohammed Salah mahalo who send them says that I am the fulfillment of the Abraham.

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So we find this verse telling us this was Abraham, then in spiritual journal, if you if you fast forward God, the Almighty says that he is the one that sent to the unlimited people, meaning they're

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the the tribes, these these in the Arabian Peninsula, he's the one that sent them sent them a messenger from amongst themselves of themselves, one of them.

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And then Allah says that to do the following, and then he mentions the same exact thing.

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elements. So the mission was the same, except that there was some very interesting changes that took place, which is that when God said that he sent them a prophet for amongst them to do, the following First thing that Abraham asked for, if you remember was what recite or convey the message recite the verses yet Lu Allah him as he, that's number one. Number two, however, was what Prophet Ibrahim mentioned as number three, which is Sanctify them or purify their souls and refine their manners. Right, we use a key. So that was mentioned by God as number two. So the second part of the mission was that and then number three was, we'll

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have a taste of the book and the Wisdom, teach them knowledge. Was this accidental? No. Was it random? No. Now, while Prophet Ibrahim obviously puts a lot of emphasis on the idea of them teaching, in learning about God, and what God wants from them, and being taught wisdom, right, Allah subhanho wa Taala changed the order, in his response, to show us the importance of purifying one's soul, and refining his or her matter and committing to this process, it's a law, it's not something that you do once and you stop, it's a lifelong process. But it is as important if not more important than seeking the knowledge.

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And the scholar said that before you even seek before you embark on seeking knowledge, and becoming,

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you know, increasing your literacy and your scholarship, and, you know, your literacy of the of the of the religion, one should make sure that he or she learn these great moral, universal

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The reason is, because if knowledge is given to someone who's corrupt, whose heart is corrupt,

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whose manners are ill, somebody has any manners, then this knowledge is not going to benefit this person. As a matter of fact, this person might be a source of distraction might give bad names to these teachings or to the knowledge,

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they will correct the knowledge.

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So people who do not were not permitted to purifying themselves and having good character, they can corrupt the knowledge itself, where the knowledge comes from someone who is refined or someone who is engaging in refining themselves and bettering themselves and having

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you know, pure hearts and pure soul, it will enhance it, and it will take it to the next level, it will be much more attractive. And because we have this, this universal

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responsibility to convey the message or to carry it or to embodying the message, we need to make sure that we are committed to both

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getting better, and understanding all that as much as we can the various technical aspects learner itself getting information but before and along with that, we should identify our great beautiful qualities that God endowed us with, blesses with, and enhance them and make sure that they, and also at the same time, none of us are perfect. So we have to identify our vices and shortcomings and try to rid ourselves of them, get them under control him, some of them, we can rid ourselves of them, some of them we may not be able to

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get rid of. So we have to manage to make sure that they do not get us in trouble.

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So this is very important, because one of the worst things that could happen to this message of ours or to the religion itself is to be carried by someone that does not embody the message. And this was beautifully conveyed last week in the and and the week before. And two sermons that I urge you to go and look at.

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So now, in the case of the competitive of the reasons that they were able to not only transform, but also affect the world around them. And in such a short period of time, they were able to win hearts and minds and the message is starting to expand. I mean, remember that this whole thing started, right? I mean, when this verse was revealed, the entire Muslim population can fit inside the small Mosque of the province of Lahore, it was send them which was probably maybe one quarter, not even one quarter, maybe smaller than one quarter of the size of this place that we have here.

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And within 10 miles, then the peninsula

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became part of the Muslim world. And after that,

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Death of the province of Omar so by the time

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the public pass away, right?

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Muslims were all over the place. How did that happen? Where, however, companions and prophets, what you know, it's obviously wasn't their military power, they didn't they were not they did not have superior military power, it was through their character, they were able to engage people, character is a universal language. And it's very, very effective. And it's very powerful. But it also is something that one, when I spoke about that last week, will benefit us in the Hereafter, and sometimes even more, in our fasting in our charity, it could be your character, that will will at the end, it'll count more than any of these things. We said that the Prophet said that a person may

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on the Day of Resurrection, reach the degree or the the the level of someone who plays all night and fast every day,

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by the virtue of their character, how they treat people,

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and how they engage people. Right? And when America with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he asked,

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the officers have told her that the best thing that you can do is, is refine your manners. So what was it that they have? And how can we benefit from what we have? Well, first of all, they had a role model, the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him, he was their tangible example, an embodiment of what the Quran is teaching where the Prophet silvassa is preaching, all of that was shown to them in the character of the Prophet peace and blessings be a partner. And they were inspired by that. So if you and I want to get the same level of inspiration, you know, it may not be fair to say that we should have the same level of, we should be at the same level of because they have this direct and

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physical contact and presence of a puppet, we may not have that. But nonetheless, we can still do two things that will help us

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perhaps, be inspired by the example of the Prophet, learn about him.

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Learn about him, get to know him on a personal level that requires an effort on your part.

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You go to Medina, and then he started, he started, you stand in the mosque of the prophet SAW sent him in front of his grave, and he started thinking about him, oh, how was the problem? I wonder how he'll learn about him ahead of time, whether it makes a big difference, when you get to read what was written about the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. And I don't know any Prophet was life, or as detailed aspects of his life were recorded, like Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him, get the man, the one man that matters the most in your life, on a personal level, get to know that's number number.

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Right? When you follow his, his way, peace and blessings be specially in practice, that you're going to have a personal connection with him.

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When you walk through the same steps, so the various prayers that the Prophet made, instead of coming up with you on when you learn them, and you start thinking, why did he say that? And you start understanding or, or aspects of his personality, what mattered to them? What were his priorities, peace and blessings be upon him? Right?

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When you start going through, What was he like, that's number one, number two, so one is led by the Prophet and his example. Right. So they have a prophet as a role model. So now, this element can, you know, again, it may not be 100%, like beyond hanging out with him going with him and talk to him. But nonetheless, this is this can get you as close as possible to that. Number two, is they still we still have the same core and the same message that inspire them, we still have it again, not, they see the Quran in small segments, and it was much more dynamic relationship that they have.

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And when the classes don't do this, don't be on this manner. don't respond. When those when someone abuses you, the best thing for you to do is such and such when the class said that it came, it was fresh, they had a much more dynamic personal connection with it. But nonetheless the class wise.

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I mean, look for those of the more familiar you become the core and by the way, right,

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the more you will be able to relate to it, the more it will inspire you.

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There is an answer to almost every life crisis that anyone can go through or anyone goes through. There is an answer to it in the craft.

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Right. So get to study, study the craft go

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benefit from the same for the same source that they had benefit from it. And let's find your manners make you a better person than it

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does to, you know, multiple things of the benefits of the analyst comes to character is one, it helps you identify some of these beautiful virtues that you have, that God blessed you with.

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Some of which, you know, people may put you down for or mark you for or Look, look at it as a sign of weakness, but the client comes and maybe tells you, it's actually not a sign of weakness, it's a beautiful quality, so embrace it, and

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celebrate it. Right dedicated for God, and you will benefit from it.

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Right, if people look at it as a sign of weakness, or they don't worry about it,

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it also does another thing, which is to identify your weaknesses, shortcomings, vices. Now, this might be a more painful process to deal with, or part to deal with. But nonetheless, it's necessary. So one of the concerns, I used to say that whenever I studied and reflected and analyzed myself in the light of the app, I found elements of hypocrisy, and I work on it, it helps you do that. So maybe, maybe you have anger issues, maybe you have, maybe you're too, you know, too judgmental. Maybe you have ego or arrogance, who doesn't. So it helps you identify these vices helps you overcome, or, or gives you

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the ability to basically because if you know what is wrong, then it's a lot easier to fix it. Right, so

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So number one, the number of the coroner is still available. Number three,

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the containers of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him sought counsel from the Prophet peace be upon him. Now, if, if any visual had a spec issue that he was dealing with, that he didn't like about himself, he would go and consult the Prophet peace be upon him. Now we may not be able to go and consult the Prophet, but if the province will allow, it will send them to us companions did he is behind

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a correct connection, of words, of his wisdom, piece of blessing to be a part of that we can benefit from a man comes to the prophet and he says, Give my advice. message of God is some guidance. And the Prophet says Do not get angry. And he taught me not to get angry. Anger.

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I don't know exactly what with with with that man after that, but I'm sure I'm sure. You know, he didn't have to, I'm sure he took these words and the prophetic guidance that he has seen and worked on his temporary issues, the compilers and probably well, not all angels, actually was Angel. Right. So but transformed.

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And they did not have

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to show them but rather, they became they became agents of change, positive change in the society. And that's that explains the success that they had.

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And this is what is unique about good character. You know, this morning, I posted a statement, you know, by Michael Josephson, right, that the beauty people have, by the way, he says people of character, do not necessarily do the right thing because they want to change the world. But rather, they do it because they don't want to be challenged by the world.

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And this was, this was manifested in the life of the companions of the Prophet peace be upon him. And this is how true believers should be. I say this, I ask God to help you and identify our weaknesses and shortcomings and overcome them. And I asked God to guide us to the best of my knowledge only He guides to the best of

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our software allottee Welcome.

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Hello, Salesforce, Salam Ana eradicating a suffer. So three things I mentioned, in order for us to actually be committed to this process of refining our manners. And last week of course, I spoke about the importance of it how it weighs on your scale on the Day of Judgment, but it also has brothers and sisters worldly benefits. It has worldly benefits your husband wife says that that the we found our risk

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our risk

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In our sustenance, in this life, we were blessed with good manners.

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He says the secret ingredient to achieving worldly success is to have good manners. And of course, it's very obvious. Because if you want to save, if you want to, to be to be successful, you generally have to care about your clients and your customers. And you have, which, I mean, it goes hand in hand.

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And for those who want to, you know, get rich quickly, or or want to achieve things by by saving people or cheating people, it doesn't, sooner or later, it's going to catch up.

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And whatever you build, it's just going to fall apart.

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And it hasn't when he was asked about good character, what, what, you know, what is good character. So he said, the best thing is to have his cheerful face to be cheerful, cheerful demeanor, right. And by the way, and he really has to care about people to be a cheerful person, generally, about people. And that for those of us who say,

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my life is very hectic, and you don't understand how, you know, so I can't be happier. You don't always have to be happy, but be positive and be kind to people. Why is it that you will work when you know, you could have a rough day, but when that client of yours that you're trying to basically finally sell on something comes to you somehow you might, you know, you manage to smile? And be cheerful and be generous? Why can't you do the same thing with your family members, your spouse, your

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members, neighbors? Why can't you do the same thing? Or do you not feel like it's important for you to?

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Do you see?

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That's what he says.

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And he says, well, and to be generous, not only yourself, but also to be generous with your emotion, and with your time. And sometimes time is much more valuable than any gift that you can give someone because time is less, and life is priceless.

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I was mentioning earlier that people, you know may not make money from you your

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compensation, they may just need quality time they need repetition. So be it.

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And he says we will ever have to hold back any harm, or abuse, whether it's verbal, and definitely physical or emotional. Right. So if you don't hurt people, you don't harm people. And you're very generous with people, and you're cheerful and positive. You have good character. And if you have you have good characteristics, this life, and you will be amongst the closest people to the Prophet peace and blessings be upon them on the Day of Judgment. That's what we're taught. And that's what we're told. So I asked God, the almighty to help you get there. It's a lifelong commitment, and struggle, but we have to commit to it and engage in it sooner or later, the sooner we do it. Off we

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are the better off again, we may not be able to change it around us. But we will definitely change our own world.

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We will definitely change our own world. So to help you and I achieve this, starting this Sunday, time will be at six o'clock as opposed to 615 so 6am starting this Sunday.

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The fighter pilot program starts at 730 tonight there's it's a movie night. We have a special event next week we share most of our over here.

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Title journey from darkness to light. This is next Friday, inshallah Tada.

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And I would like to just on behalf of the community and on behalf of the sonic Institute of Orange County, I would like to thank the students and staff for Golden West College for attending today's quick one being our guest welcome here. Thank you so much for coming. And we hope that your time here has been valuable, and that we hope to see you all again and I urge the community members to also wish them wish them well. inshallah, there's another set of announcements inshallah, we'll make up to the Select pay attention to that. May Allah Subhana Allah bless you may Allah bless each and every single one of you, your fellow members of our community, may Allah preserve our organizations

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and guide our leadership

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in the country

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Welcome to the consola