Qur’anic Supplication – Ep 4

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This is the fourth supplication in our series as found in Surat Al-Kahf.

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters Welcome to coat onyx applications today considering that you have your notes out with you already. It's Soraka have what you read on Friday. I am number 10 and we remember where this draft falls. So let's try it together in sha Allah young people remember the first story in Soraka is about the youth. So let's do our best to turn to Allah and leave our affairs up to him in our youth. Let's make this to our constantly inshallah we start out or our Bana or Rob Bana at Tina. Those of you at home Try not to say artina all say at

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Dina Miller don't care mill, drop the noon and I want you to use your whole tongue. Mila Mila doesn't care. Rob Bana, Tina. Mila, don't care. Don't care. You're not necessarily going to make the tongue not touch alpha sound. If you're reading it solely as a DA you can read mill don't care. If you're going to read it in local on. You can read Miller don't care. But either way after the calf, there's all wrong. This law will be pronounced awesome. So don't say rah rah say rah. Rah. Matt Dan Martin. Let's try it together like checking your breath.

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Say of rah. Rah Martin. And you're going to connect to the wall. Or Mattel? Wha Hey, you wanna hate? It's a dry? Boring. Ha. We're Hey, Lana. Wha Hey, Lana. Min. I'm Rena mean. I'm Rena. It takes a little while for the meme to hum through your lips. mean, I'm Rena mean, I'm Deena oshada or

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What? Hey, Lana. mean, I'm Rena Russia. The entire 10th ir or this da from Soraka half is red, or Bana Tina middle doom.

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Manta. Hey, Lana. What Hey,

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mean I'm Gina oratia oratia May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep all of our affairs rightly guided. I'm praying that young and older like we keep this on tap ready to recite when we are in the need of our Creator Jazakallah hidden I'll see you in the next square onyx application.