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Qur’anic Supplication – Ep 2

Wisam Sharieff


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Episode Notes

This is the second supplication in our series as found in Surat Al-Ahqaf.

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters, welcome to onyx applications. Today we're going to be covering surah off i a number 15. Please have your notes with you. Let's repeat this. I'm sure you remember it. It's the second one that we cover in class. Let's try it together. Remember, it's about acknowledging alleged gifts and giving thanks to him. We're starting with that word we covered in class all all. It has six levels of its perfection and how Allah subhanaw taala his relationship is so intimate with us. So when you say it, remember Allah, our Creator, when you mentioned the word of Rob be? Let's start together. off I'll 15 or Rob B, or Rob be the word is L

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zere. Ne so let's start it together say Oh, z. And now the Z e sound is going to be swallowed, z or ni. I is not going to jerk it's going to go all the way through. Or og b o zero ne. And now spread that gene. Ash skura ash qu ra qu ra n ash qu ra Rob b o zero ni n ash skura. Again, I'm with the sukoon on this word. So we're gonna say just like oh, zero knee, start out with me. And then I'm sukoon niao ma de cada Nia, Metallica. Nia, Matta aka the iron is going to travel it has a commitment near Metallica or Rob b o ne n ash school near Metallica. The calf connects to the lamb near Matt.

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Let the cat can lead be don't bunch up your tongue and say good luck the call say can lead the near Amata can lead it again the word LS favor that he bestowed upon us. And nom de un dah. Lift up the iron. I lay Yeah. And nom de la Yeah. What are I lift up the line y la y Li de Yeah. Y Li de Yeah. Try not to give a dragon that Yeah. Why do you

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try not to drag it? Why the day? Yeah. What an Ah, mela Ah? Mullah. Notice there's no jerk Amala it's Ah, Mullah Wali de day. Yeah. What an hour malla use the pump slaw. leha saw me her. Now we're gonna continue slaw Li Han toe.

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Ball. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that's that commit to your raw like a growl. toe. ball ball Who? From the beginning or or be zero knee and ash school. Ah near. Matta. Letty n m de la Yeah. Wha LA.

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De Yeah. What an Ah, mela saw the Hon. Though. Wha hoo. Now let's continue. Same pump we're going to use together. Wow. Alif slot. What else Lee? What else Lee? The Lamb has a casserole on it. So don't say us. Lay us lay. What else leave? Try it with me because I don't rush ahead. What else Lee?

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What else? Li

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Li fi. What else li li fi. Bring your tongue out of the mouth. The tongue the tip of it comes out of the mouth. Zhu Li Yeti shuddha after shut down. So the re Yeti Zhu Li Yeti. Back one box. What else li li fi zuri. Yeti. The re Yeti in me too.

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Uber to Ober to in need to go to La Casa la caja what in me mean mostly mean again in need to go to la chica what in me meenan mostly mean that you are together or be Oh zero knee and Ashkelon Mira Matta. keleti and nom de la yo la la la Li de YAHWAH an armello slaley ha what an AR malchow sorlie her slaw de Han total ball who what else li li fi Zhu Li yet Yeti in need to boot to LA vaca was in knee mineral mostly mean mineral. Mostly mean? May Allah give us the opportunity to not only be thankful for what he gave us, but for us to have the ability to realize the gifts that our parents are to us. The gift that has given us the ability to grow and the gift that's nurtured us in sha

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Allah make law for your parents and also make dua for all those who have been involved in trying to get these small daughters and supplications to you desire Callahan and I'll see you soon was Sarah Molly warahmatullah