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The timer hasn't started. So quick story I was trying to get here. And I'm staying here except the hotel where I'm sleeping looks over the convention center. So all night, I said, Oh, well, I'll make my presentation good at the convention center. I may do I made about this morning and got ready and I walked over to the convention center. And I kept looking around, I was like, you'll see a Muslim, you'll see a Muslim. And as I walked, there was just a few more. Yes, exactly. Not just the gun show, the high caliber knife and gun show. So as I walked over, some people looked at me, few more people looked at me, then it started there was like, and then I was like, good morning.

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And at one point, I was like, positive positive. I was like, God bless you.

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And one guy kind of grabbed his belt. He said he has. And I was like, Okay, okay, this is good. So after one point, some guy stopped me and said, gunshow. And I said, No, thank you.

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So Hamdulillah, my time has begun. If you would all just take a moment and revitalize three things that Shaykh Khalid said to you, I just came in and I listened to a few points. I know it sounds very, very overwhelming. It's like, Oh, I wish I could take advantage of my time. And to piggyback what she just said, I was doing a clinical rotation in Las Vegas long story. patient came in and had hit her head on a slot machine. Long story goes, the doctor came and he explained this whole story to me, Muslim doctor, and he said to me, she hit her head and had to take a CT scan to see if her everything in her head was okay. And I noticed as Dr. Big said, he said, Look at her. She's

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irritated. And I couldn't understand what she was irritated. So Dr. Baig explained this whole story. She said, am I almost done? So you have to take a patient history I'll do this in a minute. And and they said, Man, When did you get here? She said, Well, I got here, got to the airport and I put my bags at the hotel and then I went downstairs and Masha Allah Subhana Allah Mashallah started working the machine did look the in their head, they're making some do artists something that this works. So she said, I played the machine, I got dizzy, and I hit my head. And now I woke up in the hospital. And I said, done patient history done. Dr. Banks has something very simple. And he goes, but how

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long did you play the machine? She stopped. She looked up. There are no clocks in a casino. So at the hospital, she looked up she said, I got here on Friday. And it's she said about 36 hours and for all of you don't understand if you work machine, they'll give you free booze and, and and sandwiches. They'll keep you going there. Hold your machine as you go to the bathroom, and you get hypnotized. But what's the kicker? She said, am I almost done? And I'm like, man, we just save your life. And amazingly, she says, I still have four more hours. I don't want to waste any time. I learned my Eman that day from that woman. She taught me because look, that's Makkah to them, right?

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They save up all their money. They go there a lot more slowly. Allah Mohammed, they make blah, right? They start, they start with their beginnings. What do they do, they come over here, and they say I'm gonna win it big. And the money God is going to save my life. It's the same idea for them, except we have an A law, and they have something else. And she said, I'd have so much little time with my God. But she said four hours is enough. I'm gonna go back, if you can pick up on anything. And for those of us who take long showers and take a long time to get ready, I'm so skinny, I have to run around the shower to get wet. So it takes a while to do that. So if you could be it's an

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allow highlight food, highlight the time it takes to get ready. But in the one minute wonder you could pick up one minute here, one minute there. And as a great book just wrote, If you write down two minute tasks, I wish I could text shake will lead to say thank you for this. I wish I could say Salaam to a friend. When you save a minute here. You go to your list and say, boom, I got a one minute test that I can do. So with that if you take a deep breath in through your nose, but isn't Allahu taala.

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And let that air out through your nose, you're trying to gain access to our diaphragm.

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One last breath brothers and sisters try to some of you are doing this.

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Can you imagine if I talk to you like this for the rest of time, it wouldn't work out. Also think about this for a moment when it comes to hold on. If I told you this man here has spoken 75,000 phrases and the people at Walmart or a taxicab driver or a brain surgeon could listen to his one sentence and would remember it forever. How does that man speak

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to Mr. Jana? No. I know it's funny to you. But then you get to see your NaVi a little bit more on a Serato setup. How would a man speak who he is speaking Allah subhanho wa Taala His word and the first time you think he told somebody else

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bismil of being lazy? Or how do you think you're gonna be spoke? And so for this point, I think I've been attacked on this a little bit too wide. Why do you talk about breathing so much? If I can't breathe like a man? How can I know a man? And if I can't breathe like that, man, how can I recite the words but blush to him the way he recited them. So if you would, some of you can get out of your chest and try your best to get into your belly. If you put one hand on your belly, one hand on your chest, it's a simple process. If you think about bringing the air in.

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You notice how the air drops here. And if you would let that air out through your nose.

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Deep breath into your nose.

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And let that air out through your nose.

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Very good. Did you see that this hand didn't move at all right? Some of you are like, Brother, you made me hungry.

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Speaking of wasting time, let me grab it. If you can empty this out, it does a lot. And the first thing that we can do today, but isn't Allahu taala is recognize that the Quran came to heal us. It came to a generation and spoke to them. And they understood its meaning. But the buffalo herder in Afghanistan today, when he recites goes on and doesn't understand a word and doesn't know the sentence structure. And he says ozy de la.

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de la, does he get less reward? No, I believe for one second, he gets more reward, because he believes it's a last word, and he doesn't know any explanation or any miracles. But he knows this sound is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's I know, it's very easy to talk about this topic passionately. So I don't want to talk. My first 10 minutes are done. Do I need to sell you grant is important? I don't think so. So if you could, I'd like to give you three technologies that would begin up or on revolution within you. So if you're comfortable while you're sitting because it's uncomfortable when you're standing. If you came into the clinic or the hospital and you needed a

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bilateral hip study, I would say Ma'am, could you Sir, could you take your top two fingers and find the crest of your hip? Could you all do that right now, because you get up and do it. It's a little like, one time shake. We were doing this at a mustard event. And I said find the crest of your hips. And a brother said, I don't have 110 minutes later he was like milia which means I have found it. So if you got a little cushion for the pushin, just keep digging, and you will find the crest of your hip. If you can find the crest of your hip, I would now like you to stand up, not holding it just stand up. Most of us have a slouch, most of us and much higher. Please feel comfortable to rest

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you've you've been working all day.

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A lot law shape has a crest everyone if you find the top of your hip.

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Again, the goal here is to get you to stand up straight. Most of you have your feet out like a duck. This is how we stand for Scylla I apologize. I can see the X ray. That's all I'm looking at. Your feet are out like this. If you find the crest of your hip and turn your toes in, in knee what just do what? gelila d right? What if my father called me whatever Say what? What is the face? So turn your body forward, you turn your palms out it's always helpful to take a deep breath into your nose.

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And would you say the word apples

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not a fundraising dinner Just say the word apples beautiful resonance. So this is spoken from your mouth. You can say it from mouth everyone say apples. floss. Now I want you to recite recital comes from the throat. This is a technology you could use any time from the throat would you say to me, apples?

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Mashallah, okay. Okay, that was the backup chorus just in case you didn't get it. But now think about it. I want you to come a little bit deeper. We are in the south. I want you to recite, say apple.

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Okay, did you feel that resonance? resonance happens when you open yourself up and you hear that? Oh, that's called resonance. But in the south, when you go to church and you hear someone talking about something passionately, what do you hear? You hear Jesus? Adi Salatu was Salam. But when they say it, you feel it. So friends. The third thing I want you to do is now I want you to preach the word apple. I want you to preach it and say, Apple

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This is a macam we won't need to touch it right now. But do you feel that you couldn't say oh balls from your mouth? You couldn't even recite it but when I come to the words and one more time can you give me lift your a I'm not hearing the A.

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There you go it now think on that the first part of the throat and

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want you to think about it, you won't do it first. Forget about the letter. Ah, forget it. Just say

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everyone got scared because like where's the iron? Let the Elif come out like your apple.

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Uber Ruby Lang.

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Perfect. This is our first place. And if I can say you've already done this better than Dallas, so hamdulillah you have a lot of energy of one. I can't Oh,

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sorry, Dallas, have one. So for those of you who are still standing, let's go to our next technology. You can do this at any time anyone because if you need to sit you may do so. But I want to just cover one thing. At any time in the day, you can access recite, you can access the ability to recite from your throat from your chest. But if you ever want to preach if you ever want to feel you can drop into your abdomen. And I we said this yesterday, some of us feel like the sounds of the Quran. They're brand new. And these religious spiritual sounds are something that are new, except there are something called Five primordial sounds. They are over 10,000 years old. They predate

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Christianity Judaism, they go deep into Sanskrit and religions way past 10,000 years. They produce five sounds would you do those five sounds for me, and you can find a monk somewhere in a cave making these five sounds amazingly My Lord has perfectly aligned them so when I recycled on these sounds are there would you from your belly say

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Joseph in touch we call it the Joseph II.

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pucker your lips and say the word cool say

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resonance in the back. Now it's called madaline. Except in in the sound that I'm going to teach you just make an O say Oh,

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like in the example el meet Dean.

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You hear it muddling. If I said Yo, me, Dean Hopper, it's not perfect. Now the last sound I want you to open it like you're, you're smiling like you have happiness in the middle of your mouth. Can you say a See?

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If you would do this with me as a simple task, please find the rest of your hip and my talk is only 11 more minutes. So if you would sit at the end of your chair, not at this part of your chair. So if you could sit at the end of your chair. I apologize to tease you because you did so well. Only shake will lead was able to sit without looking. What do you think your chair went somewhere? Yesterday I was like you guys can you please sit down with the crest of your hips. I'm doing this I was like, like to head to head. Okay, I'm gonna sit on you now. He didn't go anywhere. Babu is still there. The point is when we sit and if you could quickly jot this down, my chair is killing me. It's a TED

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talk. It's just on how our chair keeps us like this. And then calamitous a lot turns out to be like this. You want to stand in front of a law with a little bit more with more pride, you are a loss. So in that you have technology number one, anytime you need to gain access to your life.

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a cleans you up, brothers. You're really frustrated. You don't know what to tell your wife stand up. Ah, he

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Oh, a and she will be so confused. But because it sounds like we're on she like put her to button and sit down.

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stuff really loving stuff really loving. My apologies. So let's move to the second technology because I know that's a lot of fun. Except you can do it. If you can't say a vicar or NASCAR. Make the sounds that make the thicker you'll be one step closer to remembering the last pinata. Step two. And this is where it sounds fun, but you have to answer what comes after when you say it. You know, slow it all. Right, stumpy. slit off. levena and I'm Donnie haven waiting in Malibu VR.

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Before you say, I mean, what's Allah subhanho wa Taala his answer to this Alif laam Meem thank you so much mela give you understanding and increase your life Allahumma inni Rosa becoming zody neomatik what the Holy afia what Pooja actinic Matic Rajahmundry psychotic. Not only donation dinner people can make dua we can to sister You said what? Elif Lam meme? So I'm asking you a question. Did you know de la Serato Sam come out into Medina and say Alif la meme? Not at all. You're nobody

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came out in marketplaces that certain times and not recited, pronounced letters that only Allah subhana wa tada that only God Himself knew. So when you recite Quran, I would like you to use this second technology. Anytime there's difficulty anytime you feel like Koran is far away from me I haven't read today. I want you to use Elif Lam meme from the depth of your core. So you're nebulae. Salatu was Salam when he recited them, it caught the attention how many MCing surah started her knee

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and the marketplace settle down. What about sort of falsely like when Allah subhanaw taala started Alif Lam Meem everyone was silence and the person coming to rap battle Mohammed the rest would last a lot of them began to weep. Allah subhanho wa Taala said right there was something about these letters and everyone wants that we then are on revolution start yours right now. Can you make those sounds with me now? I live has a humps in it. You have to blow through it. Can you say? No if

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you're in your mouth, and if

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there's no iron in it, say and if

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Lamb has six and I think you'll enjoy this I met a monk on the plane there. They're very interesting people. And he he said I'm working on this part of my life and opening my heart center. So I thought okay, love a love of mine. So Luca hubback. May Allah love us and we feel that love. But he's I said, so what Vicar? What sound do you make to open the heart center, which is a even if you look at it medically, there's just a part of your spine that sticks out where the heart is. And it has 1000s of ganglion 1000s of nerve endings. He said, we make a sound for six seconds and we hold it. And I was waiting for like, Okay, oh, or something, but that's a different religion. And he said in the

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airport, it was beautiful.

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And I stopped I was like, and then what? And he goes and then we just hold that sound

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is amazing to you. I don't know, but you maybe should give him a better chance. Your Lord has a lot more miracles than just go on. He just sent that one to you. And you're holding it. Next time you are lost next time you are off use this technology not to get your Eman higher anything I just feel away from Quran I want to increase that relationship. So Lamas six when meme gets shut down on top of it meme gets hoonah How long do you hold it nasal?

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two to six would be super awesome. That's like full nasal opera. But let's go to Elif lamb hold the meme and lamb connection. Moshe did hold that for two and then meme full nasal resonance. Use your whole sinus cavity to resonate the sound. If I could tell you what we see on MRIs of people who recite Quran, their cavities are open. Because if I kept saying I'm

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no longer not like a kadhi not like a reciter but like Abdullah, like the one who believes a la subhanho wa Taala said these words. You guys believe that right? I believe Allah subhanaw taala said these words. So if you could, it's Alif six lamb to hold six meme, you gotta live. So start with a deep breath into your nose.

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My course is always there.

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Simple question. How many people feel calm? It's not I'm not selling you something you feel natural? for like, Yes, I made a sound from my belly. This is technology number two. But how does this make my recitation better? The first step to recitation, we pointed out was breathing how many people and shake well this is probably seen this many times. Someone comes up to and said, Chief, I want to read to you. It's like relax, I want you to tear me apart first in summit, everyone came up to us and said tear me apart. It's like I I don't like it rough. That's just back up. Back. I don't want to hurt anybody. Why should I have to tear you up? Why because this idea of Quran being Oh, that was

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so difficult. And then the next year shake was man came we had greater scholars of Quran But what happened? Everyone wanted to be tear it apart. And I didn't understand it that and I kept saying please put your tongue here do this, do this. And I couldn't get it. I said one day I told us to just breathe man like you're making me tense.

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And at this point, I think we realize this awesome Happy Cat feels cool. The rules come in after I recognize this is Allah subhanho wa Taala his book. So first idea that Allah says 50

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times in the Quran, Allah homophone Allah him Allah homea Zanu.

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God says 50 times no anxiety, no paranoia, no depression. Do you think we're unmade came to make you more anxious? more depressed? Oh my deadbeat horrible. Brother, you're going to hell probably man, you ever heard me read Quran, it's like, Wow, that's really painful. We don't have the relationship where a Sahabi or the Allahu taala on would have felt overwhelmed and turned to a few verses to quell the heart. Again, I'm going to leave you on to two rules and my time has exceeded but I really appreciate the fact that you understand breathing will open your life revolution, recognizing an E

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and A our natural sounds are going to open you to preach and recite the Quran from inside you. You're not trying to convert anyone. You want people to hear what Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us. Number three was the idea that you would take Alif Lam Meem proof Moka pot and save them? Because what do they mean sisters brothers in the back? What does a leaflet me mean? Nobody knows. So when I come to a problem and say, should I wear his job? Why do I have to wear his job is along allow me Why do I have to do this? I don't know. You could prove it till you're blue in the face, but doesn't allow no more class. My life becomes better when I say Alif Lam Meem and then just to make sure

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everything comes down. What does Allah subhanaw taala say? Because sisters after your husband says Don't worry about it. What do you say? I'm definitely worried about it. When your kids say mom I got this. Allah subhanho wa Taala backs you up and says that he can keep

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that that is the book

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and rape has the meaning of doubt with fear. So please put all your obstacles and fear down and take two rules sisters I know we're all mixed up Mashallah. That's beautiful. A family's always stay together. Sisters in the group. So if you're sitting with your family, can you say the word awesome technology for awesome.

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sisters, you got the opportunity to yell the word awesome. I mean like

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Oh, awesome. It was good though. It was good brothers. Can you lift the A in the word happy lift up the A say happy.

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Mark allow FICO Mark Latham sisters, you want to redeem yourself here. I want you to put the awesome in the word.

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Or can you put the the R in the word awesome. Can you say? Oh, awesome.

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Do you see how your voice came up here? These are two simple sounds brothers. What's your sound?

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Baraka lo fi calm? We were in a class we had a group of brothers brother, could you say happy and he looked me dead in the face. He said happy.

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I was like

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I have no idea what to do. Now. My hope that you eat is gone. Morocco, Morocco. That's all I can say now. He was like happy. So could you and I mean this when you say the happy smile or open your mouth slightly. When I say who are Rubio being

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Tell me happy NASS NASS happy or awesome.

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You're thinking you're like NASS, NASS, is it nos or NASS? Okay, so the a is awesome is really big. And the a and happy is very light. Can you now help me out again, if I said the word if I said the word Walla Walla, watched simple sisters. How do you say no in Arabic?

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And how to say no, in every language. Sisters, Can you say that again? How do you say no in Arabic? Is it law? That's when your husband is very bad law. But you put down the law, so try to get no it's pronounced light. So every time you experience a happy letter, I want you to open your mouth. I want you to feel happy. I II and this is not a trick question. When I say Alhamdulillah hear

00:24:19--> 00:24:21

me pause on

00:24:24--> 00:24:26

me. I

00:24:28--> 00:24:30

mean, awesome. Or happy?

00:24:32--> 00:24:32

Are you sure?

00:24:34--> 00:24:35

Are you sure young lady?

00:24:36--> 00:24:41

I hear some awesomes So is it Alhamdulillah here on bill

00:24:44--> 00:24:59

right now you know how many of you feel that like I know it and you're almost irritated. Like all I mean, what is this? I want it's the natural sound inside you because you're not gonna say all except us non native Arabic speakers. We are not sure. That's why

00:25:00--> 00:25:12

We feel that insecurity. Is it a salaamu alaikum or right? So how many we've all done it right? You meet some persons, like, I'll read water. It's like, no, not even Mubarak, but I love you too.

00:25:13--> 00:25:21

And happens friends. So as our time is done, what if we take one more technology? So is ah, happier. Awesome.

00:25:22--> 00:26:08

So for every person who's always been concerned, just lift up your eyes and say, ah, perfect. It's a simple sound. It scares every non Arab. It's a beautiful sound. It does. Everyone's like, Oh my god, what is an Arab sound like II? And it's like, that's so obnoxious. But wait, inside this prejudice, though, is such a lesson. The only sound we imitate is the one we can't make. So who are we really making fun of? Oh, Bernie, thank you. You're making fun of the Arab because he can do some UK? Oh, yeah. And we ride camels. So get off me. Get off there very fast animals. So if you would take the last technology now, so I is happy. I'm breathing. I'm making our EU I'm saying Alif Lam Meem. And I

00:26:08--> 00:26:51

know that they're happy and awesome letters in the Koran. I'll find out what they are. But there's one last component which really brings the chorus online, which brings the oma on the same pitch, which dials us into the same frequency. And that is how to cat E. Except if you ask one person they're gonna say Ooh, if you ask my family they're gonna say are you and there is a marketable and market sabaki schema? I don't know that's not good. So the third thing that you need to do is the E eu and then you're going to get an A sound so it's too much can you say cat? Can you say feel? Can you say cool? Can you give me some enthusiasm in the sentence say this cat feels cool.

00:26:53--> 00:27:03

Bark alone. Now I know that you liked that except when I say and play the part play the part Glee fans use your brain gulia

00:27:09--> 00:27:27

Ah, I heard God Pharaoh. And then I heard Caf util and then I heard Kay FIU. I got the imala in there. I got everything and 100 a lot. The DC land will always make it in there somehow. So try it one more time. Everyone say cat feels cool.

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porque la Federman you all went on pitch. Can you imagine meeting 600 people 1000 people walking into like some seminar with 3000 people and Tony Robbins or someone gets up there. And Brian Tracy says, Okay, guys, let's get on pitch. No one could do it. The word Laila and Allah bind us together. And the ability that we make dua and uscar. How many people made Salawat today, what one time said a lot more Saudia. Now, Mama, Brother, do you know how many people were making Salawat with you when you set it? Guess Just give me an estimation.

00:28:02--> 00:28:25

I would say like at least 100 200 million people in the world at that moment. We're saying, along with Ludhiana that's unity consciousness that binds us together. I could walk into a room, I could break into your house and wake you up and say go to war. Allahu Ahad. What would you say back to me? A lot of smart Get out of my house. Of course, of course, you'd be like what, but a lot of summit Just so you know, I knew it.

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But you're laughing. But that's a reality. And that smile on your face is the reality of your emotion. So if you would leave this on one point, and I have a minute and 30 seconds. How about we had a rule like this for every single technical term? How about we took all the terminology away and let the doctors be doctors, and we could just be sick people who wanted to read grant.

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And I believe that we had the opportunity to do that. approximately seven months ago shake Walid shakable, Isa and even shake Yasser had all promoted a grand revolution program and I thank them tremendously for helping me get off the ground. So I went to London and I told 1000 people, I'll get you to read Koran read, recite flow like I do or better and have the vocabulary of the Quran in a year. And I had nothing I had few people who believed in me and then a mugger built a portal and then our motive said we're going to help you and then our mobile app said we have something for you. And within seven months 750 people took their Koran and sisters I need you to walk through this

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people came to us and said in Ramadan 27th night What however that means to you said Allah to make this my year to this year I will read recite interact and I will be a part of God on it will be mindful on people came to us and said you're the answer to my da It was like if you build it, they will come and they came and people cried and wept for the first month. I never thought I would do it. People who never read Quran read Koran moms who had been stuck in the same maka taba. They kind of just got stuck there. Look you laugh but that's the voice. She has

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To hear, that's the voice that suits her after YesI after fudger reading yacine so and I asked for two more minutes on the screen. And for you, when you connect to the Quran in this way, I asked the I asked our ta is could you handle more students in America? So yesterday, we opened a few seats in Dallas 20 people, we selected 20. But this crowd is about 100 seats. We only have 100 seats. And I'm very proud after 10 years to be able to launch with the Association of some great scholars and their vision. They're not just smart people, they have priorities, they have goals, and they see a bigger picture. If you would conclude on one idea, Quran is your revolution, I would like to start your

00:30:44--> 00:31:25

Quran revolution, within the idea of picking you up, bringing you on washing off all the things, all The scars of teachers beating you and yelling at you. And every time you read Quran and didn't leave smiling, I want to make that all better. I want to make you feel better. And I want you to love the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But everyone can tell you, I'll teach you Quran. So with a group of an amazing cast more than 15 people, staff to help me make this work. We have six ways that we would like to teach you and I'll conclude on this. What if we met every week? What if I sent you your lesson? 10 minutes at a time? What if we got started? What if we started with the first thing that

00:31:25--> 00:32:05

you sign up and you said Look, I would like to do an assessment and you pick up you go to our website, you register and then you recite to your computer your recording comes to us and your assessment leads to step two a placement within placement I might say below you read pretty good bro. I think your brother's Hafiz or something. So I'm going to put you in a level three at level three below begins to receive and in the next step below then begins to receive receive level threes textbook there are four levels even if you don't know the letters, or you know how to recite everything in between will catch you. The video textbook will then be with you. It's amazing video

00:32:05--> 00:32:43

I've shot videos for my whole career. This is the best production quality we've ever had with the last cantatas infinite mercy. So why is this important? When the textbooks in your hand you watch it and use it however you want. Then when you read something in the textbook, step four. How about a live class three, four times a week you only have to attend once I keep coming into live class. Whatever time during the week there are positions throughout the week am pm, people in Malaysia take the course Dubai take the course. I don't know why some girl from Riyadh takes the course. But hey, we love Saudi Arabia, we got a whole mess of people who take the course. So we just keep offering

00:32:43--> 00:33:05

it. And throughout the week, you then meet and I can discuss with you. Hey, what's up with your textbook? Is there anything that you have questions with? But where's the kicker? This is all great until you get to step five. And that's when you record yourself reciting that week's lesson and you send it to us sisters if I grabbed you and said sister come here read Quran to me, Allah Allah come here read Quran you'd be like

00:33:06--> 00:33:17

right even if I stood in front of you outside since you read Quran there's that overwhelming feeling monster is hairy man must go and read Quran. Allah if your mama right? You don't know what that means.

00:33:18--> 00:33:57

But how would you feel sisters brothers, if you could take the recording, recorded, listen to it and say, I think I could do that better. Fix it twice, and then send it to someone to three days later you receive your feedback with only three things what you did, right, what you did, right? And what you did, right? allowing you to then do more writes and the mistakes will fall off. But last but not least, wouldn't it be wonderful then to have office hours where you can meet everyone and connect like this? Two, three times a week. It's grown revolution. I don't have anything to sell handle. I have 750 people who we interact with, I was asked to open 100 seats here. It will be work to bring

00:33:57--> 00:34:15

on 100 more people. But I think that the benefit My life has seen by teaching and disseminating Quran, I believe will only get that much better. If you would all do me a favor times all sorts of done but you I'm going in your break. Could you put your elbows together, elbows together? Yeah, kind of sort of kind of sort of lining up in front your sternum. You guys look like a gazelle.

00:34:16--> 00:34:55

Here we go. You can leave those points up there for me if you don't mind. Those are the six ways some sister is saying in her head. How am I going to do six things. Sister the way you're you're not going to the system is designed for you to fail at some point. I missed this class. I missed that. And so one of these things will catch you and a recording will catch you and an mp3 will catch you. But if you never got to do anything, you have three minutes to pick up your phone and say boo hoo Allahu Ahad, submit your recitation and send it to us. You know you do cars, exhausts t blue and every one of your shows that you watch on TV is you got time for that. You got time for Gilmore

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

Girls, you got time for this too. So super outdated. Sorry.

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

So if you would leave it on this elbows together, palms here, in front of your sternum.

00:35:06--> 00:35:22

Ask him your Lord. I'm not asking for up I'm asking you put your elbows together. There's something about the oma that is very tense. If you put the elbows together your hands make a smiley face. Is your dog gonna be answered? Yeah, definitely. From here, as from your Lord, Allahu Allah and to send them

00:35:23--> 00:35:30

pray to your Lord, whatever you need. I'll feel the voice Allahumma salli wa

00:35:32--> 00:35:35

sallam tabarrok Diane del Jelani.

00:35:37--> 00:35:38


00:35:43--> 00:35:50

yeah hey yo. Yo grammatica sublease us Manisha Nicola. What are

00:35:52--> 00:35:54

your parents names in your heart? First Name, Last Name.

00:35:56--> 00:36:19

I pray for your parents. You pray for mine. I've been humbled by any silly little bit hammacher model by Annie ciliata Robert hamanaka model Bayani ciliata Allahumma salli wa sallim. ala nabina Wahhabi bien our Shafi arena, Muhammad Mustafa, may your parents enter Paradise before we do whether they grew Allahu Akbar Allah subhanaw taala got a bit tmic buenas Ramadan. mercyone hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen Oh, I'm old school. I'm old school. You went to Talia had to

00:36:21--> 00:36:31

open up your hands Allahumma salli wa salam ala nabina Wahhabi been our sheffey now what asuna Mohammed in a Muslim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wa Salaam wa Taala