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Rama Rama huhtala Mercado

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hung a lot of blood amin said Allah wa salam Baraka novena Muhammad Ali was seldom at the Sleeman kathira to mama but I just arrived from the beautiful city of Dallas

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to the other beautiful city, Houston, shallot

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. My bad many years back when I used to live in Bosnia, and I used to go there in order to help with the, the work that leapfrog that was going on after the war was over. And I dealt with a lot of refugees, a lot of orphans. A lot of people have other needs and so it was amazing experience humbling experience. So hello, I wonder, you know, being a graduate of Medina, martial law, a beautiful prestigious school, I've learned from great aroma and shoe you. And I learned a lot of lessons in academic lessons in my classrooms. With one I wonder as an instructor, as a teacher, as an educator to help people understand something the old value the most,

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such as the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala the Quran and I thought that I've learned everything that I can benefit these people. But one of those days and one of those evenings, I learned a valuable lesson. A great valuable lesson from someone I would never probably expect to learn from such a valuable lesson. It was allotted Asia and I was praying behind a local Imam, our local Imam was Mashallah have a local run. He didn't speak Arabic much. But of course, he was have a local run. And I was listening and I was gonna like he was I remember he was beside him. I'm sort of tillbaka I don't remember the INR. But the brother who was standing next to me was one of my senior students.

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He's an older man. In his 60s. His name was huso for saying they call them huso. So whosoever sat next to me and I was making salami, everybody else and then the imaginary started something that was kind of like, had a kind of like a moment for me or some sort of like a meaning to me that I cannot in my head and salon, unintentionally didn't pay attention to what I was doing. Mother when you finish Salah whoso looks at me, he goes, sure. What what his language he said, Why did you you know, shake your head? Why don't you nod your head when the man was reciting?

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So I said to him, I said, You know, I did that because he was excited, something very powerful. So Paula, I think naturally, you know, unintentionally, I just reacted to it.

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And to him, he just like, he says, Wait, wait, wait, he said, You tell me that you understand what he decides.

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And I'm like,

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Well, sometimes I need tafsir and akena. You just tell me that what the Imam is reciting? You can understand that.

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I guess so. Yeah. And suddenly this man he broke in tears. And he started crying. Like, whoa, what I do to him? So I put my arm over his shoulder. It's alright, it's okay, what's going on? Then he looks at me. He goes, he says, When is this this gonna come? When I would be able to understand the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala the way you do

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and will lie at that moment, I really understood the value and the meaning and the blessing and the trial at the same time of being someone who was born with the Arabic language.

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It's a great lesson. It's a great value. We don't pay attention to that. weather. Now you're born with this language. You've been taught this language, you made an effort to learn this language. That moment taught me a great lesson. That's the panela I've never really paid attention to this blessing and this neuroma. Because I was born that in that culture, I was raised in that culture. I've always been among, you know, the Arab community and so on. But when I went to Europe for the first time to work there, what the hell of the people and I just came there all the way so I could learn a valuable lesson about my language, the language of the Quran, Subhan Allah. Why? Because his

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effort was trying to understand he wanted to have this understanding to the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's what I'm going to be talking about. Michelle lhota here for a few minutes. What does it mean to understand the Quran? The End intellect, alcohol, was mentioned about what does it exactly mean? Is that something that we need to pay attention to? Should we have a specific you know, economic formula in order for you to understand the Quran? Do you have to know the Arabic language to understand the Koran? You see in the Quran? Allah subhanho wa Taala says at the beginning of surah Yusuf in unzila hope or an Arabi, Allah Allah Kotaku. Indeed, verily anzahl now

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or an RBM. We have revealed this book, The Quran rbn is in the Arabic language La La Quinta de Lune. So that you might talk in the word talk alone, if you look in the books of the first year of books of dictionary dictionaries, and so on. And addition. In addition, that translations have a lot of controversy in order to understand the meaning of the lunia because it's coming from the water

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One of the biggest mistakes mistakes that we had, at least in the recent time and defining the word de Lune or other is equating it with intelligence. Like saying so you become intelligent, you know a lot better than the Koran was mentioned a lot of a lot of times over 49 different times mentioned the Koran.

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But when you look at the fasciae, these the words of Cologne was never actually about intelligence. It was about comprehension, about understanding, it's about the cognitive ability to make sense and start connecting, you know, whatever the loss of power descending to you, so that Allah Kentucky loon, so that you might understand so much to comprehend. And that is beyond the language beyond the language itself. Yes, indeed, it was mentioned Arabic was a bit in Arabic amongst the Arabs, so they can have the best understanding of the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That doesn't mean if we don't speak Arabic, you will never be able to understand the message of the Quran. Obviously, if you

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have the blessing of an Arabic of the Arabic language, and you know exactly the context of it, as you decide that it will definitely give you that great impact. So who so my friend and my team, my student, and my teacher at the moment, though, actually is Paula I taught him for about six, seven months, continuously among the other students that learn with me and a lot of galantamine. So that's that first Ramadan they attended the first Ramadan was remarkable Ramadan was a remarkable Ramadan for them. Because what we what I was teaching them I wasn't necessarily teaching them to speak sabaha masala Hi, good morning, good evening and so on. I was teaching them what they can really

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understand from what they hear from the Imam so they can put things you know of course in the right context and make sense of what the recite whatever they hear. So he learned a lot of words, a lot of phrases, a lot of expressions, most frequent repeated words in the Quran and so on. So when it came to holiday Ramadan, and as he was recite I was listening behind the Imam, he was almost crying every single night.

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Even though he wasn't able to of course understand 100% but he says of Han Allah, now I can at least make sense of what I listen to. So when he hears the word robusta Marwat and was sama so he can tell the context when he hears Moosa around around Moosa, he realized it's a story about Muslims around when you learn things from houses are making sense of that and every time he reads a story, he did something and here are some from the Quran Taku and comes to his mind, he said, putting these dots together and make it of course making the right meaning. So even if you don't understand the Arabic language, you still have the opportunity to have the tough delune which means to comprehend and

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learn the lessons. So what is it exactly that Allah subhana wa Taala wants from us, we'll come to Tapi loon Allah subhana wa Taala says, well, la comida to the Omaha to come, lat Allah Masha.

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Allah who have brought you out from the homes of your mothers to this world, latter Allah monisha having absolutely no knowledge you know absolutely nothing.

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And then he said somehow what Allah and he gave you what what Allah como sama will Uppsala will act with Allah Allah come to Quran and he provided you as some are upset about effetre some hearing absorb the site and effetre the heart, La La Quinta de Lune again so that lack of touch currency might be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, he gave us the instruments by which we start you know, processing that knowledge of the or as who might become grateful to Allah azza wa jal, the purpose of course, the purpose of utar de Lune and understand and comprehend so you might become grateful to Allah azza wa jal so it's not just about the intelligence of the of what you hear in the

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Quran. It's about what do you learn from this? How can you be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, taffy rune should help us recognize should help us recognize the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala the blessings of Allah azza wa jal, the name of Allah subhana wa Taala. So that we become grateful and thankful to Allah, Allah zildjian Allah subhanho wa Taala says, suddenly him It will be unforeseen, hotter by Allah knows how we're going to show them our signs, signs in the horizons in the woods and themselves until they know that it is indeed true. from Allah subhanho wa Taala says yes, Sabayon, which means that it becomes now they can recognize that they'll be able to see it. So

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the whole concept of having that alcohol and tequila in the Quran that you recognize all these sons of Allah subhanho wa Taala, so that you become grateful. The Quran and the Quran was mentioned, as I said about 49 times.

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And it's all about comprehension has nothing to do with intelligence. Even though nowadays in modern dictionaries when they use the word often, they always equate that with the level of IQ and intelligence has nothing to do with that. It's all about comprehension. It's all about pondering and reflecting. So Allah subhanho wa Taala used the word loon

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That in that actually very tough on 24 times as a lot of passes cattolica you know la la de la la quinta afternoon. Thus Allah subhanho wa Taala made clear to you his science so that you might have delune comprehend and understand. And the word Yaki loon was mentioned 22 times someone Bookman, amin for whom they appear on their death, their mute their blind, so they don't comprehend at all they don't understand. And the word nothing was mentioned one times. waka lacuna smile knockin ma Coronavirus habit say they said if we have heard, if we had Naka, we listen, if you comprehend if you understood the message, we will end up in jahannam. The word kallu was also mentioned one time,

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somebody who had an iPhone home and by the mokulua, Home Alone, and those who received the book from before they had the book in their hands, but what did they do to it? They altered the book number the mockery of the Android understood while they know so even understanding if it wasn't about you become grateful, it wouldn't help you at all. You might understand but you act against it. So you're not going to be among those law school. Grateful ones. And then there's the there's a world where my Akira Illa Allah moon, the sands of Allah subhanho wa Taala Why am I a pillow ha, lol Allah moon, no one will understand that unless there's all of the knowledge. So in order for you to have that

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alcohol, you're going to have to have the knowledge, you work on the knowledge and you look your understanding and put it into action. So you might become grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. You see a loon and the Quran was also mentioned in different shades, not just yapilan. So Allah subhana wa Taala speaks about some of the functions of the African probably, and he named it sometimes Alba Alba Vulcan dictionary comes as a plural of love. And the loophole law sort of shape, which means is the one unifying something, it's the the absolute refining of the material. So basically, the album Allah subhana wa Taala says, Who am I?

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And those who are, or remember, those who reflect are those who have al Al Bab al bobbys. They have hola SoTL, aka which means they have the pure understanding.

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Those who are the ones that come to their mind, they're clean, they're clear, they don't have evil thoughts, wrong thoughts, and so they're always clear. So they will Al Bab. Those are the people who will remember. And Allah subhanho wa Taala us use old or new Ha. And the word new ha comes from a new high in dictionary form a new hire, what does it mean? And the higher to fill firm? means those people who have been blessed with a new hire as Allah subhanho wa Taala says in nephew danika, tin leoline? no ha, indeed, there are Signs for those who have unknown. I know, again, goes back to the apple. But it still it means those have reached the maximum of understanding. They're so clear, so

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pure, they understand that perfectly. And then allows us sometimes the word alcohol,

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alcohol, which means the heart and the translation, actually literal translation of it. But why is that? The reason why they say Allah subhana wa Taala, speaking about the love and understanding comprehension, by using the word called for it, the heart for many reasons. One of them is that I'll call via takala. Alcala called is volatile is not really established, it's not stationary, right? It keeps pumping, moving, but the function of the heart, sometimes even in our language, when we speak about doing things, so therefore, you know, we make decisions, sometimes we're not sure about them. So we're hesitant. So the first thing the heart is actually is always volatile. And that's why

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sometimes our understanding of things is not fixed. You know, when you make a decision, you change your mind after that.

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And sometimes you convince yourself or something, but you're not sure about it. So sometimes that's why the cult keeps changing. Sometimes your understanding keeps changing as well.

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The second thing about cold is that it's one of the DLLs overlap, and it's one of the science basically. So Paula, even today, there's a huge connection between your mental capacity and emotional capacity. If you go and shop around and you want to make a decision, they usually buy something or decide on something based on rational drive or emotional drive. What do you guys think?

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Remember the last time you went to buy that thing, and you just you just said you bought it? Why did you buy this stuff? anyway? You had the list to get 10 things and you end up with 25 things.

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And even the 10 things are not in the list anymore and the basket journey. Why is that if you buy anything Why do you usually buy stuff? If you ask someone Why did you buy this for them said I liked it.

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The reason you buy things because you like it? And then the rest of the time what do you do you do the mental justification to it.

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trying to convince yourself for the next few hours it was worth it. And then even when did you when you realize mentally was awarded What do you say? handler we have 90 days. You know the term policy

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and by the way does have to block marriage somewhere

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And then in between same thing works with marriage as well. A lot of the young men and women when they get married, what do they want to get married to someone they like?

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So when they like them and after, realize, you know, rationally Okay, so we have a lot of differences. How are you going to manage right now, but there's no return policy matters and

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be careful. So the meaning of this we make our decisions, usually an emotional drive and that's where the bulk comes in. And then we have the awkward to come to process that to convince you that was the right decision or wrong decision. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the Skylon balloon life Kahuna beha. They have hearts through which they will understand they don't have the understanding of that which is intended. And Allah subhana wa Taala says, in life erotica, decra, the man can Allah who can indeed there, there you will find dechra reminder for the person who has who has called, which means has a heart for it. And that's exactly the connection between

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the heart and the upon that whenever you make an understanding when you realize that you are you have a new realization, you need something, you attend some session and you learn something new. So it just like wow, you have this opening in your mind and suddenly also in your heart, your heart opens up Subhanallah a lot to this. I do a lot of counseling so many brothers and sisters, they come to me for help some of them they have some crisis in their marriage some they have in their life and this and then they come with a very tight chest upon Allah. But when you give them a reminder, and the the reflection you get from them is that they're their hearts opened up in Panama. So when the

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heart of the opens up, their mind is relief right now, to relieve the stress. There's a huge connection between how you feel about what you believe in. And that's why Allah subhana wa Taala always speak on the heart on comes to intellect an article, he uses the term puddle. There is also the word and hedger as Allah subhanho wa Taala says healthy raluca Casa Molly the hedger indeed there is possum there is an oath that's inserted and there's an old for those who have hedger and what is hedging? hedging in the Arabic language Miss introduction, when you block someone from acting, you know, in certain capacity, that's exactly the same thing about the author, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala is referring to the article by one of its functions. And what is supposed to do to you is supposed to teach you one when to make decision, you know when to move forward, when to stop, when to proceed and when to stay behind. So the house is supposed to be unhackme in that sense, meaning that helps you recognize when to make that decision or not. And that's what are called hedges in the Quran. So Allah has been teaching us how you need to use apple, you know, in your life, you use alcohol for many reasons, so many ways. Number one, I'll figure and that's what we call newtechwood out but it's basically the the results of having that understanding or that author

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number one is L Faker. And what is L figured if you look at dictionary the word l figure or *er basically comes out of a Quran and the Quran, it means ruya and hell. So basically it's a vision or status. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala says to us in

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cattolica, you know, la hola como la de la la quinta de karoon. Thus Allah subhana wa Taala explained his science to you law Allah cantata karoon. So you might use a *er, what's the meaning of the *er over here, you need to sit down and start thinking of the status of your life, the status of your heart, the status of your mind, and also have that vision of what you're going to need to do next with what you've learned. What you have seen. So how many of us really sit down today in the age of technology, we no longer actually have these moments of hannula we don't have that luxury of sitting down and reflecting on the sunset and the sunrise. You know why? Because most

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of us will be busy actually documented the moment with their cell phones, taking the video, Time Lapse, for example. Or even just take the right perfect moment, a selfie with sunrises and sunsets of Han Allah. We don't even we don't want to reflect how magnificent that sign is anymore. And if you want to do that, guess what we go. We go to YouTube to watch the perfect sunset. And it was a while so pan Allah, this is amazing. We are losing touch with Allah with the creation of Allah azza wa jal, Fokker is missing from our lives, because we no longer in connection with the creation of Allah azza wa jal. We live in the city we live in the suburbs. We don't even watch that. yet. You

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might even your salon or a bar which is supposed to be based on the movement of the sun. We depend on what we demand on the calendars. We depend on the apps in your phone, right? I'm not asking right now to start walking around and look at the sun his daughter or sister I'm not. We don't do that. But still every now and then reflect, you know, even the shade, even the shadow that walks next to you as you walk in the sun Subhanallah that is a miracle.

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That is a great name. I know him

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essentially these things, the four core is missing from our lives. Even though we have an alcohol, we have the capacity we have the tool on the instrument. We're not using it for the *er.

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That's one of the functions of the alcohol. So if you're not using it, how are you going to benefit from the IRA? There are lots of answers to you that they are I add signs there are science for those who reflect those who are difficult. The second thing Allah subhanho wa Taala use when talking about as a result of Hakuna Lacan. He says subhana wa Taala you have Cahoon? casalino, sorrowful, Li comin, losada Ayatollah Allah Hamid Khan. Thus No sir, no sir, which means alternate these signs, one after the other one, one after the other one.

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So that they might understand, you know, as we and this is something amazing Subhanallah depends on your context, whether it's the demographics, or the culture or the place, geography wherever you are, everybody Allah subhana wa Taala has kept them in a way in their own culture, with science by which they reflect on their their situation, their status. We live here and hamdulillah in a situation it's very blessing blessing from Allah azza wa jal with great blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala, the ability to come over here freely and sit down and listen, and there is no intimidation outside of Panama, the ability to just be free to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala in a way that is

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pleasing to Him. subhanho wa Taala, all of that. So Allah has said that we know sorrowful science will alternate. Sometimes these signs can be trials, difficult trials, sometimes these signs can be actual prosperity. Today at Hamdulillah, you live in some time, that is a little bit getting difficult and harder and harder. Every time we go closer to the election day in November, people are freaking out right now. Everyone's wondering what's going to happen next, who is going to be coming this and that. You never know. Maybe it's for the best. So the signs will be going you know, throughout your life, and they will never stop coming your way. As a result, you as a Muslim, don't

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expect to live out of that context of trials. It's going to be constant. But some of them are going to be prosperity, times of prosperity and ease. And sometimes will be actually difficulty Lumia cohoon. so that they understand that we're the last panel to put unit tests and trial of ease and prosperity. Take the maximum out of this, get yourself to the next level as much as you can. When tasks become difficult, use a lot of sub.

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So when it's time of ease, you know a lot of what being grateful to Allah subhana wa Taala. And when it's time of difficulty, use support and patience with allies. And these trials, Allah subhana wa tada used also one of the functions and the results of heaven occurred. He said elbow zero. What's the zero intuition? What's the meaning of intuition? Anyway, it's a panel, you know, when you become experienced in certain field, you can make a decision just like that. And that's why when young men and women, they come to me and they say, Sure, how much time How much time do I need? You know, too, before I can I can give a decision on a prospect for marriage.

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This is how much how much time do they need to to make a decision? And I asked him, What do you think says is it six weeks? One month, one year, man,

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this generation is getting messed up. They can't make decisions anymore. So just to let you know, the exact amount of time you need to make a decision whatsoever that you're dealing with, whether it's in marriage and at work or family, you only need a split second to make decision. That's all the rest of it is mental justification.

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So how did this happen? It happens with experience. And when you have the knowledge as Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah moon, only those who have knowledge would have that understanding and comprehension. Then when you get to that level of knowledge and somehow blessing from Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you that basura as Allah azza wa jal says, de Sevilla, Allah, Allah, Allah Basildon, Anna Mantovani, so Allah says that this is my way, I have a zero I call people Allah zero, I have that intuition. I have that understand the proper understanding of the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So as a believer, how can I live a life that will handle a

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lot of blood, I'm in constant with that kind of basura there is a lot of work before you get to that level, you're going to have to do a lot of reflection, a lot of Filkin understanding, a lot of learning before we get to this point, whenever you see trials, you will be making the right decision on them. You know, palace trials are becoming a very frequent malas particular soldier man. But a moment like this, what do you need the most you need to know that when something comes your way to make the right decision instantly. And that's what you need. This is the vasila we're talking about. So you have the alcohol, you have the instrument, you have the knowledge, you have the focus so you

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build that and then when the trial comes your way 100 Allah bless you with the basura

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As you can make the right decision, and where we can where the word is coming from format dariah derives the knowledge as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What mattered enough to matter taxable VEDA, that no soul no soul would know what they're going to earn tomorrow, what mattered enough somebody or your intimate and also knows what is going to die next. So that's the idea. If you don't know me What do you need to get that knowledge and this was Paladin seeking the knowledge becomes very crucial and very, very important for us to understand the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, as much as we think it requires, you know, a great, great academic, let's say study to become at

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that level of knowledge to understand the Koran. I just wanted to conclude with a couple of stories in Sharla to show you that you don't have to be Mashallah PhD degree in Islamic studies or graduate of Medina or this or that just to understand the Quran. If you have the proper connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala as a law student says, Yeah, you're letting me know into Allah, Allah Allah confer Karna Oh yo yo believe into tequila, if you truly have that conscience of Allah subhanho wa Taala he has unlocked him for Karna he will give you that for con What is this for one the criteria by which you could recognize right from wrong, evil from higher and so on. That is a great nirma from Allah

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Subhana Allah to be given this ability to scrutinize in terms of difficulties, how to make the right decision, how the author is used properly, how to understand the Quran properly, that's very great blessing, but you don't have to be that educated to get to that level. So two stories from the Islamic heritage about Bedouins desert people, they have a better understanding of the book of Allah Xhosa than many people are educated in the Quran. So one of these bedrooms was asked it says yeah, hada cave out of the law. How did you come to know Allah? subhanho wa Taala. So what did he say? Kal el Bharata de la la la, la la casa de la si. C'est la barra, which means the dropping of a camel

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means what a camel was here before came by what I thought all of them

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and the footprints that you see on the desert or under on the sand, it means that someone was walking here that he said part of us amounted to average. Well, Oregon that if you judge, FLIR, they learn a lot from Hubble. He's looking up in the sky, look at all these magnificent, you know, domes of stars, talking about the sky, and the amazing the amazing path that you see on Earth. SubhanAllah shouldn't there be enough evidence that he is not even heavier, he's so subtle. He's so knowledgeable in his creation subhanho wa Taala. Now that's what you call true knowledge through our cultural understanding of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala another man that said there was

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another bedwin when he became Muslim, he enjoyed listen to the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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when Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke about the science of his the blessings that he gave to the oma and then came to the i o of a summer it was Coco moto I don't have a big summer you will order in hula muslimah and accountant when he heard the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala that there are so many signs on earth for those who reflect and then came to the words of Allah subhana wa tada you risk is being guarded for you protected in heavens. Then he came to the words of Allah Subhana waterpower this summer it will all be in the hula hoop I swear to you and Allah swearing in the Quran. And I swear to you by the Lord of the heavens and the earth that it is true. Myth Lama and

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malcontent upon as true as you can speak.

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So this bed when when you heard this ayah starts crying.

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Why would he cry?

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He said, some hon Allah. Look at us children of Adam Lockwood, Howard Nala newpsie. Milena, the even we had Allah azza wa jal to swear to us to convince us

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they will need from Alaska to swear by all these assignment the Koran for this summer you will or I swear to you by the laws of the heavens and the earth and the laws of Allah Allah oxen obioma PM, I don't have to swear to you by the Day of Judgment. So this bedwin in his in his fitrah he thought that Allah doesn't have to, he doesn't have to prove it to us upon our data. Just look around and reflect, you will have that article. And that understanding if we can as individuals so called educated today, can just humble ourselves and go back again to the basics of the understanding of the Quran, not over analyzing, not over you know, kind of like trying our best to become

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philosophical interpretation of the Quran. Just go to the basics. And we see the meaning of the appeal, the reflection on the Quran, the understanding of the Quran and intuition through that knowledge that Allah Subhana provides for you and just act similarly like a veteran in that sense of fitrah then you will have the best understanding of the Quran. May Allah subhana wa Taala give us all that knowledge, your ability. I mean, we ask Allah Subhana

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I want to fill our hearts with a man. And when

00:30:03--> 00:30:15

we ask Allah Subhana Allah give us the ability to understand the Quran the way Allah subhana wa Taala wants us to answer the Quran, the way that vizeum soprano what Allah will hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.