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Almaghrib Institute Ilmfest 2016

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam or Ashraf al ambia your most serene Nabina was said you know what have you been a Mohammed to Allah Allah He was like b h marine la mala in Marana in La lanterna in La cantera Alamo Hakeem Lama alumna Maya and Pharaoh now when Ferren Abby Martin lantana was in Mount yarrabah al amin Allahumma additonal katiba

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de la botella. Inaba, surah, Morocco warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Mm hmm Rahim Allahu taala. He mentioned that a man once came to email, Michelle Perry rahima. Hola. And he posed a simple but actually a very deep question. He said to him, he said, Yeah, but I didn't learn about de la was the cornea of email, Michelle Perry. He said, Yeah, but didn't. Which is better. Is it better than a person leads a life where they are faced with ease, they're not struck with a calamity and hardship. And they are thankful because of that, or is it better that a person goes through difficulty and hardship, and then they remain patient upon that hardship? And he mount Michelle farrier, who loves data, he replied, and he said, Well, no one can be truly firm until they

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are tested. And then they remain patient. For certainly that was the way of the prophets of Allah. Allahu wa Salatu was set on every single one of them was tested.

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And because of that test, they remained firm with their patients. And what remember sharing our hula hoop down is talking about here is our resolve us as Muslims, that to be firm is an essential part of our Islam. And this is why when that companion came for send them and he asked person for advice, first time told him a game very simple advice. He said, Amen to Villa Coleman to Villa say, I believe in Allah through Mr. Kim, say I believe in Allah then stay firm, stay upright upon that, meaning there's two parts to this equation. Yeah, Part one is we believe we have our Eman and so on and so forth. But the second part of that is the consistency upon that Eman until we die. You see

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people come and go, people become spiritual people start practicing Islam. It people come and they go as well. But the one who will be truly successful on the Day of Judgment is the one who persevered in their dedication and their submission to Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is why patience is a necessary part of Eman. There is no life without hardship. There's no life without truck being tested and tried. And because of that, there is no success. without the ability to be patient. We know that every single human being, we will all be tested. Sometimes they're tested with ease and sometimes are tested for hardship and our test vary and they differ. And even us as

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individuals sitting here in this room. If I were to speak to every single person here, I would imagine that you are dealing with personal trials, personal issues, personal tests. These are all personal things that require personal patience was Pamela tiada reminds us of this law says hesi Bannister and youth Raku and yaku Amana were homelife tennen that do that people think that there will be left alone, simply because they say we believe and they will not be tested, they will not be tried.

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What are HUDs potential and lithium and beryllium? Certainly we tested those who came before them. Meaning just like the generations before us were tested, just like the generations before us went through hardship, after hardship, after hardship. Likewise, our generation, our time will be no different. We will be tested. And if we're going to be tested, the only way to success and victory is by being patient. Our brothers and sisters, were either in our lives any given moment, were either in one of two states, we're either in a state where we're tested with good and that requires patience that requires shook up it requires gratefulness and gratefulness not and I've said this

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before but gratefulness not just with our tongue, not just you know, typing hashtag blessed, right? There's more to it than that. being thankful for lots of other means being there.

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With a lot not only with our tongue, but our tongue, our heart and our limbs as well, meaning we spend those in the obedience of loss penalty. And that is how we make sugar. So times of ease times of good not to test, but acquire sugar. The other state that we can be in, is being tested with something which is seemingly bad with a hardship. And that requires from us patience. Last kind of data tells us over and over again on how we will be how we will be tested, and on the other hand, how we need to be patient. That's why over 100 times in the Quran, we find had a lot of mention of patients in some form or the other. A lot of times data even tells us that some of the trials, Allah

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says what I never knew and that can be a mental health. Allah will Allah says, We will certainly test you with something from fear. What is your hunger one knuckles a minute, Amalia and unfussy with similar art and a shortage or a lack of wealth, and life and fruits. These are examples of tests that illustrate that it gives us but the end of this ayah says, well by Sheila sabeti. However glad tidings are for those who are patient and hear a lot tells us our life. We're going to be tested in one form or the other. Here are some examples. Right? We could be tested with fear, hunger, poverty,

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a lack of safety. These are tests that our brothers and sisters around the world are going through today. These are very real tests. I know sometimes the lives the comfortable lives that we live, we don't really truly sometimes understand these obvious and outwardly tests. But for a lot of our brothers and sisters, a lot of people around the world these are real tests that they're going through every single day. And you know what a Lost Planet Allah tells these people law says well, but she just saw beauty and give glad tidings to those who are patient. Why, how Who are these people and levena either atharva Tomasi, but those people that when a calamity comes upon them, what

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do they do? corlew they say in LA he was in LA he Raji rune, they say most certainly we belong to Allah and we will return to Allah. You know, the statement in that Allahu La La Roger own. We've made it almost as if it's just something that we say when someone dies. Right? It's like someone died and you like, kind of like an awkward situation was like, Oh, do you hear so and so and so died? Or like, oh, sorry, in an interview and it had Rajon. Okay, let's just do something to say. But you know, this statement really, really means for us, this statement is applied to any and every calamity. Because it puts things into perspective for us, whether it's a loss of life, or when

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someone dies, and we remind ourselves, and this is a way in which we bring about patience within ourselves, then we remind ourselves that this person who was in our lives, they were important to us, they were special to us, we loved them, so on and so forth, but they belong to Las panatela. They were given life by Allah, to Allah, and Allah chooses when to take that life away. And even in taking that life away, there is goodness in velocity data, we may see it, we may not see it, we may recognize it, or we may not. But part of our aqidah part of our faith, part of who we are, is that we put our trust in Allah to Allah. And we we know and we understand that even in the taking of a

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life, there is goodness. When we go through a different hardship.

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We remind ourselves of the same thing. We go through emotional stresses, emotional trials, go through family problems, we go through difficulties in school and college, whatever the calamity or hardship may be. It's the same statement that we repeat, we say in Nadella, he will lay here on your own, that we belong to a last penalty Allah and Allah is the one who we will return to, and it all goes back to last era, whatever this calamity is, whatever we are going through, there is goodness in it. And what is upon us in that moment, it's upon us to be patient Lost Planet Allah says, Allah, Allah him Serato marhaba him Rama upon these people, the people who, when they're struck with a

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calamity, when they go through a hardship and they remain patient, what is for them a lost sense Salawat set arms upon these people, the blessings of last patera and the aroma of Allah, the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah Subhana Allah says Allah

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it is these people

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Who are truly guided?

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The ones who have trained themselves to be patient. And here we see a connection between guidance hedaya

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and patience.

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Because we said to say I believe to say I'm Muslim, to accept the acne, that is not that's just part of it. The other half of the equation is that patience. Without patience, we won't be able to continue and stay firm upon that.

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But the question is, where does our patients come from? Okay, yes, we've said, part of being listening is that you're that you got to be patient. It's a necessity of life, we're going to be tested, and therefore patience is required. But where do we seek this patience from? Well, the first place we seek patients from is our spirituality is our connection with our Lord. And that was the way of the prophets. The prophets when they were struck with a calamity when they went through hardship, and they needed to be patient. And they knew they had to be patient in this moment. Who did they turn to? They turn to the last panel, Tiana. And this is why if you hear in the put on last

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night, they are telling us to be patient is Bill, know that what is meant here is that Be patient by asking Allah Subhana Allah to make you patient. And this is why we know the story of Yaqoob either his setup when going through a severely difficult time in his life, losing his two of his beloved children, what did he do? Sit in a school bus, see what his need Allah. He said, I only and only turn to Allah, I complain to Allah with my grief and my sorrow.

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That is the way of the prophets.

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That is the way of the Prophet Mohammed civilizing them.

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And that is why you know, there's this famous story of an Ibis or the love that in Houma.

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And in this story, he's he's on a journey. He's away from home. And he is brought, you know, in Nebraska, his family, he's not by himself, he's with some people with some companions of his.

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And a messenger comes and whisper something into his ear.

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And it's been a birth of the love that

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he listened to what he has to say. Then immediately, he turns around, he faces the Tabler. And he prays to the cause of prayer.

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And now his companions, his friends, they're trying to figure out like, What's going on here? Well, what happened?

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And they asked the messenger, What news? What news? Did you bring even I bus? And he said, I brought him the news of the death of his son.

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And even a bus he finishes praying to the cause of prayer. And his companion say to him, his friends, they say to him, why did you do that?

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Like we didn't even see like, if the expression on your face change. We didn't see you cry. We didn't see you get upset. We didn't see any reaction from you. We just saw you immediately turn around and pray to rock as a prayer. And even above or the left Anima he replies to them. He said, haven't you hurt last panel to Allah tell us? Yeah, you had letting me know. Is there a new bus somebody was Salam. Haven't you heard last panel to Allah say that those of you who believe, seek help seek help in patience, and prayer.

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In the law, sabihin, Allah is with those who are patient. That was the understanding of even above the law that I knew. And you know what that was, that was the education that the Prophet said Allahu Allah, he was setting them gave to the companions, that they knew in that moment of calamity, that moment of difficulty, what do they have to do immediately turn to a loss penalty.

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Because relief and comfort can only come from Allah subhanaw taala. In that moment, you can have the best friend in the world, the person who knows you the best, you can go talk to your soulmate. You can go talk to your therapist, talk to whoever you want. But compared to the last one of tada means nothing.

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Because the comfort that loss data can bring us in those times. In those moments. It's unparalleled.

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That was the upbringing that the percentage gave to the companions of the to the companions of the love that I know. And that was their way you know, as you've had a loss, some of us were actually delusional about about how patient we are.

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And I think a lot of people even even this topic, the topic of patience, like when when I looked over this topic, my first reaction was

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most people gonna be like, oh patients

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Well, I've heard about 2300 topics 2300 lectures about patience. It seems like a very cliched topic. And it's like one of those topics that yeah, it's very easy to talk about people often talk about patients isn't that then it's a nice topic. But the real world application of patience is so far off from what we talked about in these lectures. And that really, truly is the sad part. Like I said, some people actually delusional about how patient they are. You may find someone who like goes through a difficulty or something or someone's like, even something like they're on the road, someone cuts them off, they flip out road rage, right? common form of aggression, they flip out, and

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then a week later, you talk to this person. And you'd be like, Hey, man, remember last, you know, last week, you're on the highway. And you'll hear the guy say, I think I was pretty patient.

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They're like, what, you weren't patient until you flipped out, you're yelling, you're cursing, you flick the guy off, like whatever else. Right? But oftentimes, we have a rosy picture of ourselves. And we kind of, you know, a lot, it's not everyone, but a lot of us we we just think of ourselves as patient people, until the calamity strikes until we are tested by what printout and in that moment, all those thoughts we have about our hat about ourselves mean nothing. Because what our knifes is upon the the upbringing, we have given the training we have given to our soul, that is what matters in that moment. And that is why we have that incident of the presses send them with that woman who

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lost her child. And she's standing there, weeping and crying and wailing. And the press that goes to her, he tells her, he says tells her to be patient, says spiritual practice. He says, Be patient, and you'll get you'll receive and hope for loss reward. And this woman turns the rest of them and says, What do you know my pain? Like? What do you know what I'm going through? And I said, I'm walks away quietly. And what happens later on someone tells her Do you know that was the Prophet of Allah? So I send them and she feels bad. She runs the price center. She says, oh, messenger of Allah. I didn't know it was you. And how does the person reply to her? He says in Nima sobre. In the

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submittal oola. He says most certainly patience is at the onset

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of the calamity. Not later.

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Not 10 minutes after, not an hour after not a week after. That's not the time to be patient. The time to be patient is when the calamity for strikes. You know what's beautiful about this? This is one of my favorite narrations. Because there are so many benefits we get out of this. Well, first of all, when she says the press sent him, what do you know of my pain? The Press said I'm new have more pain than we can even imagine. He went through calamity after calamity, hardship after hardship after hardship. And I've said this in my previous previous talks, where we break down the hardships of the past seven, there's hardly a hardship that you can think of, except the person went through

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it. And one of them was the loss of a child. We know that incident where the person is holding his young infant child around him, and he holds him to his chest as Ibrahim reads his last breath.

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So does the Prophet satellite send them know what it feels like to lose a child? Yes. Does the press that um, know what it feels like to lose the love of his life? Yes. Does the President know what it feels like to be turned away from his people? Yes. Does the press system know what it feels like to be rejected by your family members? Yes. Does the press that have know what it feels like to be emotionally harmed? Yes. Does the President have know what it feels like to see your loved ones being tortured and killed and maimed? Yes, there is not a single calamity except the prophets that I send them knows what it feels like.

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So if there's anyone who deserves to say to someone be patient, it was the Prophet sallallahu ala he was sending them

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wasn't an empty statement.

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It wasn't the advice. Like a lot of times, people like me give right? Or maybe I haven't gone through what you're going through but I'll say to you Be patient.

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The person was not like that. He experienced everything. And so when he said Be patient and meant a lot you know, it's the the irony of that situation. Is that when when Ross said when she said what do you know of my pain,

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the rest of them walked away. And in walking away. He in that moment showed patience. He practically showed patience in that moment. Rather than sisters. It's those moments that we are

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talking about right now, this is not I'm not talking about a feel good lecture, we, you know, you come here you feel good about patient, you're like, yeah, you know, I'm going to try and be more patient I know, what we want is that we start preparing ourselves from Now, from this moment. So that when not if, but when we go through a hardship that we have trained ourselves to be patient.

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And that's why patience and spirituality

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are so linked in together. This is what I did with the a lot that has been narrated upon him that he said that the Compare if you compare the the, the comparison of patients to eat man is like the head to the rest of the body. Like our bodies are a man, and the head is our patient. Patients, it's that important. Our human cannot survive without patients. And you know, one of the things that I have seen, often I talk about this often many of my lectures I've talked about this is a person who comes to me and says,

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My econ is suffering. You know, I started practicing Islam, X amount of years ago, and my Eman was great. But now it's not doing so well. You know, I'm just I'm in a slump, my prayers don't feel the same, etc, etc, etc. Or I'm having doubts and this and that might be mountain shattering, I'm in a low position, etc, etc, etc, etc.

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And you know what?

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to persevere in those moments, to pray that prayer, even though you don't feel it too fast, even though you're not getting the same level of spirituality that you got last year or two years ago, or five years ago, that requires patience, to get up and praying the night that requires patience. It requires patience. So we can perservere and this is why, you know, we have narrations of the early generations where they mentioned similar problems. For example, we have this one narration where one of the scholars of the early generations, he said jahad to nuptse, outbrain escena. Through Mr. Ahmed, he said I struggled with my neffs for 40 years, and then it became upright, then it became

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strong. And sometimes we go like a month of a slump and we're like, man, maybe this whole slam thing isn't for me. Maybe its whole religion thing, being religious and taking classes and maybe that's just not for me.

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This this guy says 40 years, for 40 years I struggled and I struggled and I struggled and I struggled and I struggled.

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And then after that he became upright, he became firm.

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And the scholars mentioned as a panelist, if you are struggling in your email, if you're struggling in your faith, that can actually be a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that could be the way that you earn paradise because on in the other case, maybe you're doing fine and you're a man and you're just skirting by with like the bare minimum right like you pray your five daily prayers, whatever and you feel fine. You're okay. The other person who's struggling with their he man, they pray their five daily prayers which are difficult upon them. They pray their Sunnah prayers, which are difficult upon them. They read the Quran over and over and over and over again until they begin to

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feel something.

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They read the theater of the press send them they access the heads of the president they delve in, they dive into the text, why in order to save their email, and through all of that, when they come out of that they come out firm and strong.

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earning their place in paradise that my brothers and sisters is the perseverance that is required. So I said number one, where does patients come from? It comes from our spirituality, it comes from our connection with the last pride to Allah. Number two, our patience comes from one another. It comes from the people around us, our friends, in our families in our communities. That's where patience comes from this wild west pilot data source, the author mentions what our service server law says enjoying patience upon one another.

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We said the first level is we only turn to a law. We see patients through a loss.

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But there are going to be times when we need one another when your friend or your brother or your sister or someone you know is going through a difficult time. They need you sometimes not to give them solutions just to sit and listen, just to be there for them. Just to know that they have this support. And that's why my brothers and sisters By the way, one of the goals of chiffon is isolation.

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He tries his hardest to isolate people, especially when people are going through hardships. She athon will come and whisper to the person, Hey, man, I think you just need some time to yourself, it's probably not a good idea to be around other people right now. And will lie, I have seen it happen, I personally have seen it happen over and over and over and over and over again. Whether it be a hardship or a calamity of this life, or whether it be a crisis of faith, or something dealing with Islam, oftentimes, people will just separate themselves from the masjid from the community, they'll sit by themselves, they'll just be like, I need time to myself. And what that does is it

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cuts off one of the avenues that we have back to a loss penalty, either the person that I've said initially upon him or hate, most certainly the chiffon is with the person who is by themselves. Well, who I mean in his name, and he is less so when there are two people.

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Meaning the more we have this support around ourselves, the stronger we will be against the whisperings of the ship on. Number three, our patience comes from the examples that we have. And that's why early on I mentioned that every single prophet who are examples for us, went through immense difficulties and trials. them it is set on being taken out of Paradise new it is set up the difficulty in the dialogue that he faced 950 years giving Dharma and very few people believing we have Ibrahim out of his set on having his own father disbelieve in the message of Islam, him being thrown into the fire and every all the all the hardships that he went through, we have a YouTube and

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a set on his sickness that he went through we have moves at a time and his upward upward battle with fit our own. We have use of either his septum being torn away from his parents, and everything being jailed, and so on and so on, so forth. Everything that you've already said I went through until we get to the profits of the licensing. And as I said earlier, in the life of the President, you see every single calamity every single test through which the President persevered. But when the process ended, was going through his tests and trials, you know, one of the ways he persevered he persevered by looking at his brothers who came before him. Looking at the prophets and messengers who came

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before him Allah Spano. Tata says, FOSS, Bill Qmr sobre, una familia Rasul, Allah tells the person or Mohammed, have patience, just like the messengers of strong will before you

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look to them. And likewise for us, we draw inspiration from the life of the person and the life of the companions, and the life of the prophets, and everyone who came before us and the tests and trials that they went through. And I know a lot of times we look at things happening in the world today. Whether it be Syria, or here, there are so many places around the world. And it brings us sadness, and it's, it's hurtful. But there is a blessing. There are many blessings in it. One of the blessings that we have living living here in America nice, comfortable, easy lives,

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is that we should be inspired by those brothers, our brothers and sisters, we should be inspired, not to belittle all our own hardships, but to be inspired by what they're going through, and how much they are persevering, persevering through, that's a moment of inspiration for us. So instead of feeling helpless, and sad, and giving up hope, we should feel that our oma is strong. Because we're dealt with so much. And hamdulillah we're able to persevere through all of that. And when when you hear sisters going through, dealing with Islamophobia here and being attacked and all that, that for me as a male, that gives me so much strength. Because III think of the tests and trials that my

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sisters are going through. And I know I can't even really imagine what it feels like to be in their shoes. But for me, that is an inspiration for me, as it should be for all of us. So third, I said our patience comes from those people who came before us, my brothers and sisters, true success can only come from patients. Last penalty Allah says yeah, you have the denominator is spirou Wasabi Wasabi to what choco La, La La, La La come to fly home. And this right here, this is like the equation for success. A Lost Planet. Allah tells us the believers law says Be patient.

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And then Allah says wasabi true and you know sabido can almost be translated as be more patient. Like be more patient than

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One well, who we as Muslims, we look at this and we say we want to be more patient than those who are attacking us. We want to be more patient than the problems that we are going through whatever we think is our limit. We want to be more patient than that. We want to surpass that patience. And that allows pinata, Allah says, what are we up to?

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And this is like saying, tie yourself down, anchor yourself, what are we through comes from the word of love, or to tie. And it's almost like a Lost Planet, Allah is saying, hunker down, tie yourself down, make yourself firm, because this calamity will pass,

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help one another, and become firm and hold yourselves to the ground, because you will be able to persevere in America ersity, you saw

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right after a difficulty is ease. And one of my teachers, one of the statements that he told me very early on, he said that one of the one of the blessings of this ayah the

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mercy of yourself is that the harder the calamity is, the the more difficult the situation is becoming, we as Muslims, we get more hopeful because we know that the help of Allah is even closer.

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As it gets more and more severe, the help of a lot gets more and more closer, and as glad tidings for us.

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My brothers and sisters, that is what patience is. Patience is, as the scholars would say, Taka Shaka to leave off complaining, except to a las panatela was Cisco Live, to be truthful and sincere in accepting what is happening, and being pleased with what is happening with COBOL COBOL. And to accept the cutter of Las panatela. The one of the main things that helps us be patient is our belief in the author of a Lost Planet, Allah belief that a wasp, doesn't put us through pure evil, belief that in hardship, there is goodness, belief that through hardship, we can attain paradise. And all of those things come together, and they make it so that we can persevere. And as I said earlier,

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brother and sisters, we don't want to be those people who just label ourselves as being patient and move on. Like, I really hope this talk isn't a talk where you get out of this talk to say, yeah, it's good to be patient. And I think I'm a pretty patient person. What I hope this talk does is that inspires us to start working towards becoming more patient. So that when that calamity strikes, we're able to persevere. When that difficulty comes in. This is not an overnight, it's not an overnight fix. It's not an on and off switch, you don't just turn off turn on a switch and you become patient. Our patients varies and it takes time. Just like the bad habits that we have

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developed that have bad habits of complaining and getting upset and cursing and this and that all these things that people tend to do when something bad happens. Those were habits that were developed over time. So likewise, patience will be developed over time I asked Allah, Allah to grant us this patience. I was asked last night data to make us patient over these calamities and asked Allah Subhana Allah to help us understand and recognize these difficulties as tests and will also find out and ask a lot to raise our rank and the rank of our brothers and sisters who are going through these calamities and ask the last printout of the Grantham patients over all of that

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Allahumma amin Subhana Allah will be handed a shadow Allah in the hand and the stockbroker to remake which is Aquila Hara saramonic Rahmatullahi wa barakato