Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 29 – L291E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of hearing and seeing the hearts of others, as well as the importance of being grateful for actions and words created by Allah. They also touch on the difficulty of standing up for oneself and not just thanking others, as well as the negative implications of the Day of Jgment and the punishment of criminal actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of being a loser and proud of oneself, as well as the realities of the dams and loss of panel data. They also discuss the realities of human beings and the need for people to be proud of them.
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A lady and she can say it is he who has created you with Jared and Acoma somehow will have a sorrow will have either, and he is the one who was made for you to hearing the vision and the hearts. Polina matters Karun. Very little is it that you give thanks? very liberal is it that you offer gratitude for these faculties that Allah has given you? Allah has given you these faculties, hearing, seeing hearts, just so that you use them for dunya? No, so that you use them to see the truth,

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who are the unshackle and in chat? What does that mean to create, to cause to rise? So he is the one who has produced you. And he hasn't produced you blind and deaf and unaware? No, he has given you the ability through which you can learn,

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hearing through which you can hear the truth, bustle vision through which you can reflect and see the truth of the hearts through which you can feel kuleana matters guru and now over here is a that is extra. And what does it show that very little is it that you offer gratitude that sugar is believe in quantity.

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And then the time that you spend offering gratitude even that is very little. What is sugar for a blessing.

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Sugar remember, it's done in three ways. Remember,

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we'll call Bill lisanne and also Bill jawara that will help you realize in your heart that it's a blessing on the tongue you express gratitude, you say Alhamdulillah and by the lives meaning that you use that blessing in the proper way as well. So when Allah has given us all of these faculties some bustle of ADA, then what does it mean? We should be using them in the proper way as well.

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But what does Allah say Padilla matters? Very little is it that you offer gratitude? Meaning you don't use them in Allah obedience? You don't use them in order to please Allah, but you use them only to satisfy your desires. Now how can a person uses ears his hearing in obedience to Allah?

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How can he be grateful for the fact that he can hear how

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listening to all that which is good listening to that which is beneficial? What else?

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Okay, avoid listening to those things which Allah does not like good What else?

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listening attentively, paying attention as well.

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Like for example, when the audio is being recited, what are we to do?

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Listen how attentively silently remember the jinn into the heart? What did they do? fella Mahabharata Carlo UncIe, to be quiet, pay attention, listen attentively.

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So Allah has given us hearing ears, we can listen with them. So how should we be grateful to Allah for this Faculty of hearing that when the Quran is recited, be quiet listen attentively, pay attention and don't just listen to the words but ponder on them as well reflect on them as well related with your life as well. Summer hearing then after hearing absorb How can we be grateful for the buzzer that Allah subhanaw taala has given us

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this lowering your gaze what else avoiding seeing that which Allah does not want us to see okay, but what is it that we should see? That Allah will be happy with?

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For example, reading using your eyes to read, read what?

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That which is beneficial because sometimes we have a lot of time on us. There are books and books available to us things that we could read and benefit ourselves with. But we don't bother Isn't it so? We don't bother. So you have the time you have the ability you have the vision. You can see you can read use your eyes then and be grateful for these eyes. How else

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looking at the creation of a loss Pankaj as well so many times Allah says lm yellow

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Flm mianzhu lm Tara, why? Because Allah wants us to see Allah wants us to open up our eyes reflect user vision. Look at what Allah has created. And don't just look at it and say Haha, but rather, when you look at something beautiful, nice, unique, then thank Allah for it because Kadena mata skoon basa is not just about looking. It's about taking a lesson as well. Insight basura right inside taking a lesson as well. So

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Look at the creation of Allah, look at the things around you, appreciate them, thank Allah for them, praise Allah for them. And then also take a lesson for yourself from them, then of either hearts, how can a person be grateful for the heart that Allah has given him and remember that there is a difference between food and

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cold generally is used for the heart, when the intellect or understanding rationalization that is the focus and for others use the emotions, they are the focus. So, the emotional heart, how can a person be grateful for that?

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Being grateful, having love having fear?

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Having hope all of these are what? emotions, right? So having positive emotions towards Allah subhanaw taala. But what about people?

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host knows Lunn positive thoughts about other people as well.

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Instead of thinking, see, they're upset with me, she's angry with me

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know, have positive thoughts about other people.

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Sometimes a person reads or hears something, see something and it affects him, he can feel it in his heart. So when it has affected your heart so deeply, don't just cry over there, shed a few tears over there, but actually do something when it has moved your heart, then that should move you as well. It should move your actions as well. It should translate in some behavior.

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Yes, being thankful through actions. So what Jagielka was some or all of a sudden will have either vanilla metal spoon Very little is it that you are grateful? And if you think about it, really, how much time do we spend in a day, being grateful to Allah? How much time Allah says, Allah Ma, very little time. And even the gratitude that you do offer, that's very little. So these faculties Allah has given you not to that you just keep using them using them or abusing them. But rather you use them in a good way. And be grateful to Allah for them as well.

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Yes, sometimes we think that, you know, sugar has to come naturally, you know, I just don't have that feeling yet. This is why I can't read good stuff. This is why I can't listen to good stuff, you know, it's not coming from the heart. And if it's not coming from the heart, I'm not going to bother. No, sometimes you have to train yourself as well. You have to push yourself as well. And when you start doing something, eventually you get into the habit. So it might be difficult for you to listen to something good to read something good to think positively about others. However, if you train yourself, if you keep doing it, eventually it will become a part of you. Isn't it? So offering

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sugar is not always easy. It is difficult, it is challenging, the profits are lawless. And when you would stand up in prayer all night in his feet would swell up. What would he say? If an akuna often Chikara. So being an optin Shaku is not something very, very easy. No, it's difficult. You have to bear the difficulty. You have to challenge yourself. But there's no other way. You have to do it. We should make our to let it Allah make us of those few people who are grateful to you.

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Paul, who led the rockenfeller they say it is he who has multiplied you throughout the earth that are that are Hamza. And what does that mean to create and disperse to create and spread. So he is the one who has created you and scattered you fill out throughout the earth all over the earth. And since he is the one who has scattered you will lie to Sharon he will also gather all of you.

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Because the one who has scattered the people on this earth, He will also assemble them together. What he later Sharon,

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you're not here forever.

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He has distributed you throughout the year. And a time will come when all of you will be gathered together for the purpose of this for the purpose of just

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and it's only logical that when he has scattered you he should gather you. If you think about it a farmer

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when he spreads his seeds in his field. What happens eventually, plants grow forth, right the crop comes out. But then does he just abandon the crowd and never bothers to even look at the crop and never bothers to harvest it? No. If he has scattered the seeds, if he has been maintaining the crop, what will he do eventually, he will also harvest them.

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No logical person will just abandon the crop. It doesn't make sense that you scatter something and then you don't gather it. No, you will gather it together. So Allah subhanaw taala, the one who has produced the one

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His most perfect, the one who is above any deficiency any fault? How can it ever be imagined that he scattered all the people on the earth and he will not gather them together, of course, he will gather them together. Because if he will not gather them, it means that this act of creating and dispersing was useless, was meaningless. And Allah is about doing anything that is useless and meaningless. So what he later shown to Him you will be gathered, and he will definitely call you to account. We are coluna and they say, matter has a lot to do. When will this promise be meaning this promise of resurrection? When will it be fulfilled in quantum science? 13 if you are truthful,

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whenever the Day of Judgment is mentioned, whenever How should is mentioned, whenever Hassan was mentioned, what do people wonder, okay, so when would it be? What does Allah want us to do prepare for it, and not just wonder about when it will be? It is the way of the disbelievers that they would say, when will this promise be fulfilled? If you are truthful? Because they doubted it? Isn't it? they doubted it. So a person who has to clean in the hereafter he will not question When will it be? What will he do? He will prepare for it all say, in the Muller ilmor in the law, indeed it's knowledge is only with a law. It's knowledge is only with Allah, the knowledge of what the word the

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promise, as to when it will happen when it will occur, when it will come. Its knowledge is exclusively with Allah, no one else knows about it. And as for me, we're in an in a digital movie, The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was told to say that, indeed, I am only a whiner. Meaning My duty is to just warn you convey the message to you very clearly. And I have done my job, I have warned you about the coming of the Day of Judgment repeatedly in clear terms, I have done my responsibility. And when the Day of Judgment is going to come, that knowledge is only with Allah, and only he will bring it about. I am here to warn you so that you can prepare, so prepare for that day.

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And we see over here, that the messenger does not have the knowledge of the unseen. Because what do we see in the mail or animal or in the law? It's knowledge is only with Allah. So the messenger does not have the knowledge of the NC, he only knows that which Allah has informed him off. And the same is the case with the rest of the people as well. So no one can claim that he knows what's going to happen in the future, when such and such will happen. No, we can guess well, we can ever say for sure, we can hope. But we can never say that we're predicting not in the military more in the law. We're in a in a netzero moving, fellow mera ozel fatten, but when they see it approaching zilpha z

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lanpher What does that mean? That which is carried that which is close that which is near at hand, that which is on its way, and is very, very close. And this is in place, as well as in the Roger in rank, so phenomenal ozone fatten when they see it approaching when they see the punishment the promise coming being fulfilled, meaning when the Day of Judgment is being established, what will happen to these people see at Whoo hoo, Latina cafaro, the faces of the disbelievers will become distressed see a scene well, Hamza,

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this is actually Sue we act for elect okay. And from Sui x, it became c module, now the module, okay. So see, it was distressed, it became worried it became sad, it was gloomy. And we learned elsewhere that their faces will be black. So C at Will you will Latina cafaro, you'll be able to see the distress on the faces of the disbelievers. Why will they be distressed? Because they will know what's going to happen to them.

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Because they were warned, but they didn't prepare. And it wasn't that they didn't know they were told very clearly, all of the details. So when they see the Day of Judgment being established, you will see the horror on their faces will be there and it will be said, had a lady come to believe that their own. This is what you were asking for. This is what you used to call for this is what you used to request for that their own is from it there are and what does it mean to ask for something? So this is the punishment that you were hastening for, you always used to say, when will it be when will it be so here it has come and that their own also is understood as you used to make claims

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about what claims did they make about the hereafter about the day of judgment that it will never happen? Right. This is a claim that they made that there will be no resurrection.

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We will never be resurrected. You've made great claims about it. But this is it, the day of judgment has come had the lead economy heated their own. So we see in this ayah, that those who doubt those who disbelieve in the Day of Judgment, those who doubt the coming of the punishment, whether it's in this dunya or in the Hereafter, when it will come, what will happen, their faces will be distressed. Their faces will be grieved, because they will know what is awaiting them into the Zoomer if 47 to 48 we learned that a home in Allahumma lemmya kuno yes he Boone wobba della whom say to my Casa boo Huckabee McCann will be yesterday that they will appear to them from Allah that which they have not

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taken into account. They never taught the day of judgment will come, but it will come and that which they used to mock at the Day of Judgment, the punishment, it will come right before them

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will listen to the recitation and will.

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In a

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way up una Matta

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tune for the

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many times it happens that people have a non serious attitude. What do they do they keep waiting for things to happen. For the warning to come into effect isn't

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even in worldly affairs in worldly matters. They keep waiting, they don't do anything. And when it finally comes, then you can see the sadness, the terror, the horror on your faces. Because someone who has prepared someone who has done his best he's not worried, isn't it? So who is worried? Someone who is unprepared and who has been very neglectful? Right? So the same attitude, those people who have it with regards to the alcohol when the punishment comes, see.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Say, have you considered a profit sort of all the sudden say to these people that have you considered in Laconia law? Who, if Allah destroyed me, meaning if Allah gave me that woman, Maria, and whoever is with me as well, meaning and whoever has believed,

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if Allah gave death to me, and also to the believers, remember that the word hallak is used for destruction, and it's also used for death. It doesn't necessarily mean evil death, I mean, bad death that a person was destroyed and punished, and as a result of that he died. No, it's also used for death. What's the evidence of that?

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otaku? nominal, Halloween good. introducer. We learned that the sons of jacobellis around they said to him that you will delight after that guru use of you will keep remembering use of until you will become fatally ill Harada out Hakuna Matata, Hakeem right. Similarly, we learn in sort of a new set as well any room halaqa if a person dies, so then his property his estate will be distributed in such and such way. So, in Allegheny Allahumma Maria, if Allah caused me death, if Allah gave death

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Are those who are with me or Humana or he bestowed Mercy on us? What does he mean by that? Meaning he lets us live for a longer period of time.

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For me, you deal with caffeine, then who will say the disbelievers? When are they having Aleem from the painful punishment? yujiro from the refactors gene, voila, Joe. What does it mean to be a neighbor? Right? And ijarah is to give shelter to someone to give protection to someone because that is what neighbors are expected to do protect one another.

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So whether we live or we die, who will save the disbelievers from the painful punishment, we see that the machine of Makkah, they would hope for the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we have learned about label Malone right?

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They would hope for that for him. Why? Because they would say, you know, he will die all of this matter will be over, he will die his companions if they die, then very soon, this religion that he has come up with it will come to an end, it will extinguish and very soon things will go back to normal. This is what they wanted. So a lot of planetary setting is messenger to say that will the punishment go? Just because we are dead? Will the punishment go away from you? Just because we are dead? No. If you are guilty, the punishment will come upon you whether we are alive or we are dead.

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It doesn't make a difference.

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So what does it show? That when a person is guilty, when a person deserves punishment, then the punishment will come to him inevitably, the birth of someone the death of someone being alive of someone, it doesn't make a difference. Because each person's matter each person's affair is with who is with his Lord.

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You understand? So they wanted the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to die, but unless as to the messenger that say tell them if I'm alive or if I'm dead What difference does it make the punishment that has to come upon you it will come upon you if you're guilty.

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So my being alive My being debt cannot save you. You have to do something yourself. You have to do something to save yourselves. For me you doodle caffeine I mean, are there been any this has been understood in another way as well. Some have said that I lack any means if He punished me.

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Woman Maria and He punished the believers or Hey mana or he did not punish us meaning he was merciful to us. Then, in other words, we are afraid of the punishment of Allah. We being believers, are afraid of the punishment of Allah, and you being disbelievers are not afraid.

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We being believers are between hope and logic between fear and hope. And you've been disbelievers Have no fear. For me, you deal with caffeine in our lab in alien, who can save the disbelievers from the painful punishment.

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Koolhaas man who

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say He is the Most Merciful, we have believed in him and be the one whom we worship. Who is he a workman and ama NaVi? We have believed in him. We're Alito cola and upon Him we trust

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he will protect us He will take care of us for Saturn and Moon soon you will know man who airfield early Moby, who is it? That is unclear or is it us or is it you? Soon Time will tell soon situations will show the turn of events will show that who is right and who is wrong. And this is a fact Allah subhanaw taala shows the reality in this dunya even

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only up to a certain extent the wrongdoer can do whatever he wishes and feel that he is right. But very soon, Allah seizes him, a law catches him and he shows to the people who is right and who is wrong in reality. And if it doesn't happen in this world, definitely the hereafter Allah subhanaw taala will show to the people who is right and who is wrong from the smallest of matters to the greatest of matters from family issues to greater nationwide issues. So, any matter of conflict, who is right who is wrong. A las panatela shows it to the people in this dunya and also in the hereafter for satara Muna men who are available and it will be

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full item say have you considered Have you ever thought about it in US Bahama? okumura if your water became whole load, what does it mean? deeply underground?

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from the root of his lane Well, from the word Hall and what is our mean? cave, whatever is in a cave, it is hidden, isn't it? And or remember is used for a huge cave.

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Okay, so something in a huge given a big cave, deep, hidden. So how is that which is deep, that is hidden, that you cannot access? It's in the dark

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So, if your water becames hole, meaning it goes deeply underground, sunken, so that you cannot access it, it becomes inaccessible, if it was to sink deep down into the earth, for me to come in marine, then who would come to you with flowing water? Who would bring you flowing water marinas from the roof veterus Arabia noon rain and what does it mean? I right. So from this marine is used for water that is flowing on the surface of the earth that is visible to the idea that you can see.

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So, who will bring you water that is flowing at the surface of the earth that you can actually see if all of the water of the earth goes deeply underground, who can bring it to the surface so that you can see it? No one can bring it. And marinas also derived from the newsletters meme I knew in Marana which is to flow.

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So marine running water, flowing water, whether it's in the form of a river, or a stream, or a sea or anything like that, for my take on the marine marine. So in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala is warning us that if he takes away the water on this earth into the depths of the earth, is there any way that you could retrieve it? Is there any way that you could retrieve it? No, it would be impossible for you, your machines would prove useless. Your technology will prove useless. If Allah decides not to let you enjoy water, you cannot get water from anywhere. So if you enjoy water, looking at water, listening to the sound of water, drinking that water, feeling that water bathing

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with that water. This is what a huge favor of Allah. This is his kindness upon you.

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And these blessings that Allah has bestowed on you. use them properly. Be grateful for them, don't abuse them. Because remember, you are in his milk, everything you enjoy is out of His grace. It's not that you deserve it. So when you enjoy these blessings, don't forget him.

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Don't become arrogant because of them. Remain submissive. And learn from the creation of Allah how submissive it is to him, and you to become submissive.

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Tune in.

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So in this role, on one hand, we see the power of a loss of panel data, his might, his glory, his jellal, his photo, his Aloma that we see everywhere we find everywhere up in the sky, in the earth, the beautiful sky, the night sky. In so many ways, the squadra this album of a loss of panel data is shown to us. And on the other hand, Allah subhanaw taala also shows to us the helplessness of human beings, the reality of human beings, that how weak they are, the birds even are able to do what people cannot do.

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And people are so helpless, so helpless, that if Allah decides to take away their water, if Allah decides to withhold his risk, then people cannot do anything at all. This is the helplessness of man. This is the reality of men that he has no power. He's completely dependent on Allah. So what is it that we should do, then we should realize our reality, we should realize our reality that we are nothing.

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And as a result of that we should do what is required of us.

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When we are nothing, when we have no power to defend ourselves, to protect ourselves to provide for ourselves, what does it mean? We are dependent on Allah? And what is it that Allah wants us to do? arson Aman, Leah blucon ayoko Arsenal? Amala because when a person does our cinema, only then he can please Allah. And if a person does not please Allah, then no one can help him. No one can protect him. No armies norgine no technology. No

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No knowledge, no power, nothing can help him.

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The one who does not please Allah than what does he become a loser and ultimate loser and ultimate failure, because he cannot protect himself in this dunya and in Dr. Phil scioto, Medina cafo.

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But unfortunately, what is the way of many people that their focus is pleasing Who? others

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not pleasing? Allah subhanaw taala. But the fact is that if the whole world is happy with you, and allies and happy with you, then again, you're a loser.

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There's a verse of Arabic poetry. A poet once said, yellow NASA behavioral or another shovel healthy in Atlanta for the people think good of me. The people think very highly of me. But I would be the worst of people. If you do not forgive me. The people may think very highly of me, they may love me. They may be very impressed by me. But if Allah does not forgive me, then I am the greatest loser. I'm the worst of all.

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Because this is the reality of human beings, they can please everyone, but if they don't please Allah, they are losers, failures. And the only way to please allies through cinnamon and Liddy. Hello Komodo hyah Talia, welcome ucommerce anomala z is a little food, so don't forget him.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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number 15.

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Assalamu alaikum

Al-Mulk 1-30 Tafsir 23-30

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