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Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah su de na vi Karim.

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We praise we think, a law our Creator, we praise we think Allah subhanho wa Taala for giving us energy for giving us life and health. We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala who set

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the sun yesterday and brought it up for us again today. We praise and thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for all the gifts in life but no other gift from Allah can be thanked or can be enumerated in its blessings other than the Quran, other than the book of Allah. For at the end of the day, if one of my senses was taken away, one of my abilities to either see or to experience or to smell if it was taken away, I could still be guided right buying person can be guided.

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But when Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us about the ultimate gift, this urn.

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Then when he reminds us of this ultimate gift, we must say Alhamdulillah

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so please with me say Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah Hera Bella alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah Rasool e Nabeel Karim, I am utterly honored and it is a gift for me to get this topic for the Quran is undoubtably our blueprint and I get to speak to the youth about this. Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us just so we can set a frame last night I spoke to the elders I spoke to my mothers and I said don't watch the plant grow. Right? I said make sure you give broad advices because your kid is gonna say no mom I know. And I spoke to the fathers and said, You know open a channel of communication with your kids, whether it's an email address, or maybe you write him a note or some way he can connect with you. But today to the youth,

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I remind what a loss of Hiawatha Iowa told us in womb pythian to

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be on be him was Eden. Whom Who? Dang, it is a reminder for the youth. It is a reminder for the young people that include myself that in order to receive a loss of Hannah Lata Allah's guidance,

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we need to take the first step, we need to make a step towards Allah subhanho wa Taala because our youth is this place where we set the foundation for what's going to happen in the future. So we start out by asking ourselves, what is the Koran and what is its blueprint

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and durably we know from the first talk that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophet

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the Prophet peace be upon him it salat wa salam. He came to a group of people who lived in the middle of a barren land, and they needed an exact

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thought process to reach the guidance of Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah sent the Quran and in this book on a blueprint for where we were going to step forward came and in Surah Ibrahim Ayah number one, Allah subhanho wa Taala God Almighty said kita boon

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la de a book that we sent down unto you, LA county region sameena wuma de la

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a book we sent down to Muhammad Rasool Allah so that it could come to us and that book would then do, taking people from shades of darkness into the single light of the guidance of Allah. Darkness has multiple shades young people, it could have been last night's talk about music about the effects of what we see on the internet. It could be what we talk about what we post on our Facebook, there are multiple shades of darkness. But this book was meant to bring us from darkness the shades of darkness into one light, whether we made mistakes or not. It was meant to guide us to an ultimate destination. And that was the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the guidance of Quran that I'd

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like you if you're going to start taking notes

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Now it's Surah hatia. It's in the 28th Jews or the 28th Chapter Section, if you will.

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where Allah, our Creator reminds us, Miss Smith learn him or Manu Rafi, In the name of Allah With the name of Allah who was so beneficent and so merciful that he gave us a book. He gave us guidance. He sent us the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his actions and he can, he kept them codified so that we could have them he is that merciful then and he has this merciful today to gather us so we can know this blueprint and he reminds us in this exclusive club. Yeah.

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The man who Doku long Oh, ye who believe all believing people, y'all. You people who we attribute and say we believe in Allah, we believe in one creator, we become part of an exclusive club. And to become part of this club, one of the first steps as a blueprint. The first step is having, taqwa of God and I'm going to explain what dakhla is in a moment. So the first blueprint to the Quran is the reality that we need to take three things. It's like a fork.

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My teacher doctor is our rockmelon. He said once that duck was like a fork, Okay, so the first step in this blueprint is to realize that this fork has three prongs. First, it is the fear of angering Allah subhanho wa Taala of

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displeasure in Allah. It is fear that when I do wrong, I will be punished. Trust me, it will get you out of bed young people, it will make you act a lot more if you can realize that there is a consequence. The second prong is hope and love in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. After you're afraid you also realize these things a lot. It makes him unhappy. It this satisfies him. And the third and I would say the strongest prong of taqwa consciousness is a being aware of Allah being aware of Allah in every step that we take so he says, Oh ye who believe Be conscious and aware of a lot and that's not just in your prayer. Young people we need to be more conscious and aware of Allah

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outside one

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it is more important that we be conscious of a lot and aware of what we do today. Not when we get married not after we have kids and not after we have 100 responsibilities on our shoulders. Now when we're young, the blueprint of the Quran is a step by step process to say to say today when the angels write they will write I attended a lecture I attended some words I smile that my sisters brothers smile at the brothers. I smile that my fellow combat few brothers wrote that down smile at sisters got it brother with some

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shame on you guys. no pity laughs I heard some pity laughs no pity laughs right? That's right. No pity laughs It's not funny. Don't laugh. So we turn to Allah and we recognize we recognize that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us this experience. So it was written down. Because the morrow tomorrow will bring that what we do not know. So the blueprint that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us was Denzel nutzung Bhima Adama delivered after tomorrow, what's the next advice when you wake up or telco long consciousness, awareness fear in the punishment of a law hope in his mercy in the law hubiera Bhima Tama Lune Indeed, Allah is aware of what we did last night after the lectures, whether

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we slept or whether we woke whether we attended the 730 therapy session or not. Whether we took the time to remember our Creator or not. This was a lot of knows about this in the LA hubiera de matar Milan, but in this Allah then reminds us all at the coup de Nana Suma.

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De whom?

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For whom, and do not be like those who have forgotten a law, for they have interned forgotten themselves. Now, what does this mean? How can you forget Allah? What does it mean to forget a lot and in turn, what does that mean that you are forgetting yourselves. Remember the actual

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blueprint of the Quran in Surah Fatiha and I actually asked a few people before preparing for today I said Should I just do a running translation of Fatiha This is the blueprint of the Quran. And in this I realized if we forgot the purpose of Surah Fatiha, then we have forgotten what Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us of every day 17 times a day. Do not be amongst those who have forgotten Allah for they have forgotten themselves Allah eega whom Allah fassi hoon indeed they are those who are the disobedient they are not only disobeying Allah but the natural inclination of themselves.

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The blueprint of the Quran starts out with us being aware and conscious of our Creator. But if we took it a step further, what is it that our Creator asks from us? He asks two major pathways and this starts and you know Surah Fatiha. So let's take this snippet before we get to the next ayah. When you say to Allah, young people, you stand and you accept the reality that Allah is praised and he is high and we owe him tanks. Whether we thank him or not by saying Alhamdulillah here on the lawn I mean, man, you'd walk he Maliki Boumediene. This is for Allah, these statements when you start the prayer, lose, lose your consciousness of the world around you and take this that we praise

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Allah. But the two parts the two avenues that set the blueprint are

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good, you alone do we worship? it? Is the worship it is the servitude to Allah alone, that we owe him. But what's the second part? Brothers? What's the second part after he aka Nah, but

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it's the honor right? asking Allah subhanho wa Taala for help. This is the next step young people. And with all due respect to all of the convention, people who set up the convention and the elders who put this together, guys, it's going to be us running this in a few years. It's going to be us picking the topics for the Messiah's. It's going to be us telling sovann who's going to be sitting right here. It's going to be us telling him Okay, so announced these things. So it is our responsibility now to gather as the youth to say, What will our blueprint be for the future? What will we take from the Quran and Allah gives us four steps. The first is a column, Oh Allah, we want

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guidance. But there's a beautiful Hadith which I would love to share with you at the end about guidance. And this is Allah Guide us to the straight and consistent path. But young people, how can you find this consistent path, if the only part of the Quran that we read is Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil. aalameen is just the opening supplication, we have to seek guidance. But then when you start seeking guidance, you see levels, you see levels of different paths. You see the y m brothers, you see different groups and everyone's trying to seek guidance and give guidance. So and this Allah subhanho wa Taala says seek those people still offer Lavina, an underlay him seek those people who

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have received a loss of Hanwha, to Allah's favor. And to the young people who are staring at me, I want you to realize it's not going to be in a single group, it's not going to be one guy holding a banner, it is going to be us looking at various groups, it's going to be the sisters looking at female speakers female scholarship and saying, look, I can take the good from here. But I think some of this, it's a little bit old fashion. It's a little bit out of touch, but I'm going to rejuvenate it. And the second part is going to be when the brothers look around and you see the youth around you. And you see them going away from what you deem to be guidance and you don't judge them, but you

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have love in your heart for them. And you remind them the way Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us that there was a group there was a group that had the favor of Allah, find those people join with those people. But then along the path along the way between here and the food court, between here and your final destination lady in my lube, Lady Loulou biani him What a board lien, you will meet people who have angered Allah Who knew what was right, who's listened to the lectures, who came and met with people who knew what was right but said, You know what, it doesn't make sense to me, I'll do it later. I don't need to fulfill these rights that I Oh Allah, I'll do it when I'm, when I'm

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older. When I get older and my knees hurt and my joints can't bend, then I'll start to pray. Then I'll be humbled to the people in the community. Then I will smile at the people I meet. A lady must do be it him or her

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Lean and there will be those who go far, far away. So when you forget Allah when you forget the Creator, you are forgetting these four mile markers. You know when you get out here on 84 West, it says that what's the first street is like Pulaski there these highway markers. We need these markers to realize that the blueprint of Quran is read 17 times a day. It is the opening of Surah Fatiha. And the answer of this blueprint is throughout the rest of the Quran. The rest of the Quran dictates what guidance is who are the chosen and who are the people who Allah has favored? Who are those who have earned his anger and who are those who have gone far astray. So Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds

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us why Allah Taku callala de Nana su la hatha answer home and fusa home. So I asked you a question. If you didn't pray fudger this morning? did it affect Allah? If you didn't choose to wear hijab today? did it affect Allah? If you chose to say, you know what the blueprint of the Quran is wonderful Surah Fatiha, it's great. But I have nothing to do with it. Does it affect Allah? Because at the end of the day, the best blueprint and I very much teeter totter on whether to use this example. But remember, Prison Break? Right? He had his blueprint or cat tatted up. Right. So he had his blueprint, but can you imagine if he's like, Okay, I have the blueprint. It's right here. I have

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it there are 1000s of copies of it. But I don't take the time to read it. I don't take the time to pick it up. I don't take the time to approach it. I wait for some guy once a year to tell me what the blueprint is. While at the zoo new can lead in and so law for and sell home and foster home. When we turn away from what's right in front of us the Quran right in front of us, then it is us who loses out Allah ik of molfetta sukoon. And if you need a motivation, Allah subhanho wa Taala says if you need a reason to get up, to open up, hold on to read it to understand how to get over the difference between haul and off. And caf. How do you get over that Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds

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us and he says, liars There we

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There is no comparison between the people who choose

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the path that led them to the fire. There's no comparison between the dwellers of the Fire and the dwellers of the paradise. Eco home on

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his own. They are the people who have made it. They're the people who have attained the highest level. They're the people who basically are ballers. They're the ballers of gentle and they made it to Jenna. My time trickles away so I will end on this. This concept that Allah puts in front of us. He said Don't forget a law because you would forget yourself and the entire blueprint was placed in Surah Fatiha so then he reminds us then he reminds us of one IRA and he says the blueprint of the Quran is Fatiha is the Quran and its actions and standing behind it but some of us don't realize what the Quran is. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us if you want to remember Allah, if you want to

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fulfill your own rights, and remember yourself, then remember the book that will take you to Jenna. And that book is the same book that if it was placed on a mountain low, then

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if this plan was placed on a mountain, this very book its concept its word,

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Island, Giovanni leroi. De who hongxiang motel swan.

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If this book, it's words, not the lectures that we give, I'm talking about the message of the Quran. If it was placed on a mountain, it would turn to dust friends. Ask yourself how strong your heart is. What happened to us that we heard put on the whole weekend. People read it Mohammed material recited it, we wept we loved it. But when it came time for me to tell you guys Ramadan, two months away, we can learn to read in two months. On the way into this hall. A brother stopped me he said I want to learn how to read. He said do you think it's possible can I learn to read or on before I die? can I learn to recite this book? I said before you die. I said before Ramadan. I don't know

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when you're gonna pass. But I said before Ramadan. You can lift up this book and you can hold it and read it. And he told me but what about my heart? How will I be able to take this low unzen hazzle Allah Allah Jabba de la Ada who, Oh, she am moto dia that would humble a mountain

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So the blueprint to the Quran is been recorded in the books has been recorded in 1000s of lectures. And Allah Himself asked us, this blueprint is there, it's tatted up all over our hearts, all over our lips and all throughout our ears, we hear we listen, but it does not reach. And this is going the blueprint is going to actually be used when we pick up the book of Allah. The Blueprint will actually be used when we pick up the book of a lot and our hearts are strong enough to take it. So in a very concise way isn't Allahu taala message of what is the blueprint of the Quran? I leave you with the question that Allah subhanho wa Taala asks twice FLIR

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young people who have witnessed the transformation of Facebook into a billion dollar company, 100 billion dollar company, the world is changing at an unbelievable rate. Three years ago, I stood up here at this exact stage in this exact Hall. And I said guys, things are changing. Revolution, governments are going to be changing. People are using the internet to do all sorts of things. Think about these things, every Hadith that talks about the Day of Judgment, every Hadith that talks about the Antichrist and the the return of Jesus, all of these things are lined up, but we're waiting for some type of sign right? Allah subhanho wa Taala said, If Allah yetta De Bruyne Al Quran, why don't

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we read and contemplate on our own book? Why do we look around and say, Look, the infidel disbelievers, they don't know well, if you know, then use that. And this is my encouragement is to take the book of Allah and don't get involved solely in grammatical discussions in deep philosophical concepts, but get into a tangible concept of everyday reading or an everyday picking up the book of a lot and saying, Allah speak to me, let me understand this blueprint. I don't need someone to teach me, I need someone to encourage me to find this message. So Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us means for those of you who don't know how to read no this much, if I told you what the

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blueprint was, it would last in the front of your brain for about two hours, it's a chemical process exists in the front of your brain, after a while what would happen, it would evaporate, it would go away, or you'd be like the six brothers in the audience who are sleeping on their face, right, it would happen, it would be okay. But then you would lose it. The only thing that will revive this spirit, but will revive the blueprint of the Koran is for you to have an interaction with it, for you to pick it up. And to experience the Quran on your own. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala, for the opportunity for the means for us to become an oma a group of people, before Ramadan, who can pick up

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the book of Allah who can begin to read who can begin to learn its meaning. And if you don't understand its meaning, at least when you say the word a long, whose honor then you will understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala is absolute. And whether this economic conference, young people who are suiting up to play ball tonight, and this economic conference sisters who have looked and talked and been together and enjoyed themselves, whether we do the work of serving mankind or not. Some group will come. And I've said it before the train is going to reach its place. Those who know the blueprint already have it and are already serving mankind. Turn to Allah write four letters down for

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me, those of you who are writing it's l to r, q, it's three letters and a number l to R q.com.

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The objective of this is not big, long talks on how important Quran is or how the Quran will change our life. We've heard this 100 times. We've heard the differences of opinions. We've heard the various messiahs talk about how forgetting Allah subhanho wa Taala is like forgetting ourselves and then we get up and we move on l to R q.com. The objective is to get you reading to get you reciting, to build a basic rhythm and to allow you to experience the Koran this Ramadan be isn't Allahu taala I asked you, I implore you to pick up the book of Allah. And let's make four intentions. Those of us who don't know how to read we will learn to read basically other than halaqa before Ramadan. Those

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of us who can read will read the entire Quran before Ramadan. And all of us, all of us whether you can read or not, will pick up a translation. And if you could do 1800 pages of seven volumes of Harry Potter

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Right, or I'm sorry, I'm outdated Hunger Games, if you can, that's like 1000 pages, if you can do 1000 pages about some weird Hunger Games, right? I don't know. It's pretty, it's interesting. I don't know if you're into that.

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If we can do that we can finish the translation cover to cover. And then I won't be talking to you about the blueprint of Quran then I will be telling you how we can serve mankind. Then I will be standing up here talking about the benefits of Quran in your life and you people will raise your hand and say yes, I can feel it. I end on one small narration. Mousavi Salam have very few, very few time. minutes left. I said I would share a questionnaire. Abu hurayrah radi Allahu taala on Abu huraira a companion of the Prophet peace be upon him. He narrated that musala salaam and we know these famous conversations of Musa Moses and Allah subhana wa Tada. So Musashi Salaam asked Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. He said, oh my lord, which of your slaves is the most pious? You know what the blueprint is? But now we want piety and moose Musashi? salams question was answered he, the one who remembers a law and does not forget him.

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Brothers and sisters, if you want a blueprint bring Koran into your life in every action. Bring the DA the car when you look into the mirror, make that da when you are overcome with grief Allahumma l him new roosh D What are his name in shchedrin fc? Make these two are and I'm telling you, Allah subhanho wa Taala his blessing will come back into your life. I asked Allah subhana wa Taala to bless all of you and give you the opportunity to come closer to his book. His blueprint is clear. You don't need to tap it. It doesn't hurt that much. You just need to read it and carry it. Make Allah subhanho wa Taala first in your life and Allah will make you first be in law hit Allah I asked

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Allah subhanaw taala to take the good and seal it to your heart and leave the ill intention words to fall to the wayside Subhanallah because it is the phone was alarm on other more studying well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen