Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 236B Tafsir Al-Saffat 75-82

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The prophets and their behavior are discussed in a series of prophets and their lives. They are described as hardworking and determined, and are also seen as being the only ones who can save humanity. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding hate and bullying, and the need for people to be mindful of their own behavior. The importance of using words like "has" and "has not" in response to requests is also emphasized. The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including the use of deadly drugs to cause suffering, and the importance of avoiding denial and strong faith in Islam.
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pseudo to serve fat I am number 75 Out of the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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what are called uncertainly? Na Adana he called out to us new Han No. Are they his Salam certainly for a fact indeed. No. called out to Allah. What happened then fella near Amma fall then lo shortly near Amma excellent Omar G Boone, the responders, meaning how excellent was Allah in his response to know Alayhis Salam

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in this ayah and the following verses we see many prophets are mentioned, even though their stories are mentioned in greater detail elsewhere in the Quran. Why are the stories of the prophets mentioned over here starting from the story of Noah Alayhis Salam because in the previous verses, what was mentioned, the two destinations in the hereafter were described in detail, one of * and the other one off Jana of paradise. And before that, a scene of the day of judgment was mentioned in which people are seeing, blaming each other, where one group is blaming the other that you pressured us into disbelief. You believed us into disbelief you came to us from our right meaning from the

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good side or with all your pressure and all your might. You bullied us into faithlessness. So over here examples of the prophets are given that how they lived in the most difficult circumstances. We see that new Harlow Salam he strove for 950 years. That's not a short time. So many years, he fought against that darkness. The example of Ibrahim or the son I miss given he was born in the hub of idolatry. That we see example of Musa A Sudan is given in the Surah, where his enemy was put on. So many prophets are mentioned over here and a proof is being established that when you want to be on the truth, when you want to remain firm upon the truth, you can provide it that you are determined

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that no trial matters, whether it is the length of time or it is the great numbers of people who are around you, or the great darkness that you find yourself in. It does not matter because the light of faith is where it is inside. So if a person is determined from within the external pressures, they don't matter. So the first example given over here is off Nora Alayhis Salam, when are called Mad Danna, certainly, indeed, he called out to us nada, Unity neither, neither is to call out to yell out desperately. So he desperately called out to us he cried out for help. When he had despaired of his people, he begged Allah for relief from his people. He begged Allah to save the rest of

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humanity. Why? Because New Hello salaam, he was sent to the first people who started check who were upon idolatry and for 950 years, he called them to the hate and he called them in so many different ways sort of newer if we read it we see the detail in which new Hello salaam he called his people to throw hate so for example in Aisle Five and six of Sudha to no no hello sir I'm set me down to call me Leyland wonder ha ha. Oh my Lord, I have called my people I have invited my people by night and by day, meaning I spared no time. by night and by day fellow me as a to whom dua II enough your aura, but my calling them did not increase them except in running away from the truth even more. So

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Nikolay Sinha, he did dollar to his people for so long. And what happened when he saw nothing from them except denial and bullying because they physically abused him. They socially abused him also. They believed him they mocked him they made fun of him in so many ways they denied him. So what happened he called out to his Lord now Madonna he called out to Allah into a coma time we learn how to salaam febrile our boho imeem of newborn Funtastic he called out

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to his Lord that Oh my Lord, I am Maha noob. I have been overcome by my people fantasy. So you help? And what was his the heart that you helped meaning you take me out of these people? It's not my Dawa is not working anymore. I have tried for 950 years, if they have to believe that would have believed, and he was worried for the rest of humanity, that if this population if they are upon shake what's going to happen to the next generation and the generation after them they're going to go deeper and deeper into idolatry. So instead of through higher 2627, his dua is mentioned what was his drive was on a new home and now I said Rob biller driver I'm an OB minimal care Farina the

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Yarra, the Oh my Lord, do not even leave upon the surface of the earth a single home of those who deny you. Why, because in Mecca into your home, indeed, if you were to leave them, you will be lured a bad luck, they will misguide Your servants, when I usually do in forger and kapha, and they will not give birth to anyone except the defiantly disobedient and extreme rejecters meaning such are the people who are going to be born off these people. So what was his drive? And now I don't know him, but Oh Allah, you helped me against these people, and you helped me establish their head, because if these people live on then shidduch will take over. So Allah subhanaw taala says further nierman

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Mooji Boon femoral Neoma so surely how excellent best a Mooji born Mooji Boone is a clone of the word Mooji and who is muddied one who gives Joab? Meaning one who responds, one who answers one who accepts the request that is made to him. And Mooji burn is plural. Nirmal Mooji, Boone excellent responders, Who is Allah is the best responders who is Allah is that you notice something the players being used for Allah, why? It's the plural of royalty of majesty. But certainly, out of all those who respond, allows response is indeed the best. If you think about it, when we are in difficulty, when we find ourselves helpless, when we cannot do when we cannot accomplish our goals

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ourselves, then we seek external help, isn't it? When we use all of our internal strength and ability, we exhaust every effort, every ability that we have, and still we cannot accomplish our goal, we seek external help, we ask the people who are around us whether they're our family or friends, right? Or we try and get help from others in any way possible. But sometimes what happens people respond, and other times they don't respond. Sometimes they pity us. They agree with us. They say things like I hear you, I understand, but I'm sorry. Or they offer help. But instead of helping us, they cause more damage has this ever happened. And then you ask them, please let me do this

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myself. Right. For instance, you ask somebody to help you in the kitchen. And instead of helping you their room, whatever you're preparing, so you tell them keep away. I've seen many mothers do this with their daughters, they believe them first of all, you do nothing, you do nothing, you do nothing. Right. And they hand over the broom to them. And as the poor girl is trying to clean the floor, the mother says leave it I'll do it myself. Hi. So people when we ask them for help, no matter how genuine they are, what happens in the way that they respond? The only human isn't it. They cannot fully relieve us of our difficulty.

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Allah says Fela nierman Mooji burn. How excellent is Allah, the One who responds out of all those who respond. Allah's response is always the best is always always excellent. Because sometimes what happens we ask Allah for something, and he gives us something else. That's even better for us that we never even thought about. phenom Yama, G Boone, Allah's response is indeed the best response. So over here it is as if we are being taught a lesson that Allah who responded to the prayer of the salam. So you are servants. Also ask Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever have you for whoever have you, the day of supplication is open, then the doors of mercy have been

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opened for him. Meaning if anyone has been given the ability to

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Make dua to Allah. Then indeed the gates of mercy and blessing have been opened up for him.

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Because there are is the way to success. The prophets of Allah listen continued he said, Allah is not asked of anything, meaning more beloved to him, then being asked for Aafia meaning the best thing that Allah loves to be asked for is what are for your well being safety protection. And the prophets of Allah Christendom said, the supplication meaning bra benefits against that which trikes and also that which does not strike meaning whether a problem has already happened, or it has not already happened, it's yet to come. The die will help you with regards to your present situation and your future difficulties also. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Hold fast or worshipers of

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Allah to supplication hold fast to draw, adhere to draw meaning make God never stopped making draw, because who is Allah Firm A mere man Mooji Boone.

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He is the excellent responder.

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So how was the response to new Hello, Salam o. Allah says one Ajay now who and we saved him, we delivered him we rescued him. And not just him. But also what now who and his family, his family, which family his children, but not just his children. It was basically the people of his Deen aloo Dini he the people of his Deen those who believed in him, Allah subhanaw taala save them from what may now account of the Alim from the affliction. That is great meaning from the great affliction. Allah saved him and Allah saved his followers. The word come Kathrada we have done this word earlier also called means home, Masha did extreme, intense grief, suffocating distress, meaning such

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distress that suffocates you that causes anxiety that causes unrest? So Allah subhanaw taala saved him and his followers from the great distress. Firstly, we see that him and his family were saved, who were truly his family, those who believed in Him, not necessarily those who were related to him by blood or marriage, because his wife was not of those who were saved. One of his sons also did not survive the great flood. So who was the who that was saved? It was those who believed in him. And what was this great distress, this great affliction. This can be understood in two ways. First of all, I'll come villagey refers to the other of his people, the hurt that they caused him. That was

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really a great distress, because constant denial, and not just denial, but also bullying that went on for 950 years. When we had a salon tried every possible way of warning them still they didn't believe this caused him great anguish in total calf. And remember, cervical calf is a murky Surah right? So this was within the first 13 years of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is that Allah, Allah subhanaw taala revealed phenom Mecca Bahia or nepsac. On Earth, it him in them, you know, we have a hadith

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that because these people are not believing in you, you would almost destroy yourself, you were almost kill yourself, leaving your way in too much. And definitely, the prophets of Allah grieved a lot because of the denial of their people.

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This is something that is very understandable. And it's very unique, because people will have been given a certain responsibility, especially when it is to do with some other people. Like for example, a teacher is to teach a group of children. All right, a person is to lead a group of people. And when those children when those people do not cooperate, then this causes extreme distress to the teacher to the instructor to whoever is in charge. Because it doesn't just mean failure. It means that because these children are not learning, they are going to suffer for the rest of their lives.

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It's like a doctor who is trying to give medication to the patient, and the patient is refusing. Some doctors are like, I don't care. You know, I got my money from you. So that's all I need. But some doctors they genuinely want to save lives. They genuinely care about the people who are sick. So if a sick person is referred

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Using that medication, yes, it will cause grief to the doctor. But the grief of a prophet is unmatched. The grief of a prophet for his people

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is unmatched. Wow. Because the level of sincerity and well wishing that the prophets have for their people is something that even a mother does not have for her child.

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Because after some time, even a mother gives up, you don't want to eat, don't eat, you don't want to study don't study. Right? She gets frustrated, and she quits. Mothers, do you agree with me?

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Does it happen? It happens? I mean, to a certain point, you tell your child you advise your child and then there comes a point where you say, You know what, better you're an adult, Go mind your own business and let me live in peace now. Right? Do whatever you want. I've told you enough. Right? But a profit. If he leaves his people, what does it mean they're upon misguidance they don't just suffer in this world, this suffer forever, in the hereafter. So for a prophet to face denial from his people, this is an Karbala Aleem. This is extreme distress, extreme agony. It's suffocating. It doesn't let that Prophet rest. It's amazing. If you think about it, any other person would quote,

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the kind of abuse that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam experienced. He is going around in the streets of Makkah. He's going around in the streets of Mina during the hour and right behind him is Ebola hub insulting him denying him his own very uncle.

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Any other person would certainly quit they would say it's not worth it. But the prophets analyze him continued. So middle carbon at the curb is referring to the denial of his people. And not just the denial, but they abused him. We learn for example, and sort of know how about how his people even beat him.

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They even beat him. And also we learned about how they they mocked him. Earlier we have learned about when new Hyundai Santa was constructing the ship. What happened? Did they make fun of you?

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So we don't currently our team Allah's Coronavirus, saved him from that. And secondly, I caught up with him out to refers to the Great Flood because that is how this nation was punished.

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And why is it called karma because death itself was painful. But dying by drowning is even more painful. It's suffocating.

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And dying by Allah's punishment is far worse. In truth new hire 25 women, men now healthy team over Rico for all the halo now. phenom Yadi, doula home in Dooney, Lehi Ansara

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so when a J now who will know mineral Curbelo Overeem Watch out and we made the Yetta who his descendants his offspring are about home they are the ones who remain meaning it was the descendants of new Salam that remained that survived a back pain is a point of the word backing, backing from the letters back off yet but to remain to continue. So it was only the children of new Hello salaam that survived the flood, meaning all human race is from the progeny of who normally sinner and this is why we believe that no hurry Sinha is Adam was 70 the second Adam meeting the second father of all humanity, how that other one is Cena all children were born of him. All people are from his

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progeny. But at the time of no Hello Santa. All people that lived were finished except for new Hyundai Salaam and those who believed in him. So afternoon Hello, Santa. All of human race came from home from the progeny of new Alayhis Salam inceptor separate new hair salon had four sons. Ham Sam, Kanaan and yeah fifth.

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Alright. Hi, Sam. It is said that the Arabs the Persians, the Byzantines, the Semites, Africans, they are from the descendants of him and Sam. All right, so the people of Africa Asia from the descendants of Wu Hamsa even those who spread out to Europe, and Kanaan, he drowned.

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Ghanaian is the one who drowned and we learned this in which Surah Surah truth The fourth is your fifth and your fifth is it is said that the Judean Matt Jude there from his progeny

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All right. Or some have said that even the Asians, Asians like the Chinese Turks, they're also fun, his progeny, Allahu Allah. Regardless of how exactly this happened, what we know for a fact is what y'all know that reata who hold back in all human race is now from the descendants of Noah, Allison Elisa.

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Even otherwise, if you think about it, Nicholas, Ron is definitely the father of believers, because it was from his progeny that Allah subhanaw taala chose prophets instead of Hadith or 26, we learn when our son knew him, whatever Ibrahim, will John Murphy the reality human noble water, well, kita we sent more Ibrahim, and it was from their progeny that we sent the prophets and the books, meaning the prophets were from the progeny of whom knew how to SLM so what are the real human back pain? What are up now and we left? I lay he for him, Phil 18 Among the later generations we left something for him. We lost when something is left what does it mean? It's allowed to stay? Okay? Like for

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example, your whole family is at home. Your dad says everybody let's go right? But then they leave you meaning they allow you to stay at home everybody's going for groceries boring you say I want to stay home so you stay home you've been left you've been allowed to stay so talk now over here gives a meeting off we preserved we let it remain meaning we preserved for room for new honey salon. What did we preserve for him fill up hearing amongst the later ones actually employed of the word arcade? Arcade is one who comes last meaning later generations communities until the end of time. What is it that we preserved for Him until the end of time amongst the people who came after him? Santa mon on

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peace. I knew him upon knirsch Ceylon Amin amongst the people of the worlds meaning we preserved for him a favorable mention sunnah or hasn't praise, even after more honey salaams departure. If you think about it, no, hello Salam came 1000s and 1000s of years before us. But till today, when his name is mentioned, what do we say? No. I know his Salah. So this is Salam on this is salam from Allah. That Allah preserved for you how to set up amongst to Finland, Amin, Allah, Allah mean the world's Philomene amongst the world's meaning amongst the people of the worlds, in other words, all of mankind.

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The believers shall receive salam from Allah in Jana

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cinammon Camila Mira Rahim. This is where in Jana, but new Ali Salaam is amongst those servants of Allah actuals and Sam Salam upon him, even in this world.

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And not just at the time when he survived the flood, but until the end of time, we see in sort of good IoT, Allah says Taylor, you know how to be Salam and Mina, what are our cat in our lake? It was said that all descend from the ship. How be Salam in Mina with Salam from us and also blessings on you. So senang follow Allah at the time when no honey Salam descended from the ship meaning after the flood, and secondly, Siam until one until the end of time. But every time no hallucinogens name is mentioned Alayhis Salam is said, Allah says in Kedah Lika indeed we galica Likewise, nudges in mercy Nene, we reward the doors of good those who do exam, we reward them in this way. Those who do

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exam what kind of Ersan meaning they do good, what kind of good at the level of excellence while because Allah is watching

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and your son how would if loss so Allah rewards them, how does Allah reward them, that he responds to their drawers that he saves them He grants them success, and He preserves a good name for them even in this world. In the hood? Indeed, he meant a body now from our servants and not many, the believers, meaning indeed knew how their salon was of Our believing

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servants, he was of their servants who had ima and he was a faithful servant. He was a sincere believer, he did not have any shock in his heart regarding Allah subhanaw taala regarding His Oneness or regarding his power, or regarding the fact that he responds to the laws in the home and are evolved in many in

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some manner then

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We drowned, a rock no rain rock off rock drown, we drown meaning we cause to drown in the Great Flood who are Hollein be others notice a difference over here it's not as hearing this is a hurry are how the other one okay? So I hurry the others meaning those who denied him so no trace of them remained. So the outcome is very evident. Those who believe in Allah, those who have faith in Him, those who are more sinning, that Allah subhanaw taala grants them success and the others meaning those who deny than their end you is different some of rockin our Corinne presentation

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