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At-Taghabun 1-18 Tafsir 7-10

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zarma leadin aka for a layover, so those who disbelieve have claimed that they will never be resurrected Zama is from the word zero. And what does that mean? To claim to suppose

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to have an assumption, and generally the words arm is used for an assumption that a person has without any proof. So it's equivalent in a way to the word, can they lie?

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Something that is false, that has no reality to it, that has no basis to it, no evidence behind it. This is why we see that some of the people of the past they would dislike if somebody said phoolan zarma such and such because Dharma would mean that he lied. This is how they understood the words. Suzanna Medina cafaro, a neighbor to the disbelievers have claimed, they have assumed without any evidence that they will never be resurrected.

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Why is the word Dharma used over here to show that this belief of theirs is based on

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no evidence? It's just a mere supposition. There is no evidence behind it. There is no logic behind it. It's just an assumption that they have made. Allah says school or prophets are allowed to sort of say, Bella, why not meaning of course you will be resurrected will be by my Lord. Notice the emphasis, Bhalla, of course you'll be resurrected will be by my Lord. Why is our custom led to barsana? Surely you will definitely be raised some melatonin. But then surely you will definitely be informed by Mr. meltham of what you have done. It's not just that you will be resurrected, but you will be resurrected, and you will also be informed of what you have done. And what's the purpose of

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informing people of what they have done to give them recompense for it. And this is the reason behind resurrection. This is a hikma there a law behind resurrection.

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Earlier we learned about the purpose of life will have and now allows us to garrison some melatonin owner Bhima Milton, and notice Beamer or Milton whatever you have done, whether it is major or minor, big or small action, anything you have done, Allah will inform you with regards to it and he will recompense you for it as well. With Urlacher Allah, Allah he has said and that upon Allah is very easy, meaning resurrecting you, calling each and every one of you to account recompensing you for what you have done is not difficult for Allah.

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What do we learn the Quran interrupt lokmanya 28 we learn mahalo Coco, whatever sukham in lac and FC wahida, your creation and your resurrection is not but as that of a single soul.

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Just like a single soul, it's easy for Allah to create one. So it's easy for him to create all people, it's easy for Allah to resurrect one person, it's easy for him to resurrect all people. with Allah, Allah has said it's very, very simple for Allah. It's not difficult for him, because all he has to do is just say cone. That's it. All he has to do is just give the command to the angel to blow the trumpet.

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And you know about the Hadees, which tells us that the angel is ever ready to blow the trumpet, just awaiting the order.

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Just awaiting the order just awaiting the instruction ever ready. That's it all LSU is just give a command. And that's it. With any Carter law here See, we see that in three places in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala has commanded the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to swear by his Lord and announced the certainty of resurrection

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to swear by Allah and announced the certainty of resurrection. Here,

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Bella Bella will be saved Bella will be similarly in sort of Saba Ayah three we'll call a Latina cafaro Latina Sara, cool Bella warabi Latina comala Molly, those disbelief say the hour will not come unless sa banner will be. Yes, definitely by my Lord, it will come let the Enter come into the universe. If 53 were stem, the owner of Congo and they ask information of you is it really true? Is it really going to happen? Cool. He wore a bee say yes by my Lord in the hula Hawk warmer and don't be emergency. What does it show to us? That no matter how many people deny resurrection, no matter how many people doubt resurrection, resurrection is the fact it is a

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that look at how over and over again, it's mentioned in the Quran. And look at how the prophets are allowed his son was told all, Bella warabi not once, but three times he is told in the Quran. So resurrection is a fact, which shows that this life has a reason. This life has a purpose. We are not to live our days and nights, just aimlessly, that each day is going each night is going and we have nothing in our hands. No, this is not why we were created, we will create it will help.

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Just think about it doesn't make sense. Just look at the water system, just look at the way the sun shines is look at the way the plants grow. Look at the perfection, the beauty, the amazing systems functions that are lost panel data is placed in this creation. And the center of that is you is who us human beings. And we say we have no reason. We say we have no purpose. We live our lives aimlessly doesn't make sense. The food that you eat, one bite of food you put in your mouth, so much has been done for that morsel to be prepared for you to be able to put it in your mouth, isn't it? The rain came down the plant. They grew, they were harvested. So much was done. Eventually the food

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came to your mouth and you eat that food and you do nothing

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doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense.

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And how is it possible that people live their lives, such long lives experiencing so much observing so much. And at the end? There is nothing It doesn't make sense.

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So the resurrection, Hereafter is a fact it is coming. And Allah subhanaw taala repeatedly tells us about it. Why? So that we prepare for it. We become serious about it. We become serious about our lives, about our moments about our hours about our days, our weeks, think about it, what are we accomplishing? What are we gaining?

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And what is it that we're chasing? We all need to analyze ourselves.

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For me Nabila, he want us to leave he so believe in Allah and His Messenger for Aminu, meaning when such as the case that all of you will definitely be resurrected, then you must believe in Allah and also his messenger in order to be successful in the hereafter. Because if you don't have a man and align His Messenger, then what will be the case of such a person in the hereafter? He's a big loser. So if I am a novella, he was only one noodle lady and Zen and the light which We have revealed, believe in that as well. What is this light?

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The Quran? And why is the Quran called a news? Because what does light do?

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It removes the darkness. This is what light does, it removes darkness. So the light of the Quran the guidance that the Quran contains, what does it do? It dispels the darkness of misguidance of error of confusion, doubts, replacing them with Eman knowledge, your keen doubts that people have confusions that people have, how can they be dispelled when a person opens up this? When a person reads this Koran? How can he get conviction? How can he get clarity by this Quran were chosen if a person does not have this light in his life, then his life will be what? confusion, messed up. No purpose, no reason. anything happens he is upset. Something small happens he is depressed, something

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big happens he cannot get over it.

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So what guides you through your life keeping you right keeping you balanced keeping you on the right way? It's the Quran.

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Tell me if you're in a dark place for how long do you need the light as long as you are there. So think about it this way that as long as you're living, you need the crown.

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As long as you're living you need the Quran you need this light, because if you don't have this light you will be in darkness.

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So for me novella, he wore a suit he wore neurally and zelner en la Hobi mathema Luna hobby and Allah is with whatever that you do all aware. He is fully aware of all of your actions. Nothing at all is hidden from him.

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And eventually you're going back to him where he will recommend to you and when is that yo maya tomorrow Come on the day that he will assemble you on the day that he will gather you. When Leonel January for the day of assembly. The day that he will gather all of you for the day of algebra. What

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gathering. So the Day of Judgment is described as Yama jam. Why? Because it's the day when all people from the first to the last, all people will be gathered together. It's the Day of Gathering.

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And it's not just that people will be gathered together but who else? The entire creation, the smls the

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human beings, animals, jinn angels, all of them will be gathered together what either Lucia Hoshi lots, even though we're hoosh the wild animals will be gathered together, the angels will also come forward. So yo maya Juma welcome Leo miljenko. into through Africa I have 49 to 50 people in a way Lena will arena la Marina Illa Makati, Yomi marylu say indeed the first and the last. All of them will be gathered together instead of food I 103 velyka yomo muchmore aloneness with Alico Massoud

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in certain Missa 87 ledger Marana comme la yo milky Amity landway Buffy into the Shura, if seven, were tuning the Ryoma January, low labor fee. It's the day when all people will be brought together. Just imagine, not even one person can be absent.

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In dystonia, what happens big events happen, everybody's supposed to be there. But still there are people who are missing. There are people who cannot make it for whatever reason, there are people who don't show up. However, on that day, no person can stay behind. No person can go somewhere else, every person will be present. And when every person is present, then the recompense will be given their Lakota horn, and that is the day of their provision. That is the day of mutual loss and gain.

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Sometimes what happens in dystonia, if there is a competition between two people, two parties, both are supposed to be there, one doesn't show up.

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One doesn't show up. So if one doesn't show up, the competition will not take place, nobody will win, nobody will lose. But we see that on the Day of Judgment, the day of mutual loss and gain when some will gain and some will lose, everyone will be present. So this game is definite and this loss is also definite.

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The word The harben is from the root letters, Blaine bear noon.

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And Robin means foetal health. When a person loses his share,

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when a person loses his share, whatever his health is, how, how long would the shutdown the loss, remember the word how

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whatever his shares, he is deprived of it

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is used for deficiency in one's intellect and opinion, when a person is not smart enough, when a person is not smart enough? Does he lose opportunities? Yes. Does he lose many things? Yes, he does.

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Laguna, Laguna with a domanda is to suffer loss in a financial transaction

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to suffer loss in a financial transaction How? That for example, somebody sold you something very expensive, very expensive. And you go elsewhere and you find the same thing for half the price, what do you have been ripped off?

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This is what hapuna is to suffer loss in a financial transaction. And in particular, it is caused by the other that he didn't tell you about what he was doing. Obviously, the other person is not going to tell you that he is charging you double the price.

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He will tell you perhaps that he is selling it for the cheapest price. But in fact, it's not the cheapest price. So, this is what abouna is. So, all of these words that we see that can be derived from the word rain by noon, what do we see that it gives a meaning of loss, it gives a meaning of suffering deprivation

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and terroir, Boone dahar Boone de fer all this word it gives meaning of two or more people doing Robin with each other

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do or more people causing loss to one another taking each other's shares, what was yours came to the other what was his game to you? For example,

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what was yours? You have complete right over it. The other person came in took it away. You understand? It belonged to you, somebody else came and took it away.

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So the Day of Judgment is called him with the hall but why is it called Yamato Robin for different reasons.

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First of all, it is the day of deprivation, the day of loss. How that one

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group will win and the other group will lose out the people of Eman the people on how the people who obeyed Allah, they will win against to the people of

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the people who followed falter. The people who disobeyed Allah.

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And the greatest gain that they will have is that they will enter janma and their adversaries will enter hellfire.

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And once they enter Jannah the people have half the people remain those who are winning, when they enter Jannah the greatest loss that they will cause to the people of Hellfire is that they will occupied their houses in general had they entered

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because remember that each person each person has his home has this place fixed Engine engine

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in general, as well as how far each person depending on the deeds that he does, either he ends up in his house of gender or he ends up in his house or hellfire.

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The people of gender when they will enter gender, they will be places which are empty which are vacant. So who will occupy them to people of gender? Why are they empty because their owners Where did they end up in Hellfire they didn't make it to gender. So the people of gender what will they do they will cause lost the people of Hellfire how by taking over their places by occupying their places.

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In Buhari we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said none will enter Paradise but will be shown the place he would have occupied in Hellfire if he had rejected faith, so that he may be more thankful and none will enter Hellfire, but will be shown the place he would have occupied in paradise if he had failed, so that may be a cause of sorrow for him.

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From another Hadees we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, when a human being is laid in his grave, and his companions return, and he even hears her footsteps, do angels come to him and make him sit? And they asked him, What did you use to say about this man Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he will say, I testify that He is Allah slave and this messenger. This isn't the case of who the believer, then it will be said to him, look at your place in the hellfire. Allah has given you a place and paradise instead of it. So when a person is buried in the grave, he has shown his final and that this is your place, you could have gotten this other place. So he's shown both the places in general as well as Jana

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so they're like a young with the Harmon

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and the people of Hellfire when they will enter Hellfire, what will they take on? I mean, they will take the places of people agenda had they entered into hellfire.

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Then it's also called Yamato Harbin. Why? Because some people who had everything in this dunya will become complete total losers in the hereafter they will have nothing in the hereafter.

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A person who had a lot of wealth, family, everything, he will lose it all on the Day of Judgment.

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And on the other hand, there could be a person in dunya, who had nothing hardly had anything, but in the hereafter he will get everything that he desires. For example, if there is a believer who is miskeen, who is poor and needy, Allah subhanaw taala will enrich him and paradise. A person who did not have any friends did not have any family in Indonesia, but he was righteous, he was obedient. He was believing Allah will grant him friends and family, a home a place in Ghana. And on the other hand, people who had everything in this dunya it's quite possible that they will have nothing in the hereafter. Look at for their own, our own people who had so much, but what will they have of their

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wealth and properties in the hereafter nothing to do with the hormone that is the day when some people will gain a lot and other people will lose a lot.

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Then thirdly, it's also called Yamato Robin, because the Muslim, the person who was oppressed, he will take away the good deeds of the lion and the oppressor.

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The person who was oppressed the person who was treated unjustly, what will he do? He will come and take revenge from the one who oppressed him

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and the one who oppressed him. He may have come on the Day of Judgment with a lot of good deeds,

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but all of those good deeds who will take them away the person whom he oppressed. We learned from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked Do you know who a Muslim is? poor person is the companion said a Muslim amongst us is one who has neither did him nor any well meaning he doesn't have any cash he doesn't have any assets doesn't have any property nothing. These are more or less we consider him to be a poor person. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the Muslims of my oma would be he who would come on the day.

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resurrection with prayers and fasts and Zakat, but he would find himself bankrupt on that day, as he would have exhausted his funds of virtue since he hurled abuses upon others. Why will he find himself bankrupt? Despite having brought so much? Why will he go bankrupt all of a sudden, because he was abusive towards other people who use foul language. And when you use foul language, he hurt other people with his tongue, other people will come and complain.

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And on that day, you cannot pay somebody with anything else. The only currency you have is what your deeds, so he will have to give his deeds away to that person.

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When he will have to give his deeds away to that person, he will be left with less. But there are others who will be coming in claiming as well unlawfully consumed the wealth of others shed the blood of others and beat others beat others. And his virtues would be credited to the account of one who suffered at his hand, and his good deeds fall short to clear the account, then his sins would be entered in his account and he would be thrown into the hellfire.

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Just imagine

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a person brings a whole lot of good deeds, but that is a difficult one. That is the day when some people will come and take away his good deeds. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever has wronged his brother, he should ask him for forgiveness before his death, as in the Hereafter, there will be neither a dino nor a dyrham. He should seek forgiveness now. Why? Because in the Hereafter, you can either use the now nor can you use their home.

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In this dunya if somebody is upset with you, you can give them a gift. You can tell them I'll treat you just forgive me. But on the Day of Judgment, you can't do that. The only way you can make up with someone is how by offering them your good deeds. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, seek forgiveness from each other because there will be neither a dinar nor a demon, he should secure pardon in this life before some of his good deeds are taken and pay to his brother. Or if he has done no good deeds, then some of the bad deeds of his brother are taken to be loaded on him.

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The other person's bad deeds will be given to him. So then he can deal with the hormone

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that is a day of gain and loss, some will gain, others will lose, some will become very rich, and others will become bankrupt. They will be left empty handed. They'll have nothing with themselves, then again with the heartburn. And it's also called Yamato Robin, because each person will suffer loss.

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Each person will feel that he has suffered loss at least the loss of the calf or the loss of the one who is going to Hellfire that's obvious, but even those who will enter janma even they will have the sense of loss what

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that they could have done better.

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They could have done better.

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You know when you look up to the sky, and you see the stars in the sky, what should they remind you of? The difference in the project in general.

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When you look up to the sky and the stars imagine in general people will look up and they will know that there is another level of love there.

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I wonder what's going on there.

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I wonder who's there. I wish I had done something else. I wish I had done more. I wish I had not lost that opportunity. So each person will have the sense of loss. This is why the Day of Judgment is also called Yama has served the day of regret.

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Well, my human being there we are mozzarella Han and whoever believes in Allah and does righteous deeds, righteous deeds, such deeds that are approved by the Quran and Sunnah. Such a person you can fit around who say TV, Allah will expect from him his sins. Whoever believes in Allah and does righteous deeds, then what will happen? Whatever shortcomings he has, Allah will wipe them off Allah will forgive him for them. Were you detail hujan net and he will admit him into Jeanette tagit even tactical and her holiday in a fee her Avada underneath which rivers flow abiding there in eternally valuable frozen early that is a great achievement.

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That is the true success that is a great success and touring in general.

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There is no other achievement that is greater than this, because in general, a person will be at peace, he will live for eternity. his youth will never fade away. His happiness will never come to an end. He will never fall sick and he will never taste death.

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When Latina cafaro occurs there will be Aya Tina, on the other hand, those who disbelieve and deny our eye at all.

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Hola amigos harbor No, those are the companions of the Fire. Holly Dena Fie her abiding there eternally, we'll be selling mostly and how bad it is as a destination. What a terrible destination Hellfire is. Because imagine the long and difficult journey through life

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and the bursa and the day of judgment and where does a person end up? What's his final destination? How far and when it's a final destination, what does it mean? He's not going anywhere from there.

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If you ever have a stopover when you're traveling, and that stopover is not that pleasant, how do you satisfy yourself? It's okay It's only for a few hours.

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But when it's the destination, then what does it mean you're not going anywhere from there?

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Well, they say mostly what a terrible destination it is.

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moon Kona moon

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are the

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Do you want to help

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be the

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vena cava.

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Luna hobby. Yo Nigel now from Leo

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