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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Anurag DeLisle, amin was for that was Salam O Allah Rasool e nebrija. Carry or prison things are due to a loss panna cotta Allah who gave us today, or present thanks for neutralist, 100 Allah who gave us stomachs, who digested lunch and were able to benefit but by a law I praise him today for the opportunity and the means to listen to my brother to our teacher to call it the white first time I have ever heard the shift the shift, went to college with my wife, they took the Arabic together, and I said, but I never I never heard anything she said, you'll like what you hear that you'll like what you hear and will lie I think last $100 for listening, friends, I'm

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gonna change my entire topic. illuminating the path. Let's stick with that. I was unbelievable. In the beginning, I wasn't sure I was like, this is a very, very intense beginning. So I want to get directly where he left off. I want to take directly where he left off. From the example of armada of the along with the island. I was almost cringing when he was like, the armor of your loved one belt the hand of his daughter loosen. As she was losing air. He he narrates that he her hands he was brushing the dust out of his beard. I cringed. I disliked the personality of that the person who did that that specific characteristic, I started to dislike that. And I started thinking myself, how

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could that person get correct? How could that person be better? And I thought to myself that Allah, Allah gave us a message. And he gave us a chance. And there were three main things I took from the shift, three main things, number one, reveal.

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Every human being makes mistakes. And if you want to illuminate the path, write one thing down for yourself. The path is long. The path is that is a great distance from here, but

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it's gonna start with one step. I don't care how long this path is. It's gonna take me one step to get there and the next and the next and the next. And it's going to take me realizing that Allah subhanaw taala he says to us in Surah bonito la isla surah number 17 ayah number 82. And I'm going to lift up exactly where you left on Luna domina for Naima washy.

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The Quran was revealed with two things. And this is the climax of what he said without

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a drunken person wouldn't be able to change his path, friends without and we wouldn't be able to have healing. Because all of us in this room, whether it be a scholar, a speaker, a Mufti, a sister, all of us hurt. Well, I got I went through troubles recently just now early in life. She

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Mimi, there is healing and mercy for who guys? And I won't ask too many questions. It's a main session. I'm supposed to be serious. Tell me. Who is this healing? And who is this mercy for Ryan McCune in many believers, right?

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One I

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mean, I love salsa.

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But the one is the one who removes what supposed to be in its place from its pedestal, somebody who does wrong and sticks to that wrong, this hole on the story and the message of Islam. It's only going to increase it, it's going to increase him. He's going to continue thinking backwards religion. Yeah, it says to beat your wife that says to do this. We all hurt. We all have

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unfulfilled requirements in life and I want to try to jump right in here illuminating the path. Some of us never made it into a click right. Some of us couldn't rhyme and we weren't thugs. Some of us weren't preppy. Some of us weren't sassy enough. So what we did eventually was we took this anger, right? Because when you get into a click, when you get into a click, then you represent, right and then I can say yeah, I'm a thug for life. And look, these preppies mean, you can represent yourself right? But Muslims, we never made it. Because our culture our etiquette dictated us to have the best manners. So you can't really be a real thug, right? Because your head is sideways or because you're

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acting a certain way. So you start saying, Man, I don't know what to do. So we brought that into the mustard. Right? We brought that into mustard. And it's like, well, my beliefs in Islam is about this and your beliefs. They're wrong.

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Friends, instead of making the path a lot brighter, instead of calling the drunkard into the

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muster. We've made it difficult for the silver guide.

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Right? We've made it difficult for the man who came into the house or sort of lost the lottery or someone who came into Missouri, Nebraska, which is right next to it connected is the house of Russell law. He came in and he had to urinate. So what did he do?

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on a corner, and he did his business? I want you to think about that. The Companions that would be me and you, the people who are learning know Islam. They know Islam, they went to stop him, the man who was Islam, what did he say?

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I want you to think about that.

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And I want to pick up exactly from the word cheek left off. He said, If a drunkard someone who drank alcohol, or someone who buried his daughter, someone who beat on his sleep, if he can turn a leaf, then I want you to stop and let literally hear his voice. And I'm going to continue. So if the munakata if the mushrik if a guy who worships a statue,

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he can still see, you can still breathe. The girl who forgot about covering shakes what her mama gave her. When that girl can breathe and live and be and smile and laugh. And she's still breaking the laws of a loss other than friends.

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What do you think Allah? Allah will give us when we fulfill what he wants us?

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Okay, the hijabi the non zombie, the guy who prays the God who doesn't pray that still gets I still woke up this morning, right? Like, I still woke up, I still eat food. I was still happy at the same guy that time who's the guy who robbed a bank this morning? He woke up he was pretty happy. He spoke to people. Can you imagine that? Allah subhanaw taala. In this path, he's giving us stuff. We haven't even done anything yet. Can you imagine? Can you can't bring any

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healing and mercy when you do what a must.

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And there's no other place in the world that I could connect with this to someone who did something even worse. And someone and all I need Can everyone repeat after me just say one word for me, leaving me need.

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So for the believers is healing and mercy in the arm. And I wanted to find the most. And I'm gonna ask our chef to correct me despicable actions of a person who flipped the coin. Is it fair to call them physicians despicable. So we start in Surah, Shu surah, number 26. We're going to start

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I wish we had more time, I just hope that you have gone back and read through a gap. Remember, the eyes I quoted this morning, write this down surah number 26, we'll start from the best thing to do. I'm going to cut it, I wanted to start around 40. But I'm going to start around 4045 somewhere around there. 4546, I want you to keep telling yourself, if I do what God wants you The boat is going to be so much more beautiful, the scenery is going to be so much more blessing. Because when I do the work of a lot, and I can't help but I learned so much last night, when you do the work of a lot and you fight against even the gym. What is the lowest point to you?

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The group of the good team, right?

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Pam, we miss foger and we wake up and you're like, wow, it's a great day.

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Can you imagine waking up or what you're praying to Allah and then here's the best part, having the diet to say over lunch. Thank you for letting me wake up.

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Not only getting a procedure, not only knowing that the path is illuminated, but when you get up. You pick up your cell phone and you call the city and saying hey, thanks for putting street lamps. I was driving down 495 and the light helped. So when we do this, how can a lesson change our hearts? Let's do ourselves a favor when I pick up from musala salaam sir I am number 26

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surah number 26 ayah number 4445 This means

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not really in the name of Allah really genuinely say overload. We're doing this because you had mercy on us. You had you benefited us but that held on to God.

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I want you to put yourself just like this. The room is dark. And a guy is sitting on a huge you've all seen the pyramids are a huge, massive throne and everything about him is chiseled and he's standing there and saying I know

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I am God. And you have been paid. You have been paid by this wretched man. And literally you're sneaking around and what you have done and we find this in the narrations in the Torah. And you'll find some talk of this in the Bible too. When the magician's of the fear of the pharaoh through the sticks on the ground, what they did was they they lowered remember in Prince of Egypt, where they closed all the windows, they made everything really dark. And they only shined one light into the room. And the magician's took smoke and mirrors and one of them use the mirror. Now think about it back then mirrors are something very unique. So they kind of flashed the light on the stick. What

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did it make the stick look like? It was doing?

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Saru iron?

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It was an optical illusion. exactly who answered the narrow so I don't need to quote books of the past Malala Nasser was pointing out here he said that the Quran itself said it was an optical illusion. So they tricked the eyes of the people just like left empty. So they trick the eyes of the people. And they themselves knew that it was a trick, but the people are like, Whoa, now wretched. Now these people are not just doing magic. They're lying to the people. They know he's not God, because he was God. He would do the magic himself. They buy into it. And then they stand there and they're like, okay, Moses, what you got?

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Right? You were like, So what's next? Musashi ceram. And you can find this from Isaiah 40. On Surah 26. He throws the stick. Now they actually see the stick. Big get scales, they see the breath, they see a glide creature, but all they held on to God. They believed and they knew what was fake. And they knew what was real. They knew when someone was blowing up a building and when someone was killing in the name of a lot and when it was real. And when it was fake. And Shaykh. Khalid said keep it real. So they saw this and they said, Oh, no.

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Rely on me. Or do

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you see what happens to the true believer? Hey, guys, they're literally still wearing their, their magician suits. They're all they're dressed up. They're dressed up. They're not wearing hijab. They don't look Muslim,

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or do

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all the moves.

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The Lord, we believe in the Lord of the island.

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We believe in the Lord of Moosa, and Haro.

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Guys, what I'm trying to point out here is the change was automatic in them, they they didn't screw up friends, they were in the act of screwing up, they were in the middle of chatting online knowing they were doing how long they were. But then bang, a miracle came to them. They saw something that was completely unique. They saw a physical law break a stick would became a snake, we hear words that we know couldn't have come from a human being, but the reactions not as quick. Now watch what happens. And I don't know about you, but I hate to constantly reference pop culture, but it's a very big part of our life. Right? So I want you to think of high school. Think of high school in the way

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think of Glee, okay? These people are throwing their slushies in their faces and this and that, and they're seen as dorks in the community, but they believe in what they're doing. I know this is Boston, you guys are more religious than I am. So Glee is a TV show where people sing

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where people sing songs and they are questionable about their you know, their preferences in male and female that dissolves a whole bunch of

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gets a little messy on the ship.

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So Islam,

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friends, friends, friends, hold it here, hold it, put it in the box, and then look at the believe what they're doing is good. Whether they're jocks or whatever, I want you to put yourself out there. That's a TV show. We're talking about actual magicians looking at and saying, oh, it'll be more so we'll have one now fit around the guy who paid their salary I want you to think of the people own up to date as society society that tells us how to dress, how to do the thing with our hair, how to act how to wear a rubber band on our hands. And if you're a baller, you wear baller shorts all the time, bro, are you gonna play sports? No, for real or real? I were balling shorts all the time. No, no

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sister, same time. Got family. I took a shot at them. You got it all wrapped up over here but that bang. I mean come on.

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And we'll see

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when keeping it real needs to be done.

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Y'all know that guys, we live dictated by them. We feel better about ourselves. Because, okay, I'm fulfilling this one religious thing, okay, I'll take, I'll take it my way. We dress like this. And all of a sudden we see you guys and we think we're better. We all have to keep it real man. We all have to illuminate the path together. Because if I illuminate my path, and I'm going down, and I'm saying, see, I realized Islam, I take weekend courses, I study with the shift, I'm better or I wear niqab and she doesn't, he wears he has a beard and I don't it That in itself becomes area. So all of a sudden again, go back to the go back to this example. So fit our own says to them on

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your own society says to you don't get too religious. I didn't give you permission. It's not fashionable to be modest yet. It's not fashionable, to be respectful to women. I fit all didn't give you the chance in now. hulan Kerviel como la de AR llama como se.

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And they pointed around pointed at Moosa is

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the one who was humbling bringing the message.

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And he pointed at him and goes, you're the biggest magician. You're the one who changed the people. guys get out of the block have grown as a guy. We live under a fit home today. Because when they tell us how to act, we act that way. When they tell us how to walk, we walk that way. When they tell us how to ride, we ride that way. And when they tell us and I said this at central zone, and no one got it. When they tell us it feels so wrong. But it feels so right. It doesn't mean I'm in love tonight.

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Then we followed word per word, guys. I think you lose the concept here sometimes. Totally off topic. Sora Bunny is law in a less Penrith, Allah told shape on the slow boutique, or a daily bar late in the evening, and I won't go into it and completely.

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He's told shavon who said use your your voice? What is the voice of shape line? Guys? Have you ever thought about what we listen to?

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I quoted it wrong at each zone. But let's illuminate the path together. We're talking about illuminating the path. And they are telling us no regrets. Let's go all the way tonight. Now you're laughing but we listen to the same thing over and over again. So then you get close to hot on after like two years of listening to the same thing over and over and over and you're like, you'll literally say no regrets.

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It's okay. It'll be fine.

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And you start to realize that you've been programmed because their own told you take that off your head. I didn't tell you is fashionable, you know, stop being modest. I didn't say that it was fashionable. And the Moses, those religious people, those are the guys who are doing magic on you. Don't go to MSA, don't go to classes, don't spend time working with people. These guys are deviant. These guys will make you extreme. And these guys are the biggest magicians. They're the dangerous people.

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So he says to them, you just wait and see.

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When I saw

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you just wait and see I have something for you. Level potplayer on

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We are threatened today to not be cool.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us that bit on that guy who thought he was God standing in front of guys, I don't know you all have been to Egypt to see the pyramids. He's literally 45 to 50 feet above them looking down and saying level up Leon ADL whom I will definitely love, who put the

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emphasis at the beginning and then there's a new chance at the end. Definitely, I'm going to cut your one arm off. Then I'm going to cut the leg off on the other side. So you can say I have a splitting headache on one side. I'm going to cut one leg off one arm off and with what's left over.

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I'm going to crucify.

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All of you guys are gonna follow the status quo other than what VH one says, You guys are gonna follow the status quo, other than what little Wayne tells you.

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You aren't because if you do, you'll be an outcast. They're being told they're gonna be crucified. We're being told you're not going to be cool. So I want you to know today. Hell isn't cool. So when someone says you won't be cool

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be okay. The breezes are beautiful.

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Now listen to the person who's being pointed to that. I'm going to cut you limb from limb and I'm going to crucify you. And I'm not just some guy threatens you, I'm thrown about Who are you? What do you know?

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And they look to get on and remember, healing and mercy, Shiva.

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For the believer, you guys don't think they're afraid that they're hurting. Oh, boy.

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No one, we can handle it.

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That's the transition I played around.

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So you're gonna cut our arms and legs off. We're not gonna be cool, but when we get to a low we'll take a look. We're not so cool with this.

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Give us something to do.

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And we get to the paradise will say oh la. We weren't fashionable, bring to us the green silks and adorn us including, Oh Allah. We didn't sip on the scissors of the dunya bring us the wine of Jenna in the goblets. Oh you think guys I am a more of a literalist. I believe all the things in this world a reminder of the hereafter. I believe that if ecstasy you in ingest one tablet and ecstasy By the way, just so I'm on the record on this, the only drug that has been known to show brain cell damage in one use. If anyone thinks I'm promoting drug use, when you eat a tablet of ecstasy, what happens you can see sound you can taste colors.

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No, I am playing around. I'm gonna take this the next step Shaykh said a drunkard was given the Daya a guy who said throughout the early 2000s Okay, and crowd caught a cup. He was drinking Gabriella not gonna give us a thing.

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Y'all are still laughing but I'm For Real for real.

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Oh, that didn't work you

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guys, can you imagine? When the throne of our time says you're not fashionable? It's not about dressing.

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Not dressing nicely. But it's about knowing that the path is consistent.

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And I love the last thing that he said that I wrote. So they said all lovely. They said back to brown. The guy's gonna cut them in half and, and and who's gonna put them on a crucifix? They say back to him. By the way. If today I told you sisters, I was going to write something negative about you on my Twitter. We would change brothers. I'm going to write something on your Facebook Oh Allah guys are going to be crucified. And what does it do that boy you mana ship. It's a pain that is that they could tolerate

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it's a pain and shake was actually that's why i wild shift. Khalid was speaking I leaned over tomorrow to NASA and against scholarship. Some somewhere online. He like defined the word blade all of its uses for and I was like, wow.

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That started rubbing.

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That's why I'm doing this.

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The point is it's

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with tolerance, and they can go beyond. So they're telling you, you're gonna cut my arms and legs off and I'm gonna go to dinner.

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So I'm gonna go with it. I'm going to go with it all who?

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You know.

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And they see this statement friends. And I wish I don't. I wish for you to get this, but I wish I could live these words.

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You could do anything you want to me. You could talk about me around my bag. You could post things on my Facebook. You could say feel things, but I'm going to go meet a lot. And I'll sort my stuff out over there. My path has always been clean.

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My path has been better than the drunker, my pain is less than those who came out of the mustard nubbly. And they knew the rest of the loss a lot is some had passed away. We couldn't tolerate that. Our pains are less, but there's still a healing for a lot loves us. That's why he told us to pray so we can talk to him. Allah wants us to be successful business people. So he told us how to do finance. Allah wants us to love and illuminate our hearts. So he told us how to get married. Allah wants us to succeed.

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Allah, the blood clots. We did we go. We come back.

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Does anyone know and I can't speak too long. What's the next is after he left?

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Bynum polygon. After the fact that they turned to Barrow. They look at MTV in the face and they said, that's great. Thank you very much. But I have a way of life. I have a way of etiquette. I have a way to deal with my woman. I have that. I don't

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they look them dead in the face. And again, they said, I'm confident because God wants me to succeed. If someone tell me what the next is, I just want you to be able to know that this razzle dazzle that we do up here. What was she Where did all of his camera topic come from? What did he do

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shefali Latif stock where what was 90% of the stock?

00:25:41--> 00:26:11

It was Sierra, mostly with Sierra hirsute lost a lot, but that's fair. At least you tried the province of La Jolla, some his life. No, I genuinely mean that. There are 50 men in the room. And a sister had to call out because we're afraid I'm gonna go off on my box again. Northeast we're afraid to answer questions. I guarantee it's already on Twitter. In the seventh minute of the Nasr speech no withsome Sharif speech Maulana of the nutsert corrected

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right? We don't see it as benefit. He corrected that's how we live here in New York, Boston. We correct each other.

00:26:21--> 00:26:26

Someone new more. He threw it off the glass and I dumped it. We benefit from each other.

00:26:28--> 00:26:31

Bam. Ne we have to be real bam. How many people like

00:26:37--> 00:26:38

he doesn't even work.

00:26:43--> 00:26:44

My point is

00:26:45--> 00:26:54

Sierra, he gave us euro and Willa had never heard him speak. It has worked. And I'm not just pushing stock. NYU

00:26:56--> 00:27:07

and what am I doing the whole time I read you I am number 82 sort of an oil and I'm literally I'm not skipping if I'm reading down from Surah Surah Surah Surah 2016

00:27:09--> 00:27:12

just make it look a little fancier i mean

00:27:13--> 00:27:16

do it without the echo now just watch without the echo Islam

00:27:18--> 00:27:21

Oh no, I'm gonna

00:27:24--> 00:27:27

go now on boosts sama.

00:27:29--> 00:27:56

Whether he puts an echo or he doesn't put an echo as soon number supalite is going to help my life get better and is going to heal it's going to feel the fact that someone is going to heal the fact that my shape up that I have a hole in my beard. I'm not playing around. Y'all are all shaped up. Can you imagine if I shake this bad boy up? patches here would look like South Dakota. Okay, but that's a pain that I have. But then I know Allah subhanaw taala will be happy.

00:27:59--> 00:28:10

Allah wants to heal ourselves. So I want you to go home now looking back on the same thing that I've been reading. What's the if y'all have gadgetry, tell me what's the next is? Allah

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the first two words I know it's not tomorrow.

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Allah does that go outside? I mean, I'd love to give you something today and when it's out of the blue and it's so unbelievable. No, it's the Buttercup reading those words on my blog a lot mommy.

00:28:35--> 00:28:49

And it is really cool. Can you share it with me? I'm not joking. I've done this. I did it in West Coast. Someone someone stood up and made it was said something. And I was like, That's amazing. mela give you something and they got some like super duper. Someone who owed them money came back. I was like, Yo

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let me get the percentage on that. Yo, Paul.

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So we end and we're done. We asked Allah subhanaw taala What is that? Not nuts Morrow. Hey yo.

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These t in the face of MTV. A fit all they see in his face. We're not worried about you. We're not afraid of your wife. We are the first people before it became fashionable. A young opmi Lana on buena phone.

00:29:40--> 00:29:49

What was the mean? What meaning? What meaning? Same difference. Same difference, Shiva and healing for the moment.

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And those people before anything else. They turned to Allah and said, you wouldn't create us to send us to hell.

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As you all know, there's a path to go. But all I say unto you, if you don't pray five times a day, start praying two times a day. And I'm not saying this random islamically you have to pray five times a day, when I want to be real. I didn't play five times a day. I grew up in a typical family. I went, my dad always prayed, my mom, my sister that came into the religion, I was the last person, it would be time for us. And I was 1011 Hempstead New York. Dad would get up. This was an exercise, I learned it later, it was time for us for prayer. My dad would hand the remote to my mom. My mom would then she and my dad would go pray. My mom would get the remote to my two sisters. And they

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would sit there for a little bit. And then they would give me the remote and say, we're going to pray. I'm not gonna lie.

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I'm the youngest. I'm the baby. I'm like, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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I was killing it. And then after a while, what happened? I was like, Man, you want grind? And

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I was like, yeah, I'm pretty grimy. They're praying, they would literally pray in the next room. So I would just put the ball in now.

00:31:13--> 00:31:20

If you wear tight clothes, start wearing looser coats. If you have a stutter, and you curse a person, and we'll talk about it open

00:31:22--> 00:31:26

it late nights fine. You viewing things that you know you wouldn't want your mom to know about.

00:31:29--> 00:31:43

I'm not joking. I'm not joking. I have entire workshop on this. Use only one laptop. I'm not joking. That to make a rule for yourself, I will only view this on this laptop, nowhere else under no other.

00:31:45--> 00:31:55

You then collect all your geography and his Pinnacle painfully on that. And you will find yourself because all of us will say I don't want I don't have to watch it. You start utilizing

00:31:56--> 00:32:03

that laptop and you will help yourself because the path is not that dark. But we brought all of you

00:32:04--> 00:32:15

and I will say this what I said in the member the pursuit of Jelena Jelena have become secondary? We brother we've been pursuing Jenna.

00:32:16--> 00:32:18

And in our pursuit of Jana

00:32:20--> 00:32:20


00:32:23--> 00:32:32

Those of you need to understand what I said, you understand it? Those of you who don't don't ask, why do you want to bring darkness I'm calling gentle darkness.

00:32:36--> 00:32:39

I asked you this month, the path is clear.

00:32:42--> 00:32:50

If you don't do something, start doing it. But you know that you will never do everything together. I didn't press him. I didn't press him.

00:32:51--> 00:32:53

We're never going to do everything I'm going to try.

00:32:54--> 00:33:04

The one thing if you wear skirts were loose. Or rather, if you will know that you do the hall pass thing where it's coming this way and you do this

00:33:26--> 00:33:27

sup guys,

00:33:31--> 00:33:38

brothers, you know, brothers, we're always talking about dress, dress, dress, however you want. Just dressed that way in the muscle.

00:33:40--> 00:33:52

Let's talk a little bit more and everybody in this room. Learn to Read the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Because if you don't heal in here, who cares what you wear out here. I've got Express jeans

00:33:54--> 00:33:56

and a banana underneath this

00:33:58--> 00:34:11

isn't a lack of Donna, I'll leave you with that. I asked God to bless our scholars and our speakers. And I want you to realize something. Anyone who came to this MSA conference looking for academic content, you're not getting it from

00:34:12--> 00:34:17

anyone who came here realizing that the masses of today's women are not confident to be Muslim.

00:34:20--> 00:34:33

A lot of other places to get secretly deep in rich knowledge and I want to make that available for you and if it's not available, let's find it together via the ninja dollar. All that is clean and pure is from less than $1 you mistakes misrepresentations on my own

00:34:38--> 00:34:38

and before