Mohamad Baajour – Eid Al Adha A Sound Heart

Mohamad Baajour
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Hola Sharika wash Edwin Mohammed and added over a surah and they're bad your Hulu SubhanaHu wata if he could tell you he'll Kareem yeah he you have

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to call it well HMO tune in

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Muslim on

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the community you

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either work on a farming zone whether serving humanity John

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when he saw

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he does

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maybe he will

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in a more hecka and early calm rocky

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yeah you

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know how I

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say said either your sleep leg come

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off your leg wounds oh no they come when they see you

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soon for the first if it was a novena and that thing NASDAQ and Hadith Kitab Allah Okay, Ron, had you had you Mohammed bin Salman Allahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon Amorim that said to her, we're calling them the 13th Buddha. We're cool.

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We're cool. Let him feed now from my mother.

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respect his brothers and sisters. Ask Allah subhanaw taala who gathered doesn't dismiss you together sumo piano we say the mausoleum Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam I mean you know but I mean,

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I'm gonna I'm gonna also the Allah who was sitting one day with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. And he asked him a question. He said, Yeah rasool Allah. Men have been nasty like

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you had a sort of Allah who is the most beloved to your heart

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so Salah salem said

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anemia region. There are so low I mean amongst the men

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her father, Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Anhu

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with ESRI Norma Radi Allahu and called can Abu Bakr say you do not?

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Well, hey, you know, why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam amaro the Allah and said that Abu Bakr

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Nadia Mohan was our master, and he was the best amongst us. And he was the most beloved to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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let me Abu Bakr Fatih, Iran caribou Herrera Abu Zahra well that can can Afghan Eminem

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Abubaker was not for like Ebola or Ebola, but he was better than them.

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One of your sub Bill Marik Catala wa Khalid Abu Zubaydah, well that Kim can often I mean home and he was not injured in the battles, they call it invalid.

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And Abu Zubaydah and follow her but he was better than them. When you ask them above or below

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where he was from a year where they can can ask God I mean, whom. And he was not tortured like Bilal.

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And like he asked him and like hubbub and sumiya. But he was better than them. When Amir mucha he then carramar Wiley you man, well, Hunza were there I can turn that off, but I mean him. And he did not die as a martyr. Like armor or off man

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or ally or Hamza,

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but he was better than them.

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SMA who was served

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so what is the secret

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that made Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu will

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to this level to this high status.

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Abdullah Han was any HIV? He answered that question.

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He said

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Massa masa Kahan, Abu Bakr Al B castrati, Salette wala Katha PCM. When I can be che in walk out of here cul de

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Abu Bakr Radi Allahu and did not exceed them with a lot of salad and a lot of fasting. But it was because something that settled in his heart

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in Colombia,

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it is the actions of the heart.

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It is the actions of the heart that made the Eman of Abu Bakr, overweight the man of the Ummah,

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the actions of the heart, we were taught.

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When we are asked to define a man, we say

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Is that Eman? Is

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ma Cara Phil country

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what is established in the heart? Well I've thoroughly son and statement uttered by the tongue and sub Dr. Holloman and proving with the action of the limbs, this is Faith This is Iman was established in the heart, uttered by the tongue

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and proven

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by the actions of the limbs,

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respected brothers and sisters,

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we have concentrated a lot

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on the tongue and the limbs.

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And we have neglected the heart.

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Every bird

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has material

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manifestation, physical manifestation

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and it has an essence.

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For example, the solid the physical manifestation is pm ruku sujood.

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But the essence of the salaat social

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the first thing

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the physical manifestation is to stay away from food and drink and your spouse.

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From facial to memory, but the essence is to achieve Taqwa

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the hash

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the physical manifestation to love sage and Murata Alpha.

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But the essence is Tavi in sha Allah to honor the symbols of Allah subhana wa Tada. Do. You raise your hands you face the Qibla

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but the essence is to humiliate yourself and break yourself down in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and show that you are in need.

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The thicker saying Subhan Allah and Hindi lo que les and Allah Allah Akbar This is a physical manifestation but the essence of it is to come close to Allah and remember Allah and love Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that is what you're missing. Yeah, when men will follow.

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We have fasted for years. Yeah, one

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years 2030 Some of us 40 years of fasting. We have prayed of maybe 2030 years or more of Salawat went to Hajj a couple of times when Tambora many times.

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But what did that all these man have done to my heart? This is the reason and the main.

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This is the main reason for this Ibaadat is to affect the heart

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after 20 years of fasting and and Salawat five daily in the masjid five daily Salah in the masjid and I'm still dealing with riba.

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I go to Hajj and I come back still dealing with riba

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still selling and buying haram. Still, my income is haram.

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All these ama that I'm doing all these dots supposed to affect my heart

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and change my behavior and bring me closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told us

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that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala does not look at our our bodies or our attire. Allah looks at our hearts

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and the only thing that will benefit us benefit assume of KmF when

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your Millennium fell man on what happened on it at Allah have you been selling?

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And if you notice those first two, the first tool is what we are involved in the most. And Allah is telling us on that day, no wealth, no children will benefit you. And if you look at our schedule on a daily basis, this is what is occupying all our time, the children

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and the wealth. But Allah saying those two will not benefit you on the Day of Judgment unless you use them for the sake of Allah. But what really benefit you is whoever come with a condom Salim with a sound heart and like we recited in the second record, then yet hold of Jana Ilam and cashier Rahman wotja Colby money, he will not enter the agenda except the one who fear Allah subhanaw taala the Most Merciful and comes with a heart that is constantly repenting a colocado head or stuffer Allah the stuff you do in overflow.

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Smaller who knows

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So that was salam ala Mala and a video about

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how it's all about Ibrahim alayhis salam

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and our Creator Allah subhanho wa Taala has declared that Ibrahim came with a color of saline.

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It just

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we can't be in Saline Allah but what an honor for Allah subhanho wa Taala to call your heart can saline.

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What made Ibrahim's heart come saline?

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He destroyed the idols.

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He was courageous and took that step. What is that idol in your life that you have to destroy one? Is it your addiction to *? Addiction to music, addiction to drugs, addiction to Facebook, destroy it?

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Rahima alayhi salam, he left his most beloved wife and son.

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What is that thing that you have to leave for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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leave the Haram Yeah, one. Allah in the huller. There is a lot of Baraka even though it's it seems like it's a little but there is a lot of burqa and the halal and haram does not last and your risk you will not die till you get the last 20 so don't rush it.

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Brahim Allah His Salam

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he was about to slaughter his son

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for the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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yeah when they say they

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slaughter your ego

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slaughter the hatred in you

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the malice slaughter the backbiting

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slaughter the greed and the prejudice

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make that call for that person you have not spoken to

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for a long time

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your egos telling you not to call or not to text him Happy Eid my sister texts that message Eid Mubarak May Allah accept from all of us may Allah forgive us all

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forgiven for forget this is the essence and the beauty of their aid slaughter that ego and make that call

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today's the day of slaughtering

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one of the ways yeah when to get that caliber Salim

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is to increase your knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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increase your knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala by reading the Quran and understanding it by increasing the amount of EVA dirt not just mechanical with loss with sincerity and increase the amount of European European

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in your hearts. What does your team mean certainty? Allah said

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that this Deen will be victorious that means this Deen will be victorious.

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Allah said if you donate it will be multiplied 700 times definitely it will happen I will do it with certainty with no doubt in my heart. Rasool Allah is seldom said when I give my money will not decrease that means it will not decrease

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with your cane a badass with Yaqeen

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let me be let me try it when our brothers and sisters are going through hardship and they come to me or to the Imam

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and we try to help them

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and in the process I tell them

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make dua my brother make dua my sister, you know what they say? Give me something else yeah.

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what's next

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whatever you're going through my brother, whatever hardship you're going through my sister. Raise your hands y'all. Y'all Allah He's the funny he's your clean masala insulin Totus couple of DUA and he said that the end if you say them, Allah will switch your hardship into ease and your sadness into joy. Let me try no trying with Allah. No trying. Allah cannot be tried. We do things with your cane with certainty. That's what got Abu Bakr to that level. If he said it, it's true.

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When they told him the source SLM, went to the skies, and he has he's claiming he went to Philistine.

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But this said if he said it, it's true. I believe the more than that I believe that there's an angel given him why

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That's what got me back to that level.

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And finally one in order to get that calvess Salim which is the only thing that will save us

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on the Day of Judgment

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ask Allah for a pulp saline.

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Allah Mirzakhani Calvin Sullivan Alcock Cubby,

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make dua because we always say make from your heart this time I'm telling you make dua for your heart.

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Allah told us our banner led to the Kulu banner

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your Allah do not let our hearts go astray after you have guided us whether attention another Surah what our attention I'll feel Cano Bina Gildan Nila Dena Amman, your Allah do not make in our hearts, any kind of hatred to the believers.

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The Salah says Selim taught us a little bit can be added unit or Turner of the house keep my heart steadfast on your game. And as soon as I said I'm told us that when you feel that your Eman is weak, make this dua Allahu Allah diddle Eman if you call me your Allah refresh, renew the man in my heart

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so you have one

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from now till we meet again.

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Let's work on our heart. Let's make all these EBA that geared

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to one

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to purify this heart. Allah Missoula Calvin Sullivan your hammer Rahim Allah Madonna Calvin Salim and nakaka be here but I mean, a lot more fuckin Halima Taheebo. Allah more fitna, Lima to Hebrew orthodox Robina hablan Amin as far as you know, whether Yeah, Tina Kurata Iam but Johanna and CCleaner Imam Allah mon Sol in Islam I will Muslim Allah mon Sol in Islam I will Muslim Aloha Maya hammer rahimian attina for dunya Hassan Well Phil karate Hassan walk in

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Robina lattice kuruva collusion but they

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will have done a million Kurama in 10 will have in Allahumma that he could tell you some Lunarlon maybe you already know him and somebody he was suddenly more Taslima Allahumma Salli. Ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad came isolated Ebrahim, and he brought him in Nikka Hamidah Majeed, along with Eric Allah Muhammad, Ali Muhammad Kamal Baraka Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim in Naka, Hamidah Majeed, Taco Bell Allah Mandela income Wakulla I'm in one time because you were eid mubarak.

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