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Al-Baqarah 142-152 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 142

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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eye number 142

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sayoko sufa Amina ness. The foolish among the people will say, Mao Allah whom and kybella to him, what has turned them away from their Qibla allottee can or they have, which they used to face?

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The foolish are soon going to say, what is it that has turned them away from the Qibla that they used to face? In other words, how come the Muslims faced one direction in prayer yesterday, and now they're facing another direction in prayer.

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We learned that in Makkah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam prayed in the direction of the garba when he prayed Salah, he would pray, facing the Kaaba, and he would stand facing the carbon from the side of the Hudson in prayer. And from that particular location, when a person faces the carbon, automatically, he also faces the beta noctus because between a person and beta lock, this is then the carbon.

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So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, stood at a particular location in the heaven, so that in prayer, he was able to face the Kaaba, and also he was able to face the vital noctus which is in Jerusalem,

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to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Makkah. He faced the Kaaba, and he also faced Jerusalem by facing the Kaaba. In Sona.

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The people of the book The Jews, who lived in Medina, when they upgrade their Salah when they worship, they used to face vital markers in Jerusalem. And when the prophets are about to Southern migrated to Medina, Allah subhanaw taala commanded him that he must also face Jerusalem in prayer. He must also face the bottom of this in prayer.

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Because remember, up until the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who was the Muslim oma, who was the Muslim Ummah, the Bani Israel, right.

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So the prophets are allowed a sudden he used to face the beta blockers as well.

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But in Medina, if a person faces the beta democritus, then his back would be towards Makkah, as maca is in the opposite direction. But in Makkah, when a person faces the karma, what happens? He automatically faces Jerusalem. But in Medina, if you face the Kaaba, your back is towards Jerusalem. If you face Jerusalem, your back is towards Mecca.

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So in Medina, for approximately 16 to 17 months, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Sahaba they faced Jerusalem in Salah. Why? Because this was the command that of last panels are to give them.

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And we don't find this command mentioned in the Quran. Why? Because it is one of those commands that was abrogated in ruling as well as in text.

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And the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He knew that since he was the last messenger, the Qibla of the last messenger was supposed to be the GABA.

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So he knew that eventually, he was going to be commanded to face the garba insula.

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And in anticipation for that command, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would look towards the sky, again and again, hoping waiting for gibreel to descend with the, with the instruction with the command to face the garba in Santa

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and the hood, the People of the Book. They were also aware of this fact that the last messenger was going to face the carbon.

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We know from history that as we discussed earlier that the angels were the ones who constructed the Kaaba first, and Adam and his Salaam he constructed the Kaaba. And then as I mentioned to you earlier, Ibrahim realism eventually constructed the carbon. So we learn that even the previous prophets, they faced garba in Mecca, when performing Sunnah when worshiping Allah soprano.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam facing the karma and so that was nothing new. It was just temporarily that the people were commanded to face Jerusalem. It has been said that today manner Listen, he built muscle AXA by Allah soprano Dallas command, and then the hood the Bani Israel. They began facing Muslim absurd or vital markers from that point onwards. However, originally, all of them

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believers of all times were commanded to face the Kaaba in Salah.

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Now in Medina, as the Prophet salallahu Salam was waiting for that command in these verses the command is given. But before the actual command is given, a warning has been given to the believers. And what is that warning? It's about the reaction of the people. That when you will turn to words, the garbage in Sunnah, what's going to happen? There is going to be a great upheaval in the society. People are going to object, there is going to be a lot of propaganda. But what should you do? Don't listen to that propaganda don't become weak, because it is only the foolish ones who are going to object to the commander of a mosque.

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Say your corner sofa. Soon, the foolish are going to say, say according the thing indicates that this action is going to happen in the very near future.

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It indicates it informs us of what's going to happen in the future. And it also shows the certainty of this event that this will definitely happen. You will definitely hear this from the sofa, say akula sofa, the sofa are going to say

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the word sofa hat is the plural of the word Sophie from the root letters seen for her. And Sophie is used for a person who is foolish, stupid, ignorant. Someone who has a very shallow mind,

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someone who has a very shallow mind.

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And remember, that a person's foolishness. A person's stupidity is either revealed, it is either exposed by his words, or by his actions. It is revealed either by his words, or his actions

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over here, their stupidity, their foolishness is being revealed, by their words, by their objections, by their comments, by their propaganda,

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the sofa are going to say, the sofa are going to object with sofa mentalness, from among the people,

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which people are these, who are the sofa hat referring to the sofa refers to the hypocrites that when African it refers to the hood, the Jews of Medina, as well as the machine.

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And they have been called so for her over here. Why? Because they object to what Allah Subhana Allah has commanded. What are they doing? They're objecting at the command of Allah. One is that a person objects because he's very intellectual, or that something really doesn't make sense logically, and his objection is accepted. Because there is criticism that should be taken, it should be accepted, it is worthwhile. It has some meaning.

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But over here, these people are talking, these people are objecting, not out of wisdom, not out of logic, not out of being very intellectual. But they're objecting because of their foolishness, because of their stupidity. And what does that foolishness, not accepting the command of Allah?

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So the furnish from the people, they're going to see? What are they going to say? Where are they going to object? Melilla, whom? What has turned them away? Who does them refer to? Them refers to the Muslims, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the companions.

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The word Well, there is some new letters. Well, lamb Yeah. And remember that when the word wildlife is followed by an it gives the meaning of turning away from something.

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And this word in particular, conveys the meaning of turning away physically from something.

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So what is it that has turned these people these Muslims away? away from what on capability him away from their Qibla away from the prayer direction that they used to face in prayer?

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What was the problem that the Muslims were facing up until now in Medina Doosan vatan mock this.

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So what has turned them away from their Qibla allottee can rally her that they were upon

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meaning that they used to face before how come they have changed their Qibla

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by the word quibbler is going to appear several times. It is from the fetters of the land.

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from the same root as the word problem, what does that mean? Before in front of and Tabler is used for direction which a person faces. Why? Because the direction that a person faces is that which is in front of him is that which is before him.

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You cannot say that you're facing a particular direction and you're not facing, it's not in front of you, what you face is in front of you.

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So what is it that has turned them away from their Qibla This is the objection of those who are foolish.

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Now we know that a person is foolish, for one of two reasons. Either he doesn't have intellect, he doesn't have a sound mind is not seen.

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Or he lacks knowledge.

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The other reason could be that a person does not have knowledge about that particular thing. And therefore he's acting foolishly.

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Now is that these people, especially the adults, who were objecting at this command of unless

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they had knowledge, they were after all people of the book, People of the Scripture.

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So the reason for their foolishness was not lack of knowledge. But it was lack of intellect. It was their small mindedness, it was their not comprehending, not accepting the fact that you have to do something simply because Allah is telling you to do it.

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When a person is like this, that he doesn't accept something simply because Allah is studying him to do so. He is small minded, he lacks comprehension, he lacks understanding. He is a Sufi, he is being foolish.

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In this part of the ayah, the prophets that of all the sudden is being given reassurance, that do not give any weight or any importance or any value to the objections of the people do the criticism of people. Why? Because those who objected the commands of Allah, they're foolish, if you think of it, when it comes to our daily matters. Whose speech do we give importance to

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those people who have intellect, those people who have experience? And if a small child is telling you, how to pay your bill? Or how to do your banking, are you going to listen to know he doesn't know anything? He doesn't know any better. Similarly, there is a foolish person who doesn't have much intellect, no matter what he says, Do you give importance to what he says? No. So similarly, these people, no matter what they say, don't give any importance to their criticism, do their objections. Why? Because they're being foolish. simply ignore what they say. Don't be affected by the criticism of others. Don't be affected by the objections of others.

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called say, what should your response be? say to them, the delay in machico enough

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to allow belongs the east and the west. To Allah belongs the east and the west meaning Allah is the Malik Allah is the owner of east and west and everything that is in between and every other direction.

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And if he is the master, if he is the owner, he has the right to command the people which direction they should face. When they worship Allah soprano.

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Allah owns the east, Allah owns the West.

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If he commands the people to face East in Salah, he has the right to do so. And if he commands the people to face the West in sauna, he has the command to do so. He has the right to do so. There should be no objection.

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all directions belong to Allah and he is entitled to command any direction that he wills.

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So let magan machico and mockery and therefore any command which comes from Allah subhanaw taala. It should be accepted and followed.

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Yeti Manisha He guides whosoever He wills in our slotting was the theme to a path that illustrate

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the word Surat is from New fetters salt raw form. It is said that the word syrup is used for a bad that is open and wide. A bat that is easy to travel upon.

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A path that is open and wide and is easy to travel upon.

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Many times if a road or if a pathway is very narrow, what happens walking through it becomes very difficult. But if it's wide open, then walking through it becomes very easy. So Serato is used for a path that is open that is wide and it is easy to walk upon.

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Because it can accommodate many at the same time. So he guides to the way, which way, the way that is most the cream. The way that is straight was the famous from the fetters of Well, I mean, we have read these words earlier and sort of the fact he had in a sort of the Muslim guidance to the right way was the theme is used for that which is straight, that which is correct. It leads straight to the destination. And it's also used for that which is balanced and is not uneven.

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It doesn't have ups and downs.

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So Allah guides whomsoever He wills to the straight path, what is the straight path, the religion of Islam, the laws of the deen, that he has specified for his slaves. And they're called Seraphim. Because it is a path that is easy to walk upon. And it is a bat that is most of the game that is going to lead you straight to your destination.

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And what is the destination? approval of Allah.

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And if a person adopts anything else besides this, then he's not going to get to the destination.

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So Allah guides whom He will do a straight. What does it mean by this? That Allah guides whom He wills towards the deen of Islam, facing the Kaaba insula is a part of being on the street

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facing the right direction. insula is a part of being up on the street.

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Why? Because the Carver is the Qibla since all times, from the beginning, it was a privilege for all messengers, and also for us, yet the mayor share in our Serato Mr. Clean.

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So what lessons do we learn from this is

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that first of all, a Lost Planet Allah knows about the past, about the present, and also about the future. He knew what the people are going to say, how the people are going to react, even before they reacted, even before they said anything. So Allah subhanaw taala, his knowledge is complete,

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he knows the past, present and the future, whereas the knowledge of people is very limited, it is incomplete.

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Another very important lesson that we learned from this idea, what is that?

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A very important lesson that we learn from say akula superhet. Or the sofa? Who are they? Why are they called sofa? Because they object at the commands of Allah. When a person objects at the commands of Allah, he is acting foolish. He is not using his mind. When a person does not accept the command of Allah as it is, what is he implying? That he knows more than Allah?

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Because we learned in the previous just call anthem? Or Alamo? amila? Do you know better? Or does Allah know better? So when a person objects of the commands of Allah, he has been foolish, it's a sign of his lack of intellect.

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What else do we learn from this? Ayah?

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When foolish people comment, when they object, what should we do? get influenced by them?

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What should we do? We should ignore what they say. When you know that what you're doing is right, because that is what Allah has commanded you to do. Then be confident, no matter what people say, no, that what you're doing is the right thing to do.

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Because if you notice in the eye, Mauer lair home, they say what has turned them away. They're not addressing the believers directly. They're not saying what has turned you away. They're talking to others. And this is really what a person does, when he's foolish, and when he's scared. If you have a problem with me, come and talk to me. When people go and talk to others, what does that show? They don't even have the courage to face you.

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So when people talk negatively about you don't give any importance to them. Don't give any importance to them.

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So there is reassurance and this is for the profit center model center. And also for every person who follows the deen of Allah and faces criticism of others.

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What else do we learn? What should our response be to criticism of people? When people criticize when people object? What should we do?

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kundala and machico Levin allones everything it says decision. If he's the Malik if he is the farik he has a right to decide as well. So if it is his decision, I accepted, I follow it. I'm not objecting. So instead of getting involved in the

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disputes and arguments with people with regards to the commands of Allah What should we do? Since the decision of a law Simple as that? It's a lost command. I'm sorry, I'm only a human being. I cannot object

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we learn in certain Muslim men is number nine. Allah says, Rob bull mashiki, one Mallaby, La Ilaha Illa, who felt the heat who were killer. He is the Lord of the east and the west. There is no deity except Him. So take him as a walk, he'll take him as Disposer of your affairs. If he is the Malik, if he is the hardest, then what should we do? Listen to him.

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Listen to the recitation of the same.

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He can

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read? Yeah, me.

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And when a person submits to the commands of Allah, God may usher in a sort of the monster. Then Allah guides that person to the right way. And if a person just objects, and he says, Why and how come and this and that, then is not guided.

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Ibrahima Listen, I was sold as slim. What did you do? Muslim to simple for simple formula. Don't complicate it.