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AI: Summary © The importance of protecting one's inner self is emphasized in a course on science of sound designed to teach students to learn to read and learn technical terminology. The course is flexible and designed to be flexible throughout the course. The course is designed to teach students to memorize the book of Islam and share their own experiences in a room. The importance of learning to memorize words and numbers is emphasized, and the course is designed to help students learn to memorize the book and avoid memorizing words.
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we say every Friday.

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So before I open my mouth and tell you how

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easy it is to learn that he raised our hands and asked about, hello, you please lead me down, because you must love me a lot of love. Because I'm here in class. I'm here on a Friday evening, when people haven't even started their party, and I'm here to live a book of love, must love. There are so many women and men who wish to be in a circle and the gathering and learning a book about what to do. So all I ask you is find out why. Why does he love you so much. And when you find that thing out, just keep doing for Allah, Allah will continue to love you. So I raised my hands with the intention of only learning at the area with teaching and learning the praise that allows you to

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raise your hand can feel left out, just remember a lot. When we say a lot of money in the

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back of Allah, we ask for your love

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and the love of those who love you, or

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those actions that will bring us closer to your love. A lot of you will do better.

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What are

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we? What am I?

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What are you

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allowed to ask for protection, and we asked you to wash our hearts from the two faiths. We asked you to cleanse our actions from showing off. We asked you to loosen, loosen the knots of lying from our tongues do not make us from amongst the liars.

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What are you

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and I will love we asked you to protect our eyes that those things that were not meant to look at, for him like a dark

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and allow you know what our eyes look at what to do, and that which is buried within our hearts that which our inner self speaks. Although we pray that our youth is spent in the servitude, that our old age does not overcome by aliens or sickness that our cells are saved from cancers mutations that our joints are free from arthritis, or lonely beggin acid that our last actions are our best actions and that we do not die in financial debt, or Las Vegas contempt with the finance that we have amongst those who are able to free the necks of those who are enslaved to get all our biggest content with our finances and save us from the effects of interest. Although we ask that our last week on this

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world is like the law of karma those who love that our debt is free by the Muslims and that we are very good the likes of OLED TV we ventured out to study a book we asked for your projection, any misconceptions any mental blocks, any learning disabilities that would otherwise keep us from learning your knowledge or love alleviate those mental blocks from us. All we beg and ask that the Day of Judgment is the best day of our lives. The best hour of our existence is the day of judgment that our tongues are soft to answer the questions in the green and that our brains are full of light. Although we pray that we do not have to see sense feel or be a part of the Hellfire rather we

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are entered into the paradise believing without any questioning what are God without any reckoning? Although we pray that we are entered into the paradise

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so that we may see your face. So we may stand in front of your life so we may be enveloped by your mercy. Take 10 seconds as a lover whatever you need before you spend two hours attending school.

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I can't say 570 classifying pets. So this was this was cute. But let's get it all

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set up. Why do you want a dog?

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So I didn't drive a whole mess of way from here. I didn't come back from Boston where it snowed five inches so that I can hear you. You do that. It's cold in Boston. I asked him more than warned me. No. I said I'm on a walk by too long.

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I welcome everyone to the 118th Timer this would be for for you Your first awful class, I'd like to break things down in terms of time between now and selaginella. Shall we have two goals between now and santosha? Brothers, anyone can tell me what time spent on the right shot is seven o'clock. So that means approximately 655. I want to start wrapping up our first, our first sit down, and in that we have a lot to cover. First off from the faces, I can tell you all haven't met me before. And that's a new thing. I usually go to a community event and I've seen the people. So with that I will do as small of an introduction as possible, because at the end of the day, this is like buying a

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used car, who cares who sells it to you. As long as you get it, you get it. As long as you know how to remove it correctly. At the end of this. It doesn't really matter. But sometimes it knows it helps to know where you got the information from. So my name is brother resound. I moved here to California about a year ago, year and a half, let's say two years kind of load the company. Finally, it's been two years I moved here I live in Irvine. I am founder and also one of the instructors of Aqua, Aqua is AQL in Arabic Aqua sisters for this problem in Arabic.

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Very good sisters Give me a second

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wisdom, brain intellect thought process. Apple is actually the reason within the brain. Because every animal has a brain, right? But the ability to reason aka the root word or a bond, which is to tie something up with the rope that ties something up. AQL stands for advocating for unequal, interesting, our objective was very straightforward about 78 years ago, the woman could not read Koran, and someone was was asking after the football in the football. I mentioned a statistic. I mentioned that we asked 800 students, how many of you? How many of you have read a book on cover to cover cover to cover in Arabic, cover to cover in Arabic out of 816? People said they hadn't read

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six to one six? You'd be surprised. And some people I know. Because you asked them you went to some like, you know, a meeting and started that's how many of you guys read going on? Right? And no, we went to active msat with everyone likes to talk everyone likes to put on programs. But when it came to how do you? I mean, I know that Brother, do you? Did you wait for uncovered a cover? Most people are like, I got to the 17 years that I went to college that I got to hear that I did this. And it's always like I got here but nothing pushed it. So you'd be surprised go out to some of your friends in a casual state when you guys been kicked back and you claim you beat him in Madison like six

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times in a row. Like look at one personal question. Now that I appreciate you five times here. After you get like master kill on Halo. After you get that then turn to your guy and be like, hey, never finish me the whole time. And when his face turns purple, just look away. Don't make him feel awkward about it. Because most people are going to say no. So with this, we came up with the concept that people needed to learn to read the book of Allah. He started asking sisters, it's about brothers, good for nothing in the first place. So let's try sister, same same response, right guys were good for various reasons. So in that we realized that the ark was not being read. What we tried

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to do was people said, Well, if you give us six months, we can you can study with us and you will learn to read the book about love. Most people came and said we can't do it in six months. So what we intended to do initially was to design a course where you could sit for the weekend, take away about four or five months worth of information. But how would that be possible. And the site that we intend to teach you here isn't allowed this weekend. And with this, I will open up the formal introduction to the course the site for this weekend is the science of sound. We intend not to teach you technical terminology like

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talk if

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you don't need to know any of those things to tell you the truth. And I'll give you a simple example. If you're worried about terminology. How many of us have been to the doctor

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when you go to the doctor, did you go with a diagnosis? Doc I think my terminal ileum has to be seems to be a little swollen epigastric area. It's got some pain. You ever do that when you were the doctor? I don't know if you came in and I've asked position for if you're walking into like I think my femoral head is out of place. People like like what's wrong with

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what patient comes in talks like this in the same fashion in the same fashion. When you go to the doctor you using say pain here that isn't me. Right You move with a lot of hemodialysis

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Not necessarily is not going to ask you what is the rule of weed that's being implemented? What is the mahadi of tech? That asked me a lot. I will ask though, you have all this time on this earth, and I had one book one,

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you got a BS, right? After four years of study, you got bs compared to foreign.

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Then you got ms, which is more. Right, and then you got a PhD after nine years of study, you got a pile pile.

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And then you realize how the law is nothing compared to what is nothing compared to the book of Allah subhanaw taala. So we came together as a group of teachers that we could design a course, that would give people the ability to hear or not reproduce the sound that they heard. And within two or three weeks weekends of work, meaning you take this live with a little bit of a follow up system, you wouldn't be able to learn the book of Allah. So let's move one step forward. So realize that this points been taken by many students, many people have read, I will remind you last October, like two months ago, two, three months ago, I had to fly to Florida. Why did I have to fly to Florida

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because in 2005, I went to Florida, and I taught a class, in that class is the same exact class, in that class 2007.

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in that class, I taught this and on the opening night, I said, and one of you in this room is going to memorize the

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one of you in this room will learn that we become fall in love with the book of Allah, and you will memorize for God. Now, what did four people do out of that class? They said, You know what, we're going to take the class seriously. But they didn't take the class as a class. They said, this is the beginning. And brother exam, I know that Apple AQL teaches five levels, you're in the 200 series 100 series is Hri 200 series is recite that the Greek class. And then you have three levels after that, that fifth level is how to memorize the profile. In October, I went to Florida. Why is someone in the 2007 class, hung on for this system, continued her schooling, did her work. And she called me

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and said, she kept up with me online. And I knew that she was going to finish. What did she do? At home following this system that you're sitting here right now? What did she do? She read the whole room.

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She did all the vocabulary. She memorized the whole book.

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Thank you. That's the least that you can do. And I asked her I was like, so when you were in class, what made you different than everyone else? She said, you know what brother isn't? The only thing that I said was different, was something that you said in class. And I will say he would now I hope you can repeat it to me later. Four times in the whole on a lot itself. God, the one who created a sack, you could sleep and take a swig example. If I put you into liquid right now, would you be able to breathe? No, right? But if I put you in liquid oxygen for nine months, would you be able to breathe? Oh, yeah. You breathe liquid oxygen, your mom's stomach not empty. I thought it was me for

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the longest time. It's a big cavity of air. liquid oxygen, you breathe that liquid oxygen.

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And I said the creator of that four times in a row on says 101 is seven?

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Definitely, certainly without a doubt, this school is easy to remember what I

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mean more than k? Definitely, certainly what about but there are three emphasis here. And certainly, a lot has made this four part easy to remember.

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So who amongst you will remember.

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So she said that's the only thing that rang in my head. except Allah said it was easy. How hard could it be? And she just stuck with the system. That brings me upon what our system is. I'm not a big proponent in advertising things that are bigger than the class. But let's put it this way. There are five levels that we teach. And point number one for today that we're going to try to cover before so after narration is what is it that one wants from us? On many occasion, I think we lose ourselves as to Well, this is Hello, this is how long that's golfer and that's classic. We just take laws out of the whole lot. But we forget the five things that God wants from us. I think we probably

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can probably learn this already in a foot or two. But let's just start out from the very beginning. Point number one, what is it that God wants from us sisters, let's start with one first revelation in the whole book. What is sisters again, I know this is a step by

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the first revelation to all of mankind evolved to be still being led the

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read in the name

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Your Lord who created the clot? So what's the first thing for an entrepreneur?

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What do you think? What were what was the first commanding verb to the world?

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To me, right, just to read.

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The first thing that God wants from us as an individual is to read the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Eric confu a sub candidate.

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The problem happens a lot while it was sunset, the comparison between our last panel data speech, the comparison between the speech of Allah what is the speech of Allah?

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Okay, now I've got a system ask you, but call you sisters, as you call your brother works out for you. So when I look over here, like sisters only, I'll have those brothers on my shelf.

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So in that, we still have a lot, we read the book of a lot. And the book of a lot, the speech of a lot is done provide a lot of data reminds us to the province of Article seven, that comparison between the speech of a loss of mozzarella and any other speech in the world, any movie, any book, any comic, any words compared to the words of Allah subhanaw taala is the comparison between a law and his slave.

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So if I were asked to read anything, he has to read the book of love. But then I asked him after the prophets of love It was so he came down from the mountain overwhelmed by everything that he saw everyone know that when he came down to the mountain, the midsection of angel gabriel took up the whole horizon. So imagine seeing something like this, he came down to his brothers, where did Where did he go? Where did

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some rowdy crowd, I just came from Boston. So they were in your language, very quiet. And you are very rowdy. Where did he go? Did he go to the day to go to the Kaaba? Did he go to the workers house? Where do you go? He went to his wife's house, he went all the a lot of the data on how he went to his support pillar. I want you to take a moment here.

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If your husband walked in the door and said, I think I'm crazy. Would you be like I've been telling him for a long time

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doing this, you know, thanks. I'm glad you know that time has been helping you know, she did not take advantage of this. She told him you cannot be crazy, you cannot be possessed. And then so that whole picture was depicted to you. He didn't run into his friends. He didn't run to some of the council, he ran to his support pillar, where all of his guard went down. He went to his wife for the amount of data and what we say to her, we need to do a zero class before we

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can see her. Perfect. She has said let me do the cover me cloak me. How can we essentially Cover me away from my problems? The second revelation to all of mankind. And I think we get lost in this sometime after the first revelation brothers, which was what

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it was the second revelation was it about how many times a day to pray for the second revelation had to be left behind me not gonna be hungry? No, it had to be 120 rock or a drum cover has to be about global, outside local inside the party, come on, that tear you apart that must have been topical, that the things that tear us apart as an omen weren't even part of the first 50 revelations. The second revelation to all mankind.

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More interesting for our topic, the second or third revelation, according to some of the scholars, Eau de de la

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de la.

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Firstly, that allows us to read his book. The second thing that he asked us was to stand out the ninth grade that was

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the instruction to us was to read the provider and I'm going to encourage you to repeat this work with me please can you say

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theme lab?

00:19:27--> 00:19:33

Is it because I live in California? You say go to other cities in California. We should

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the sounds of that or that? Yeah, that over time. I mean, some of you are looking at like I know this. That's great. So say though the lab

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now careful not to say

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tell rutina with a tick. Plant your tongue behind your teeth and say

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then better in the back seat, though de la.

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Excellent. Now you're not taking anymore. Listen to the sound is a yes or no question. Can you hear the difference between todo de la and Tao? Tao de la? Can you hear that difference? Yeah, the taking of that that something we can discuss. But now you're going to be like the second revelation to all of mankind was read slowly calculated, and with a basic commitment, for those of you who are going to jot down some notes, the first thing I would like you to write down is that a lot of current data structures to read. And number two, he instructed us to recite, though the love the definition for tequila has three components. Number one, the first component of 13 is actually you tell me Everyone

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say what you say, though, or the law.

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How are you saving now? How, what's the first thing you're doing when I make you repeat? What do I what's the first thing I make you do? Slow, fantastic. The first component to 13 is to recite slowly. Number two, when you recite it slowly, what are you able to do?

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You're very pronounced but when you pronounced you're able to calculate where you're tumbles. So try one more time imitate though

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the lab. So the beginning is slowly the second component is calculating. Know where the sound comes from. If I know my tongue goes to the top, if I know my tongue goes to the bottom teeth, said, so slowly calculated and now after I learned to read slowly, and I know where the sound is going, Oh, z,

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e, o, d.

00:21:57--> 00:22:01

d, slowly and calculated brings you What?

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What comes natural rhythm.

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rhythm, and a lot of us are very afraid of this word rhythm flow. But we we all like to call it swag. If you want to write quality swag, y'all don't have any products where you need to have flow when you're saying you need to flow when you hear the Quran. When you hear someone reciting. They're not singing. And when you go to someone who teaches opera music does sound like a song know what it is doing, I don't know something different, something unique. And that is the

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the slow calculated

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rhythm, slow calculated rhythm that you all have have a lot have the memory of a Bob Marley, Bob Marley didn't have to write anything down. He just heard it repeated cycle. So I assume doing the same thing. So I'm just repeating it so that you know, if you would like to could take out the phone, you could write things down. Let's learn our first lesson for today. So the first thing we're often wanting from us was to be ready. The second thing that I wanted was to be recycled, anyone can give me number three, Allah, Allah wants us to act on what we know the basic things that we know, if you know about some of prayer, if you know this, how, then don't do it. It's not really necessary

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for me to run around with the properties. But number four, the fourth thing that will on once from you acting on the basic things, you know, twice a month that says

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I'll ask a question. Why is it that you don't think about them? And that's our 400 series class. The 400 series class covers the vocabulary of

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trying to pique your interest somewhere. So let's see.

00:23:48--> 00:23:52

The entire arm has 77,000 words, how many words

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if you took out all the words that repeated themselves at 66,000 words, so the words one add on to the word job sister job is that it occurs 461 times. That's a lot.

00:24:08--> 00:24:16

So if you took out all the repetitions you get end up with these 10,000 words, and in Arabic, all of the root words all of the verbs in Arabic, what do they do?

00:24:17--> 00:24:55

Any grammar? What do root words do? What words in Arabic, or do they come from? A root think they come from? They come from a root so add the word Yes. Or is the island this guy comes from the roofer is the is the arm and then you build it from there. Fair enough. If you memorize and learn of these 10,000 words, if you want to learn the 400 series is a class that teaches you 516 nine vocabulary word 569 vocabulary words make up 80% of them.

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

Now let's take a pause on that. I see some of you saying 560

00:25:00--> 00:25:02

No, it's a lot worse sisters, average

00:25:05--> 00:25:08

average corporate male vocabulary words.

00:25:09--> 00:25:12

trivia, who knows when you're going to be on Jeopardy, you should learn

00:25:14--> 00:25:26

how many, the average corporate male has about 80 60,000 words in his vocabulary, corporate million 60,000. So we say we fluctuate somewhere around there. So that's a lot of words, sisters, average corporate female.

00:25:28--> 00:25:40

80,000. Thank you very much. So next time you come to us and say you don't communicate, it's because we got 20,000 less words. We got 20,000. That's what we see red, glossy magenta, and crimson and a whole bunch of

00:25:42--> 00:25:49

brothers use your 60,000 words to communicate with them. And sisters throw us a bone every once in a while because we don't gossip that many words.

00:25:50--> 00:25:55

Can a group of people that have 60,000 words and 80,000 can you all memorize 560 numbers

00:25:56--> 00:26:38

y'all haven't seen yesterday. That's the 400 series, the 500 series with the Los Altos Mercy is a course that took five years to develop, it is called retention, not memorizing the forgotten. memories come in any investment neurologist, what happens to memories eventually, in the physical world, whatever. And they actually fade away memories, initial thoughts that you've learned are just chemical bursts in your head, right. So if you wait long enough, any burst will evaporate any. But if you constantly reaffirm this purse, it turns into a small enzyme, and that turns into a protein and eventually becomes long term memory in the back of your head. We research through classical

00:26:38--> 00:27:19

teachings by teaching a mother suffered six years traveling the world 30, meaning students from around the world. And then we also the 2008 Guinness Book of World Record, best memory in the world, we also took some much more from them. And we designed a course to five years to develop on five steps to memorize the format. So the 500 series has three levels. Level number one is a small weekend, how to memorize what to eat, how long to keep your hair, what activities to stay away from, did we know that the length of our hair could affect the hematoma across the back of your skull? Very good example. I don't know if you guys have heard of it. There are things that you could do to

00:27:19--> 00:27:49

help your memory and then there are certain exercises you can do to memorize. These are five levels, five levels that Apple wants to take you through. Who do we believe should go through reading, reciting rhythm, reflect and retain? Who do we believe? We believe it should be the minimum level for every Muslim? Why should it be such a big deal? Oh, he's happy. I wait for the day where he introduces himself often. And I say yeah, so it's my mom. So it's my wife. So my kids.

00:27:50--> 00:27:55

If I told you I'd memorize an entire album of some famous singer, I've memorized the entire Vizio

00:27:59--> 00:28:08

class I memorized the stupid whole class, forget about the album, his entire series, right? That would be a good 6000 couplets. If you were

00:28:09--> 00:28:23

you you wouldn't be blown away. Wow, that guy is dedicated to stupid. If we love a love, if we say we love love, how can we not be in the pursuit of memorizing this book, and we closed on this one point so we can go for

00:28:25--> 00:28:25

the poet right?

00:28:27--> 00:28:53

Now the saying of the old scholars, it's a poor. So a poet wrote, said, I saw the Angel of Death coming. And I said, Wait, I have one more time. He came closer. And I said, Come sit with me. We will read for a little while. I have one more item. And he sat with me and said it's time to go and I said, I promised that I would memorize this book. I have one more time.

00:28:54--> 00:28:55

So keep in mind,

00:28:56--> 00:28:57

you either get rich,

00:29:00--> 00:29:02

or you die.

00:29:03--> 00:29:27

Either you memorize a lot, or even the process a lot takes your life and guess what when you get to the hereafter what all of us say Oh, look at you. We did make it to my sleep. You were trying the whole time. I saw you I saw you. Elyse, I want to memorize your book, Allied memorize all of these formulas and chemical compounds and semiconductors and how to communicate with a box. Right c++ people

00:29:29--> 00:29:51

say oh a blog, but I never memorize your book. But at least you've tried. We believe that it is the responsibility and the opportunity. I'm going to shift gears over here. If you all and this is our dedicated research if you all memorize put on table because where did the man even humble one of the four of the Greek human wedding memorize in the lap of

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the mama we're heading for like normal law where we're waiting here for our mom suffering image chocolate. Let's take an example. You're not separate data

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died right as he was born. Okay, this mom was young. He was quoted he was actually in the books of history. She was very attractive. She was very pleasant. People said you could marry again she said no, I have. I have my son chapter. And what did she do? She invested in him. She invested in me to date you can say I follow the shutter at runtime because of his mouth of the

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show can't get any show.

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Me What? I don't remember I grew up on the east coast. I grew up on a church now when you go to church you feel good What did they say? They say something we all just

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it's a must if you're gonna call out the only time I've heard someone call it brother the hook was too long. I mean, something else to call out about it some kind of love phrase the last

00:30:53--> 00:30:57

one I'm outside I can't wait to get into question because you're talking all these people even called me

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that what say Oh, thanks a lot, guys. Great Day. But you come here you know wasn't pleased to praise the last round that I accept here. So when something happens a lot of contention a lot.

00:31:10--> 00:31:15

A lot inspire my heart to that which is good and save you from the evil of Bible. So we'll

00:31:17--> 00:31:50

make right now we have a few moments we pointed out five things. What is it that God wants from me? Read recite, rhythm, reflect and retain, or it was intended to be memorized? That's why if some lunatic in Gainesville, Florida wants to burn the Koran by telling you to call like an Islamic bookstore be like, Look, this guy's gonna call you to jack up your prices. That new person? We are we are containers of boron. We are vessels of boron. And just to throw him a curveball what's the only shutdown way to get to dispose of a

00:31:51--> 00:31:54

burden he will take right he will

00:31:55--> 00:32:20

appreciate you know, he's crazy. Let him do his thing we should sit there vertically with him like this is the profit center do this Thank you so much. I would have started hurting on the inside right we come for these things. Now five six pieces are here are very affected by what I said. No, but we were offended that we're talking about burning for one but if I got up here and set up on the lines of belonging

00:32:24--> 00:32:31

right when it comes to us reciting for love, okay, I'll close the monster remember two years ago Obama did is

00:32:33--> 00:33:10

he did a welcome Ramadan YouTube video. Anyone remember? Yeah. So he did this whole welcome Ramadan thing. And everyone was all excited. This is first time. So yeah, he didn't want to go on he wanted to he did what perfect culture was cool. I thought it was cool. What's up? So in the middle of this YouTube video for a lot, he's like, Oh, it's been through a lot happening on the line. And then he goes, You know what, this is the month where? What happens a lot in seventh. He skipped that part. He was like, Well, how many angel came to him and said it grow. And what bothers some people Oh, my God, non Muslim said he grows up. So it sounds like I could say he grew up for a long time.

00:33:11--> 00:33:21

But we're so excited that he did this. And I want you to know he has two Muslim advisors. One lives in the East Coast. There's a sister She lives here is an advisor, Muslim advisor.

00:33:23--> 00:33:32

They married to us that Obama actually asked their his advisor, I want to see this word in the law correctly.

00:33:33--> 00:33:42

And the advisor said, But why? Because if I say this word wrong, I might offend somebody.

00:33:44--> 00:34:05

How many times do we get up here to home plate and say, I might offend somebody? I might say something wrong. How many times have you sat down to read Koran and then you apologize to these these guys that really love what guys? Just just right. I'm trying my best. But I'm sure in my book, there's gonna be a lot of question marks with this guy.

00:34:06--> 00:34:16

Right. But at some point, we stepped forward and we say if the President is worried about offending us, how could we not put the effort into reciting the book of Allah subhanaw taala