Amazed By The Quran – Motivation from Allah

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Amazed By The Quran – Motivation from Allah

This episode has to do with fighting in the path of Allah as well as the first Battle in Islam – Battle of Badr which is mentioned in Surah Baqarah and Surah Anfal.

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Rahim hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Rasool Allah Allah Allah He was a PhD in Welcome to amaze by the Quran a series in which I like sharing with you things I find amazing about the Quran. Today I'm going to compare two IR to you with you both of them are about fighting in the path of Allah. Both of them actually have to do with the context of the first battle in Islam the Battle of budder that happened soon after the Prophet migrated to Medina sallallahu alayhi wasallam one of these IOD belongs to sort of Bukhara and the other belongs to so little and file which gives away something to you something you can remember the second Surah and the eighth surah both deal with the Battle of

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butter. Okay. Now he says among other things, he says he says what party loom phyton hautala takuna fit Nutan until there is no more tribulation if it also means there's no more corruption. Okay fitness tribulation when people are put in difficulty and tribulation until there's no such thing left. We are Kunal Dino Linda and the una de la and the religion and the way of life belongs to Allah again, and it belongs to Allah. That's it. That's what he said in bacara. similar expression in infile, he says locati Luna de la takuna fitna, fight them until there is no more tribulation, no more trial, no more corruption. Way akuna Dena, Dino kulu, Linda, and the religion in its entirety

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belongs to Allah.

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So in one case, he said the religion belongs to Allah and the other he said, the religion and its entirety belongs to Allah now, peculiarly they both have to do with the Battle of butter. But this I wanted to share with you for a couple of reasons. I don't want to give you a long lecture about when and when not is fighting in the path of Allah legitimate. That's a long subject. The simple point that I at least like to make On that note, is that the Muslims have been expelled from their home and justly

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and they have now they are not justified in fighting back from the homes from which they have been expelled without engaging in violence themselves, they are in every right to fight back for the home that they have been expelled from. Now, in that context, the Muslims are actually at that point, very few a number with almost no military resources. And the enemy that's coming after them within six months is actually very powerful, well equipped three times the size. And in that moment, Allah says to the believers, you need to fight them until the religion belongs to Allah. By the way, when anybody thinks of religion in Arabia, the in the entire region, when they think of religion, they

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think of the Kaaba.

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They cannot think of religion outside of thinking of Mecca. Because everybody's idols, every tribes idols reside were in Makkah. So when he says the religion belongs to Allah, for the Arab of the time, there is no difference in thinking that the religion Lani to Allah cannot happen until Makkah belongs to Allah.

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That That can't happen. Now, they're going engaging in fighting and allies saying, yes, you're fighting because you were kicked out of your homes, you're fighting because you've been oppressed, but you understand, you're gonna keep fighting until the house is cleansed. You're gonna keep fighting until the Kaaba is restored to its original legacy of Abraham. So fight them until there's no more tribulation. What is tribulation here, the tribulation of corruption that spreads from false religion, you need to get rid of these false religions. In this region, we're going to deal with the law and the religion must belong to and until the dean belongs to a law, religion belongs to Allah.

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The cool thing is that this ayah in Bukhara is before the Battle of butter. That's the difference. The key difference is, this is before the Battle of other the Muslims don't even know how things are going to turn out. And they're already being told you're going to keep fighting until the whole thing until the religion belongs to Allah. Then they engage in the Battle of butter and a leg gives them victory in the Battle of butter, completely unlikely odds, and the Muslims have been given victory, and then a lot of comments again and says, Remember what I told you. And I'll tell you again, now fight them. until there's no more fitna. And the deal its entirety belongs to a loved

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one, the Muslims here in its entirety after being victorious in battle, they're like, Yeah, and it's a tactic. There's this motivational speech, in total and file. We're now the Muslims are empowered. And they understand that Allah is not into, you know, if Allah said in the beginning, that religion in its entirety must belong to Allah, that would have been intimidating.

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But now that they've seen results, they've seen a lot help come, their faith has been empowered. They're seeing that they can accomplish something, a lot actually ups the standards and says not just a religion belongs to Allah, all of it belongs to Allah, we will cleanse the entire region of shake. That's what we're going to do you see, the principle here that I'd like to highlight. That's really the golden rule that's coming out of all of this is that we must motivate people, but we shouldn't motivate them to the point where they get intimidated. We're gonna change the world this year.

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Take it easy. Have milestones. Set yourself a target, set yourself a goal. Be realistic about it, motivate people to accomplish that goal. And once they accomplish that goal, introduce them to a bigger horizon. then introduce them to don't just give people the entire horizon at once. No, give them a milestone, do that.

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This focus on this, accomplish this. And once they accomplish that, then show them the bigger picture, you see. And so that's, that's really, really important because you know, when you talk about the bigger picture all the time, and you don't talk about what's in right in front of you, then you just keep talking about the bigger picture and get nothing done.

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pie in the sky, everything's this pie in the sky, you have to have immediate goals and you have to have long term goals. And inshallah, once you accomplish some immediate goals, you become more empowered and more confident that you have the ability to accomplish and make changes. You have, you've made significant progress. It's nothing compared to the grander goal, obviously, but that is just the beginning. There's a lot of challenges that lie ahead. But you are now feeling empowered, that this is something that can be done. And so love brings along more motivation by saying in its entirety, the dean must belong to Allah. May Allah azza wa jal because good planners, and good

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visionaries so that we can set goals for ourselves and the people around us in a way that is on the one hand realistic. And on the other hand, very high aiming very, very high. Is that the mandate of a sector when you're going to aim, aim high. We have lots of jobs because of those people barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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