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AI: Summary © A student, Selena, shares her experience with the " Graham State rental program," which helped her become effective in memorizing. She explains that memorizing is crucial for success and that the program helped her focus on the process and allow her to make choices that benefit her long-term success.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is Selena and I'm a memorize mentor student, I wanted to share my experience with the memorize rental program with you all today. So I joined the program about 18 months ago, after a journey of getting hooked with the idea of memorizing.

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Once I, you know, got connected to a couple of friends who were, you know, one of them was a Hatfield already and the other one was memorizing, and they would sit together and recite to one another, and it was just such a beautiful thing. And I got on the journey of learning to read and then ended up at memorize mentor. What I've learned in this 18 months that I've been with, memorize mentor, is that to become an effective memorize, there's many, many, many aspects to that are very importantly,

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the memorize mental program teaches you the mindset. It teaches you the values and the attitudes of a memorizer. Why is that important? Because the choices that we make from minute to minute from hour to hour truly impacts the effectiveness of our memorization.

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And more importantly, is that the memorize meta has helped me to focus on the process of memorizing on the journey of memorizing, as opposed to the outcome or the goal of becoming a habit, because ultimately,

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what has been my biggest takeaway in this last several months, is that it has strengthened my relationship with the quad, and handler. You know, whether my days are light or whether my days are busy, I still turn to the Quad and this is ultimately one of the blessings of getting on this journey.

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I'm going to keep it short and simple hope this helps me Allah subhanaw taala guide us all to make the choices that are best for us, not only in this life, but will lead us to success and inherit a certain amount of work.